Facts of Life: Stories

Facts of Life Stories What do Gaby Lopez Michael Robles and Cynthia Rodriguez have in common These three kids join other teens and tweens in Gary Soto s new short story collection in which the hard knock facts of growin

  • Title: Facts of Life: Stories
  • Author: Gary Soto
  • ISBN: 9780152061814
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What do Gaby Lopez, Michael Robles, and Cynthia Rodriguez have in common These three kids join other teens and tweens in Gary Soto s new short story collection, in which the hard knock facts of growing up are captured with humor and poignance Filled with annoying siblings, difficult parents, and first loves, these stories are a masterful reminder of why adolescence is onWhat do Gaby Lopez, Michael Robles, and Cynthia Rodriguez have in common These three kids join other teens and tweens in Gary Soto s new short story collection, in which the hard knock facts of growing up are captured with humor and poignance Filled with annoying siblings, difficult parents, and first loves, these stories are a masterful reminder of why adolescence is one of the most frustrating and fascinating times of life.

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    1. Katie YoungShort StoriesThis book is a collection of ten short stories which tell different life stories of Hispanic young adults. Some of the stories are heartbreaking while others are light hearted and optimistic. All of the stories include a Hispanic young adult who tells their story and allows the reader a snapshot into their life. Some story lines include a boy helping a thief steal a TV without knowing it, a young girl finding out she is illegally in the US, learning how to deal with bully [...]

    2. This book is a collection of short stories. Each story is narrated by a young Latina and offers a snapshot into their life. Some of the stories tell of a major life event (finding out they were born illegally) while others deal with daily adolescent traumas (feeling as if you don't fit into your family). This book would fit in nicely to any middle or high school unit that deals with examining lives. None of the stories are sugar-coated or overly done. In most, the narrator is better able to arti [...]

    3. Short story collections are always fun to see their inter-connectedness (even if it is only coming from my desire to want that to be so). Here we go, with FACTS OF LIFE.1) WHERE DID I GO WRONG?: This story is much like the last story (D IN ENGLISH) in that you have a character crashing about the neighborhoodgoing from situation to situation.ng moment to momentyou see the Mickey cajoled into helping local kid only to find out he is aiding in a theftis is juxtaposed against Mickey being given more [...]

    4. This is a collection of mostly unremarkable short stories, supposedly all featuring young people with Latino backgrounds.Notes on certain stories:"Where Did I Go Wrong? -- the story does not quite go anywhere. It has a slight sinister and odd tone but did not become developed. One never is sure whether Raul really is a thief or a devil in disguise. Or, is he someone who comes to remind the boy of the good things in life -- even if they seemed mundane and for granted?Capturing the Moment -- It se [...]

    5. This book is a collection of stories of kids in their teenage lives, they face many problems almost everyone had went through. The story that stood out to me was the story about Mickey Cortez. In this story he had just finished a baseball game, with him making the losing strike, he was really depressed from that so he went to take a walk, on his walk he met a man who needed help. His name was Raul and he offered Mickey 30 dollars to help him move things from his house and being a teenager with n [...]

    6. Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka "Readingjunky" for TeensReadTooFACTS OF LIFE is a collection of short stories presenting a variety of adolescent views on growing up. Moving from childhood to adulthood is a completely unique experience, special to each individual. Gary Soto takes readers into the minds of ten teens and pre-teens and a defining moment in each of their lives. There is Lisa Torres, who suddenly realizes what her world of poverty really looks like to others. She learns that her personal [...]

    7. The Facts of Life by Gary Soto presents ten short stories featuring characters of Hispanic background. I was not impressed by the first story, “Where Did I Go Wrong?” Basically, Mickey while is helping a young man move things out of a house he realizes he is actually helping him steal. Later, when he gets home he imagines the man coming to his house and asking him to help steal his own plasma TV. He decides he is glad his dad never bought the plasma TV that he had begged for. “Identity The [...]

    8. Personally I wasn't that's big a fan of this one in particular because the stories didn't seem to grab my attention as much as other short story books do, in one if the stories a young boy agrees to help out someone who believed was a friend of the family with some honest days work of moving furniture and appliances, and as the day goes on and they spend more time together the boy (Mikey) begins having suspicions that this guy we was working with may be more trouble then the $20 bucks he was pro [...]

