I Will Find You: A Reporter Investigates the Life of the Man Who Raped Her

I Will Find You A Reporter Investigates the Life of the Man Who Raped Her When Joanna Connors was thirty years old on assignment for the Cleveland Plain Dealer to review a play at a college theater she was held at knife point and raped by a stranger who had grown up five m

  • Title: I Will Find You: A Reporter Investigates the Life of the Man Who Raped Her
  • Author: Joanna Connors
  • ISBN: 9780802122605
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When Joanna Connors was thirty years old on assignment for the Cleveland Plain Dealer to review a play at a college theater, she was held at knife point and raped by a stranger who had grown up five miles away from her Once her assailant was caught and sentenced, Joanna never spoke of the trauma again, until 21 years later when her daughter was about to go to college SheWhen Joanna Connors was thirty years old on assignment for the Cleveland Plain Dealer to review a play at a college theater, she was held at knife point and raped by a stranger who had grown up five miles away from her Once her assailant was caught and sentenced, Joanna never spoke of the trauma again, until 21 years later when her daughter was about to go to college She resolved then to tell her children about her own rape so they could learn and protect themselves, and she began to realize that the man who assaulted her was one of the formative people in her life.Setting out to uncover the story of her attacker, Connors embarked on a journey to find out who he was, where he came from, who his friends were and what his life was like What she discovered stretches beyond one violent man s story and back into her own, interweaving a narrative about strength and survival with one about rape culture and violence in America.

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    • Free Read [Paranormal Book] ↠ I Will Find You: A Reporter Investigates the Life of the Man Who Raped Her - by Joanna Connors ✓
      261 Joanna Connors
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    1 thought on “I Will Find You: A Reporter Investigates the Life of the Man Who Raped Her”

    1. 5 stars for how engaging and moving this memoir was. Given the topic, I was somewhat reluctant to read I Will Find You, but decided I would give it a try. Joanna Connors is a journalist. She was raped in her early 30s while on an assignment. Over 20 years later, she decided she had to tell her near adult children about the rape, and that she also wanted to understand more about what happened to her and her rapist. The title "I Will Find You" has a double meaning. This is what Connors' rapist sai [...]

    2. This is a difficult book to review because the subject matter is so disturbing. In July 1984, when Joanna Connors was 30, she was raped at a college campus in Cleveland, Ohio. A newspaper reporter, Connors had gone to the college to meet an interview subject, but instead she ran into a man who held a knife to her throat and assaulted her for about an hour.The man let her live, making her promise not to tell the police because he didn't want to go back to prison. After escaping, the first person [...]

    3. Connors was a young reporter running late for an assignment for the Cleveland Plain-Dealer (still her employer) when she was raped in an empty theater on the Case Western campus. She had ignored the twinge of alarm she felt when a young guy with an Afro invited her in to see his work on the lighting– not wanting to be that stereotypical white woman afraid of black men – and that was it. By using present-tense narration, Connors makes the events of 1984 feel as if they happened yesterday: a b [...]

    4. ***NO SPOILERS***It could be the title for a romance or maybe a thriller, but I Will Find You is the title of a memoir about rape, and those four words are significant. They were the last ones Joanna Connors’s rapist said to her before leaving her, bruised and bloodied, in a parking lot. Connors was a newspaper reporter on an assignment when she was raped by a stranger in a deserted theater in 1984. Her memoir easily could be an angry and self-pitying railing at this man who changed her life o [...]

    5. This memoir was very unsettling to read, and a story that you will definitely lose sleep over. Joanna Connors was thirty years old when she was brutally raped at knife point, while on assignment for the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Her rapist was arrested the next day and was later convicted of this horrible crime. Joanna will go on to have two children with her husband and grow her career as a reporter. But as the years go on, she realizes she has internalized all of her fear and anxieties. She stat [...]

    6. This is it. My rape. I knew it was coming. Every woman knows it, anticipates it, fears it, yet also doesn't believe it will happen to her. And now here it is. My turn.4.5 stars! Fantastic, heart-wrenching, and spectacularly engaging. I Will Find You is a standout work of nonfiction.In 1984, Joanna Connors was raped and assaulted in an empty theater on a college campus. For years, she pushed the trauma away and convinced herself that she was over it. He was in jail, what was there to mull over? B [...]

