Money: Master the Game - 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

Money Master the Game Simple Steps to Financial Freedom In his first book in two decades Anthony Robbins turns to the topic that vexes us all How to secure financial freedom for ourselves and for our families If there were a Pulitzer Prize for investment

  • Title: Money: Master the Game - 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom
  • Author: Anthony Robbins
  • ISBN: 9781476757872
  • Page: 141
  • Format: ebook
  • In his first book in two decades, Anthony Robbins turns to the topic that vexes us all How to secure financial freedom for ourselves and for our families If there were a Pulitzer Prize for investment books, this one would win, hands down Forbes.Tony Robbins is one of the most revered writers and thinkers of our time People from all over the world from the disadvIn his first book in two decades, Anthony Robbins turns to the topic that vexes us all How to secure financial freedom for ourselves and for our families If there were a Pulitzer Prize for investment books, this one would win, hands down Forbes.Tony Robbins is one of the most revered writers and thinkers of our time People from all over the world from the disadvantaged to the well heeled, from twenty somethings to retirees credit him for giving them the inspiration and the tools for transforming their lives From diet and fitness, to business and leadership, to relationships and self respect, Tony Robbins s books have changed people in profound and lasting ways Now, for the first time, he has assembled an invaluable distillation of just about every good personal finance idea of the last forty years The New York Times.Based on extensive research and interviews with some of the most legendary investors at work today John Bogle, Warren Buffett, Paul Tudor Jones, Ray Dalio, Carl Icahn, and many others , Tony Robbins has created a 7 step blueprint for securing financial freedom With advice about taking control of your financial decisions, to setting up a savings and investing plan, to destroying myths about what it takes to save and invest, to setting up a lifetime income plan, the book brims with advice and practices for making the financial game not only winnable but providing financial freedom for the rest of your life Put MONEY on your short list of new books to read It s that good Marketwatch.

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    1 thought on “Money: Master the Game - 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom”

    1. I am having a hard time rating this one! There were a few kick-in-the-butt reminders that I needed to hear and that will be very useful as I review my options moving forward; however, waaaaay too much "huff and puff" about what he's *going* to tell you later in the book. Every chapter is loaded up with hype that could easily be removed to make the book 1/3 shorter. I was also disappointed that throughout the promotions he kept saying he interviewed the world's top 50 investors, but the book only [...]

    2. Damn, took me 11 days to finish this beast of a book, 650 pg. One of the few books I read from start to end nowdays, and for good reason. This book holds the key to making a financial fortune and also what to do with it. Tony did a great job with this book and I learned so much from it, as you can see from the notes below.I highly recommend this book to practically anyone.Money: Master the Game- Compunded return is awesome. Start young- It's hard to keep large sums of money- Tax and fees efficie [...]

    3. I wanted to like this book, truly I did. I read a free sample chapter via Smiley360, for review purposes, and ended up super disappointed! Tony Robbins is a ridiculously smart man, but this book was not a smart choice. I read 55 pages that left me wondering when I would actually get anything from the book. It was all quotes and fluff on how Mr Robbins wante to write this book ad what it was all about. Unfortunately, I never got into what the book was about. My sample to review ended where the bo [...]

    4. Robbins sounds like a charlatan, but I suspect he is not. Rather, I think he has helped himself to more than his share of his own kool-aid. Coming in at over 600 pages, this book may have thirty pages of content. The rest is self-promotion, cheerleading, continually selling how wonderful what will be appearing, in just the next chapter. And endless namedropping. In there, there are a few "secrets" about how to manage your money. For example, Robbins has "discovered" that you should save money by [...]

    5. I received the first chapter for free. It was boring,and just like all other get rich books. Seems like a scam to get me to spend money my opinion is my own opinion so if you feel like you want to wast your money and read a book about other people being rich this might be a good book for you. I however like to spend my money on things with a purpose.

    6. Honestly, I liked Tony's lectures and got the impression that he must be a great guy. And I was hoping for an enjoyable ride with this book.But after going through 13% of the book, I seriously feel like punching him on the face. Several times.The book treats you like some donkey who needs carrots shown in front of it every few seconds. Tony keeps on repeating what he is going to tell you and how this is going to change everything but delivers very little in the following pages. And there he repe [...]

