The Home-Maker

The Home Maker The Home Maker is as relevant today as when it first appeared It tells the story of Evangeline Knapp the perfect compulsive housekeeper whose husband Lester is a poet and a dreamer Suddenly thro

  • Title: The Home-Maker
  • Author: Dorothy Canfield Fisher
  • ISBN: 9780953478064
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Home Maker is as relevant today as when it first appeared It tells the story of Evangeline Knapp, the perfect, compulsive housekeeper, whose husband, Lester, is a poet and a dreamer Suddenly, through a nearly fatal accident, their roles are reversed Lester is confined to home in a wheelchair and his wife must work to support the family The changes that take place bThe Home Maker is as relevant today as when it first appeared It tells the story of Evangeline Knapp, the perfect, compulsive housekeeper, whose husband, Lester, is a poet and a dreamer Suddenly, through a nearly fatal accident, their roles are reversed Lester is confined to home in a wheelchair and his wife must work to support the family The changes that take place between husband and wife, parents and children, are both fascinating and poignant.

    The Home Maker by Dorothy Canfield Fisher The Home Maker is one of those novels It was published in the s, it is set in small town American, and yet it feels extraordinarily relevant It is the story of the Knapp family Evangeline, Lester and their children, Helen, Henry and Stephen. The Home Maker Dorothy Canfield The Home Maker Dorothy Canfield on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Although this novel first appared in , it deals in an amazingly contemporary manner with the problems of a family in which both husband and wife are oppressed and frustrated by the roles they are expected to play Evangeline Knapp is the perfect The Home Maker Nov , The Home Maker Passed h min Drama November USA A man s life seems to be falling apart He s bored with his job, gets passed over for a promotion and, when the pressures get to be too much, he tries to commit suicide, but he even fails Homemaker Define Homemaker at Dictionary hohm mey ker See synonyms for homemaker on Thesaurus noun a person who manages the household of his or her own family, especially as a principal occupation a person employed to manage a household and do household chores for others, as for the sick or elderly. The Home Maker webanford The Home Maker Universal production directed by King Baggot, Featuring Alice Joyce and Clive Brook From the novel of the same name by Dorothy Canfield Continuity by Mary O Hara Photographed by John Stumar At the Colony, New York, week Aug Run time about min. Homemaker definition of homemaker by The Free Dictionary homemaker h m m k r n One who manages a household, especially as one s main daily activity home mak ing n homemaker h m me k n chiefly US and Canadian a person, esp a housewife, who manages a home Social Welfare US and Canadian a social worker who manages a household during the incapacity of the housewife The Home Maker by Dorothy Cnafield Fisher The Home Maker describes Evangeline, an obsessively house proud mother and home maker a word that is in everyday use in America but not in Britain who renders each of her children miserable in different ways, through her perfectionism and her need to control without realizing it, she is frustrated and bored yet she thinks she is a good and Homemaker Definition of Homemaker by Merriam Webster Born in the Bronx to a taxi driver and homemaker, Mondschein joined the Army after high school Vogue , At Sotheby s, a Glimpse Into the Private World of Fred Leighton, King of Estate Jewelry , Mar My mother was a homemaker who raised four kids with vigor and ferocity and verve. The Happier Homemaker Modern Homemaking Made Easy Modern Homemaking made easy, with Simple Recipes for the everyday cook, household tips and cleaning tricks, and DIY home decor projects. Homemaking Homemaking Housekeeping by the homemaker is the care and control of property, ensuring its maintenance and proper use and appearance A home is a place of residence In a private home a maid or housekeeper might be employed to do some of the housekeeping Housework is work done by the act of housekeeping.

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    1. 'Oh Lester, let me do that! The idea of your darning stockings! It's dreadful enough your having to do the housework!''Eva darned them a good many years,' he said, with some warmth, 'and did the housework. Why shouldn't I?' He looked at her hard and went on 'Do you know what you are saying to me? You are telling me that you really think that home-making is a poor, mean, cheap job beneath the dignity of anybody who can do anything else.'Mattie shouted indignantly, 'Lester Knapp, how dare you say [...]

    2. Firstly; I can understand that is is quite a shocking book of its time. The idea of a woman being employed whilst the father stays at home looking after his children and making the dinner. However, that didn't change the fact that I found it a pretty hard slog. I didn't seem to be getting any closer to finishing despite reading countless pages at each sitting. I do feel the book length could've been shortened. I'm giving it three stars because some pages were wonderfully written, witty, warm and [...]

    3. The very, very best novels leave me struggling for words, quite unable to capture what it is that makes them so extraordinary.The Home-Maker is one of those novels. It was published in the 1920s, it is set in small town American, and yet it feels extraordinarily relevant.It is the story of the Knapp family – Evangeline, Lester and their children, Helen, Henry and Stephen. A family that was unhappy, because both parents were trapped in the roles that society dictated a mother and a father shoul [...]

