A Haven on Orchard Lane

A Haven on Orchard Lane In difficult circumstances Charlotte Ward once a famed stage actress tries to restart her career only to experience disaster Against her better judgment her estranged daughter Rosalind comes to

  • Title: A Haven on Orchard Lane
  • Author: Lawana Blackwell
  • ISBN: 9780764217937
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Paperback
  • In difficult circumstances, Charlotte Ward, once a famed stage actress, tries to restart her career only to experience disaster Against her better judgment, her estranged daughter, Rosalind, comes to her mother s rescue and moves her to a quiet English coastal village.Charlotte is grateful to get to know Rosalind after years apart As one who has regrets about her own roIn difficult circumstances, Charlotte Ward, once a famed stage actress, tries to restart her career only to experience disaster Against her better judgment, her estranged daughter, Rosalind, comes to her mother s rescue and moves her to a quiet English coastal village.Charlotte is grateful to get to know Rosalind after years apart As one who has regrets about her own romantic past, it s a joy for Charlotte to see love blossom for her daughter For Rosalind, however, it s time away from teaching and now she must care for the mother who wasn t there for her And what could be complicated than romance Together, mother and daughter discover that healing is best accomplished when they focus less on themselves and on the needs of others.

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    1. FELLOW READER FRIENDS I CANNOT EVEN DEAL WITH THE MAGNIFICENCE OF THIS BOOKI could not wait til work was done this week so I could get on the subway and read some more. This is Lawana Blackwell at her finest: part Gaskell part Lark Rise to Candleford. Again ( and again and again) Blackwell embroiders a perfect Victorian tapestry, lush with engaging and alluring characters and scenarios.Her pitch perfect research: from grand political canvas to the make of a hat box is (as always) resplendent her [...]

    2. I received this book for free through LibraryThing’s Member Giveaways. I typically don’t read Christian fiction but I still enjoyed this book. It was a fairly simple story but the setting made up for it. I’m a sucker for cute little English villages.

    3. Charming!This is my first Lawana Blackwell novel and will not be my last!I was expecting Regency romance, but this novel is a bit different. The main character is in her 50s. While there is a larger story line from beginning to end, the vast majority of the pages are about life in a small English village called Port Stilwell. There were many strong characters in the village. I especially loved Danny and Albert. It was also rewarding to watch the relationship from an estranged mother and daughter [...]

    4. I loved reading this book. It's a sweet gentle read with a few laughs thrown in. I found myself smiling many times while reading. I will miss visiting with these interesting characters.

    5. There are books I like, books I love, and books I LOVE. This book for me was one I LOVED!!!! I must admit I began reading the book without knowing what the story was about. I just kept seeing this book in emails and on social media and loved the cover. It looked so warm and inviting and I just knew I had to read it.The inside of the book is just as spectacular as the cover. I slowly got pulled into the story and was gently wrapped up in it. The characters were real and very authentic. I liked Ch [...]

    6. I picked up this book not really knowing what to expect, and was soon engulfed into the lives of Charlotte Ward and her daughter Rosalind. As I read on the blurb on the back of the book about Charlotte, a renowned actress, but failure as a mother, or was she? I found Charlotte as a very caring woman, she seemed to be there for others whom were less fortunate, or to help them onto the right path, but some of her life decisions were pretty bad. For one thing she really had bad choices of men, incl [...]

    7. I've been trying to read this book for a while now and while I still love the slow and easy way that Blackwell presents a story; I just did not like this one. Because the writing is still so perfectly pleasing to me I could give no less than 3 stars. My conclusion in this read is that I really don't want to read about divorce, abuse and scandal. Maybe the issues faced reminded me of a more modern world. This world we live in is full of baggage; it's all over the TV the internet and frankly I jus [...]

