Dreaming of You

Dreaming of You Genre LGBT Erotic ContemporaryRestaurateur Aden Ingle has been in love with the perfect man since his fourteenth birthday Unfortunately his perfect boyfriend only exists in his dreams But Aden s alwa

  • Title: Dreaming of You
  • Author: Ethan Day
  • ISBN: 9781925313314
  • Page: 330
  • Format: ebook
  • Genre LGBT Erotic ContemporaryRestaurateur Aden Ingle has been in love with the perfect man since his fourteenth birthday Unfortunately, his perfect boyfriend only exists in his dreams But Aden s always believed it was his destiny to meet his dream man, and he s perfectly content to wait around for him to walk into his real life.When he meets Logan Price at a Hotel RestGenre LGBT Erotic ContemporaryRestaurateur Aden Ingle has been in love with the perfect man since his fourteenth birthday Unfortunately, his perfect boyfriend only exists in his dreams But Aden s always believed it was his destiny to meet his dream man, and he s perfectly content to wait around for him to walk into his real life.When he meets Logan Price at a Hotel Restaurant Trade Show, he finds himself drawn to this man who shakes him out of his dream world Pretty soon, the flesh and blood reality is becoming appealing than the fantasy The only problem is Logan lives half way across the country in California.Aden s going to have to choose whether to give up everything he s built for himself professionally and uproot his whole life for Logan, or wait for the man from his dreams to become a reality.Publisher s Note This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations some readers may find objectionable Anal play intercourse, male male sexual practices.

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      330 Ethan Day
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    1 thought on “Dreaming of You”

    1. Logan Price and Aden Ingle sitting in a treeAden's friends and colleagues, Finn and Hunter are loud and crass. Unrepentantly so. Finn has moments that I'd drop kick her ass, but Aden seems to put up with. Why, I don't know. There is a bit of shock jock to their behavior which is OTT, but as a group makes sense for interactions. Nonetheless, there was a casual crudity to the characters behaviors and language that seemed very nighttime drama television, staged. To be fair this is not unusual in th [...]

    2. I’m gonna keep this brief.I love Ethan Day. His writing cracks me up. I am a fan.However, I just could NOT stomach this book. It wasn’t the writing. It wasn’t the story, per se (the premise is awesome!). It’s not that it lacked sexy bits. It didn’t bore me.But it was the characters…all of whom I disliked to some degree (a couple of whom I actually despised).Aden, the MC, was whiny and weird and SELFISH and ENRAGED me by the end. Idiot.Logan, the love interest, was too perfect and too [...]

    3. 2.5 stars.Mmmmmh, I'm a bit disappointed. I think I got to read Ethan Day's books from the newest to the oldest and that's why the first books I read sounded fresher.This book has an odd structure that in my opinion didn't help the narration. The story goes back and forth from the present to the past with a few dream sequences added in. And you know what? I think it ended where the interesting part began. As it is, there is no conflict between the main characters, the conflict comes all from Ade [...]

    4. 3.5 starsI enjoyed Ethan Day's writing style and had fun reading this rom-com, but the ending left me feeling a little off and not really happy with a character I had come to really like. Overall, it was a funny, light read and I will definitely be reading more of Ethan Day's books in the future.

    5. Totally loved this book. Laughed out loud several times and that makes me happy. If a book can make me laugh or cry, it's a keeper. This guy is good. I'm reading Self Preservation now and waiting for more.AKM

    6. 5 Stars from Reviews by Jessewave - "Well-written and plotted with smart, snappy, witty dialog, it reminded me in some ways of a romantic screwball comedy from the 30s and 40s" - reviewsbyjessewaveThe fabulous Elisa Rolle says - "Dreaming of You, even from the title, is the perfect example of a romantic comedy." - elisa-rollevejournal/655 Lips from Two Lips Reviews - "Ethan Day has given us a comedic tale with unforgettable characters in Dreaming of You" - twolipsreviews/contentRainbow Reviews g [...]

    7. This is the second book I read by Ethan Day, and as before, it left me with the idea that probably, a) Ethan Day is a young guy with a positive and friendly attitude b) he likes very much the romantic comedy (both books but above all movies). In this new book he winks the eye to "Only You" a 1994 movie with Marisa Tomei: in the movie Faith was getting married with the perfect boyfriend, but she has only a regret, she has never met her "dream man", a man who frequents her night and day dreams sin [...]