    7. The author of this book was raped in 1984. She spent 23 denying and swallowing her pain. This book is her attempt to crawl out of the hole she fell into that horrific night. She discovers that her rapist had died so she finds his family, visits the jail that housed him, and finally his grave. It is not a happy story but it provides a close and harrowing look at rape from many different perspectives.

    8. This was such a haunting and affecting memoir. Joanna Connors' story is so compelling and moving. This one explores the writer's rape by a stranger in the 1980s and the aftermath of that event. The subject matter is definitely disturbing. It's not for everyone. The events that took place are described in detail which may be too much for some readers. After her rape, the author tries to push her feelings about this rape away, to pretend it was over and she was fine. But, it eventually floats up a [...]

    9. Najskôr tá otázka stála takto: "Prečo ja?" A potom sa zmenila na: "Prečo on?" Je to síce prílišné zovšeobecnenie, ale Joanna Connors si podľa vlastnej knihy prešla množstvom vnútorných stavov od panického strachu, sebaobviňovania, hanby, zvažovania samovraždy, až po odhodlanie pochopiť, prečo sa jej to všetko stalo. Jej príbeh nie je len o pátraní po násilníkovi, ktorý jej život za hodinu otočil naruby, je o bielo-čiernej Amerike, segregácii, nefungujúcom súdn [...]

    10. I WILL FIND YOUWritten by Joanna ConnorsApril 2016; 272 PagesGenre: nonfiction, crime, memoir★★★1/2In 1984, a reviewer for a newspaper, Joanna Connors is raped in empty University theater. Her rapist is caught the next day and is convicted 30-75 years in prison. After her last day in court, Joanna decides to put away the rape incident but it actually takes over her life for the next twenty years. When her college bound daughter is looking at University, she decides to tell her and her son [...]

    11. Nečekala jsem, že to bude příjemné čtení, ale bylo to mnohem silnější než by si jeden představoval. V celé knize není snad kromě historky o nošení skleněného oka do zastavárny vůbec nic pozitivního. Ten závěr se hřbitovem je takový divný, ale chápu, že autorka si to všechno potřebovala asi nějak uzavřít.

    12. OH MY GOD.This is the most beautiful, moving, important book that I have read in years. It may have struck me this way because it is exactly the book I needed to read at this moment in my life, but even if that is true, it is still a brave, beautiful account of a rape survivor's story -- and her rapist. Although stranger rape is not as common as date-rape or acquaintance-rape, that is what happened to Joanna Connors. The aftermath of her rape - a trial, a conviction, the opportunity to speak wit [...]

    13. Ťažké čítať o utrpení iných, ešte ťažšie snažiť sa vcítiť do ich prežívania. Hlavne keď hocikto (schválne nehovorím len o ženách) z nás sa môže (nedajbože) ocitnúť v podobnej situácii. Autorka opisuje svoje vyrovnávanie sa so znásilnením, všetky problémy v prežívaní, ktorými ju poznačila nešťastná náhoda v minulosti, no hlavne pátranie a hľadanie odpovede na otázku 'Prečo?' Ťažko hodnotiť tento príbeh inak, než piatimi hviezdičkami. Každý [...]

    14. Joanna Connors was a young reporter who got raped in an empty theater when she was 31 years old. From then on, she suffered from PTSD, which wasn't diagnosed 30 years ago; none of the psychiatrists and other therapists she visited realized that it's not just veterans that suffer from PTSD. Connors does an impressive job of recounting what occurred and how she felt without being self-pitying. She has the best description of dissociative disorder that I've ever read. I wished that the author could [...]

    15. This was a very educational journey for me as I was expecting it to be, and I shed many tears along the way. This book will really, really get you thinking. I did not agree with some of her compassion she has for criminals and how they are treated in the prison system. I found it remarkable that she could feel compassion for them after what happened to her. However, the stories told of their childhoods and what they endured during their most vulnerable and formative years on this earth really ma [...]

