How To Write a Simple Book Review: It's easier than you think

How To Write a Simple Book Review It s easier than you think Pinnacle Award Winning Book Best Book in How To Category Star award Winning Seal from Readers Favorite How to Write a Simple Book Review it s easier than you think By International Bestselling B

  • Title: How To Write a Simple Book Review: It's easier than you think
  • Author: Allyson R. Abbott
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Pinnacle Award Winning Book Best Book in How To Category 20165 Star award Winning Seal from Readers Favorite.How to Write a Simple Book Review it s easier than you think.By International Bestselling British Author Allyson R AbbottHave you ever wondered how to write a book review Where to begin or how long it needs to be Has it ever occurred to you that even negativPinnacle Award Winning Book Best Book in How To Category 20165 Star award Winning Seal from Readers Favorite.How to Write a Simple Book Review it s easier than you think.By International Bestselling British Author Allyson R AbbottHave you ever wondered how to write a book review Where to begin or how long it needs to be Has it ever occurred to you that even negative reviews may be helpful to authors Are there different types of reviews Where can you get tips for reviewing a book Do you wish writing a review was easy With this book it is Sharing your opinion with people who want to hear it is fun Your reviews help fellow readers find out if a book is worth their time and money Authors appreciate the recognition of a review, no matter how long, and the insight of a review can show them where they need to improve Writing a Simple Book Review it s easier than you think holds these answers and You can start writing book reviews today even if it is only a few words.What the buyers say Verified Purchases 5 star What Abbott does is teach yous, she teaches you to write a one word review and proceed on to another word, a sentence, and then another sentenceuntil you have a full paragraph Let s face it, no matter what you, the reader, is interested in, there is going to be a book about it to enjoy or learn from Why not take a few minutes to thank the writer of that book as soon as you have finished reading Glenda Reviewer January 30, 20165 star How to Write a Simple Book Review is a wonderful, concise book to do just that, write a book review, for beginners or those wanting to improve their review skills The book has formal, semi formal, and informal guidelines Templates are great Star guide lines and how to vary it to suit yourself Lots of tips and techniques Lists of reviewer links and pages to encourage interaction I thought it was a great book Kindle Customer December 31, 20155 starAbbott s book about providing book reviews motivated me to write this first book review So mission accomplished I rely heavily on book reviews to decide which books to invest my time due to a year 2016 resolution to not waste unnecessary time on books that I dislike Therefore, writing book reviews is my way of paying the favour forward.I love that Abbott invested a great proportion of the book on reassuring that there is no fixed format for books The persuasion is extremely subtle and plods the reader along in a non intrusive manner However for those readers who require further structure, she highlights further discrepancies between the different types of reviews literary criticism, book report and book review Further guidelines and template act as further handholds to ease the newbies into the role.Naturally, I recommend this to all readers who are beginners to reviewing books However it might not be suitable for experienced reviewers who are looking for something to distinguish their reviews from others Bubbsykat August 1, 2016

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      345 Allyson R. Abbott
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    1. there were two reasons I read this book. 1- I hope to be more active with netgalley and wish to write helpful reviews and better critique authors' works, 2- to be meta reviewing a book on book reviews.I was a little frustrated that approximately a third of this book was why it was important to review books especially for indie authors. And a little history of what publishers did with reviews interesting enough but not helpful to me.However her tips and suggestions were helpful and she gave pract [...]

    2. I received a e-book version of this book through a giveaway on LibraryThing from the author, and the following is my honest opinion.To set the record straight I’ve been a Book Reviewer since last August and when I saw Ms. Abbott’s book being offered as a giveaway I decided to enter it basically to see if I’ve learning anything through my own experiences writing reviews. Surprise it to say I’ve not, which means the author has done a thorough job in presenting the information contained in [...]

    3. Although I didn't get a lot from it myself (I'm a bookworm who is naturally opinionated, so I've been reviewing for a while, obviously :P), for someone who has never written a book review before, this is an excellent guide. It also offers some interesting statistics and such on how reviews effect buyers' choices, why you should review books, etc.At times, it was somewhat difficult to read with a lot more focus on why you should review than on actual writing reviews (which I didn't appreciate; [...]

