Jubilee Year

Jubilee Year Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B ANZ What if the world were about to end but they weren t going to tell you Eighteen year old Storm lives in a small country town in Australia n

  • Title: Jubilee Year
  • Author: GerardO'Neill
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B013ANZ508.What if the world were about to end, but they weren t going to tell you Eighteen year old Storm lives in a small country town in Australia, next to one of the most famous telescopes in the world When he falls for Penny, the daughter of the chief scientist at the observatory, he discovers a global conspiracy ofLibrarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B013ANZ508.What if the world were about to end, but they weren t going to tell you Eighteen year old Storm lives in a small country town in Australia, next to one of the most famous telescopes in the world When he falls for Penny, the daughter of the chief scientist at the observatory, he discovers a global conspiracy of silence He learns a mini star system approaches Earth, and the penalty for any scientist who talks about it is death If Storm and his companions are to survive they must stay out of the way of the government s security forces, assassination squads working for powerful hidden entities, and the internment camps for dissenters Even his special ability is not going to be enough He must accept help when it s offered But others are not who they seem to be and neither is the reality of a world Storm thought he knew.

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    1. Upon going into this book, I had checked out a few reviews to see if I would end up liking this book. Most of the reviews were very positive, so I was excited to get into it. I love space; I love any kind of book or and story relating to astronomy and that kind of science. I was however disappointed a bit in this book and this plot.To start, I'm not sure very much editing went into this novel. On nearly every page I found an editing mistake. Whether it was the wrong use of a word (like their, th [...]

    2. Jubilee Year is a solid sci-fi dystopian read with an interesting premise and plenty of mystery and suspense to keep the reader engaged.This is a well-written debut novel with a focus on family, friendship, young love, and government conspiracy and control. I really enjoyed the Australian setting and it was a refreshing change from the norm. World building is credible. This book focuses on the unsettling climate change and the reasons behind it. Yes, there is political intrigue and a controlling [...]

    3. You'll never believe what they're hiding4.5 out of 5 stars"A jubilee can be understood as a re-creation, or more simply as a new beginning or reset. We are now once again about to begin a jubilee year." - Gerard O'Neill (from the Author's Note). Jubilee Year is a novel about friends, and family, and figuring out the biggest secret the government has kept from its citizens for too long.Jubilee Year is a character driven story that is a roller coaster from beginning to end. You really aren't sure [...]

    4. I received a copy of this book directly from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.I had such a hard time qualifying this book when it was time to sit down and give it a review. I guess I should start off by saying that I didn’t finish the book. Going in, the premise sounded interesting and right up my alley as far as genres go. I was excited to delve into it—but at the same time, my end of the TBR list has been looming and with only half of December left to finish a 10-book [...]

    5. Jubilee Year was an interesting read although it was a little slow in the beginning. The story is set in Australia and revolves around strange weather patterns and sunsets that seem to be happening at the wrong times. The author reveals that the government is creating a total cloud cover by controlling the weather in an attempt to shield from view what is happening in the solar system.It was hard for me to follow the characters but the book did keep my interest until the end. Jubilee is book one [...]

    6. I was sent a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.I don't like to be negative about books. Reading is my favourite hobby and I don't enjoy being overly critical, especially knowing how much work goes into writing a novel. That said, the only positive thing I can say about this book was that it was an interesting concept.The writing quality was inconsistent. It was good in parts but poor in others. A lot more editing was required; I came across dozens of errors includi [...]

    7. I was fortunate to win a print copy of Jubilee Year by Gerard O'Neill.Jubilee Year is touted as a "techno-thriller" on , but personally I tend to agree more with the blurb on the back of the book calling it a "dystopian SF" start to the Erelong Trilogy. Pigeon-holing aside, Jubilee Year is a good story that held my interest throughout.Set in Australia, there are quite a few things going on here. We have a secretive government about to be unmasked, an outer-space story line which promises to be v [...]

    8. Jubilee Year: An Erelong Novel by Gerard O'Neill is the beginning of the end of the world as its inhabitants know it. O'Neill drops the reader into a world where the new normal makes little sense compared to what people remember. As disaster looms, the characters search for a way to survive. People fight for the life they remember even while being told to trust those in power. Jubilee Year is a stark but entertaining novel that pulls the reader deeply into its characters' lives while also afford [...]

    9. As other reviewers have noted, this story starts off slowly but once it picks up speed, it's a fast-pace rollercoaster ride. I admit to skimming large sections at the beginning, which I hate doing, but I'm not fond of extraneous dialogue (your preferences may vary, of course). Hidden amongst these sequences are sneak-peaks of the greater world and hints at what is to come, which were intriguing and unsettling in a too-close-for-comfort kind of way. Real-world conspiracy theories and current even [...]

    10. Storm was 18 years old and not clear on what he wanted to do with his life . When they were kids Storm and his younger sister Summer were adopted by Pete and Stella. Sadly they fell on hard times and the family broke apart. Now Storm is thinking of joining the armed forces which the family isn’t happy about including his girlfriend Penny.Storm’s problems get thrown on the back burner though as Pete and Penny’s astronomer father discover that a Star is entering Earth’s solar system which [...]