    16. Joanna Connors napísala skvelú reportáž o tom, ako človeka a jeho rodinu zasiahne znásilnenie. Ale je tam toho omnoho viac. Je to o chudobe, veľkých sociálnych rozdieloch, ale ja o tom ako znásilnenie vnímala a často ešte vníma spoločnosť, polícia a aj samotná obeť. "Tvárila som sa, že som v pohode, tak v pohode, ako sa len dalo, zatiaľ čo vnúti som si žila na svojom tajnom ostrove strachu. S pribúdajúcim časom zoznam mojich obáv rástol. Bála som sa lietať. Bála [...]

    17. One of the most horrific books I've ever read. I got through the worst parts when I was awake in the middle of the night, all alone (thanks to jet lag). If the book had stayed ugly, I would have given it up, but much like One of Us, it managed to redeem itself and be more about hope and recovery and the power of good peoplebut only just. Connors describes her rape in great detail, so if you don't think you can handle that kind of content, don't read this book (or at least don't read that section [...]

    18. Ms. Connors made me laugh and cry even in the darkest moments of this true crime story. She made me feel rage and empathy, shame and redemption, helpless and empowered all at once. With excellent writing and deft touch, she shows the truth behind a nightmare in this unflinching look at rape, gender, race, and the criminal justice system. Well done!

    19. This a tough one to rate. I so wanted to give Connors's book four stars. 3.5 is more accurate than 3, though. Before I read it I was hoping for a five star read. Perhaps my expectations were unrealistic to begin with. I'm one of the in five women; I know what rape feels like.I know what it's like to want to understand why men rape. I keep reading, looking for answers. I sometimes get why someone raised in violence acts out towards others. But why do some people also learn from experience, break [...]

    20. What you read on the cover is what you'll get in this book.In "I Will Tell You," reporter-turned-author Joanna Connors chronicles her story of rape and how she survived the brutal attack while at a university theatre on assignment. She treats her story like a journalist, tracking down court documents and interviewing members of her rapist's family. But what I found missing from this book was the story behind the story.Yes, Connors writes about her overzealous parenting and failed marriage in the [...]

    21. I received an advance copy of this book and reviewed it for Chicago Review of Books. Here's the link to my review: chireviewofbooks/2016/04/

    22. ."How far back do you have to go to find the origin story of a monster"I do not watch the news or read the papers. I do, however, read memoirs and find them fascinating. I stumbled upon "I Will Find You" in VT and was instantly intrigued by a woman's courage to write. My partner stated, "I could never read a book like that" and I reckon that is the reaction of many. Or, 'how could you read a book like that?' I did ponder that and turns out, although I have been fortunate, I couldn't demonstrate [...]

    23. "Budhisti nás učia, že naplno žijeme iba vtedy, keď prestaneme potláčať bolesť a zmierime sa s tým, že utrpenie je súčasťou života." Očakávala som, že ma táto kniha odrovná. Očakávala som, že bude plná citových výlevov a naozaj ma zasiahne. Kniha v skutočnosti bola niekedy prekvapivo vecná a niekedy až sterilná, no napriek tomu bola nesmierne emocionálna. Obdivujem Joannu Connors. Hlavne za tú odvahu, ktorú preukázala, keď sa rozhodla zistiť všetko o mužovi, [...]

    24. Skvelá kniha. A keďže ju napísala novinárka, tak ma fascinovala aj z tohto pohľadu.Joannu Connors v tridsiatke znásilnil muž a ona sa po rokoch rozhodne zistiť, kto to vlastne bol, ako žil a prečo to urobil.Skvelý opis toho, ako znásilnenie zasiahne do života nielen obeti, ale aj jej rodine a známym. O tom, ako je znásilnenie vnímané v Amerike, vo svete a ako o ňom premýšľa sama obeť.Veľmi sa mi páčil tento citát, s ktorým úplne súhlasím x)"Novinári sú svojim sp [...]

    25. A raw insight into the life of Joanna Connors struggling to go back to normalcy after being raped. She has put her heart out in the first few chapters that will make your heart clench with emotions. Her decision to seek closure on the traumatic incident not only shows her the horrors of the families she interviewed but she also gives you snippets of how deeply biased the laws were and probably still are. Her fear is palpable and her reporting objective; making this book very powerful and hauntin [...]

    26. The book goes beyond the author and her rapist; traumatise aftermaths of the rape and tragic backstory of a generation dysfunctional family.“If you forget when you came from, you could go down that same path again.”

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