    4. The Book Does Make It EasyI picked up this book because I try to leave reviews on the books I read. If life is going at rocket speed I may just leave a star rating with the intention of a later review. Even though I have written a few reviews I frequently feel that my review could be better. I believe we are constantly learning and everything can be improved upon. This book offers a lot of help in writing reviews. I think it is aimed at those who never write reviews or a beginner. I am neither b [...]

    5. How to write a simple book review by Allyson R. Abbott a fab five star read. It really is easier than you think to write a simple but interesting book review, this book gives you a good plan of action, good tips and guidelines and general things that you may not have even thought about previously. There were some areas that I didn’t find helpful but that was purely because it was an area I don’t read, but I even found that information interesting. There are some great examples of how your re [...]

    6. Things I highlighted:1. Definition of an "Indie Author".2. What does for a book after 10 reviews3. . then 's "spotlight positions".4. Descriptions of different kinds of book reviewsSimpleformalLiterary5. Where places recent book reviews.6. How to have a "reviewer" name on . 7. A Basic Template for writing a review.8. A Star Graded Template ~ Explanation(s) & Reasoning for each star rating.9. Suggestions on creating your OWN Star grading system.10. How to become a book reviewer via two sugg [...]

    7. Encouraging BookI was not aware how important a book review could be. I rarely give 3 stars. At times I've enjoyed educational books some have found to be boring. I enjoy many genres. The book dissects all aspects of book industry, and emphasizes the importance of honest reviews. I found the author to be thorough and passionate. Really inspiring. I've of late found myself writing reviews for books I enjoyed. Wanting to expand my vocabulary, I was looking on improving myself when commenting. Inst [...]

    8. A very well written encouraging guide with references "How To Write A Simple Book Review: Calling All Readers" authored by British novelist Allyson R. Abbott can be helpful to both the experienced reviewer and those who have yet to post their first review.Using as a platform, Abbott fully explains in star and rating system mostly using "50 Shades of Gray" E.L. James as an example, while I usually find data info rather dull, it is a good idea to understand these basics. All types of review are [...]

    9. Excellent useful, enlightening, easy, informative reading. Most enjoyable.The opening of Section 4: Tips on How to Write a Review. Allyson quotes Roger Ebert;‘In my reviews, I feel it’s good to make it clear that I’m not proposing objective truth, but subjective reactions; a review should reflect the immediate experience.’Allyson suggests in the same section and many others that all authors want is ‘a response, a hint, or a few words.’ She also explains how important your review is f [...]

    10. I would like to thank the author for sending me an electronic copy of her book, which I won in the Librarything Member's Giveaway. This is my honest review.This was a very simple book to read which I would recommend to all who have little knowledge of writing reviews. I myself always write a review, but any doubts as to whether my reviews have been good enough have now been dispelled.

    11. From simple to whatever you want to make it.It’s been almost a year since I began writing reviews and actually published them. I remember that first review… well um ok maybe it wasn’t my first review if you want to consider those book reports you were required to write in school, let alone the literary analysis required in college… but ok my first published review that I didn’t do because I had to in order to earn a grade but simply because I wanted to express my opinion and say thank [...]

    12. I decided to read this book for vindication… to see if I'm doing it right. Rarely have I found a book that so clearly expresses my own thoughts on a subject.I started writing reviews on and several years ago. I review everything that I read, and I read quite a bit. Because it is possible to get so many Kindle books at no cost, I have had the distinct pleasure of discovering some truly fine Indie authors. I still have my favorite big name authors - Stephen King, Clive Barker, Charlaine Harris [...]

    13. All Reviews Are Good Reviews!Writing a review on a book about how to write reviews sounds like the start of a bad joke, but Allyson R. Abbott brought to light so many aspects of the book industry I had never considered I can't imagine having read "How to Write a Simple Book Review" without leaving a word of thanks to the author. As a reader, I do wonder if authors care what I think about their work or whether I leave a "Good job!" on one of their pieces I particularly enjoyed yet don't have a wh [...]

    14. How To Write a Simple Book Review: It’s easier than you think by Allyson R. Abbott5 StarsI just recently began writing reviews for the millions of books I read, and I'm ashamed to say that there are so many I've read and never reviewed, this I need to fix. I was scared at first and have written some I'm sure were not the greatest but have gotten better I think with practice. This book was great and gave many helpful tips and was very easy to follow and understand. I learned a lot more about th [...]