    11. Excited to jump right into Jubilee Year: A Novel (Erelong Book 1) by Gerard O'Neill. I have not read anything by Gerard O'Neill and I have not read many books like this so I've been quite intrigued and ready to get to it. For starters the cover.tion packed and I was anticipating that the story would (hopefully) be the same.The story starts with Storm18 years old and living in a small town in Australia which happens to be right along side this amazing famous telescope in like literally all the wo [...]

    12. Very interesting book, but also a little difficult to understand. The setting is Australia and I'm not very familiar with that country or their vernacular. The author writes as though the reader should understand the Australian outback and to some extent, their military. Still the storyline is very chilling.The Solar System as we know it, is going to be changing significantly very shortly. It has become impossible for "them" to hide the coming changes as they have done in the past. Already peopl [...]

    13. I received an AR copy of Jubilee Year from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review.Set primarily in Australia, Jubilee Year is a book with an interesting post-apocalyptic type of story line. I found that the book started out a bit on the slow side, taking some time to get to the actual plot, but once it got started, I did enjoy the story, for the most part.Aside from the pacing issues, and the plot's tendency to jump around in a way that made it somewhat confusing, I also felt that a lo [...]

    14. Solid 5-star rating. I found the story fascinating and quite exciting. I didn't come across any spelling, grammatical, or syntax errors that took me out of the story.The fact that it took place in Australia was cool and it was nice to read the lingo. I can understand that some folks might not be familiar with the lingo, so I think it might be a good idea for the author to include a short glossary to help us Yanks along.Jubilee sucked me in and didn't let go. The events going on were so strange a [...]

    15. This book is a YA Sci-Fi with a slight twist of Political and International Intrigue.Storm loves his family, his girlfriend, and flying. His adoptive parents have hit a rough patch, so he feels he has to make ends meet until everyone can get back on their feet financially. When a military recruitment van comes to town, he thinks his worries are over. Turns out telling his folks is not going to be the biggest problem he has to solve.Overall, I enjoyed the story. Mr. O'Neill did pretty well but th [...]

    16. This book is well developed. You see the story coming to life and taking on a world itself. It moves with ease, you find yourself going from one page to the next, waiting to see where it goes. Not a fan of Penny, bit snobbish, but she adds character and develops throughout the story. As do they all. Storm still has me scratching my head, I know we will see him doing much more in the next book. I wonder what it holds of Summer and the one everyone thinks is a Goliath, haha.A book worth picking up [...]

    17. Available Kindle Unlimited tho since didn't get it that way, either one of my free books sites or maybe a free hope you review it copy, but either way I review everything I get around to reading which can be up to 10 or more a day plus have ku. Might be a bit biased about the story line, because it reminds me of the twin Keck telescopes in Hawaii which between interest in that and sharing the name all that have that last name are related in some way thought it was quite an interesting story, w [...]

    18. A slow burn***This amazing read is like a slow burn it starts out slow, but once it have you it into flames. After reading Jubilee Year I was left wondering what kind of deceptions are being withheld from us? Or what are the hidden secrets that the Government and sciences know about of space and other worlds that we don't know? This is a sci-fi eye opener that would leave you spinning with chills and thrills, one that you need to read and will be you at the edge of your seat.I was given this boo [...]

    19. Jubilee Year had a slow beginning, and it picked up about half way through the book. Having never been to Australia, and not being familiar with the culture, history, etc there was some slang I didn’t understand. At times, I found the plot difficult to follow, but the protagonist was interesting enough to keep reading to find out what happened.I suspect the sequel will be very engaging, where the genre (I suspect) will lean away from dystopian, and lean toward post-apocalyptic. Three and a hal [...]

    20. This book is about government conspiracy theories, the ending of the world, and a fresh start to humanity - the Jubilee. Included in the plot is a lot of cursing and a large cast of characters that I had a difficult time remembering who's who. Many of the occurrences before the jubilee don't have much bearing on the outcome. The jubilee doesn't actually happen until about 80% of the way through. The writing is done well, with only about 6 typos that I found. I received this as a free ebook throu [...]

    21. Jubilee Year is a great edition to the dystopian genre. It's a little slow in the beginning, but before you know it the main character's world is turned upside, and the action begins. This book vividly describes the unsettling weather changes making this tale scarier. Storm will have you rooting for you him as he tries to survive a world falling into utter chaos. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

    22. Jubilee Year-A Novel is the story of what would happen if our sun had a long-lost twin that had been traveling the universe and was now on its way back home. And governments knew it but didn’t tell the populace. Elite saw it coming and were prepared for its happening but the general population was left on its own. In Jubilee Year Gerrard O’Neill gives us a taste of what happens when a few people discover the truth and try to survive the coming catastrophe.18 years old Storm just wants to fig [...]

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