Tempted After the tragic death of her husband Beverly begins to question her faith in God Then she meets Joe Clark a dedicated young minister who is determined to be a part of her life and to renew her fait

  • Title: Tempted
  • Author: Robyn Carr
  • ISBN: 9780553268676
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • After the tragic death of her husband, Beverly begins to question her faith in God Then she meets Joe Clark, a dedicated young minister who is determined to be a part of her life and to renew her faith in the church Joe is patient in teaching her to love again, for he is a man tempted and very much in love.

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      176 Robyn Carr
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    1 thought on “Tempted”

    1. Two-haiku review:She's widow with kidsDated a bunch of losersThen meets a pastorRepublished old bookShe should have updated itStill, a good story

    2. This book was so boring, exhausting and the writing style was sometimes chaotic, clumsy and unrefined.I'm not opposed to reading about a hero who is a preacher, not at all. But I don't like too much of—how should I put it—churchy stuff, prayers and conversations with God in the story. I like it when it's more balanced story-telling, you know. And that relationship between Joe and Bev? I thought it was some kind of weird modern threesome because they were mentioning Him so often

    3. Horrible. No favor to re-release this book. If I had never read Robyn Carr I would never read her again. Main character Beverly is very unlikable, juvenille and unrelatable. The characters are not well developed, the writing is abominable. So sad, especially in light of what she's capable of.

    4. I can't even finish this book. Got to chapter 12 before I threw it down. Idk. The whole feel and vibe from it is really off. I really am not liking Joe and I'm not even sure I like beverly very much. I kept going with it just to finish it but then it got to the point that I had had enough.

    5. 2.5 out of 5 Stars I didn't like this nearly as much as other books by this author. The writing was very choppy. some things did not even make sense in the beginning. However I did like the characters and they actually seemed realistic to me.

    6. Temptations test strengthCan temptation and love move a preacher and a widow who does not believe together? The result takes strength determination and time. Add a surprise and you have a fun story.

    7. Loved this book.This was unlike any of Robyn Carr's other books that I've read. I loved Joe's steadiness and character as well as Beverly's irreverence. They really fit well together!

    8. Tempted readI enjoyed this novel by Robyn Carr. I picked it up on a one day deal and because it had raving reviews.While the book was sweet and interesting, the characters relatable and likable, I felt that the plot dragged on just a little too long and felt redundant. The issues she addressed and the relationship between the two main characters were well written. While the reader could understand the hesitancy of Bev engaging in another lifelong commitment, and Joe's desire to be in one with he [...]

    9. My grade: B+. This is an older book of Robyn Carr's. I found it delightful. Also surprising. Joe, a minister, falls head-over-heels in love with Bev. Bev's husband died 2 years ago, leaving her with two young boys. The experience caused her to lose faith in God. There's the conflict--how could Bev possibly be minister-wife material? Bev is honest, uninhibited, sarcastic. She makes Joe laugh. Joe is incredibly patient with Bev. Watching these two work through all of Bev's fears, Bev learning to t [...]

    10. Beverly's husband is killed in a horrific car accident. Left with a lot of grief and 2 young boys to raise, Beverly has found that meeting eligible men is not working for her. She begins to volunteer ar her parent's church and meets the youth minister. Joe is a little younger than Bev, but very interested. Bev doubts her faith and does not believe that Joe could find her attractive. This book should be labeled a Christian book. This is an early Robyn Carr work, but her later work is so much bett [...]

    11. BeliefWhen Beverley's husband died, she was left to raise 2 small boys on her own. After several years, family and friends try setting her up on dates. After the last one she said no more. Only her obgyn didn't get the message.Enter Joe who is a minister. The problem is she doesn't believe in God anymore. She lost her faith when her husband was killed. Joe has found who he has been searching for. That Beverly has 2 boys, doesn't matter. It was a fun read.

    12. Ok I quit. I made it 18% into this book and "Bev" is just awful. I feel for her loss, I really do, but she's a total twit and an idiot. The conversation with her ob/gyn was disgusting and from there it just got worse. I'm so glad this isn't the first Robyn Carr I ever read b/c I definitely wouldn't go back for more but her Virgin Ridge and now her latest series are among my favorites. This book is simply awful, however.

    13. copyright 1987. it is funny to read about a heroine smoking. by funny, I mean odd, not laughing funnye POV changes are tough at first, but you can really see the Virgin River author in this! I liked the faih struggle and Bev as a character caution: there is spanking of a child in this, which I think is a symptom of the times, but still not cool with me,

    14. Wow awesomeWow awesomethis book is soo soo good unexpected angle in an awesome story with sweet and fired characters. a reminder we are all imperfect in this crazy world.

    15. TemptedI'am not finding your storyline very good. Your characters were very unusual and hard to get to know. I felt your main character was not so likeable, she was always complaining.

    16. Total Romance, but there were some redeeming aspects. I liked the male character quite a bit, but at times couldn't figure out what i the world he saw in the girl, but isn't that how it always is? Didn't care for it enough to start reading romance novels on a regular basis, but it wasn't awful.

    17. Very heartwarmingThis book is very tender and heartwarming . It deals with death , hope love end new beginnings . We all walk different paths in life but we can come together in God's love.

    18. Enjoyable story but you could tell it was dated. Plenty of action and a heartwarming hero who fell in love first and pursued but it was heavy into questioning religion so my rating 3.5* Widow Beverly is setup with minister Joe.

    19. DifferentI have read a lot of Robyn Carr s books and I love them all. This book was different for me because it switched back from one first person to another. I loved the insight that was shown in regards to the widow and the preacher at times.

    20. Great book hard to put down!!!Great book hard to put downReally enjoyed it.Would recommend it to all my friends. Great author. Loved the book.

    21. Robyn's my favoriteAs all of her books this one is no different. I get so into them I can't put them down .If you have never read her books you don't know what your missing.

    22. I love the Virgin River series. This is the first book I've read of Carr's outside of the series. I didn't enjoy it.

    23. Unexpectedly good. Sweet story. Only tiny bit preachy, but what to expect when the hero is a preacher. Re-release of book from 1987.

    24. One of my favorite authors, but the only book of hers I was ready to be finished with. I just wanted to slap the heroine.

    25. Great bookLoved it! Its great to read something that lets us heat about God and aha t wonderful things he does.

    26. Joe and BeverlyThis was a fairly good book, just not as good as her later ones. It is the story of a young widow denying her love for her minister, and eventually admitting it.

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