When Strangers Meet: How People You Don't Know Can Transform You

When Strangers Meet How People You Don t Know Can Transform You Discover the unexpected pleasures and exciting possibilities of talking to people you don t know how these beautiful interruptions can change you and the world we share When Strangers Meet argues for

  • Title: When Strangers Meet: How People You Don't Know Can Transform You
  • Author: Kio Stark
  • ISBN: 9781501119996
  • Page: 116
  • Format: ebook
  • Discover the unexpected pleasures and exciting possibilities of talking to people you don t know how these beautiful interruptions can change you, and the world we share.When Strangers Meet argues for the pleasures and transformative possibilities of talking to people you don t know Our lives are increasingly insular We are in a hurry, our heads are down, minds elsewhereDiscover the unexpected pleasures and exciting possibilities of talking to people you don t know how these beautiful interruptions can change you, and the world we share.When Strangers Meet argues for the pleasures and transformative possibilities of talking to people you don t know Our lives are increasingly insular We are in a hurry, our heads are down, minds elsewhere, we hear only the voices we already recognize and rarely take the effort to experience something or someone new Talking to strangers pulls you into experiences of shared humanity and creates genuine emotional connections It opens your world Passing interactions cement your relationship to the places you live and work and play, they re beautiful interruptions in the steady routines of our lives In luminous prose, Stark shows how talking to strangers wakes you up.Threaded throughout are powerful vignettes from Stark s own lifelong practice of talking to strangers and documenting brief encounters, along with a deep exploration of the dynamics of where, how, and why strangers come together Ultimately, When Strangers Meet explores the rich emotional and political meanings that are conjured up in even the briefest conversations and unexpected connections with strangers Stark renders visible the hidden processes by which we decide who to greet and trust in passing, and the unwritten rules by which these encounters operate When Strangers Meet teaches readers how to start talking to strangers and includes adventurous challenges for those who dare.

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    1 thought on “When Strangers Meet: How People You Don't Know Can Transform You”

    1. I found this book thru a newspaper article. I am excessively shy and highly introverted, and I was curious -- I had had several interactions with strangers on the bike path where I walk on the weekends Scene: Me walking home on the bike path that runs next to a creek. A guy on a bike rides towards me and notices the camera around my neck. Guy on Bike: There's an Egret, around the curve! My Thoughts: Highly Unlikely. I've never seen an egret at the creek. Scene: I continue walking. Another guy ap [...]

    2. I loved this book. I am one of those people that gets a lot from interacting regularly with strangers and I have struggled over the years to communicate effectively about why it's so important to me. This book said everything I've wanted to and did so with a very fair, balanced, and critical lens. Here are a couple of my favorite quotes from different sections of the text:"When something unexpected happens it calls you to full attention, turns your awareness outward to the world. You are awake. [...]

    3. Interesting concept but finished feeling unsatisfied. Something about the writing style also made it hard for me to get into the book.

    4. I watched Kio Stark's TED Talk on this topic and that inspired me to read the book. I got a big kick out of it but that's mostly because I could have written it. As an adult, I have always enjoyed engaging strangers in conversation, even just small snippets. I like the way I feel when I make that connection and I think, generally speaking, the other likes it as well. Ms Stark's book makes a case for how these brief interactions push us to see the stranger as an individual with all the human expe [...]

    5. I find myself gravitating to short books at the moment, my waking hours consumed with apartment renovations and trip planning. This one fit the bill nicely and was about a challenging topic for this misanthropic introvert! As I read, I started to notice and appreciate more my interactions with strangers, and the highlight of my week was actually having a 3-minute conversation about my day and travel plans with a flower seller who opened our interaction with a simple question to that effect. That [...]

    6. I love talking to and meeting strangers and this book is a pleasure to read. Although it is not directly about urbanism, there are so many aspects of human relationships that should be taken into account in urban design. How can we promote these encounters, this exchange?"() a moment of communion like that isn't common, but you can find little ones when you offer a smile in passing by someone you don't know. For me this special way of feeling connected to people I share a world with is essential [...]

    7. Brilliant. Three things I learned from Kio Stark's book:1) You can, oddly, reach a deeper level of intimate talk with a stranger than with the person you live with. Because you won't see them again. We bottle up things with the people we live with to avoid lots of things. Try being as intimate and honest in what we disclose with our partners: that's a real test of connection and intimacy.2) One bad experience with a member of a community or group that we don't know or are prejudiced against con [...]

    8. This is a TED book and it definitely feels like the book equivalent of a TED talk. It takes a single key idea (in this case, talking to strangers can enrich your life) and elaborates on it for a little while, but not very long. This book explores some of the politics and dynamics of encounters with strangers and the factors that inform how people in different contexts are willing or unwilling to engage with strangers. It also offers some strategies to try talking to strangers. I would not call t [...]

    9. Great handbook for those who enjoy small talk and want more of it. Or for people who like to think at an academic level about communication.It was on a booklist about conversation, but I didn't feel there was much actually on meaningful conversation. All very small talk oriented.The author does expand into emotional connections, but this may be a cultural difference between Canadians and Americans - if you talk to a stranger and share something personal to someone on public transit or in a store [...]

