What Doesn't Kill You

What Doesn t Kill You What doesn t kill you makes you stronger but how strong can one person be Griff Hendry knows what it is to be strong After a turbulent past he s dedicated himself to saving lives working as a coastg

  • Title: What Doesn't Kill You
  • Author: Laura E. James
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 115
  • Format: ebook
  • What doesn t kill you makes you stronger but how strong can one person be Griff Hendry knows what it is to be strong After a turbulent past, he s dedicated himself to saving lives, working as a coastguard along the breath taking shores of Dorset It s Griff s belief that everyone is worth saving which is why he can t forgive his father, Logan, for what he did Griff What doesn t kill you makes you stronger but how strong can one person be Griff Hendry knows what it is to be strong After a turbulent past, he s dedicated himself to saving lives, working as a coastguard along the breath taking shores of Dorset It s Griff s belief that everyone is worth saving which is why he can t forgive his father, Logan, for what he did Griff s future is plunged into uncertainty when his wife, Evie, tells him she wants a separation The revelation is a shock and leads Griff to question what Evie could possibly be hiding and she isn t the only one holding back Griff s troubled stepdaughter, Tess, also harbours a dark secret As the truth is uncovered, Griff is forced to accept that perhaps he s never understood what real strength is From Dark Choc Lit compelling, emotional, hard hitting novels Not your typical romance story.

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    1. Told from three different perspectives, this was a well written and well constructed novel of a family struggling with, and ultimately coming to grips with, a mountain of issues. It delved into grief, guilt, self-harm, emotional and physical abuse, providing care for older family members, assisted suicide, sexual orientation, step-parenting and so on. That is a huge range of topics to deal with in one single book, but the author managed to pull it off compassionately and sensitively. Kudos for t [...]

    2. Thank you to Netgalley, Choclit and Laura.E.James for the opportunity to read this book for an honest review. Your will find my review on both and today. On under my name Karen Whittard and on under k.e.whittard. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Stand a little taller doesn't mean I'm lonely when I'm alone. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, stronger. Just me myself and I. I cannot tell you how many times this song circles my head every time I saw the name of this book. Griff [...]

    3. Griff thinks he's happily married to Evie, until she asks for a separation without telling him why. She's keeping her reasons a secret and no matter how hard Griff tries to find out the truth, he has no idea. He misses his family, even his stepdaughter Tess, who isn't always kind to him. Evie is taking care of Griff's father, Logan, and continues to do so even after taking a break from her marriage. There's something Griff can't forgive his father and he hardly ever goes to see him while he know [...]

    4. A new book from Choc Lit in their ‘dark’ series, “What Doesn’t Kill You” by Laura James is set in Dorset around the Portland Peninsula. The story unfolds gradually from perspective of the main characters, craftily allowing cliff-hangers at the end of each chapter, as we have to wait to see what happens to them.Evie is on her second marriage to Griff but that union appears to have fallen apart when she sends him to live away. Her first marriage was not happy and the trauma from this has [...]

    5. Totally misleading blurb, as in no way is this a 'psychological thriller'; there was nothing thrilling about it. I found it totally boring and there was no "point" in reading it. "point" meaning at the very least it should be mildly entertaining or engrossing. I found it poorly written-- the 'symbolism and/or metaphors' were transparent and always followed up with the author spoon feeding them to the reader as if we didn't "get it". (ie: there were cracks on the wall, much like the cracks in my [...]

    6. In What Doesn't Kill You Laura E James tackles some hard-hitting issues and handles them in a thought-provoking, sensitive manner. The storylines, while sometimes dark, are not delivered in a sensationalised way; instead, each of the characters reveal aspects of their past and present through their own voice. This style makes for a very personal take on the action; as the reader, I felt the characters had confided in me. I felt their pain as they confronted the issues of the past and I was willi [...]

    7. This powerful story is far more than a romance because it tells the story of a family on the edge of being torn apart because of many dark issues in their various pasts and present. The inability to communicate is at the core of their troubles and the author explores difficult subjects such as self-harm, abuse and loss with great sensitivity. The setting in Dorset is very much a part of the story and the author’s appreciation for the area shines through.I received a free copy from NetGalley fo [...]

    8. This emotional book touches many sad and relevant problems like assisted suicide, self-harm, abusive marriage, betrayal, revenge and guilt. Some of the character (Griff and Tess) are very lifelike but others act in a way that just didn't seem believable.The key for solving their problems is, just as in real life, honest communication.I really liked the book, but I think the last too chapters were not only not needed but were much too cozy for this kind of book.