    15. 5 StarsHow to Write a Simple Book Review: It’s Easier Than You Think is an incredibly interesting and helpful guide by Allyson R. Abbott. The book explains the different types of reviews, the grading/rating system, personalising reviews, why reviews are so important for authors, and all about the process of writing a review- even offering suggestions and templates to make the whole process easier. The book will help you decide what to write and how much you want to write- in a simple and easy [...]

    16. How to Write a Simple Book ReviewBy Allyson R Abbott5 stars!It is so weird to be writing a review about a book that’s about writing reviews. For me I am happy with the way in which I write my reviews, I like to think that when I love a book I point out why and when I’m not sure I am considerate to the author who at the end of the days has spent ages writing it - so I really wanted to read this book to see if I could improve them in any way. What I found really useful about this book is just [...]

    17. How to Write a Simple Book Review: It's easier then you think by Allyson R. Abbott is a great resource on how to write a simple review. This book is a little different then what I normally read by this author. Her writing style still comes through and makes it easy to understand. This book is a step by step way to write an easy review that will take no time at all. Authors love reviews, good or bad, it is the feedback on their writing that makes a difference to them. This book would be helpful t [...]

    18. This book has some interesting information on the importance of reviews for authors. I can definitely see how it could help to remove any reservations one might have about writing a book review. The author talks about finding a new editor over a book with bad grammar, and I couldn't help but notice all of the grammatical errors in this book as well. This was slightly distracting, but the book was otherwise very interesting and informative. If you're looking for more confidence or direction when [...]

    19. An excellent, informative guide for reviewers, who like to share their reads. Well-structured and easy to read, Allyson, has highlighted the essential information leaving out the waffle. If you want to know how to write a review, I recommend reading this book.

    20. This is a short book, but still longer than it needs to be because there is so much repetition. The author repeats her plea to take a chance on reviewing and repeats and repeats it. Even worse, when she gives examples of how to pad reviews with extra words, she repeats the original phrase each time so that it becomes boring and tedious. Does she think we don't understand?I also resented her slight of non-fiction books. There are other kinds besides travel and cookbooks. Obviously, she has little [...]

    21. I am so glad I found this helpful guide. I only wish it had been written years ago before I started developing bad habits that are now hard to break. You can tell the author did her research & put forth the effort to provide great attention to detail. Very informative, and I really liked how it was broken down into different sections that will be of great help for future reference. I wanted to give this a 5 star rating, but I personally had a hard time with the flow. Possibly due to the diff [...]

    22. I won this book in a competition on Facebook. It's hard to review this book because on one hand it was good but on the other hand it wasn't.It did give information on how to review a book, very basic information. This would be useful for someone who has never written a review before. The author also included how reviews can help, what the star ratings mean on the selected websites ( and ) and how some authors gather their reviews. Mostly that they pay for them. But on the other side of it the au [...]

    23. This book, “How To Write a Simple Book Review: It’s easier than you think”, is one of those books that you think you don’t need, but then you read it and it turns out you DO! With clearly laid-out information and helpful links, not to mention breakdowns of example books’ reviews, ratings and sales, the author manages to pack a mighty punch. She explains clearly not only why reviews are helpful to both readers and authors, but how to write reviews, either informally or analytically.Need [...]

    24. It's a little difficult to review a book on how to write a review and it shouldn't be. I think the most important point I took from this giveaway was to write the bloody review. Long or short just write it and try to be positive about your thoughts. Read the book because it gives you a good old lecture at the beginning why it is so important to write the review.So I have.Roo

    25. A great resource and "ongoing reference" for writing a simple book review. I am still a work in progress as far as writing reviews, but this book has definitely simplified the approach to writing reviews for me. Allyson R. Abbott: I give you a big thank you for putting this book out there "high five" !!! :-)

    26. I received this book in exchange for an hones review. As a bookblogger I read and review a lot of books. In this book we learn what the importance may be of these reviews and how to create a review that is a bit lengthier that only two words. It was very interesting to learn her view. Handy book and some things hit home :)

    27. Thank you!This book gave me some great ideas and starting points to put in a book review. I read a lot of books, and while I do give them all ratings once I complete them, I have been hesitant to leave a review, but I will definitely make it a habit from now on.

    28. I found this book to be very hard to read. It seemed as if I was reading a book about why it is important to leave reviews, not how to write reviews. The author rambled a lot and I simply lost interest.

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