Ratf**ked: The True Story Behind The Secret Plan To Steal America's Democracy

Ratf ked The True Story Behind The Secret Plan To Steal America s Democracy With Barack Obama s historic election in pundits proclaimed the Republicans as dead as the Whigs of yesteryear Yet even as Democrats swooned a small cadre of Republican operatives including Ka

  • Title: Ratf**ked: The True Story Behind The Secret Plan To Steal America's Democracy
  • Author: David Daley
  • ISBN: 9781631491627
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Hardcover
  • With Barack Obama s historic election in 2008, pundits proclaimed the Republicans as dead as the Whigs of yesteryear Yet even as Democrats swooned, a small cadre of Republican operatives, including Karl Rove, Ed Gillespie, and Chris Jankowski began plotting their comeback with a simple yet ingenious plan These men had devised a way to take a tradition of dirty tricks knoWith Barack Obama s historic election in 2008, pundits proclaimed the Republicans as dead as the Whigs of yesteryear Yet even as Democrats swooned, a small cadre of Republican operatives, including Karl Rove, Ed Gillespie, and Chris Jankowski began plotting their comeback with a simple yet ingenious plan These men had devised a way to take a tradition of dirty tricks known to political insiders as ratf king to a whole new, unprecedented level Flooding state races with a gold rush of dark money made possible by Citizens United, the Republicans reshaped state legislatures, where the power to redistrict is held Reconstructing this never told before story, David Daley examines the far reaching effects of this so called REDMAP program, which has radically altered America s electoral map and created a firewall in the House, insulating the party and its wealthy donors from popular democracy Ratf ked pulls back the curtain on one of the greatest heists in American political history.

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    1 thought on “Ratf**ked: The True Story Behind The Secret Plan To Steal America's Democracy”

    1. Everybody knows demographics are numbers about people (demos) but the field is far from beneign - those numbers are used to control people - to label, to sort, to literally and figuratively divide and conquer.I'm not sure why we all didn't read this book when it came out, because I knew of it and was stupidly distracted with more "ballot box" issues of how the Voter's Rights Act of '65 was gutted and un-/under-enforced, both. However, some recent Washington Post attention pulled me back to Burke [...]

    2. This book infuriated me but also lowered the decibel level of my political retorts. I can clearly see now the utter cynicism with which Republican strategists set about grabbing as many seats as they could with the intent to hold onto them for a decade or more by controlling the redistricting process. “When you have power you exercise it.” The gerrymander is the reason Blue states can appear to vote Red. What is so pitiful is that we can still hear voters talking about what they believe like [...]

    3. Sports analogy:I root for the Cubs. You know what that's like. Rooting for the Cubs taught me that everything is losing, that even winning will just lead to more painful losing, that finding a few shoots of light through the clouds just means the rain is delayed. That the pain is coming, that it's going to hurt more and then less and then double or triple and then scab and then fester. This transfers to being a Democrat.I had Slick Willy, sure, but his behavior(s) in office was so repulsive to m [...]

    4. This book pissed me off, I mean really aggravated me. I actually almost stopped reading during the introduction and first chapter. But I decided the issue was too important to not understand it better. Understand what happened, how it happened and what can be done about it.Redistricting is not a sexy issue and not an issue with immediate consequences, but it is the absolute bedrock of our political system. And it was left unguarded, unguarded by a gentleman's agreement which lasted until one par [...]

    5. The graphics on the inside covers of RAT F**KED are not Rorschach drawings. They are the actual congressional or legislative districts in several US states as determined by their GOP- controlled state legislatures. They help explain why Congress and many statehouses have GOP majorities even though the numbers of Democrats in those states are higher than or almost equal to the number of Republicans. As the book says at the end, “The House of Representatives was designed to be the chamber most r [...]

    6. Story that has been going on since Obama took office. Basically Republicans no longer could command a majority and resorted to Gerrymandering districts to stay in power. They achieved this by taking statehouses. Dems are lazy and don't vote in off year elections anyway. They then redrew the election map to protect their power. Essentially that is what ratf""king is political sabotage of the majority their dirty tricks.

    7. Scary and disheartening. Should be required reading for all Democratic lawmakers whose feckless and smug complacency contributed mightily to this sorry state of affairs. "It can't happen here?" It already has. Thank you, the five "justices" who gave us "Citizens United". I'll have more to say in a revised review, but right now I need to go shine my jackboots.

    8. This is a great read. If you read Chapter 7 and aren't ready to fight for redistricting and electoral reform, than you don't want a democracy or a representative republic.

    9. Even knowing as much as I do about redistricting, I learned so much more. The GOP's "Red Map" program is a technological and diabolical system of drawing districts to maintain their majorities and keep them for generations. When lawmakers pick their voters instead of voters picking their legislators, then our democracy is in great peril. The chapter on North Carolina was of particular interest to me because that's where I live and where I am politically involved. I was there. I watched it happen [...]

    10. A must read for anyone who wants to understand our current political gridlock, how characters like Trump have burst onto the scene and how the Republican Party moves further to the right while the majority of America is diverse, wants gun control, and supports Planned Parenthood. The answer: gerrymandering.Any Democratic Party person who talks only of getting out the vote is naive or ignoring the elephant in the room (no pun intended). We need to put an end to gerrymandering by not letting parti [...]

    11. You won't believe this book's thesis.He details some stuff at the end that's worth doing until 2020, but, until then, the majority's the Republicans' for the durationDMAP's a really, really neat idea that no-one thought of 'till recently. True to form, the Democrats refused to stoop/didn't anticipate the threat/can console themselves with Republicans' chanting "hey, either side gets to win if they manage it!" like there's no such thing as dirty pool, and it's as free open and unfettered competit [...]