    9. Finally managed to get my hands on a paperback copy of Laura James' third book in the Chesil Beach series, from one of Laura's book signing events! I have read the 2nd book, Follow Me Follow You, so it was lovely to meet up with some familiar characters and of course recognise a few of the Dorset scenes around Weymouth and Portland, although these books are all distinctly stand alone and do not need to be read in any particular order.Lots of 'challenging' themes in this book, and at times I was [...]

    10. I really loved this book and can see why Choc Lit have branched out and released this under Dark Choc Lit as it is a bit more hard-hitting than their other offerings.We meet Griff. A little bit damaged from his past and with a present that is somewhat precarious. His wife Evie is looking after Griff's father, Logan, as he is slowly getting older and more infirm and they share a secret. Griff is estranged from Logan which causes Evie to split up from Griff as she can not bear to be near him as sh [...]

    11. Compelling, emotional, and hard-hitting they said - not your typical romance story. And they really did mean it - I felt like I'd been through a wringer when I finished What Doesn't Kill You (published by Choc Lit on 26th November for kindle), but I have to say it was really, really excellent.When you see "Choc Lit" you might expect romance, always a good story, great writing, and a delicious hero. The hero of this one is Griff - separated from his wife Evie for reasons he doesn't understand, lo [...]

    12. What Doesn't Kill You is the first book to have been published under Choc Lit's new imprint Dark Choc Lit, for books that are darker and more hard hitting than their usual titles. I knew the idea appealed to me, but it wasn't until I started reading, that I started to truly understand what was meant by darker. For What Doesn't Kill You includes a lot of tough to talk about, and read about topics within its story. With topics including assisted suicide, self harm, abusive relationships, questions [...]

    13. Originally reviewed at Keeper BookshelfBe prepared. What Doesn’t Kill You is a vibrant, emotional and intriguing darker romance. This is a family in turmoil, people that loved each other, yet harbor secrets that they cannot or will not share.Griff loves his wife Evie and his step-daughter Tess. To learn that Evie wants a separation has turned his world upside down. With no idea of what is wrong, he has no way of fixing it – and if anything, Griff is a fixer in life.Told in multiple points of [...]

    14. Dark Choc Lit. What a wonderfully enticing name for Choc Lit’s new imprint, and the first book in that imprint by Laura E James delivers exactly what I wanted it to, a story with romance at the core, but with complex, hard-hitting threads, running right through it. The author has bravely tackled subjects such as abuse and the devastating impact of living in a dysfunctional, controlling relationship can have, not just on the victim of the abuse, but on the children, which leads us to what might [...]

    15. Wow, what a spine-tingling novel Laura E. James has delivered with ‘What Doesn’t Kill You’. Part of Choc Lit’s Dark imprint, James’ latest novel is a hard hitting story of love, family and betrayal in its many forms.We follow this story from various characters points-of-view, all of whom we grow to love and cherish as the novel goes on. Griff, the hero of our story, is in the middle of watching his marriage crumble, yet unable to fix it. I loved seeing his perspective on his relationsh [...]

    16. I received a copy of this via NetGalley and Dark Choc Lit in return for a fair and honest review.I was lucky enough to have read this at the manuscript stage, as a member of the Choc-Lit reading panel, so was thrilled to see this made it through to release. A much darker offering than a normal Choc Lit book but still with the same attention to detail with the characters and difficult storylineThis is an intense, emotional family drama set in Dorset that can't help but to get you involved quickly [...]

    17. This is my first book by Laura it's classified as 'dark choc lit' so I was hopeful it would be a romance with some substance behind it. I wasn't disappointed. This isn't a cutesy boy loves girl story it actually deals with issues that happen in the real world.Written from the perspectives of mainly Griff, wife Evie & her teenage daughter Tess. They have all had trauma in their past & now that they have been bought together as a family unit the fall-out of secret keeping threatens to pul [...]

    18. Laura E James is a new author to me, as this is the first of her books that I have read. I really like her writing style and enjoyed this book alot. I did have to take a few breaks from this one, however, just because it is heavy in spots and deals with some difficult subject matter. For that reason, this is one that I might not recommend to everyone, but I think many might find it comforting. I will be checking out more from this author. My thanks to the publisher for providing a galley of this [...]

    19. What doesn't kill you is a novel about a family, each with their own wounds from the past, and how the scars from those affect their present lives. The main character Griff is a coastguard, on the Dorset coast, and because of an event in his past he spends his days trying to save others, but now the time has come to try and save his family. The author tackles some big subjects in this book and it is a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, although some of the issues covered are quite dark, such as [...]

