The Seventh Season

The Seventh Season The reigning belle of the London Season Miranda Blake is the epitome of grace and beauty But the one thing this wealthy Earl s daughter is lacking is the very thing she s never considered to be a pri

  • Title: The Seventh Season
  • Author: Cathy Peper
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The reigning belle of the London Season, Miranda Blake is the epitome of grace and beauty But the one thing this wealthy Earl s daughter is lacking is the very thing she s never considered to be a priority finding a husband When she overhears a jealous matron refer to her as being on the shelf , she fears she s postponed marriage for far too long Brash American DerekThe reigning belle of the London Season, Miranda Blake is the epitome of grace and beauty But the one thing this wealthy Earl s daughter is lacking is the very thing she s never considered to be a priority finding a husband When she overhears a jealous matron refer to her as being on the shelf , she fears she s postponed marriage for far too long Brash American Derek Lang has arrived in England, determined to complete two tasks on his growing list of priorities purchase inventory for his family s business and clear his grandfather s name What he hadn t anticipated is abandoning his crusade to help a damsel in distress with a charade intended to make Beau jealous Will their scheme work, or will it lead to something far too real

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    1. This really was a case of being careful what you wish for. Luckily for Miranda, Derek, her real true love, was there to rescue her. (I voluntarily reviewed this free ebook.)

    2. The Seventh Season by Cathy PeperLady Miranda Blake is in her seventh Season. Oh, it's not for lack of proposals the previous six, not at all. Miranda has one man in mind to marry. She just needs him to come up to scratch and do it.American Derek Lang isn't very fond of England or all their rules. He has two reasons to be here though; business and clearing his grandfather's name. Why not enjoy himself while he's at it? And he's found the perfect lady to make England more bearable. I really enjoy [...]

    3. THE SEVENTH SEASON by Cathy Peper is an intriguing and fascinating tale with twists and turns, danger, passion, romance, secrets and love. Well written. The storyline flowed with fluency with captivating characters and a compelling, powerful storyline. Fast paced. Will keep the reader turning pages well into the night. Fans of mystery, suspense, romance and love will love "The Seventh Season". An intriguing and satisfying read! I look forward to reading more of Ms. Peper. Another powerful Histor [...]

    4. I received this book for free from eBook Discovery. I voluntarily review this book. This is my honest review.There is a darkness in The Seventh Season, which although not overt nevertheless like a river running through Miranda's story. The horror and neglect of her early years seem to have left their mark on Miranda, making her a survivor and stronger than most young women of her day. Her negligent, rather whimsical parents seem to lean very heavily on her without realising that they are holding [...]

    5. I received a free copy of The Seventh Season from e-book Discovery and have enjoyed reading it. This is my honest review.Miranda Blake has loved Jason Lord Beaumont since he rescued her from a house fire when she was thirteen but at nearly 24 years old she is getting tired of waiting for him to make an offer for her. When dashing American Derek Lang offers to pretend to be a serious suitor for her hand in order to pique Beau's jealousy she's happy to accept. Of course the inevitable happens and [...]

    6. I enjoyed this story but felt the ending was a bit abrupt. Miranda waited for a certain proposal to come, and she is now in her seventh season. She has turned down many in hopes of the one from Jason. Then she meets Derek, an American, who tries to comfort her. He comes up with the idea of making Jason jealous. Their attraction began slow but he treated her like the lady she was. Beatings, thefts, kidnappings, and investigations bring a lot of breath-holding moments. I had the opportunity to rea [...]

    7. Miranda has been waiting through six seasons for the man she loves to propose to her; she fell for him as a child when he rescued her from a fire but he seems no nearer to making her his wife. Then she meets Derek, an American doing business in London, he is immediately taken with her and suggests that making Beau (Beaumont) jealous may bring him up to scratch. This was an enjoyable novel and I didn't see the twist coming. Loved reading about the party which took place inside Carlton House. The [...]

    8. I stumbled across this book on the recommendation of a friend. With the fall and winter months upon us and a promise of many days of drippy gray skies, I long to curl up with a book and some chamomile tea to indulge in a good read; I have found it in The Seventh Season. period novels are a favorite, especially when they put a focus on a woman's place in society - vis-a-vie - her marital status and age.Ms. Peper's easy, natural flow of words and scenes paints a detailed vision in my mind. It's so [...]

    9. I'm really not quite sure how I feel about the intro. I almost stopped reading it. Also, it leads you to feel a certain way about Beau and the author doesn't keep it that way. It's a little bizarre for me.I quickly got over it though because I really liked Derek. Derek offering to help her make Beau jealous was a crack up. So much fun. How often to we girls wish some guy would offer to do that for us? I loved it.Even though the story plays out pretty traditionally, it as still a really fun read. [...]

    10. Cute story set in Historical English society.Lady Miranda Blake has been in love with her brother's best friend since she was a child, but she has waited for seven seasons for a marriage proposal until one day when she meets a sexy kind American, Mr. Derek Lang comes from a titled family, but there are secrets that he has come to London to figure out. While he sifts through the lies and nonsense of English society, he also falls in love with one of the most popular young ladies. Cute story where [...]

    11. Interesting characters and a complex storyline made for a nice introduction to Cathy Peper on the historical romance circuit! With fluid writing, from start to finish, The Seventh Season had lots going on and culminated nicely. Rapid plot developments, with multiple twist and curves, resulting in the revelation of new and old secrets will keep readers on their toes. A smart and moral hero and heroine will appeal to the audience's finer sensibilities and leave them looking forward to future works [...]

    12. Good storyA young girl is saved by the handsome gentleman when her governess tries to kill her. She spends her life in love with him and waiting to marry him. But, in comes a handsome American gentleman whose family is just as titled and life changes. Her previous hero turns out to be not so honorable and the American trumps.

    13. The Seventh Season was the one that countedThis story started off slowly to me. I almost stopped about chapter 7 then it picked up steam and developed into a wonderful read. The plot isn't trite and the characters are interesting . I usually only read Regencies so it means a lot when I say the plot isn't trite. I look forward to more stories from this lady .

    14. So much potential This could have been a really good book. The beginning was intriguing and I had high hopes for the rest. Alas, it was not to be. The book became boring about half way through and ended so abruptly that I thought I was missing pages!

    15. *I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book*This book is enjoyable like many other regency romances but doesn't really stand out from the pack. I liked Mr. Lang way more than Lord Beaumont. Overall, it was a nice story and worth the read.

    16. I enjoyed reading this book. It was a fast paced historical romance that kept you interested to the end.

    17. Enjoyable historical romance.Simple read, rather predictable plot but still an enjoyable experience. If you want an easy simple romance this is a good storyline.

    18. Not fetchingI waited and waited for the story to take movement, but it couldn't capture me. The ending was not fitting, I'm disappointed

    19. MehThis was an okay Regency romance novel, but I thought that the sword duel epilogue was rather pointless and silly.

    20. This book is very interesting and entertaining romance with suspence. Miranda is in her seventh season, having spent her previous six seasons waiting for the man she believes she loves but the man refuses to come to scratch. Along the line she met Derek Lang, an American who came for business and to clear his grandfather's name from scandal. Derek offered to assist her in her plans but along the line they fell in love and had to overcome many obstacles and dangers before they finallycame togethe [...]

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