Just Like Josh Gibson

Just Like Josh Gibson The story goes Grandmama could hit the ball a mile catch anything that was thrown and do everything else just like Josh Gibson But unfortunately no matter how well a girl growing up in the s play

  • Title: Just Like Josh Gibson
  • Author: Angela Johnson Beth Peck
  • ISBN: 9781416927280
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Paperback
  • The story goes Grandmama could hit the ball a mile,catch anything that was thrown,and do everything else just like Josh Gibson.But unfortunately, no matter how well a girl growing up in the 1940s played the game of baseball, she would have faced tremendous challenges These challenges are not unlike those met by the legendary Josh Gibson, arguably the best Negro LeaguThe story goes Grandmama could hit the ball a mile,catch anything that was thrown,and do everything else just like Josh Gibson.But unfortunately, no matter how well a girl growing up in the 1940s played the game of baseball, she would have faced tremendous challenges These challenges are not unlike those met by the legendary Josh Gibson, arguably the best Negro League player to never make it into the majors.In a poignant tribute to anyone who s had a dream deferred, two time Coretta Scott King Award winning author Angela Johnson and celebrated artist Beth Peck offer up this reminder that the small steps made by each of us inspire us all.

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    1. I loved playing baseball growing up, and I would go out and play with the boys after school was out. This book tells of a baseball loving family, and a ball player they admired. When a daughter was born, the dad said she would play like Josh Gibson, the player they liked. They would throw the baseball to her when she was a young child, and she developed a love and talent for playing baseball. She usually couldn't play with the boys, but when she did, she played very well. One day her brother was [...]

    2. Genre: fiction, picture bookTopic: baseballTheme: gender roles, ethnic roles, Illustrations: The illustrations are true to the time period. They look like pastel sketches. They are not very clear but they still do a good job of illustrating the text. They are highly supportive of the text.Use: Read aloud, children's theater, guided reading, independent readingReading Level: EarlyLiterary Elements: repetitionThoughts:Just Like Josh Gibson is the story of a young, African-American girl who wants t [...]

    3. I listened to the Book Just Like Josh Gibson by Angela Johnson on the Tumble Books website. The story is about an African American h=girl in the 1940's who wanted nothing more than to play baseball. But girls didn't play baseball in the 1940's. She finally got her chance and it was a story to tell for years to come. It is an inspiring story about following your dreams and not giving up. I thought the woman's voice who read the story on the Tumble Books website was actually not very interesting. [...]

    4. Title: Just Like Josh GibsonAuthor: Angela JohnsonCategories/Genres: PebbleGo/Realistic FictionCopyright date: 2004Estimate of age level of interest: Age 4-8Estimate of reading level: 2nd - 3rd GradeBrief description: A little girl describes her grandmother’s interest in playing baseball. Identify at least 2 characteristics of this genre and subgenre and discuss how they appear in your book.The version of Just like Josh Gibson found on Tumble is great for 1st and 2nd grade students. While adul [...]

    5. Categories/Genres for this class fulfilled by this book: Picture BooksCopyright Date: 2004Estimate of age level of interest: Kindergarten-Grade 4 Estimate of reading level: Grade 2Brief description:A young girl tells the story of her grandmother's love for baseball and a special memory of an important game. Identify at least 2 characteristics of this genre and subgenre and discuss how they appear in your book: Point of view: This book is told from the point of view of the granddaughter telling h [...]

    6. Just like Josh Gibson didn't win any awards but was reviewed on Booklist. This book is inspirational. Josh Gibson was a baseball player. Grandma's papa came to the hospital with a Louisville slugger upon the arrival of the baby. When the girl was old enough he threw baseballs to her. It seems like baseball is in their blood and something they greatly enjoy as a family. During the 40's girls weren't allowed to play baseball. Even though she dreamed about it and played in the fields she knew she c [...]

    7. Angela Johnson tells a story of young girl in the 1940's who loved to play baseball. The story is told through Grandmama's granddaughter. She tells of a baseball player Josh Gibson who played for the Negro League, he was never allowed to play in major league baseball. Grandmama looked up to this man and wanted to play just like him. Girls could not play baseball at this time, but young grandmamma sure had all of the skills her father taught her. She was a great baseball player and loved to watch [...]

    8. This historical fiction book tells the story of a young African- American girl who is faced with the challenges of playing baseball in the 1940’s. Her challenges resemble that of what Josh Gibson endured, who was considered one of the best major league African- American baseball players. When this young girl was born, her father brought a Louisville slugger to the hospital and said that his daughter would, “Make baseballs fly, just like Josh Gibson.”Johnson, a best-selling author is able t [...]

    9. Johnson, A. (2007). Just like josh gibson. Simon & Schuster. Retrieved from asp.tumblebooks/library/asALA Top Ten Youth Sports BooksTumblebooksThis book tells the story of a young girl who was very talented at baseball but was unable to play on any teams because she was a girl. The book takes place in the 40’s and the little girl looked up to the baseball player, Josh Gibson. Ultimately the young girl was able to play in a very important game and was able to prove herself as a ball player. [...]

    10. Quality Historical FictionThe book Just Like Josh Gibson is a great way to introduce to students some of the challenges that African Americans faced in the early to mid 1900s. The story of Josh Gibson, arguably one of the best black baseball players in Major League baseball history, is told through the lens of a grandmother who as a child, dreamed of playing baseball just like Josh Gibson. The challenges faced by Gibson parallel those faces by the young girl who was not allowed to play on a base [...]

    11. Just Like Josh Gibson compares gender and race. The girl is not allowed to play baseball because of her gender, just like Josh Gibson was not allowed to play baseball because of his race. This was a beautiful story. The little girl in the story is really Grandmama retelling her childhood memories to her grand-daughter. The photo on the back cover of the book is sitting on the kitchen table, right next to a glove and ball. Do the glove and ball belong to Grandmama or the grand-daughter? The use o [...]

