Dagon Peter Leland and his wife plan to spend the summer at the farm he inherited from his grandparents while he works on his book about Dagon an ancient forgotten pagan god But his subject lives in a way

  • Title: Dagon
  • Author: Fred Chappell
  • ISBN: 9780312906764
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Peter Leland and his wife plan to spend the summer at the farm he inherited from his grandparents while he works on his book about Dagon an ancient, forgotten pagan god But his subject lives in a way he has never imagined in his worst nightmares For a dark, erotic horror haunts the dusty Southern farm and rumors of a blood cult are than faded entries in yellowedPeter Leland and his wife plan to spend the summer at the farm he inherited from his grandparents while he works on his book about Dagon an ancient, forgotten pagan god But his subject lives in a way he has never imagined in his worst nightmares For a dark, erotic horror haunts the dusty Southern farm and rumors of a blood cult are than faded entries in yellowed diaries Slowly Peter is mesmerized and begins a journey into madness where a bloodstained god waits to claim the mind and soul of the last of the Lelands.

    Dagon Dagon Phoenician , translit D g n Hebrew , Tib d gon or Dagan Sumerian , translit d da gan is an ancient Mesopotamian and ancient Canaanite deity He appears to have been worshipped as a fertility god in Ebla, Assyria, Ugarit and among the Amorites. The Hebrew Bible mentions him as the national god of the Philistines with temples at Dagon film Dagon released in Spain as Dagon La Secta del Mar is a Spanish horror film directed by Stuart Gordon and written by Dennis Paoli.Despite the title, the plot is actually based loosely on H P Lovecraft s novella The Shadow Over Innsmouth rather than his earlier short story Dagon .The film takes place in Imboca, a Spanish adaptation of Innsmouth. Dagon Ezra Godden, Francisco Rabal, Raquel First of all both the US and Australian blu rays for Dagon are p, uncut and region free Having done a side by side comparison, in terms of picture quality the Australian release is just slightly detailed as evidenced in e.g when Paul and Barbara are looking at the laptop screen early in the story, the type is slightly legible. Dagon Design WordPress Plugins, PHP Scripts, Tools, and Welcome to Dagon Design In addition to free scripts, WordPress plugins, and articles, we offer a variety of services including custom theme design, plugin creation, and Welcome to DagonBytes DagonBytes HomePage Goth Radio Vampire Site Library of the Classics Graveyards Frite on Film DarkArt Edgar Allan Poe Dagon TV Email Site map Edgar Allan Poe Dagon TV Email Site map Obituaries Dagon Funeral Home Gerald D Jerry Canty of East Washington St Hornell, died early Wednesday morning January , , at Elderwood Nursing Facility in Hornell following a long illness. Dagon , wolna encyklopedia Dagon wyst puje w opowiadaniach Howarda Philipsa Lovecrafta m Dagon oraz Widmo nad Innsmouth.Oba zosta y zekranizowane przez Stuarta Gordona w filmie pod tytu em Dagon.Stwr ten jest przedstawiony jako ogromna istota z g bin, panuj ca nad podwodnym wiatem i Dagon The Philistine Fish God Associates for Biblical In the book of Judges, we read how the Israelites served Baal and Ashtaroth , pagan gods of the various nations Judges , but Dagon, the god of the Philistines, is mentioned by name and often depicted as a fish god How is Dagon different than the other idols Dagon Group of Companies Contact US , Pyay Road, Dagon Centre, A , Myaynigone, Sanchaung Tsp The Library of the Classics The Library of the Classics, the complete texts to the original Gothic Novels, Frankenstein by Mary Shelly, Dracula by Bram Stoker The picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde Dr.

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    1 thought on “Dagon”

    1. a retelling of a cult-classic lovecraft story - which, frankly, i generally dont care much for either the genre or the dork mythos surrounding horror fiction. but this is a modern tale, and rooted in real, deep horror and explores issues of control, abuse and abandonment within possibilities of existence (real and imagined). scarier than the monsters of classic horror, the terror is internal. the connection, too, to the ancient dagon myth that people actually once believed in makes it a bit more [...]

    2. You see phrases like "Mythos story played straight" and "Lovecraftian story cast as Southern Gothic" and both of those seem about right when describing Dagon, a book about a failure of a man who deals, though not really, with his imminent collapse and the weight of history on his shoulders while something vaguely Lovecraftian happens around him and to him. There are three joys to reading Dagon and one burden, so let us discuss them real quick.First Joy: The book is written in a form that can be [...]

    3. Oh my good god! What a tortuous read. So glad it was a short one. Not what i was expecting. I fell into this one, again unknowing that its based on a lovecraft story. It was a well crafted book and was able to keep my attention somewhat, but what Peter endured is beyond me. Why he lost the power struggle and submitted to awful things is not clear. For Dagon? I don't know, but this book is going back to where i found it. It was such a chore to read, I'm so glad to be done with it. I'd only recomm [...]

