The Fourth Dimension: Toward a Geometry of Higher Reality

The Fourth Dimension Toward a Geometry of Higher Reality A fascinating and provocative combination of math philosophy and fantasy

  • Title: The Fourth Dimension: Toward a Geometry of Higher Reality
  • Author: Rudy Rucker
  • ISBN: 9780395344200
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A fascinating and provocative combination of math, philosophy and fantasy.

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      364 Rudy Rucker
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    1 thought on “The Fourth Dimension: Toward a Geometry of Higher Reality”

    1. Verso l'infinito e oltreSì sì è un bel libro di fisica, divulgativo e per fortuna lontano anni luce da un altro adelphi con la copertina azzurrina tanto in voga in questi mesi. Il bello è che è anche un libro di logica con l'autore che si scatena in particolare con i paradossi delle macchine del tempo. Il bello è che è anche un libro di filosofia (facile! l'autore è il pronipote di Hegel) che esplora concetti metafisici con uno stile impeccabilmente piano, ma mai piatto bello è che è a [...]

    2. I think this is, quite possibly, one of the best books I've read on the fourth dimension. For those saying "but the fourth dimension is time", all I have to say is, no, not in this case. We're discussing four spatial dimensions, which we can only really represent with mathematics in our three dimensional world. Naturally this is written by a mathematician and he did quite an exquisite job at explaining the nature of this utterly foreign dimension. Now readers won't walk away being able to pictur [...]

    3. A good follow-up of Edwin Abbott's classic Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions. Rudy Ruckers continues the adventures of A Square in a less story-like and more scientific manner. Almost a century later, Rucker adds new theories and recent insights to the analogy started by Abbott.What I liked a lot (and what horrid pseudo philosophical disasters like "What the bleep do we know" don't know how to) is to do away with religion and free will from the very start. Those two concepts are dear to mos [...]

    4. Don't let the title fool you. The book is written for tourists, not experts. But in the process, you feel like you become an expert. Easy to read, very engaging and informative.This book really changed my perspective on a lot of things. Perhaps the real me is fourth-dimensional after all, and the entity typing this is just my three-dimensional "shadow".

    5. Rudy Rucker è un matematico e uno scrittore di fantascienza. Le due cose non sono necessariamente disgiunte; fortunatamente però Rucker scrive in modo brillante e non fa le solite spiattellate della cosiddetta "Hard SF" che a mio parere sono pure ostentazioni di cultura e fanno solo male alla scienza. Comunque qui la fantascienza è secondaria; il libro è un saggio che spiega per l'appunto il concetto di quarta dimensione, partendo dai classici (la teoria della relatività, ma anche Flatlandi [...]

    6. I originally read this book in 1997 while doing a paper in my high school physics class about time travel. For some reason it just stuck with me and parts of it would come back to me over the years. So recently I went online and saw that it was out of print; I ordered a used copy for super cheap. It's such a fun, easy-to-read book on how to conceptualize other dimensions in space, and also addresses space-time and paradoxes in time travel. The author uses multiple illustrations, puzzles (with an [...]

    7. ذهن بشر همواره پر از سوالهایی است که با گذشت سالهای بسیار هنوز پاسخ قانع کننده ای برای آنها نیافته است.وجود جهان های دیگر ,ارواح ,مرگ , بیماری تنهایی مبارزه و اما آیا واقعا مفهوم زندگی همین است؟ همه در عالم خیال به واقعیتی فراتر از مرزهای متعارف اندیشیده اند دنیایی که در ان زندگ [...]

    8. Very challenging, yet humorous book pushing into the concepts and realities of higher dimensions and how to actually conceptualize higher dimensions. The book is basically a long thought experiment that keeps expanding to encompass more and more implications of reality when viewed in expansive and creative ways. Very fun, intellectually enticing and packed full of titles and thinkers to look into afterwards. There are also many puzzles to concepts encountered, which I'm going to go back through [...]