    12. Interesting to read this book post-2016 election, as it was written before that. Had I read it in advance of November, I'd have found no suspense as the returns rolled in. Daley did an excellent job of explaining gerrymandering, giving a bit of history and a sharing lot of foresight into where we likely will be stuck for the next several years. The state-by-state rundown got a little tiresome and redundant about mid-way through, but it worked to paint the full picture of the ratf**cking in all i [...]

    13. Thanks to Net Galley for the ARC. Are you a political junkie? If so, this book is for you. Are you a person who votes in Presidential elections but does not give two sh!ts about the off year and off month elections? This book is for you. Are you a person? This book is for you. RatF**ked is a term that means to be politically sabotaged. On the surface, the term RatF**k is pretty awful. It is awful because this book is about awful things that are politically motivated and totally legal. Kick in th [...]

    14. In 2008, a Republican lobbyist realized that by turning just a few key state house and senate seats in 2010, the Republicans would control the legislative redistricting that would follow the 2010 Census. In other words, for a relatively small chunk of change forces outside states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, were able to give those states the ability to create congressional seats that would deliberately provide a big majority of Republican held seats in the House of Representatives eve [...]

    15. A fantastic detailed book, essential reading to understand US politics of 2010 to now and where the fight will be in 2020. The New Yorker review is a good summary / encouragement to read the whole book.

    16. By Iowa law, districts are not drawn to favor or disadvantage any party, incumbent, candidate, or constituency. Iowa districting is done by nonpartisan agencies and commissions.That’s where fairness begins. And for Iowa, it can end there. But remember that Iowa is a state of four Congressional districts, its most populous county has 430,000 population; Iowa is 91% white, there is no possibility of creating a minority-majority legislative district anywhere in Iowa. For a state with larger, blac [...]

    17. Well that made for a depressing Thanksgiving It's important to know what's going on, though. This explains what's happened to our country in the last few years, why the people don't seem to be driving the government, why we have no power against it -- should we even be against our own government The statistics bear out that through redistricting and other manipulations of the system, those in power are motivated to stay in power regardless of what the people want. This suppresses the vote and el [...]

    18. OK Daley, I'm convinced. Partisan gerrymandering is the most overlooked and underrated problem in American politics. The book was originally published in 2016 before Trump's surprising electoral college victory, but Daley wrote a lengthy and helpful epilogue that connects the dots from gerrymandered statehouse races (a number of states where the Democrats won more votes but fewer seats) to state voter suppression laws to Trump eking out an 88,000-vote win across three crucial states. In fact, if [...]

    19. If you want a book to make you happy, don't read this one (assuming you're not a win-at-all-costs Republican political operative). If you want to read a piece of well-written and well-researched piece of investigative journalism that will fascinate you, make you angry and fire you up about the democratic process, this is the book for you.

    20. Gerrymandering does appear to have reached epidemic proportions and disproportional influence over what strikes me as an increasingly byzantine and anachronistic system of political representation that is all too vulnerable to whoever happens to wield the most focused, organized, ruthless and not to mention shameless force of democratic entropy.

    21. Think you live in a representational democracy? Think you choose your representatives? Think again. GOP gerrymandering in 2010 means we will have a tyranny of the minority for at least the next decade, where the politicians choose the voters, not the other way around.The gleeful cynicism and outright theft of democracy by the REDMAP plan should have all Americans, regardless of party, outraged.Thoroughly depressing.

    22. This was hard to take and reading it is no antidote to the environment we endure today, where a radical minority rules with impunity over a majority that is not in agreement with their policies. But do you want to understand how this inedible sausage was made? You know and understand some parts of this story, already, but here it is, all the gory details, chapter and verse - Ratf**ked.

    23. Every American needs to read this. This is an Important book for democracy. I think this book has probably changed my mind on who to vote for to ensure the outcome that I see as imperative. Wow. This is an amazing book, definitely slow in parts, but so important.

    24. A dire story of how messed up our political situation is, and rings true. Yikes. We should all know about this.

    25. This is a sobering read. If Daley is correct about the effectiveness of Republican gerrymandering after the 2010 census/redistricting/midterm elections, I am fearful that Democrats (and therefore Progressives) will have to wander the political wilderness far longer than hoped. 2018 is no slam dunk for Democrats - despite Donald Trump’s abysmal approval rating. Historically the party out of the White House tends to win big in off year elections but Daley makes a strong case that the Republican [...]

    26. A must read for all interested and concerned about gerrymandering here in the United States. The author presents what can be a complicated issue of stats and politics into a well researched easy and informative read on this very important issue.

    27. My biggest criticism of David Daley's Ratf**ked: How the Democrats Won the Presidency But Lost America is not so much with the information conveyed but rather with the structure and presentation. Regarding the information, Daley does an excellent job exposing the way in which Republicans have gerrymandered state districts in order to achieve overwhelming majority seats per state in the House of Representatives. The book is, however, structured in one of my least favorite ways to tell a story.Wha [...]

    28. We are so f*cked.we have been ratf*cked for sure. Ratf*ck: a political dirty deed done dirt cheap.For us, it's the redrawing of state and national legislative districts after the census, giving Republicans an advantage in elected legislators, even if they receive fewer votes than their Democrat opponents. Allowing the Rs to control states and now Congress.Everyone does it, gerrymandering. But with the advent of technology, operatives are able to draw intricate districts with surgical precisionol [...]

    29. Overall an enlightening book but it does have tedious sections. Describes in great detail how the GOP in the US gerrymandered a large number of congressional districts and on the state level redrew boundaries to give the GOP what will likely be at least one decades (and likely several decades) political advantage--all of this by capturing a minority of the total vote and yet getting 2/3rds to 3/4ths of their candidates elected. Some GOP congressman have get 70-80 percent of the vote and feel lit [...]


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