Poiss, kes armastas matemaatikat

Poiss kes armastas matemaatikat Lugu r gib Paulist kellele ei meeldinud reeglid ta ei tahtnud k su peale magama minna ega vaikselt koolipingis istuda See eest meeldisid talle arvud Ta oskas juba v ikese poisina korrutada suuri arve

  • Title: Poiss, kes armastas matemaatikat
  • Author: Deborah Heiligman LeUyen Pham
  • ISBN: 9789985682944
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Lugu r gib Paulist, kellele ei meeldinud reeglid ta ei tahtnud k su peale magama minna ega vaikselt koolipingis istuda See eest meeldisid talle arvud Ta oskas juba v ikese poisina korrutada suuri arve ja armus 10 aastaselt algarvudesse 20 aastaselt oli Paul Erd s juba maailmakuulus matemaatik Ta tegeles paljude matemaatiliste probleemidega, jagas heldelt oma teadmisiLugu r gib Paulist, kellele ei meeldinud reeglid ta ei tahtnud k su peale magama minna ega vaikselt koolipingis istuda See eest meeldisid talle arvud Ta oskas juba v ikese poisina korrutada suuri arve ja armus 10 aastaselt algarvudesse 20 aastaselt oli Paul Erd s juba maailmakuulus matemaatik Ta tegeles paljude matemaatiliste probleemidega, jagas heldelt oma teadmisi ning viis kokku maailma paljud matemaatikud Koos tegid nad suurt matemaatikat ja m ngisid epsilonidega nii kutsus Paul v ikesi lapsi Miks Seda ja paljusid muid seiku kuulsa matemaatiku elust saame teada seda raamatut lugedes Kunstnik on piltidesse s ttinud mitmeid matemaatilisi seoseid, arvuridasid ja skeeme, mille kohta matemaatikas edasij udnud vanemad leiavad selgitusi kunstniku j rels nast.

    • Unlimited [Horror Book] Þ Poiss, kes armastas matemaatikat - by Deborah Heiligman LeUyen Pham é
      189 Deborah Heiligman LeUyen Pham
    • thumbnail Title: Unlimited [Horror Book] Þ Poiss, kes armastas matemaatikat - by Deborah Heiligman LeUyen Pham é
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    1. Make a beeline for your local library’s children’s biography section and learn firsthand the shocking truth about picture book bios of mathematical geniuses. Apparently there was only one and his name was Einstein. End of story. The world as we know it is not overflowing with picture book encapsulations of the lives of Sir Isaac Newton or Archimedes (though admittedly you could probably drum up a Leonardo da Vinci book or two if you were keen to try). But when it comes to folks alive in the [...]

    2. The subtitle of this book is "The Improbable Life of Paul Erdos"; it could as well be "an improbable topic for a picture book". So how does Deborah Heiligman manage to pull it off? This author of the awards-winning "Charles and Emma" has a unique talent for presenting biography, to all ages. She knows how to find a special "way in" to her subjects' lives, to find a story that hasn't been told before, and to give that story just the right structure and voice — creating a story that children or [...]

    3. I love every single thing about this book - that Heiligman thought Erdős was an important subject, how she portrayed Erdős as original and thoughtful but not an odd misfit, the descriptive and informative writing, the mathematical and biographical information it conveys in a fun way, the incredibly detailed illustrations by LeUyen Pham, and the extensive author's and illustrator's notes at the end. I read the text in a very short time, but this is a book that I'm going to keep by my reading ch [...]

    4. What I love most about The Boy Who Loved Math was that it really wasn’t about math. It’s about the boy. Paul Erdos was something, all right. A real “character.” Typically, I’ve come to think about the mathematically centric as people who are very logically minded, people who love rules. As you learn on the second page, Erdos was anything but. We don’t get a tremendous amount of exposure to those who use math creatively. Most of our experience with math comes from math teachers, who a [...]

    5. Who knew there were so many types of prime numbers? Not me! Fascinating and beautifully rendered account of the unusual life and mind of math genius Paul Erdös.

    6. This is an entertaining and informative book about the life of Paul Erdős. I had never heard of him before, but I was fascinated by the title and I was excited to read a book about a mathematician with our girls. The narrative is well-crafted; it provides a comprehensive biographical sketch of his life and several interesting incidents that help to show his mind and his character. The illustrations by LeUyen Pham are terrific. I love the way that she incorporates math problems and numbers throu [...]

    7. Richie's Picks: THE BOY WHO LOVED MATH: THE IMPROBABE LIFE OF PAUL ERDŐS by Deborah Heiligman and LeUyen Pham, ill, Roaring Brook, June 2013, 48p ISBN: 978-1-5964-3307-6"I'm gonna be your number one"-- Blondie, "The Tide is High""So Paul kept countingAnd thinking about numbers. One day when he was 4, Paul asked a visitor when her birthday was. She told him."What year were you born? he asked."She told him."What time?"She told him."Paul thought for a moment."Then he told her how many seconds she [...]

    8. Like Hollywood, history has an A, B, C, and D-list. Trying to talk a kid into studying someone other than Walt Disney or Abe Lincoln for a biography project is the equivalent of talking them into taking the peas and carrots in the lunch line. Picture books about history's D-listers is a huge publishing trend, but they are a hard, hard sell to classroom teachers AND kids. I'm having a difficult time justifying these purchases when I'm given so little to spend.

    9. An informative and entertaining biography about one of the most influential mathematicians in history, Paul Erdos. Don't miss illustrator, Leuyen Pham's notes explaining how she incorporated math concepts into the illustrations.