    9. The nerd in me is always interested in Math. My wife is a math major and one of my best friends and personal heroes is also a math wiz.This book walks you through how our mind could eventually begin to understand what the fourth dimension is. Great book for high school AP students and up. It carries a philosophical view to the fourth dimension. It makes a lot of references to "Flatland". I will read it some day.

    10. Some friends & I read this book in early 90s & LOVED it! The illustrations (simple drawings) are fantastic! but if you want some good animation explaining what Rudy Rucker is talking about regarding beings visiting from higher dimensions, take a look at Dr. Quantum video. youtube/watch?v=BWyTxC

    11. This book takes complex material and presents it in a simple lay-man's language that is accessible to all. Rucker does an amazing job exploring the topics of time travel, higher dimensional life, and relativity. The graphics keep the book on an entertaining level and away from the text-book feel that it could have easily fallen into.

    12. I loved this book. I really started me thinking about the 4th dimension. What it meant, and how to envision it.

    13. Guide book written in 80s where time is colorful, therefore “blue” person could pass right through “green” one. As, 2:00 AM character could walk through 6:00 pm being.We then, can reason by analogy of Plato work, who has been the first to grasp this idea.Plato has shown, race of man, however chained in cave, as all they can see is shadows on the wall. And so forth, they think that they are actual shadows, because they never saw anything apart from shadows.Now, when describing second dime [...]

    14. This is about as readable as a book about the fourth dimension is going to be. If you're like me, a layman, you probably won't understand everything, but you'll still get little tidbits out of it. For example: People often say that Time is the fourth dimension. This book helped me realize that it is really just one of possibly endless amounts of dimensions, so it's not strictly THE fourth dimension but it is A fourth dimension, next to the three common spatial dimensions. Oh, and speaking of: Th [...]

    15. Es curioso. La primera parte es un gran libro en el que se hace una completa introducción al lector profano sobre el problema de las dimensiones en las matemáticas. A través de muchos ejemplos y acertijos podemos intentar imaginar cómo sería vivir en un mundo de cuatro dimensiones espaciales, estudiando por ejemplo la sombra que produciría un hipercubo de 4D en 3D, sabiendo como sabemos la sombra que produce un cubo 3D en 2D. Hay muchos temas y todos están muy bien tratados. La lectura es [...]

    16. Once upon a time, I purcvhased a boatload of books related to this--on implications of quantum mechanics, the fourth dimension, parallel universes, and so on. My reaction? Generally, there was a breathless promise of seeing things anew and an altered understanding of the world around us. My response? With this book and others, disappointment. Much promised, but little of substance delivered.

    17. Pretty good for visualizing ways of thinking of space in the 4th dimension+, parallel universes, telepathy, and time travel. a little too existentialist and preachy toward the end and hardly any math. Liked it alot overall.

    18. While good when it comes to the mathematical and scientific aspects of hyperspace, the book does get onto some wild tangents tying in extra dimensions to ghosts, the occult, and other superstitious phenomena. My feelings are mixed: there's a lot of good in the book and a lot of nonsense.

    19. this book gives great examples as well as philosophical questions to ponder will trying to conceptualize this space we live in and move through and are a part of. i can't comprehend anything really and this book makes me feel inspired and overwhelmed with awe.

    20. Fantastic! It's a brilliant book that starts from science and ends to philosophy. This book opened my eyes to many brand new horizon of world.

    21. I'm still reading it. From the first 20% of reading I can say it's a great book: the writer manages to help us comprehend the four dimension, and that it's not an easy teaching

    22. Avventurarmi nelle lande, per me gravemente inesplorate, della fisica teorica è sempre fonte di un piacevole stupore.

    23. これの邦訳版、「四次元の冒険」という本を最近ようやく読み始めました。四次元という未だ見ぬ存在を三次元世界から思考することは、二次元世界から三次元世界を考えるのと一緒だ、というアプローチで、まずは二次元世界と三次元世界の関係を考えるところから始まります。かなり頭の体操になって面白い。早く読みたいが時間はかかりそう。。

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