The Stone Bull

The Stone Bull Jenny Vaughn had lived in the shadow of Ariel a beautiful dancer whose art had become legend But when Ariel vanished Jenny was no longer needed and retreated to Laurel Mountain Yet the happiness she

  • Title: The Stone Bull
  • Author: Phyllis A. Whitney
  • ISBN: 9780197719213
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Jenny Vaughn had lived in the shadow of Ariel, a beautiful dancer whose art had become legend But when Ariel vanished, Jenny was no longer needed and retreated to Laurel Mountain Yet the happiness she sought was overshadowed by ominous voices whispering of guilt and danger.

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      375 Phyllis A. Whitney
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    1. ‎دوستانِ گرانقدر، این کتاب از 18 فصل و 412 صفحه تشکیل شده است و داستانِ آن در مورد دختری 26 ساله به نامِ <جنی> است که خواهری داشته 28 ساله به نامِ <آریل> که نابغه در رقص باله بوده و درکل <جنی> حسادت زیادی به او داشته است این که از افعال گذشته استفاده میکنم به این دلیل است که < [...]

    2. This one is hard for me. I remember loving it so much in my teens. I had big issues with the hero. His past infidelities were excused very casually with, "well, his wife was a bitch" reasoning that never held him accountable. I also had issues with some of his past involvements. However, I loved how he treated Jenny, for the most part, seeing her as an individual, and not just as a paler version of her sister. Also, the book stayed in my thoughts for a while after finishing it, which always tell [...]

    3. I've never read a Phyllis A. Whitney before, but I had this book and was in the mood for a nice gothic romance. This had all the right elements and it set the right mood, so I was hooked from the beginning. However, the ending was very stretched out and nothing was happening except one incident for the last 100 pages. I felt that the ending could have been a lot more surprising or mysterious.

    4. Jenny has long lived in the shadow of her sister Ariel, a beautiful dancer. Now Ariel is gone and Jenny is determined to start her own life apart from Ariel. She comes to live with her new husband on Laurel Mountain, only to find that even in this remote resort she isn't free from Ariel's influence. Now she has to face the truth about her husband, her sister, and herself. Another Whitney gem full of wonderfully dysfunctional homicidal lunatics - a counselor's dream come true.

    5. Technically I read the Reader's Digest abridged version out at my grandmother's. Still, the story has always stuck with me. I should really try to hunt down the full version one of these days.Update: Aha, Phyllis Whitney's catalog is starting to be digitized and I finally got to read the entire story.Jenny has always lived in the shadow of her ballerina older sister, Ariel. Jenny thinks she's finally found true love, but what she's really found is a modest mystery concerning the death of another [...]

    6. When Jenny marries Brendon and moves to his family's home on Laurel Mountain, she thinks she's finally escaped her sister's shadow. However, it's not so easy to get away from Ariel, who died abruptly (leaving Jenny with a lot of guilt about her inaction after an anguished phone call from Ariel). Jenny discovers that everyone at Laurel Mountain has something to hide, so naturally she tells everyone that she's going to investigate accusations about her sister and a mysterious someone starts threat [...]

    7. Old book, not a very good one. Couldn’t get it for my kindle so my mother loaned it to me. She loved it. Me, not so much. Girl tortured by living in her famous ballerina sister’s shadow, ends up unknowingly marrying the man who was infatuated with the sister and then having an affair with a man who also slept with her sister, gets to the bottom of a mystery of a death of a total stranger to “clear her sister’s name”. Too soap opera-like for me. Plus the writing style was awful. I didn [...]

    8. This book was one of the book in English (Spanish is my native language) and it was very impress I remember it was a library free book day and I took this one and was really capture by it, the story is very sad and sucks you in the world of its characters you feel the pain, the mistery and even the love I want to read it again, I lost my copy and I read it 15 years ago, amazing work by Phyllis A. Whitney

    9. This novel is set at Mohonk Mountain House in the Hudson Valley. For all of us "locals" in New Paltz, NY and surrounding towns, the place names and locale will be of particular interest. (BTW, if you happen to come across a good copy of this book, Mohonk may be interested in purchasing it from you. They like to keep a few copies for sale in the gift shop.) I read it decades ago and plan to re-read it since I found a paperback copy not long ago. I'll also lend it out!

    10. This is the first Phyllis Whitney book I've read, and I really did enjoy it. It was very emotional with lots of ups and downs. The mystery was really good I though with lots of intrigue and very well set up. I related to the main character and felt her pain throughout the story. I didn't want to put it down, so I guess that it was a pretty good book! :D

    11. One of those hugely depressing books about a girl who's always lived in the shadow of her ultra-talented sister. After that sister dies, she tries to make a life for herself. She gets married and moves to her husband's place, but guess what? Things aren't what they seem! Everyone has a secret and believe me, you don't want to know any of them. Buh-bye.

    12. I got a hankerin' to read some of the authors that first shaped my love for reading back in the '50s and '60s. This was a nice book to relax with after 4 months of pushing to read for a reading challenge.

    13. I was not as impressed with this storyline and the characters are far too shallow. It was a sad little book and I wasn't impressed.

    14. I absolutely love gothic romances with all of the mystery and the strong female characters. Phyllis A. Whitney is an amazing author incorporating an unforgettable story with amazing characters.

    15. This is my favorite book. I have read it 5 times now and each time I discover something new. Though perhaps as my life changes I better understand and see the points and plots of the story.

    16. This one appealed to a few of my interests.ery of courseGothic architecture set in the Catskills, art, dance, angst, slightly unhinged characters. Nothing too twisty, just a nice read!

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