Rise of the Europan

Rise of the Europan For years human exploration of space has gone largely unchallenged Now deep in the ocean beneath the crust of Jupiter s moon Europa something is stirringa power both ancient and wholly alien mo

  • Title: Rise of the Europan
  • Author: Damian Roache Daniel B. Hunt Don van Ausdoll Eugene Kelly III Kitty Sarkozy Tracy D. Vincent
  • ISBN: 9781310162053
  • Page: 171
  • Format: ebook
  • For 500 years human exploration of space has gone largely unchallenged Now, deep in the ocean beneath the crust of Jupiter s moon Europa, something is stirringa power both ancient and wholly alien, moving in the dark places Its power is unimaginable, its rage inexhaustible and its goal clear to eradicate humanity.

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    • Best Download [Damian Roache Daniel B. Hunt Don van Ausdoll Eugene Kelly III Kitty Sarkozy Tracy D. Vincent] ↠ Rise of the Europan || [Classics Book] PDF º
      171 Damian Roache Daniel B. Hunt Don van Ausdoll Eugene Kelly III Kitty Sarkozy Tracy D. Vincent
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    1 thought on “Rise of the Europan”

    1. With having six different authors this story flowed and was seamless between each writer, it was extremely well written. Each one built and added to the story. While this is not my chosen genre that I love to read, this book was extremly interesting and drew me in from beginning to end. I found it extremely intriguing that the Europan's were thought of as a peaceful race. And one day they felt enough was enough and decided to go ape shit on the destructive humans with the plan of total annihilat [...]

    2. There's a lot of authors involved and as a result, the work is quite eclectic. I'm going to say if plain and simple, but overall, remember that I really liked that book - the whole concept is brilliant. Getting my head around what was happening took some time, but once I got it, I liked the idea and wanted to know more. Creed was a good start. I would have preferred if the author hadn't been quite so generous with the whole italic thing - it gives me a bit of a headache after a while - but hey, [...]

    3. I really liked the book over all. Hope you are not one for only loving happy endings cause even though there is no romance or happily ever afters its a pretty good read. I did have a hard time getting through the parts that were in the europans point of view but thats cause im just not one for fancy word play and big words, but the story laid out in that style of writing was good and the book wouldnt make much since without it and In my opinion even though I dont like the style so much I think i [...]

    4. I'm one of the authors, so I'm not particularly impartial. However, there were 5 other excellent stories that I really enjoyed. I think fans of the Alien series will find this story collection particularly enjoyable. Its mix of flavors that run from noir to Lovecraftian to action. Each tale tells the story of a single momentous event in human history from a different perspective.

    5. The book’s central premise is that in a future where humans have established colonies on other worlds in the solar system and elsewhere in the galaxy, settlers on Europa, the ice moon of Jupiter, have awakened a god-like entity (Genabyel) who begins a campaign of destruction against humanity. The book contains interrelated stories by six different authors chronicling the events of this war, on different worlds and from the perspectives of different people and from Genabyel himself.Using multip [...]

    6. Lola Kyle Reviews:::: This was new for me. An anthology and a sci-fi one no less. I will give my overall opinion of the works in the books, and then I will break it down bit by bit. On a whole, this book was well written, the different authors adding different stories showed variety and intriguing difference in writing style. Though, I think I might just prefer sci-fi movies over the books. The attention to detail made this book something you didn't want to read before going to bed. It's vivid. [...]

    7. It was such a pleasure to be asked to beta read for my gal Tracy Vincent, but man was I unprepared for the total awesomeness of the complete anthology. Rise of the Europan spans genres, thought most would classify this as scifi/fantasy. You get tons of action, suspenseful mystery, and human drama, with aliens! Well it's a bit more complicated than that, but you just have to read for yourself to find out more. You can find these authors online if you want to bug them for spoilers, but you won't f [...]

    8. I'm biased though. I wrote part of it. BUT I will say that the other parts are awesome too! Even if you don't like my story, give it a go, you might like one of the others.

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