    10. I liked the overall thought behind the book. It caused me to think differently and critically think about my engagement with other people. I didn’t agree with certain parts of the book, like the necessity of interactions with strangers and how they provide something we need/crave that is missing from interactions with those closest to us i don’t quite get that. I also found myself not really getting into the book and skimmed the second half because it felt like it was dragging a bit. But, ag [...]

    11. grabbed this off the bookshelf of the library in the creative lab thinking it looked interesting. have recently been contemplating public interactions now that everyone's on their smart phones so thought it might be relevant. wasn't too thrilled by it though. pretty obvious observations to me. there was some interesting research about strangers interacting but I wanted it to get me more excited about talking to strangers and honestly it didn't. kind of disappointed. p quick read though.

    12. Some interesting concepts. A very personal approach for the author and not a whole lot of research data. This book is an expanded TED talk so it is brief (100 large print, small format pages) so worth a read to get one thinking about ways to just be a little more engaged with fellow humans. One takeaway was that one positive experience even though fleeting can make a difference.

    13. Quite interesting, though nothing really revolutionary, helped me stop and think about just what or who a stranger is. Helped me to also start paying attention to the people, environment and things around me, and of course also start making deliberate efforts to to talk to, notice & acknowledge the people around me

    14. An interesting look at how we see strangers. What is a stranger, really? Someone we don't know at all? Someone who rides the bus with us? Also about how we can brighten our day by talking to others we don't know with a brief hello, nice day, whatever.

    15. Simple little book about how initiating interaction and conversation with strangers can have a positive impact on you and them. Nice reminders about interconnectedness!

    16. Interesting topic, but there is not so much in it to be educated on. And the Vietnamese translation is far too bad.

    17. Interesting. In some ways, I think this should have just been a TED talk. The concept was interesting, and the stories were engaging. It was not news to me, as I really like to talk with people I don't know.

    18. I was surprised by WHEN STRANGERS MEET. I have never read a book like this before. In a nutshell, the author encourages the reader to take small risks, and step out a little from your secure, safe world. Actually make contact with someone totally new. Why? Because it opens your life up to new encounters, new ideas--and who knows what else.Interrupt your routine, learn new things, be exposed to new ideas. Change perspective: "When you talk with strangers, you make beautiful and surprising interru [...]

    19. I'm the one giving you the noncommittal smile and glancing away, with my earbuds in or my nose stuck in a book or looking at my phone. In other words, my introverted person needs to be convinced that strangers can transform a life, and I think this short missive may have done it.Stark's writing style is very lyrical and easy to read (I think I'm going to have to check out her novel someday) which is a plus when she brings in all the interpersonal communication research to back up her natural ten [...]

    20. 3.5 This is a TED book, which means it was originally a TED talk (which I have not seen) and expanded a little. It's cute -- like a gift book with substance. Kio Stark's premise is that talking to strangers is fun and important (oversimplified) and she does have some caveats about safety and appropriateness which I appreciated. While the concept seems simple, it is bolstered by sociology and ethnography and some pretty thorough research. Here's her reasoning in her own words: "When you talk with [...]

    21. Two September books got me thinking about my relationship with strangers. “When Strangers Meet,” by Kio Stark, advocates for the enlightening and awkward act of talking to strangers and “The Tao of Bill Murray,” by Gavin Edwards, celebrates Murray’s random acts of human connection. Many of us diligently avoid strangers--we were trained to when we were young and the news encourages us to keep up the habit--but Stark challenges us to see interactions with people we don’t know as opport [...]

    22. Short, easy to read book broken into simple chapters. I very much enjoyed it, although it is, to me, preaching to the choir as many of the ideas and suggestions in this book are things that I also advocate. There was a lot of interesting research cited here as well as significant ideas for follow up reading which I plan to do. As with all such books there are suggestions as to how to overcome a fear of talking to strangers or how to follow some of the tenets of the book. I found these a little o [...]

    23. Did not meet my expectations on being very informative or talking about this title subject in different prescriptive. I'd recommend it to newbie readers or maybe teenagers. lets say that this book present the Basics Information about how we act around strangers. mostly things we are already aware of. but not speak it out loud.Plus, I did not like ranking people ( Muslim - black - redhead ) and naming them as "Strangers" I would not call a Black person a "stranger" because he is black! or from d [...]

    24. I was disappointed in this short book. I had read a synopsis of it and it sounded interesting, but, frankly, it really didn't say anything I didn't already know.The research included was illuminating, but really only served to reinforce ideas and conclusions I had already reached. From smiling and greeting strangers while on a walk, to engaging with strangers while on a subway or bus, to talking to strangers while waiting inlines, everything covered in this book was really not new, and I believe [...]

    25. This was on hold for me before I left for a trip. I didn't get to check it out before I left, but it did make me think about talking to strangers during my trip, and I had several pleasant and enriching conversations as a result. At less than 100 pages it's less a book than an extended version of Stark's TED Talk, but if you keep the central takeaway in your mind—that talking to strangers is and can be good for you—that would be enough.

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