    10. Genre: Historical FictionGrade Level: 2-5th gradeWhen you think of someone who is enamored with mathematics Paul Erdos is not the type of person who you would imagine. The book “The Boy Who Loved Math” by Deborah Heiligman is a creative, adventurous story about the not so normal life of Paul Erdos. This biography follows the life of Paul as he grows up with his mother, a math teacher. Paul and school do not get along very well since he cannot sit for long so he runs around the classroom all [...]

    11. Oeh. Vau. Küll oli tore avastus: kolleeg oli selle lastenäitusele pannud ning see jäi mulle kohe silma. Olen is ja Instagramis stalkides sellest matemaatikust kuulnud, aga ei teadnud, et temast lasteraamat kirjutati. See meeldis nii väga, et tellisin lausa mehest kirjutatud eluloo.Igatahes soovitan soojalt. Tore viis päevake veeta. 100%-liselt (hehee) tasub lugeda raamatu lõpus olevaid märkuseid, mis paljusid illustratsioone veel paremini avavad. Tõesti üks armas raamat nii suurtele kui [...]

    12. Fabulous book about the life of Paul Erdos, a boy who loved math and placed it in every aspect of his life. While he was thinking about numbers, his mama and his caregiver did everything for him. He hated school and rules so his mama decided to keep him home. He loves this idea because it gave him more time to as a young boy to think about numbers. The pictures in this book is great, and well drawn. Great read

    13. 1) This is a great book, especially since there are not many interesting children's books that pertain to math. This story is actually a biography of Paul Erdos, who grew up in Hungary during World War I. Erdos started off in school like all of the other kids, but he didn't like it. He said he was irritated by all of the rules he had to follow, and eventually convinced his mother that he needed to stay home and study there. He would do math activities everyday and was fascinated by anything with [...]

    14. Paul Erdos grew up loving math from a very young age. Growing up in Budapest, Hungary, Paul loved to think about numbers. Unfortunately, he didn’t love school with all of its rules, so he was homeschooled by Fraulein, his nanny, until he went to high school. Paul grew famous for his math but he still could not take care of himself and do his own laundry, cook his meals or even butter his own bread. So when at age 21 he was invited to go to England to work on his math, he was worried about whet [...]

    15. I made the mistake of reading Betsy Bird's wonderful review of this book and now I realize I didn't really read this book at all competently. I really should go back and reread it. But for now, here is my review. Erdos was one strange guy. He was an only child whose immediate associates (Mom and kind of a governess) danced attendance on him. For crying out loud, the guy never tried to butter his own bread until age 20. That is not age two. That is two zero, twenty. He was more or less home schoo [...]

    16. Paul Erdos, a 20th Century mathematician of great renown. In a most general way his story is told, except for the fact that both of his parents were mathematics instructors, but his Father is curiously absent from the book except as a picture on a shelf despite the fact that he played a large part in Paul's life when he returned to the family after the war. The story is well told, and the man was certainly a strange character. Here is where I have a problem, and really the only problem with the [...]

    17. 1) Book summary, in your own words (3 pts)This book tells the story of one of the greatest mathematicians of all time! This boy loved math. Paul lived with his mom and there was one problem, she was afraid something would happen to him so she sent him to live with a lady named Fraulein. Paul did not care too much for her. She had a lot of rules and was very strict. This book tells about Paul who was So smart, but he did not like school. he couldn't sit still, he did not like it. He convinced his [...]

    18. I loved this book! I don't believe I had ever heard of Paul Erdos before, but the book gave a very good description of this brilliant, eccentric man on a level that children can understand. The illustrations were fun, but also accurate depictions of what Mr. Erdos looked like. Today, mathematicians around the world delight in their "Erdos number" - a number assigned to them by how closely each one has worked with Paul Erdos.Paul Erdos was a brilliant mathematician. At the age of 4 he could tell [...]

    19. This was a wonderful biography that really emphasizes the possibility of spending your life doing something that you love along the side of others. I enjoyed the content as well as the supporting illustrations. Paul's story was unlike any I've ever heard before! His heart for mathematics shown through his entire life long and his love for giving to those in need was kindly spoken of. This book could be beautifully integrated into mathematics classes in grades three through five. It would give a [...]

    20. I have always said I loved math, and finding this book was a wonderful thing to read. Although I have previously read about Paul Erdos, I loved hearing even more about him from Deborah Heiligman. Luckily for young children who love numbers and problems with numbers, Heiligman has written this book for them, including how he lived in his own way (he hated rules), but was so generous with his thoughts and work in the world of mathematical problem-solving. There is terrific back matter from both th [...]

    21. Throughout his life Paul Erdos loved math and playing with numbers. Although his early school days were unpleasant, he found a niche in high school with others who enjoyed math just as much as he did. This biography describes how his obsession with math and perhaps his mother's taking care of all the little details in life for him, insured that he had little notion how to perform basic tasks such as doing his laundry or buttering his bread. Although I can't imagine living the particular life he [...]

    22. This was a kids biography that caught the eye of my reluctant reader (9 years old) who loves math and engineering design. I wasn't overly impressed as there weren't a lot of ideas that really grabbed my attention, other than that Paul Erdos ought to have been taught some life skills as a child! However, my kids enjoyed the story and I'm pleased they were exposed to the life of a great mathematician.

    23. Mathematicians lead their own kind of "rock and roll" lifestyleI remember being a fan of prime numbers in 5th grade or so

    24. I've never been a fan of math but I do love this delightful biography of a numbers-obsessed real life eccentric genius and so will young readers.

    25. The Boy Who Loved Math: The Improbable Life of Paul Erdos is about a young boy who is crazy about math. However, his time spent in school was very unpleasant. A nanny named Fraulein homeschooled him until he went to high school when Paul became famous for his knowledge of math. Although Paul was amazing at calculations of all types, he was not able to take care of himself, cook his meals, do his laundry or butter his own bread. When Paul turned 21, he was invited to go to England to work on his [...]

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