    8. Note: This review contiains two mild spoilers. I put alerts before each of them so you can skip them if you want.This was a really fun, sweet romance full of humor. I'll definitely be looking for more stuff from Ethan Day, I loved his personality. With just a tad more conflict, this would have made a really great low budget rom com. (Hint hint, gay movie producers!)However, it was a little flawed, which is why the four stars and not five.I had two main problems. The first being that it was a lit [...]

    9. I remember reading the first edition of 'Dreaming of You' and having so much fun with it that it was inevitable that I would read the latest version. I've always been a big fan of Ethan Day's so I knew that curling up to reread this book was going to be a ton of fun. I wasn't wrong.I adored Aden right from the start. He's a bit of a goofball, unknowingly so, and has a tendency to say what's on his mind, sometimes without thinking it through. He has a daily karma checklist that he tallies at the [...]

    10. DREAMING OF YOU is Ethan Day's second book and the promise shown in his first book ~ SELF PRESERVATION ~ is wonderfully kept. There's something about Ethan's characters to which I really respond; they're so very real and likable, even when they're being bitchy. They've got their flaws, foibles and fantasies but they've got heart, loyalty and a genuineness that makes them someone(s) that I'd love to know. The friendship between Aden, Nathan and Finn ~ superb and hilarious, always a giggle or thre [...]

    11. About 2.5 stars.Aden is a partner of a successful restaurant. Aden and his business partner and friend, Nathan, travel to a restaurant conference in Atlanta where Aden meets Logan Price. The two hit it off immediately and their whirlwind romance escalates quickly into much more than a vacation tryst.This book had the classic Ethan Day humor:"Versatile," Sam said, laughing as he turned the car around, "otherwise known as big bottom boy.""Jesus." I folded my arms. "You say it like it's a bad thing [...]

    12. Probably more like 2.5 stars. To be fair to the book, I'm not a regular reader of romance novels. But someone recommended this one to me, then someone else sent me a copy, so I read it.The characters in the book are realistic and amusing, even if the trope about the clumsiness of the lead character becomes a bit tired by the end of the book. Aden, the reasonably thoughtful lead character, is always falling down, tripping, falling off stools, and otherwise adding a bit of physical comedy. Certain [...]

    13. Anyone who has ever spent any amount of time with Aden Ingle knows he’s a dreamer. It’s no surprise that he has a dream man that he has been having a relationship with for sixteen years. The problem with Dreamy is that he lives only in Aden’s dreams. Aden is realistic enough that he knows he needs companionship with a fleshy man during waking hours. This is why he has no problem spending time with the very sexy and perfect for him Logan Price. Everything about Logan draws Aden in. They’r [...]

    14. This was a sweet, silly, sappy romantic comedy that was a nice change of pace. The characters were all quirky from the karma counting Aden to the slutty Nathan to the outrageous Finn, my favorite. Aden had it all back in Missouri except for love. He and Nathan had a successful restaurant and a great friendship that weathered an affair together. Then Aden met Logan at a trade show and a relationship grew. The only problem was that Aden thought that he was in love with this perfect man that lived [...]

    15. I wasn't that fond of the way this story was written because it went back & forth in flashbacks & I started to lose track of what was happening in the present vs in the past. In addition there were many long dream lover dream sex sequence which I'm never that fond of. Still I was expecting more & the dream seemed to be leading somewhere. But it didn't happen until late in the book & Aden just turned into this thoughtless person, forgetting completely about how much he loved Logan [...]

    16. Did not finish. I vote 2 stars because I feel guilty to vote 1 stars when the book's not a failure but just fail to please me. (People see 1star and assume: bad book, when in reality a 1star is: didn't like it.)I can see that a lot of people liked this book, in my case I found it boring. The continuous change between pass-present with the addition of the sex dream was annoying and ruin the flow of the story. I was not sure sometimes when we were in time. It seems a pattern in Ethan Day's book an [...]

    17. a Feel like there should be a sequel, there are a few things left unanswered. I really enjoyed the first part of the story! Wish we could see the conclusion. (view spoiler)[ I know a lot of people will disagree with me here, but I feel kissing someone other than your boyfriend still counts as cheating! (hide spoiler)]I love Ethan Day but this one just didn't work for me, it felt incomplete.

    18. Very entertaining story although I was a bit disappointed with the last couple of chapters. Aden and Logan are sexy and slightly over-the-top characters and their relationship, which reads like a fun quirky romantic comedy, was quite enjoyable to read. I'm a big fan of the author's writing which features fun plots, witty dialogue and interesting protags.