    9. Facts of Life: Storiesis a compilation of short stories that contain similar themes. Each story has a young, Latin-American student who struggles to accept reality in their situations. For example, Laurita is a young teenager who learns that she is an illegal alien. Before, she thought she was American until she looked for her birth certificate and could not find it. Her father explains to her that the world is her home, and that a paper should not determine that. She feels the same way and is m [...]

    10. After reading Facts of Life by Gary Soto I was pleased that I read it. It is a collection of short stories based on daily adolescent problems. It is from the perspective of several Hispanic characters growing up. The short stories can range from all sorts of issues including a difficult family realizing they are not true citizens. I thought this was a good way to show to reader and other people what it is truly like through the lens of a young, Hispanic child and how much they really go through. [...]

    11. this book is about a kid who tries to find out the facts of life and he also tries to make new friends and he tries to fit in. he has like a kinda rough stuck up attitude and he is kinda sporty and he likes to play ball. he also takes classes to calm him down because he is crazy. this connects to me because i like to to play alot of sports and i kinda have attitude problem and i like to make new friends. this also connects to me because i know people who are kinda like crazy and they rreally ned [...]

    12. This book has little stories that teaches the Reader Facts of Life. There was this story about a boy named Mickey. He accepts a job offer by this guy on the street. He learns the hard way not to trust strangers. There is another story about a girl who has a boyfriend named Miguel. This girl always does what Miguel says and gives him money and never pays it back. I can't find a connection. I gave this book 4 stars because it was a good book. Some the stories were kind of boring. I would recommend [...]

    13. I read this book for my Teaching Multicultural Literature course, and I decided to use it as I think it will appeal to Middle Schoolers. The stories deal with issues all young adults face in their lives. My favorite story is the one about the young boy who unwittingly helps a burglar rob a house and then panics! Most of the protagonists are twelve or thirteen years old, and I wish there would have been a wider range of ages, or at least no specific ages mentioned, so that it would reach a larger [...]

    14. This book is basically a collection of stories in one book is stories of problems teenagers face. many stories that explain problems that the teens go thorugh but they are very realistic and could happen to anyone. many teenagers could connect to this book because anyone could really face these problems. teens go thorugh many problems in life. so this book is pretty relevant in my life or in a teens life.

    15. Enjoyed these stories, some more than others, but of course that's the pleasure of a book of short stories - if you don't like one, there's plenty others to choose from. Somehow I found the boy characters in this book less likeable than the girl characters. Or maybe I just couldn't relate to them as well, which makes sense.

    16. Facts of Life is a 2009 Americas Commended Title. It includes a series of short stories about Latino children and adolescent's experience. The topics include identity, divorce, and heritage. The stories are easy to read and literal. Students will easily relate to one of these life stories. In the classroom, you can use the book as a short read aloud or pick out the stories relevant to your topic.

    17. I debated whether or not to give this 2 or 3 stars. I finally decided on three because of Gary Soto's writing style and his ability to create characters and situations that will appeal to my middle school students.

    18. Gary Soto is a extrodinary aurthor who combines hispanic routes into his books which is shown in this book "Fact of life" which has a bunch of different stories that have something in common and that happens to be that each of the characters show there hispanic routes by

    19. excellent collection of short stories! I definitely will be incorporating several of these stories into my classroom. Soto does an excellent job with character voice. These are short stories that are easy to read, but deep in content.

    20. A brief glimpse into the lives of ten different Latino tweens growing up in California. To me, the stories lacked depth - we weren't given enough time to really connect with characters. I was also really thrown by the one vignette where the writing switched to first person.

    21. Short stories for middle schoolers that feature Latinos. Fun, but I like some of Gary Soto's other books better. I didn't realize that it was a book of short stories so I was a little disappointed after the first story ended that we wouldn't get to know that character more.

    22. I found these stories about teens to be a bit choppy and not very engaging. The story I liked most was called "Identity Theft" about Ana Hernandez. When a new girl named Ana Hernandez moves to her school, she feels like her identity has been stolen.

    23. I had forgotten how much I liked short stories - a mix of kids with issues, something here for everyone, well told

    24. Gary Soto not my favorite author. This book was awful it was about life or should I say kids and bad experiences. So i do not recommend this book. FYI my mother made me read this :(

    25. Poignant coming of age book with various scenarios of different teenagers dealing with the difficult job of growing up. Gary Soto is truly amazing the way he paints a realistic picture with words.

    26. Decent story collection--some good realities for teens to think about, even if they don't all follow the traditional plot chart so heavily inscribed into our "Englishy" brains.

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