A Dinosaur Called Tiny

A Dinosaur Called Tiny When Tiny the dinosaur hatches out of a great big egg no one can believe their eyes he is so small Tiny grows a little and tries to make friends with the other young dinosaurs but they laugh and say

  • Title: A Dinosaur Called Tiny
  • Author: Alan Durant Jo Simpson
  • ISBN: 9780007233908
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Tiny the dinosaur hatches out of a great, big egg, no one can believe their eyes he is so small Tiny grows a little and tries to make friends with the other young dinosaurs but they laugh and say that he isn t big enough to play their games But what Tiny lacks in size, he than makes up for in spirit.

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    1 thought on “A Dinosaur Called Tiny”

    1. A wonderful book that all children would enjoy and perhaps really understand and connect with. Surely all of us have been called 'small' in our lifetime? This book really makes you feel sorry for the main character Tiny who has been judged for his size his entire life. But despite what he goes through, he eventually proves that he is capable of a lot no matter what his size.Tiny is a dinosaur who never grew much. Now, because of this, Tiny is not treated respectfully by the other dinosaurs. They [...]

    2. Tiny the dinosaur was very tiny. And he got teased and shunned because of it. Until the day when he became the hero because he was tiny and brave.**Talking points - What have you been teased about, or criticized about, or shunned over? How can your weaknesses become your strengths? How can you serve and help those who have not friended you? What would be the reason to do so?

    3. This book was just ok. I was never really drawn in to the story and I didn't find any of the characters especially interesting - even Tiny.While I liked the moral of the story, the story itself just fell flat for me. The illustrations just weren't even my type. I couldn't relate to Tiny at all and he just wasn't a character I even felt bad for. I felt a little sorry when the other kids wouldn't let him play with them (sounding very Rudolph-esque), but that was about it. I liked that he was able [...]

    4. The PandaBat liked it more than I did. The Tiny dinosaur earns the respect of all the normal-sized, mean, teasing dinos. And not by being able to steal food. Meh.

    5. The text and images jump around a lot, making it difficult to follow the story. The illustrations were pretty mediocre.

    6. Chronicles of Han Storm Book Club Read (children - first read)We love brave little tiny (and all dinosours for that matter).

    7. Mediocre story with cute illustrations about a tiny dinosaur who's teased until he makes a big difference. One commentator described it as Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer -- I agree.

    8. How very Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.I like and dislike the art. I like and dislike the story. Maybe it was cuter in concept than execution.

    9. Cute story. Sweet illustrations. Elementary kids would like this. Good lesson about being different or small.

    10. Liked by boys and girls. Year 1-2. Underlying message = what makes you different, makes you special ; being a good person regardless of how others treat you.

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