    7. Everybody should read the book. It's great, makes you think and understand such a complicate world, many things I didn't know coming from another country with different rules. What are you going to do with your life when you are retired? Find a part time job because your life investments didn't pay what you expected????? It's your life, It's your moneyyou can waste them or you can be at least a little bit knowledgeable.It repeats itself few times, and like he says in the book, it is a technique [...]

    8. I'm on page 55 of 688 of MONEY Master the Game: Which I received the first chpter as a FREE download from Smiley360 for my review, which is my opinion all it's own. To be honest I got bored after the first 3-5 pages. I mean there are 5 pages of "what others are saying". I just kept thinking WHEN are you going to get to the point, for those of us who are not overflowing with money and want to know how to get our finances in order and actually have a little extra to make a "want" purchase instead [...]

    9. This is the kind of book I wish I had way back when. Way back when I first started earning my own money. If I had put some of these principles or advice to work all through my earning life perhaps I would have been a money master.I was a bit leery going in about how I’d react to Robbins’ writing. Somewhere in my head I got the idea that he was the evangelist of finance and his style might be a bit preachy. No worries; detailed yes, repetition of points but nothing I couldn’t handle. Anthon [...]

    10. I received a free sampler of the book for the purpose of my review, but all of my opinions are 100% my own.I was very excited to begin reading the first chapter of this book, because I am a huge fan of finance blogs and getting my finances in order. I had never heard of Tony Robbins, but I was willing to give the book a shot, because any financial help is better than none at all. Unfortunately between all of the "introductions", all I found in this book was fluff. The author, Mr. Robbins, was fu [...]

    11. I received a free preview of this book from Smiley 360. While this book is well written in an engaging style, the actual content was very off-putting. I am predisposed to dislike books that position their main selling point as their authors' success and general awesome-ness. I want to learn how to handle money better, not join a personality cult. Also, Robbins never fully explains why I should trust nor value the advice of "financial titans." And this directly after brief mention of the 2008 fin [...]

    12. This is an excellent and empowering book for getting people to take control of their financial lives. There are two things that really detract from the overall whole:1) The specificity of the product/company recommendations feels very marketing driven and the consistent foreshadowing of a can't lose portfolio - from a hedge fund manager not taking any clients (just stick with me) - feels like a bad late-night infomercial.2) The recommended companies, in some cases, are called out as ones that To [...]

    13. The only reason I read this is because I am doing the Smiley360 campaign for the book and was given a free sampler that included the introduction and chapter 1. As always, my opinions are my own and receiving an item free does not mean I will gush over how wonderful the book is if it is not. And from what I have read of this book, it is not. We received 55 pages and you don't even get to the table of contents until reading a bunch of fluffy statements praising Tony by his own rich friends and bu [...]

    14. I only read the first half of this book. I should have stopped much earlier. In summary, this is one big commercial. The information provided at the highest level makes sense. But the Ray Dalio portfolio that is mentioned non-stop up to the point I quit, is nothing more than a bond rich portfolio that did well during a 30 year bond bull market.I'll summarize what you need to know from this book. 1) Spend less than you make2) Invest the difference in a diversified portfolio with a long term plan3 [...]

    15. به طور کلی کتب خودیاری که در ضمینه مالی نوشته میشن همیشه با این مشکل مواجه هستن که نمیتونن برای کشور های مختلف کاربردی باشن.این کتاب هم ازین قاعده مستثنی نیس و اتفاقا این موضوع خیلی بیشتر از بقیه کتاب ها توش خودنمایی میکنه(اینجور کتابا هرچی کاربردی تر نوشته میشن،کاربردشونو بر [...]

    16. There's some good financial advice here, but it's buried in an unnecessarily large amount of stories, philosophical musings, and repetition. It's also a bit too self-promotional. I mostly agree with the fundamentals of Robbins' approach (as far as I understand it as an amateur): index, use a fiduciary, pay attention to asset allocation, etc. Much of the advice is based on the work and teachings of John Bogle, Burton Malkiel, Warren Buffett, Ray Dalio, and David Swenson.The last several chapters [...]

    17. I'm only a few chapters in and I'm inspired by Tony's mission to democratize the financial industry. It's probably his most remarkable book in terms of impact, and the measure of his position and influence today that pretty much only he can pull off these amazing interviews.It's been 20 years since Tony's last book. I recommend getting up to speed by listening to Timothy Ferriss's podcast interview with Tony and maybe watching the progressive documentary narrated by Matt Damon called "Inside Job [...]