    8. It’s been years since I read a Lawana Blackwell novel, but I loved her Gresham Chronicles and am thrilled to report that Orchard Lane in Stilwell, Devon, has all the charm of Gresham, and the characters are just as engaging.Charlotte has been successful professionally, but has not made good choices in terms of relationships. Despite these hardships, she has retained her Christian faith and the desire to reunite with her one child, daughter Rosalind.Rosalind had a difficult upbringing but has f [...]

    9. I felt like weeping when I reached the last page! I so didn't want this read to be over. I just wasn't prepared to return to 21st century Canada any time soon. I'm still crashing in a major disgruntled sulk but I'll try to rally for the sake of the review. This book isn't anything like I thought it would be. Don't you just love it when a novel surprises you in that kind of knock-your-socks off way? It's told from multiple points of view, though Charlotte and her daughter, Rosalind, play major ro [...]

    10. This was a pretty awesome book! I loved the themes of redemption and new-starts and such, and the characters were amazing. Charlotte and Rosalind and Danny and Albert and Jude. Jude was the best. The details about Charlotte's acting life really fascinated me.The only reason I subtracted a star is because I found the prologue confusing and didn't know what was going on at a few places in the book for longer than I would have liked.This is a -only review.~Kellyn Roth, Reveries Reviews

    11. First of all, can I just say, I love this cover! And pretty much all Mrs. Blackwell's cover's for that matter. They just give me the most delicious feeling! The best part is that they reflect the style of writing that is inside the pages of the book: homey, comforting, muted and yet rich descriptions. Just beautiful!Secondly, I would like to apologize because this review is long overdue. :-( I read this book probably 2 months back, but my excuse is that there has been a lot going on in life, and [...]

    12. A Haven On Orchard Lane by Lawana Blackwell is a wonderful historical Christian novel set in 1880 in England.There are many themes within the novel and one of those is that of fathers. Earthly fathers can be fickle and have their faults. They are all shown to be lacking. In contrast there is our Heavenly Father Who will not let us down and always has our best interests at heart.Prayer is another major theme. When life is difficult, characters turn to God in prayer. When life is good, they thank [...]

    13. Welcome back, Lawana Blackwell! After a multi-year break since her last published novel, Blackwell has offered up a lovely historical novel in "A Haven on Orchard Lane", with characters that you cannot help but grow to love. I thought that the author did a remarkable job at capturing the spirit of the Victorian era, and if I could have stepped into the pages of this story to experience everything first hand, I surely would have! The village where the story is set is simply charming, with all the [...]

    14. A Haven on Orchard Lane by Lawana Blackwell was a welcome surprise to me. I remember loving her books when I was younger, but I haven't seen any from her in a long time. When I saw a book written by her to review, I was so excited! But then when I read her premise I was hesitant. I wasn't sure if I would enjoy her story or not, but I was willing to take a chance to read her writing again. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I was into the story, but honestly, I shouldn't have been since her w [...]

    15. I hadn't read a Lawana Blackwell book in many years when this book and synopsis caught my eye. I am very glad I bought the book. Lawana had done an outstanding job with this one. Charlotte Ward, former actress of stage in London, now married to an uncaring man, is offered a chance to come back to the stage. Things do not go well and she is forced to go incognito to a small village in Devon. Her long estranged daughter, Rosalind, goes to see about her, in the village. Can their relationship be me [...]

    16. Charlotte Ward was a stage star, until she married a man who thought she had money. In this marriage, she feels degraded and unloved, then a gentleman comes from London offering her a role in Hamlet. Charlotte decides to go but things did not work out.Charlotte's estranged daughter comes to help her and moves her to a village along a coast. This turns into a difficult situation that eventually leads to healing.I loved this book and the characters made me feel for them from the very beginning. La [...]

    17. Really enjoyed this Letter 'H' title for November's Thanksgiving Challenge - and by a new to me author I'll be reading again. An older main character with many sound words of wisdom and character - a much appreciated change from the too many willful young protagonists making decisions with negative consequences affecting themselves and others.

