My Dad At The Zoo

My Dad At The Zoo My Dad at the Zoo is a tale of role reversal in which Dad reverts to the unsocialized wild ways of childhood Probably tired from all of his wearying antics around bedtime here Dad heads off to the z

  • Title: My Dad At The Zoo
  • Author: Coralie Saudo Kris Di Giacomo
  • ISBN: 9781592701902
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Hardcover
  • My Dad at the Zoo is a tale of role reversal in which Dad reverts to the unsocialized, wild ways of childhood Probably tired from all of his wearying antics around bedtime, here Dad heads off to the zoo with his son and goes completely zany.

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    1 thought on “My Dad At The Zoo”

    1. This is the sequel to My Dad Is Big and Strong, But… which was a wonderful French import. This second book is equally dynamic and successful, continuing the role reversal between father and child in the first book. Here, the father and son head to the zoo together, because Dad just can’t wait to go there. He has trouble waiting in line without bouncing everywhere. Then he has to go to the bathroom. He has a melt down about not having any ice cream until his son distracts him with a porcupine [...]

    2. The concept would make a better Vine series.It's a weird book with a gimmick where the kid acts like a parent and the dad acts like a toddler. That's the entire book. The dad demands to go to the zoo, and then they go to the zoo, and he runs off and he throws a temper tantrum because he wants ice cream, but it's not time for ice cream. He gets his hat stolen by an elephant, which he thinks is hilarious. The kid just basically has to rein his dad in every single moment.I don't know, maybe kids wo [...]

    3. Great alliteration in the text, role reversal of Dad and son, good for read aloud for toddler/preschool and older.

    4. Review originally posted on Children's AtheneumThe premise of this book is cute and one that I would have quite enjoyed as a kid. Especially since we went to the zoo often. The idea of the parent doing all the things that a kid would do and the kid getting frustrated by his dad's antics is a concept that I think really tickles a lot of kid's funny bones. It is also a subtle way of highlighting what good and bad behavior looks like. I've been seeing a lot of these French import books lately and I [...]

    5. I think this will very much depend on the child. Me? Not so impressed with the story. But other, they might like the wild and silly antics of the dad.Rather than the narrator child going nuts at the zoo, misbehaving and causing a general stir, here the dad is the one acting like a little kid, as his son follows along behind, embarrassed, tired, and frustrated. A cute notion, but, well, I could see some parents being a bit less amused at being merely reminded of a child's general zoo behavior.Thi [...]

    6. My Dad at the Zoo, by Coralie Saudo, with illustrations by Kris DiGiacomo, is a delightfully silly book. Although I have not read the book by Saudo written previously, my sense is that there's a running theme in these books of Dad becoming a bit juvenile in various situations, and in this book, it's a Sunday outing to the zoo that brings out the uncontrollable kid in Dad. The story and illustrations cater to the fun-loving reader who has a deep appreciation for the zany. Translated from the orig [...]

    7. Slyly funny role reversal book about a young child who takes their dad to the zoo only to have them do everything the small child might do - beg for ice cream only to drop it, try to hand feed the piranhas, lose his hat and other kid-related disasters. Originally published in French, the translation is clean and rhythmic.

    8. I really enjoyed My Dad Is Big and Strong, But . . . and so was looking forward to this follow-up. Cute but not particularly needed. But then maybe I don't like books about people acting too wild in zoos since the incident with the shot-down gorilla when a boy fell down its cage.

    9. Poor kid, went to the zoo with dad, and got totally embarrassed. This is a role reversal story, the parent acts as the child, forcing the child to assume the parental responsibilities. Happy ending though.

    10. Holy turn the tables, Batman! A boy tells what it is like to take Dad to the zoo. But in this case, the dad is more like a kid himself. Too impatient to wait in line, can't stay put, doing all the things that kids to drive their parents crazy on an outing. Funny story.

    11. Very silly role-reversal book about a dad who acts like a little kid at the zoo, with his child acting like the parent. Reminds me of the Very Little series by Teresa Heapy and Sue Heap. Hilarious!

    12. Love the perspective in this funny book! Could be used in a mini lesson for humor, voice or point of view.

    13. A humorous story that all parents will enjoy reading to their child. Imagine the dad misbehaving at the zoo instead of the child. Great teaching moments.

    14. Sooooo silly!!! I love the reversal of roles, especially since it's not automatically evident. Some dads (and moms) really do act like kids about some things.

    15. There are better ways to teach kids not to have tantrums, and many, many better books about father/son relationships.

    16. The world can do without children's books with gratuitous pee jokes. The childish illustrations show no evidence of artistic talent.

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