    18. First off, this is a review for Smiley360 (smileycialmedialink). I received a sample chapter of the book for review, so this review is not based on the complete book. Reader be warned. The book begins as any hyped-up book does - with numerous pages of positive reviews. I generally skip these because I really don't want them to color my opinion of the actual book. But I feel obliged to note that there were, in fact, 5 pages of hype before the title of the book. This is followed by a Foreward and [...]

    19. The best book available on the market today to help someone secure their financial future for themselves and their family.For those who want to do the very best to secure your future and ensure your family and children are secure, willing to make a few tough decisions along the way then this is exactly what you need and I am confident that following this advice will transform the next 10-30 years for me.It is long, but very interesting and easy to read and requires discipline to follow. You can' [...]

    20. I really tried to finish this book, but I suffered. It took me eons. Although the style of writing is engaging, you dont seem to get simple and direct information. The constant promotional material and name dropping, and repetitive statements eventually leave you feeling frustrated and annoyed.I much prefered "The rules of wealth". It simple and succinct. I read a few rules a day. Sometimes a few more than others.I chose this genre of books for something different to read and to get some insight [...]

    21. It takes guts to read a book of this size about finance. And surely the 7 Steps aren't Simple. But you wouldn't really think they would be, given the size, would you?So if we talk about the subtitle of the book, it's definitely misleading. But here's what I heard recently from one copywriter: „Sell people what they want, then give them what they need“And what I needed it was. Before this book, I wasn't investing much (except for few investments I made 2 years ago). Even though I've been stud [...]

    22. The fundamentals, covered thoroughly. I have an ok financial education, so I didn't take away a lot of new information from this book. But the organization and emphasis made abstract concepts sink in in a way they hadn't before. After completing it, I feel adequately prepared to begin a healthier financial life. It is very repetitive. Very repetitive. But I never felt unprepared for a concept he introduced, and my retention is a lot higher than other non-fiction books I've read in the last few y [...]

    23. This book offers deep insights and wisdom only after a few hundred pages! I can see how Tony Robbins can be a phenomenal motivational speaker because he leaves me wanting to learn more BUT in this book the sentences similar to "And later, I will show you how and what" is used too often. This book is around 600 pages and probably 200 of these pages are made up of useless fluff words. If you can manage to look past the fluffers, the inspirational words and financial knowledge of this book is worth [...]

    24. A must read for the new year. In depth, intelligent look at everything to do with money. Get your future sorted & read this now - then put it into action

    25. At first, I was very hesitant to read any part of this book. I've heard other people mention him and how amazing he was but all I ever thought was how it's got to just be common sense, and having the DESIRE to want the financial freedom so that you really work with it and stick to it. So I never bothered to spend time reading his book. However, I was given the opportunity to read just a sampler of this book and I have to say that my opinions have changed - slightly. What I've read so far hasn't [...]

    26. Finally, a book about personal finance that will not only keep you awake but actually motivate you to do something about your financial security! And yes like many of you I thought this would just be a big "You can do it!" fest by Tony Robbins, but in actuality Tony delivers a thorough, easily understood how-to from the best of best of the financial world. Tony unearths must-do, real life advice (for everyone not just the 1%) from the likes of Ray Dalio, Carl Icahn, Mary Callahan Erdoes and more [...]

    27. I was very excited to begin reading this book, via a Smiley360 mission. I was able to read the first 55 pages with the free download. At this point,I had never heard of Tony Robbins, but I was eager to read the book because any financial advice is welcomed. Unfortunately, it seemed that all the author, Mr. Robbins, could accomplish in 55 pages was to try to convince you to BUY and read his book. He was pretty full of himself. It should not take 55 pages for the author to recommend his own book. [...]

    28. One big revelation even for me was the the power of compounding costs in high-cost mutual funds. The interviews at the end are superb, especially with Ray Dalio and John Templeton. And Tony Robbins three step approach to a decision is priceless - -makes me want to read more of his stuff.

    29. Audiobook. Unabridged version. That I listened to all of the 21+ hours should be reason enough to see this as a good book. I actually was inclined to give it 5 stars, but the book had some drawbacks, so it ended up being a 4 star rating.First time I listened to Tony Robbins was in a podcast, where he was interviewed by Tim Ferris. A couple of weeks later I saw his TED talk. He seems to be the American superstar of all the life coaches out there. I decided to not really like him back then. That h [...]

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