    4. I discovered ‘The Home-Maker’ by Dorothy Canfield Fisher through the review of Nymeth from the Things Mean a Lot. I loved the basic premise of the book and couldn’t resist getting it. I started reading it a few days back and finished it in a couple of sittings. Here is what I think.‘The Home-Maker’ is about a family and the interesting consequences of what happens when traditional gender roles are reversed. Evangeline Knapp is the mother who is a perfectionist. She likes her house to b [...]

    5. I read slightly more than a third of this novel, originally published in 1924. It concerns 40ish Evangeline Knapp who performs her housewifely duties intensely and aggressively. Meals are on the table at the designated hour, the Knapp house is meticulously kept, the furniture is tastefully made over (with beautiful donated fabric) and smartly arranged in spite of the family’s poverty, the children’s special health needs are attended to . . . and Evangeline is completely and utterly miserable [...]

    6. Fisher is best known today for the children's book Understood Betsy, which I read and liked a few years ago, but she also wrote many novels for adults. This one is a Persephone reprint -- I should just eventually buy everything they've reprinted, as I haven't disliked one yet. Evangeline Knapp is a smart, organized, determined woman, stuck at home in a role she despises; she loves her children, but she can't seem to sympathize with them, and her passion for cleanliness and organization has becom [...]

    7. The Home-Maker completely subverts the expectations that will undoubtedly be raised by its title and publishing date (1924). The radical, revolutionary idea at the heart of this book is that a man, not a woman, might be better suited to the real work of the home. For Fisher carefully differentiates, in the unfolding of her storyline, between being competent or even gifted at home management -- and having the particular grace of understanding children and raising them lovingly. In the first chapt [...]

    8. Read from OpenLibrary for group discussion.Oh how wonderful. I read it all today, over a few sittings. So relevant! I always think of suffragettes and then a big gap and then Betty Friedan when I think of pioneering feminists, but here's a wonderful look at the issues from 1924. Thank you everyone who chose this for our BotM!There are a couple of casually racist remarks that don't mean anything, and a few references to obsolete artifacts of century-old culture, but most of it is spot-on human ps [...]

    9. How this book has slipped through the cracks and evaded notice is beyond me. Possibly on the surface it seems a simple story? It doesn't really have fireworks, and yet, within it are the contentions and battles of millions of marriages and families - the quiestion of roles vs. identity, of what makes a man masculine or a woman feminine, and how our perception of what is expected of us warp the truth of what is necessary for the thriving of our relationships and families. And there, I just made i [...]

    10. This book has made me feel so many things. I am definitely still processing. Published in the 20's, so much is still relevant today. Beautifully written and written where you have a full understanding of Lester and Eva. I have only heard of Dorothy Canfield Fisher this year with reading Understood Betsy. I don't know how it is possible she is not a household name or read in schools. How has a book like this or an author like her slipped through the cracks?

    11. What a gem of a book which was way ahead of it's time with a father Lester, looking after his children while his wife Eva went out to work.I loved it and can highly recommend it.

    12. "The story of what happens when a wife and mother puts all her efforts into the house, and not the home. Fortunately, irreparable damage is averted when Lester, the father, takes over the role of homemaker." Reads the recommendation in The Gentle Art of Domesticity for The Home-Maker by Dorothy Canfield Fisher. With that introduction the plot was pretty simple to guess. The real genius of Fisher is her spot-on psychology. She infuses each character of this little world with thoughts so much thei [...]

    13. What a charming book! For one, it was ahead of its time--depicting a family in which the woman much more enjoyed being in the workforce, the man better at being a stay-at-home Dad. Fisher was a Vermont writer and wrote extensively about Montessori school and childrearing. She didn't see "The Home-maker" as a feminist book, but as a children's book--namely, that it represented children, their personhood, their feelings, more than it was out to make a statement about gender roles of women or men. [...]

    14. I would give this book 6, 7 or even 10 stars if I could! How have I got to age 43 and 3/4 and not come across this masterpiece before? This brilliant novel, in my humble opinion, should be required reading for every parent, teacher, nursery nurse and anyone in any way connected with childcare and education (politicians included!!). It so clearly demonstrates the way that children should be brought up to explore, develop and thrive in a stimulating, loving and secure environment rather than the r [...]

    15. *3.5I really liked this story, for it really makes you think about traditional family roles and how society tends to reject deviations from standards, often pressuring people into being what they're not.The writing style is very rich in describing the inner thoughts of the characters, in a way that reminded me of Virginia Woolf. Sometimes these thoughts are dragged too long in my opinion; nevertheless, it is a very powerful and touching story, I loved to follow the unexpected evolution of the Kn [...]