    4. This book really put a chill in my spine, and still don't exactly understand why. I hadn't thought of Dagon in quite some time-I read it while still in high school and actually have letter from Frad Chappell wondering why I even bothered with it (my mom is a writer and is friends with Mr Chappell). I can still remember the strange feeling of being pulled into this young preacher's slow lurch towards madness. It's really a tale about a man facing fear, searching it out. What he finds is perplexin [...]

    5. Mai una rivisitazione del mito di Cthulhu è stata più controversa e innovativa di questa. Fred Chappell mette coraggiosamente da parte mostri ed "effetti speciali" per puntare unicamente sulla psicologia del protagonista Peter Leland, sul suo decadimento fisico e mentale e sulle atroci umiliazioni che è costretto a subire dai suoi aguzzini, dei quali nulla viene spiegato, ma proprio per questo motivo sono ancora più inquietanti e sfuggenti.Tutta la storia è pervasa da un'atmosfera malsana e [...]

    6. The problem with the world of Lovecraftian horror is this. The mythos is great, but a lot of the books/movies set in it are a swing and a miss. Which is sad for me as a reader, because I know that this is an author with the same funky interest as me, so I want it to work. I want it to work very much. It just doesn’t always. This, unfortunately, falls solidly in the swing and a miss category for me.The germ of the story is a great idea. An ostensibly mainstream “good” man following his root [...]

    7. Lasciate perdere questo libro, semmai leggetevi o rileggetevi l'originale racconto lovecraftiano dallo stesso titolo. Per quanto riguarda il secondo romanzo breve contenuto nel volume, l'italiano "Il sentiero dei mille sospiri", "un horror action insuperato nel suo genere" a detta della quarta di copertina, già non mi prendeva, poi arrivato a pag. 176 ho abbandonato la lettura (view spoiler)[una donna stuprata a morte da tentacoli falliformi che si dimena "inconsapevolmente lasciva" ??? "Con un [...]

    8. The first half of this book is great, becoming more and more atmospheric, moody, and tense as the main character (a more realistic version of the typical Lovecraft protagonist) investigates the mystery of his home. However, after that, the book radically shifts gears and becomes a journey into madness which, while it has some good and creepy bits, becomes primarily an exercise in psychological abuse and "gross-out" horror. Ultimately, I was unsatisfied with a book which has been so highly recomm [...]

    9. I was surprised to learn about the existence of a book like this; previously, I had only heard about Fred Chappell in connection with poetry. So, an adaptation of the Cthulu story to the 20th-century southern USA is a bit far removed from all that. In short, I'm glad I picked this book up and will look to read more by Mr. Chappell. One of the alternately positive and negative qualities of HP Lovecraft, and this book that his work inspired, is horror created by vagueness and implication. You neve [...]

    10. Dagon (1968) by Fred Chappell is a short novel, mixing elements of the southern gothic, with the mythos of H.P. Lovecraft. The Lovecraftian elements are minor, at least until the conclusion, and most of the novel moves at a slow pace with unlikable characters doing unspeakable things to each other. It starts out with the minister Peter Leland and his wife Sheila taking up the house and four hundred acres that Peter has inherited from his grandparents. There he plans to work on his theological bo [...]

    11. A worthy psychological horror story in the tradition of Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House and H.P. Lovecraft's Dagon. The physical, philosophical, psychological and religious themes are all creepily mingled. While at times the language is cumbersome, the style directly reflects the mood Chappell is going for, florid, oppressive and thick. I found myself slogging through it at times, like Lovecraft’s original main character tracking his way through the mud toward the monolith, but th [...]

    12. A chilling marriage of Lovecraftian horror and Southern Gothic. Fred Chappell goes into the subtle, metaphysical horror of Lovecraft instead of breaking it down into a variation of good versus evil. The result is an unnerving, psychological/spiritual breakdown that we get a front-row seat for.Nothing is explained away, and it manages to be shocking without being graphic. An expertly done bit of Lovecraftian horror.

    13. Purtroppo un iniziale attrazione per questa lettura è stata immediatamente sostituita da una grande delusione, ma ancor più stupefacente, da una completa incomprensione del finale e di quasi tutto il romanzo che riusciva a piacermi solo in brevi singoli passi. Nulla di più. Odiosa infine la sintesi in quarta di copertina, completamente fuorviante.Mah

    14. Unbelievably immersive! I could not put this book down.Chappell's writing of this Mythos tale is outstanding, and a compliment to Lovecraft fan collections.Throw out the notions of blood and guts that modern authors use, and get back to the primordial ooze that the Old Gods are made from.

    15. Fantastic book. Just FYI: this has nothing to do with Innsmouth, other than Mina's appearance and the name Dagon.

    16. Less a novel with a plot than a phantasmagorical odyssey of a man's degradation and spiritual and physical death. Can't say I always understood what was going on, but the writing was hypnotic.

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