    18. This book was a delightful read. The author dealt sensitively with the estranged relationship between Charlotte and her daughter Rosalind and it was pleasing to see the warmth that developed in their interaction with one another as well as love blossom unawares in another direction.

    19. I’m sorry to have to admit to being underwhelmed by this novel, particularly as I had read several glowing reviews prior to reading it myself. Contrary to those reviewers, I found the writing ordinary, the dialogue too ‘on the nose’, and the characters flat. There were many times when I felt as though the plot was just treading water, and there was a lack of any convincing tension for the majority of the story – especially at the climax, which felt totally contrived. On the whole, this n [...]

    20. Lawana Blackwell's novel A Haven on Orchard Lane is set in Victorian London and tells the story of the renowned actress, Charlotte Ward, who finds she must suddenly change her own present course in life. Charlotte's life has taken many turns, some which she deeply regrets, until one day desperate measures must be taken in order to care for her sanity and safety. Her marriage to Lord Fosberry is composed of only stabs to her heart from the man she thought she once knew. Lord Fosberry's attitude a [...]

    21. A Haven on Orchard Lane is the latest novel by Lawana Blackwell. Charlotte Ward was an actress until she married Roger Fosberry, Viscount of Spilsby. Charlotte is desperate to escape his clutches. Roger is not a kind man and his housekeeper is more like a jailer. Charlotte receives an invitation to come back to the Lyceum Theater from Mr. Henry Irving (it took some work to get the letter to her). With a little help, Charlotte escapes one night and heads to London. Charlotte steps out onto the st [...]

    22. Any time I begin a book from an author that is new to me, I never know what to expect. A Haven on Orchard Lane, written by Lawana Blackwell, was a definite and pleasant surprise. That says a lot considering the fact that I typically don't read historical romance novels.The story is about Charlotte Ward, a famous actress from the Victorian London stage, that walked away from it all five years earlier when she married a man that she thought had money. Now that her situation has changed, she tries [...]

    23. When I saw that A Haven on Orchard Lane by Lawana Blackwell took place in 19th century England, I had some doubts about reviewing this book provided to me by the publisher. As I began to read, however, I found that the earlier setting had nothing to do with what was happening and that the thoughts and feelings of these characters were universal and could occur in any time and place. When Lady Fosberry, also known in a previous life on the London stage as Charlotte Ward, finds an opportunity to r [...]

    24. “Beloved Author Lawana Blackwell Returns With a Charming and Memorable Tale!” I couldn’t agree with this tagline more if I had written it myself “A Haven on Orchard Lane” was published by Bethany House in the summer of 2016, and certainly is both a charming and memorable tale. Set in the Victorian England countryside, the story is revealed through the eyes of a variety of primary characters, including: famed former actress Charlotte Ward, her estranged but loyal daughter Rosalind, a yo [...]

    25. This is the first book I have read by Lawana Blackwell. When I saw it as a choice to read for this month I could not pass the opportunity to feed my interest for Christian Historical Fiction books. I do believe that Lawana has found herself a new fan as this boom did not disappoint me! I was immediately drawn to the cover. It truly looked like a haven that I found myself thinking about even when I was reading. I appreciated Lawana's descriptive story telling which enabled me to envision the prop [...]

    26. MY REVIEWI have loved every Lawana Blackwell book I've read, and this one is no exception. I could fill this review with all the positive splendepherous words to describe it and it still would not be adequate. This is an amazing slice of life in 1880s rural England. The culture shines. The research is top notch. The care for characters is quite tender. The best read this year.I love the community, and small town rendition. I think these people already exist somewhere and Blackwell met them, fell [...]

    27. This is a book about second chances. Charlotte has a chance to return to the stage. Rosalind has a chance to rebuild a relationship with her mother if she chooses. Others have a second chance at love or parenting. Some people embrace these second chances and things go well while other times things don’t turn out the way they thought they would. Others refuse to change or take that second chance and you see the costly fruit of bitterness and unforgiveness. This book has a great message of embra [...]

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