    16. One of the linchpins of the utopian society Plato describes in his Republic is the notion that each person should do the job for which she or he is best suited (and that there is a job for which each individual is best suited). This is one of the foundations of societal harmony. In The Home-Maker, Canfield Fisher shows us first what life is like for a couple engaged in the roles society would have them play, and then in the roles for which they as individuals are best suited. The difference in t [...]

    17. This is a feminist classic from nearly 100 years ago! I'm shocked that I never heard of it before and never read it until now. It really deserves to be better known by all who appreciate gender studies and gender issues. It's the story of a man who is really more comfortable and better suited for being the home-maker, and the story of a woman who is really more comfortable and better suited for being in business. The psychological impact on the children was so intense and realistic that it broug [...]

    18. Another Persephone Book, another critical study of gender roles and expectations in the earlier decades of the 20th century. This book delivers exactly what it promises: a lovely story with an undercurrent of criticism of male and female roles.Dorothy Canfield-Fisher claimed the novel to be one focused on children and what is best for them, refusing to label it feminist. Still, feminist ideology is very much present in the novel; most interestingly a very modern brand of feminism, one acknowledg [...]

    19. This is one of four Persephone books I own and the first I've read. I liked this book a lot.This book was originally published in 1924 and is set in about that time period. Evangeline and Lester Knapp are a married couple with three children living a traditional lifestyle in which no one is happy. Lester hates his job and has a poet's mind. He detests going to a job each day and trying to sell things to people. Evangeline is a perfectionist and finds the drudgery of raising children and keeping [...]

    20. This novel opens with Mrs. Knapp preparing an ordinary dinner for her family, but it reads like an ulcer-inducing horror story because her soul is so tortured by the job of homemaker. Meanwhile, poetry-loving Mr. Knapp is similarly tortured by having to be the breadwinner. Fortunately, however, he is soon disabled by a hideous accident and they get to swap gender roles. I should mention that this riveting little book was first published in 1924. Anyway, while Mrs. Knapp grabs the business world [...]

    21. I found this book oddly enough when I was looking up aClive Brook film (I just love old movies - they seemto go hand in hand with reading). It was made into amovie around 1924-5, what a confronting idea for 1924.A woman who is completely oppressed with her role asa wife and mother and literally making her family sickwith anxiety is given an opportunity to become the"bread winner" when her husband, Lester, becomes confined to a wheel chair through a life threateningaccident.This is such a readabl [...]

    22. This book rather disturbed me because it dealt with, among other things, the possibility that not all women are by nature maternal. Written in 1924, that premise was even harder to accept than it might be today.The husband/father in this story states that the wife/mother "had passionate love and devotion to give (the children), but neither patience nor understanding. There was no sacrifice in the world which she would not joyfully make for her children except to live with them."Having raised fou [...]

    23. While this wasn't always a scintillating read, Canfield certainly had some interesting things to say. I particularly liked her essay on marriage which was included in the front of the 2007 reprint. As for The Home-Maker it explored society's expectations of gender roles within the marriage. I think my main problem was the either/or nature of what was presented - Either you work outside the home and don't trouble yourself about things like your house and your spouse and your children or you do st [...]

    24. Well, if this wan't one of the dumbest books I ever read! Lifeless, flabby, limp and stupid, it was perfectly dreadful, and Persephone Books ought to be ashamed of themselves for releasing it. It's hard for me to believe that the author of "Understood Betsy" (a classic children's book) wrote this overwrought and overwritten mess. Seriously! This book is simply not up to the standard set by all the other Persephone Books I have read! This book is not WORTHY of being on the same list as Dorothy Wh [...]

    25. At first painful to read (perhaps because of the minor elements of myself I saw in Eva), this turned into a really lovely story about finding the right role in family life. The parts from the father's point of view were particularly fascinating, especially as he got to know the children and feel a fierce protectiveness for them. I was biting my nails towards the end to see how things would turn out for the family. Fascinating for the characters as well as for how it makes you think about family [...]

    26. Loved loved loved the book! The first section was frustrating because I recognized a bit too much of myself in it - but as the story progressed, there are some fabulous twists. Wonderful commentary on marriage and childrearing - an absolute must read!

    27. I can't believe this was written in the 1920s. What's even more amazing is that we are still so stuck. Myth of progress, I guess. If you are lost in your marriage and society's predefined role for you, read this book and start listening to yourself.

    28. I loved this book. The descriptions of how raising children feels & the descriptions of how the children feel about being "raised" - just stunning. I was rooting for each member of the family, while also seeing myself in them. A pleasure.

    29. First published in 1924, The Home-maker is light years ahead of its time in its depiction of gender roles. ‘Ahead of its time’ has been employed to describe this American novel so often it now seems trite, but it remains utterly apt. Western culture still has a great deal of work to do to allow for the model Canfield Fisher set forth in this compelling narrative.Lester and Evangeline Knapp love each other and their three children, and yet they are wholly miserable in the roles society has pr [...]

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