    19. Really loved this bookuntil the end. It felt really abrupt and unsatisfying. Not bad, just not finished!

    20. review to followETA: I never could figure out what to say about this one other than "E, you better write the sequel!"

    21. This fun, exaggerated comedy is meant to be read in a light hearted manner. The characters and situations are over the top, creating outlandish personalities that clash and pop in a comic setting that is just as outrageous as the people. If you can get into the characters and zany antics, this is a breezy summer read with a lot of humor thrown in. The actual personalities are certifiable and can’t possibly exist without medicated help but the book is very much a nod to pop culture, romantic co [...]

    22. This book was provided free in exchange for a fair and honest review for Love Bytes.Dreaming of you begins with an introduction to Aden and the man of his dreams who he’s never really met. Aden seems almost content with the idea that he’ll never meet his dream man, but when he goes to a conference and meets Logan, he forgets about the perfect man he’s always imagined. Though Logan owns a restaurant in another state, this doesn’t stop them from seeing one another. Logan makes his feelings [...]

    23. This was a lot of fun, in several veins. The first is the story itself, in the tradition of old Hollywood comedies (though I never saw one with a gay couple, more's the pity.) Plenty of awkward moments and physical comedy, lots of good repartee between characters, and an improbable conflict involving a man who doesn't exist outside of Aden's head. Second is the quirky characters - Aden with his karma points and his inability to find a mean bone in his body, his harridan friend Finn, and even Log [...]

    24. A Joyfully Jay review. 3.75 starsThere is just something about Ethan Day’s writing that just reaches out and grabs me from the first words and holds tight until the last sentence. For me, Day’s books have always been an auto-buy and many of them are on my read-over-and-over list for those times when I need a bit of humor. So, needless to say, I’ve been anxiously awaiting this book. So, let’s get on with the review.Aden and his best friend Nathan are business partners who own a restaurant [...]

    25. Fun, sweet story, and I didn't mind the open ending (I've been rewriting the endings of books and movies and shows inside my head all my life, so giving them a happy ending is not a problem for me,) but the author's writing style is just very rough. It's particularly obvious during descriptive passages, where he just keeps tossing more and more details at the reader, in a way that doesn't flow at all. A writer needs to know when to be precise and when to just shade things in and leave the reader [...]

    26. I don't know when I've finished a book and felt more unsettled. As the book wore on, I kept thinking that I was getting clues that Aden and his new love were not going to end up together, so when they did, it felt off. I mean most of the book is in flashbacks from Aden's going away party. I kept thinking that we were going to get a twist that he was going away for someone other than Logan, why else structure it that way? But nope, the flashbacks were just an odd way to frame the romance between [...]

    27. synopsis:aden meets logan at a conference in atlanta and is istantly smitten. they have a great connection and lots in common, as they both work in restaurants. even though they don't live in the same area, they manage to visit and get to know one another over several months. aden agrees to move to california to live with logan. there is one catch, though: ever since he was 14, aden has had a dream lover. he doesn't know his name, but he knows what he looks like and his personality. what i liked [...]

    28. I have an issue with this one. About 4/5 of the way through, I'm horrified and going, WTF?!?! You cheating bastard! Aden is a little shit. He doesn't deserve Logan. I get Aden; I really do. He's not the only one who's had a dream lover haunt him for years. Mine left me when I was around 25. I remember the dream pretty clearly too. Anyway, if I met my dream lover and I was single, I might have done something. As I have never met him and I'm happily married, I guess it will never be.Once again Mr. [...]

    29. Bland MM romance between two restauranteurs (Aden & Logan) who meet at a convention. The book starts with one of the MCs (Aden) riding in a limo on the way to his leaving party…t the most inspiring start to a story - particularly as there was no hanky panky during the ride.There are three parallel story lines, the present day (Aden's leaving party), the past (story of how Logan and Aden met and how their relationship developed), and the dream (Aden's ongoing dreams featuring his ideal man) [...]

    30. This is my second book by this author, and once again I’m surprised at the end why I haven’t read more?This one is light hearted, sexy and just fun. Even though it’s written in first POV Mr. Day pulls it off in such a way that brings the charaters to life.Aden is this funny, klutzy guy that has known what he has wanted for years. So when meeting Logan, he meets almost all the requirements. Now he has to figure out, is it time? is he the real one?Logan is the force of nature in Aden life an [...]

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