    20. What Doesn’t Kill You is the third book in the Chesil Beach series and that did initially concern me that I hadn’t read the first two. But don’t let that put you off there is absolutely no need to read the others to enjoy this novel. All the characters were 3 dimensional our hero Griff and his wife Evie have already separated before our story begins. Some of the subjects which are tackled such as domestic abuse and self harm will be particular hard hitting to people who have been in simila [...]

    21. Intense emotional roller coaster of a story that has love, loss, caring, secrets, sharing, intrigue, abuse and a whole lot more. Griff is a man who is driven by his need to save others. His wife, Evie, is going through a rough patch while caring for Logan, Griff’s father. She is keeping a secret that has driven a wedge in the marriage and then led to a separation. Tess, Evie’s daughter and Griff’s stepdaughter, has her own set of troubles and issues to deal with and is keeping secrets, too [...]

    22. I have read Choc Lit novels before, but nothing like this one. It's a wonderful new departure - dark, deep and incredibly emotional.Griff thought he had a good marriage with Evie but now she is pushing him away and he doesn't know why. Evie, who is Griff's father's carer is in a difficult situation. Arthritic and in constant pain, Logan has asked for help with something that goes against everything she believes in. The only way she can cope with this dilemma is by distancing herself from Griff. [...]

    23. Ever since the death of his friend as a teenager Griff has been driven to save lives and works with the sea rescue putting his own life in danger for others believing life to be sacrosanct regardless of circumstances.His wife Evie has her own problems and it comes totally out of the blue for Griff when she tells him that she wants a separation, what is the secret that she is keeping from him and has it something to do with Griff's father that she is a carer for. Griff fell out with his father an [...]

    24. It's always a red letter day when a new Choc Lit novel appears and this is no exception.It took me a little while to get into it - I wasn't sure what the main theme was going to be, but after a while, I was hooked! Laura's characters are very real - a long way from perfect and I identified in some way with all of them!Evie and her daughter have come out of an abusive relationship and Evie has found happiness with Griff. But when the book starts, they are living apart and Griff has no idea why. T [...]

    25. What Doesn’t Kill You has been written in such a way that it is uplifting whilst dealing with difficult and dark issues. It certainly isn’t an easy read at times but as a mother, a wife and a daughter, it made me wonder how I would react in Evie’s shoes. The author deals with the issues in an empathetic and realistic manner, reinforcing the importance of communication and understanding within the family unit.Tess, the teenage daughter, was a story within a story and her troubled past which [...]

    26. What doesn’t kill you is a story about a family in crisis told from the viewpoints of Griff (the husband) Evie (the wife) and Tess (their step-daughter/daughter). Each have a past that haunts them and issues in their present that they find difficult to face. If only they were able to communicate their fears and feelings they might just discover that what they really need can be found in each other. I loved Griff. I felt he was very realistically portrayed. A hero in every sense of the word who [...]

    27. Reality is often a shade darker than how life is perceived by people usually from their colored or tinted shades. There are dark or what I call real, intense facts of life which people face often behind closed doors. In this story a family keeps their stuff private and the only time they are threatened is when they stop communicating. A clear giveaway of this story is no matter how dark, grim or unsavory situations become the way out is some Honest, hard hitting communication between the people [...]

    28. I received a copy from Dark Choc Lit in return for an honest review.I didn’t initially realise that this was the third book in a series, but that really doesn’t matter as it works as a stand-alone book. Classed as ‘Dark Choc Lit’ this was an intense, emotional read that dealt with both moral and personal issues told from three different perspectives, and the drastic effect that these plus individual secrets can have on a family. The author shows understanding and sensitivity towards the [...]

    29. Phew! This novel was an emotional roller-coaster from start to finish, with strong themes, suspense, tension, and romance.Griff's wife, Evie, asks for a separation. Confused and heart-broken, he tries to understand what's happening to his family. Both Evie and Tess, his stepdaughter, are harbouring secrets. But they are not the only onesAn emotional read, with themes of choice, secrets, and the destructive impact of not talking things through all intertwined with the romance between the protagon [...]

    30. This was the first time I had read a book by this author and I will look for others by her. I was not sure what 'dark' would encompass but the story is about lives where everything is not as easy as it perhaps appears on the surface. Many readers will have experienced or be experiencing some of these issues which will give added empathy with the characters.

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