    12. This is a great book about a little girl growing up in the 1940's who just wants to play baseball, like her idol, Josh Gibson. The story is told through the viewpoint of a grandmother talking to her granddaughter.The grandmother wants nothing more than to play baseball with the local kids; however, she isn't allowed to play in the all star game because she's a girl. The grandmother is better than all the boys and she might just get her chance to play!This book features nicely drawn, classic past [...]

    13. Date: June 22nd, 2015Author/Illustrator: Angela Johnson, Beth Peck Title: Just Like Josh GibsonPlot: This picture book focuses on a young girl who has both a desire and a dream to play, but cannot because only boys at the time could play. The young girl watches her cousin play for Maple Grove All-Stars, when one day he gets hurt, leaving the baseball unable to play future games. Will the Maple Grove All-Stars find a new player in time to finish their future games?Settings: 1930'sCharacters: Josh [...]

    14. This book is about segregation in baseball, but not just racial segregation. It comes at the barriers in baseball in an interesting fashion because this book opens the gender barrier up for discussion. Additionally, regular allusions to Josh Gibson hopefully build the reader's interest up enough that they read the author's note at the end that describes the career of Josh Gibson, the greatest hitter of the Negro Leagues and possibly all of baseball. Also discussed at the end of the story is the [...]

    15. Just Like Josh Gibson written by Angela Johnson illustrated by Beth Peck. This picture book is narrated by the granddaughter of Grandmamma she tells her grandmothers story back in the 1940's when women did not get equal opportunities. She tells the readers that her grandmother would watch the boys play and only when they were practicing would the team allow her to practice with them she would hit the ball far and powerful. One day a player got hurt and the team needed someone to fill in so they [...]

    16. Johson, A. (2007). Just like Josh Gibson. Simon & Schuster. Kirkus Review 2007.Tumblebooks Category. A once young African American girl, now a grandmother tells the story of her granddaughter and how baseball was her passion. However her grandma lived in a time when it was not common for girls to play this sport. The book also presents discriminations issues at that time, not only for the gender but also for the race. The book definitely targets gender roles at that time. I would definitely [...]

    17. This story is told by a granddaughter, about her African American grandmother who loved baseball, but growing up in the 1940s could not play on the team. This book deals with a lot of discriminations on different levels. In the 1940's professional baseball was split into two leagues based on race. Girls and sports was frowned upon . But the Grandmother in this story doesn't let any of that interfere with her love of sports. When she is allowed to play she makes the best of it. Great story about [...]

    18. This story has sports, family, and history in it. It multicultural and developmentally -appropriate for children. This is the story of a young girl who wants and loves to play Baseball but in 1940 it is definitely hard to be a black girl that wants to play Baseball, especially like Josh GIbson who was a professional player at the Negro League. Definitely a very inspiring story for young black girls to always go after their dreams no matter what. This book is a nice addition to my multicultural t [...]

    19. This is about a young girl who faced many challenges in this society to being a baseball player. This is truly a story about having a tribute to the best known baseball player, Josh Gibson who never made it to the major Leagues, and her grievances to the dreams of those who were deferred. There are people who can play just as well as men in sports, but the eyes of society did not want to see this happen.Act: Write about a time when an obstacle came your way, but in the end triumph was there to h [...]

    20. Besides the story itself, which is of a little girl growing up in the 1940s, who can play baseball better or as well as most of the boys - proving when she steps in to play, there is great information in the back about black baseball players, including Josh Gibson, who died of a stroke a few months before Jackie Robinson was hired in a national baseball league, breaking a 50 year ban, as well as female baseball players. All the information is taken from baseball encyclopedias.

    21. I've decided to read 29 children's book during Black History month 2016. This was book #23. Just Like Josh Gibson by Angela Johnson and illustrated by Beth Peck. Grandma loved baseball because her dad would practice with her in the early mornings. Grandma was not allowed to play back in the day because girls play with boys. The details about Josh Gibson's life in the back are a historical plus. The illustrations are detailed and truly bring you into the scene of action. Great read!

    22. This is a wonderful book for girls to read. This book is about a grandmother who recalls her love for baseball to her granddaughter. She explains to her that even if you are a girl, you can do the same things that boys do even though they are a girl. The books major theme is over coming gender roles in the 1940s. This would be a good book to teach to students if you were trying to explain gender roles and how they are not as present as they were back in the day.

    23. A granddaughter retells her grandmother's unusual story of playing baseball with the boys in the 1940s, finally getting a chance to play in one of their actual games, and doing everything just like her family's favorite ball player. The "story within a story" format seemed unnecessary, and I wished the main character had been given a name other than "Grandma." The book includes an end note with a biography of Negro Leagues star baseball player Josh Gibson.

    24. This book is written through the voice of a young girl as she explains how her grandmother grew up. Her grandmother was interested in baseball, but she could play because she was a girl. This book can be used as a history lesson or at anytime.

    25. This is another Civil Rights Movement book that could be used to connect social studies to literacy. It is a fiction book about a girl's dream about baseball. Students could use this book to discuss African American history while using literacy for reading & writing.

    26. I was terrible at sports until the teacher brought out the big red ball. For some reason, I could hit it and no one else could. I loved that feeling, just like this little girl!

    27. this book was a good book. it was about this girl and her grandma. and her grandma told her a story about baseball and how she was like the first women that actually tried to volunteer for baseball and boys actually liked her game. the way she played.

    28. This book is filled with beautiful illustrations that really help tell the story. This is a great book with a powerful message.

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