كل ما أعرف

  • Title: كل ما أعرف
  • Author: Paul Jarvis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This book makes me want to be all gushy, and draw little smiley faces all over it. It’s that good. Even the Foreword is good-- I don’t know who Justine Musk is, but after her interesting and insightful comments, I am going to find out.“Everything I Know” is the kind of book that any creative type should read (or reread) at the beginning of a new endeavor—not to get any kind of step by step instruction or an “action plan” but to get inspired, or to be reminded of why being self-empl [...]

    2. 3.5/5Op zich best een interessant boek en een motiverend boek, maar waarschijnlijk interessanter voor mensen die net met ondernemen willen beginnen (of aan het begin staan van een project). Maar het was fijn om te lezen dat hij keihard staat achter jezelf zijn, werk verrichten en hoe hij omgaat met alle onzekerheden die bij een creatief beroep (en leven op zich) komen kijken. “What if instead of reading, you wrote? Instead of watching TV, you made videos? Instead of listening to music, you lea [...]

    3. Makes senseMakes senseI appreciated the straight talk and real examples provided. I was looking for a swift kick to get me off the "perfectionist" path and on to creating something that represents ME and this book fulfilled that need. I also live in fear of being judged by others but this book made me realize I'm being judged whether I take action or not why not do what I really want to do. I've worked in the corporate world for 35 years, it's time to start being ME!

    4. A short, enjoyable read. Motivational and inspirational too. Paul shares his life view, especially the professional career part of it. Messages include:1. Be yourself and be authentic.2. Find the intersection between your passion and what people are willing to pay for.3. Follow your values and treat everything as an experiment to pursue your values. Hence, don't be afraid to fail; they are just experiments.4. Work super hard and be extremely focused.I like this book a lot, and I highly recommend [...]

    5. I really enjoy Paul's blog posts so picking up this one was a no-brainer. Paul has a unique ability to get you pumped and inspired to get things done. His sound advice comes in clear, concise thoughts and extremely short sentences. This is "everything he knows" but the book is very easy to read and it's definitely something I'll read again later this year. After reading it, I feel like I don't have any excuse not to pursue whatever I may want to pursue in life. This may be seen as a book targete [...]

    6. Different take on what it means to be a successful creative. I enjoy this little book a lot - Paul carries that WTF attitude of a confident creative.You'll learn a lot of stuff about what it means to create 'your' authentic work, how to deal with clients and keep developing your style.Lots of his advice may seem counterintuitive, but being an artist is all about keeping an open mind.I read it twice already and will surely go for a third run.If you're a creative, you should devour this book like [...]

    7. Not everything in *Everything I Know* will work for you, but a lot of it will. Some of it may seem fresh and some of it may serve as a reminder; I experienced both as I read it. Paul Jarvis is a great writer and is someone who works very hard on getting better at his craft. If you're looking to get better at your craft and find yourself in a state of "stuckness" or in a recurring state of not knowing what to do now (and not next), then get yourself a copy of *Everything I Know*. Paul Jarvis may [...]

    8. win. Will read and review once received!I think this may be one of my favorite books out of what I have recently read. This book goes right to the point, it motivates, and at times opened my eyes on different things. This was an easy read,also, a good page turner. The author has a way with words that would get me to read more of his books or future books.

    9. A thoroughly enjoyable and fast read. Unlike Brene Brown's books, Paul did not assume his readers suffer from low self esteem.I found it to be a professional and business-y, practical, version of the lyrics to Firework (Katy Perry). I like that song.Unfortunately, my problem is not "going for it". My current problem is that I can't figure out what I want to go for.

    10. One of the best book I have read, really :) Right to the spot, opens the eyes, motivates. Liked that Paul just says that it is nothing bad to be yourself and do everything your own way. Usually books which tries to show you the way to success tells the one and only one way to it (and I don't believe it works for the readers). Liked the book, was easy and motivational read.

    11. An awesome book, I really loved reading it. But, I found it a little bit of repetitive in some chapters. Anyhow, it has valuable thoughts on how you can be your own boss. Thank you Paul for this awesome book.

    12. كتاب جيد يقدم فيه الكاتب مايعرفه عن الحياه و العمل وكيف تواجهه الخوف وانت ماتختاره في الحياه وأشياء اخرى من وجهة نظره الشخصية كتاب خفيف اذا كنت من النوع الذي يحب معرفة ومشاركة اراء الاخرين في جوانب مختلفه (مكتوب بطريقة كأنه يدردش معك !) و ليس بالضرورى تكون مع او ضد الفكره.

    13. Brilliant Outpouring of Doing and Being BetterPaul breaks down everything do you can do everything you know better. it's really am incredible blueprint to those who want to pursue their dreams. And it's also said very easy to read book with no fluffjust pure quality content.

    14. كتاب بنصائح عملية وهو كتاب خفيف بشكل لا يصدق، وممتاز أيضا.أعجبني في إسلوب بول هو البساطة وتنويهه دائما على انك شخص مختلف وقد لا ينفع لك اي شيء مما ذكر في هذا الكتاب.أعتقد أن كثيرا من المقاطع سأعيد قراءاتها عدة مرات لأن قراءة مثل هذه النصوص تتغير بتغير تجاربك بمرور الوقت

    15. Great book on leading a creative, productive life. I already knew most of this stuff, having learned it the hard way the last 20 years, but it was good to be reminded. Wish I had read this in my 20s and 30s. Highly recommended for young creatives.

    16. Liked genuine narration of this book. No secret formulas or datas, just what it takes to be a maker.

    17. Great book to read for people starting almost anything. I was challenged to consider reasons for my roadblocks to many unfinished projects.

    18. Great insights about lots of things, making you realize a lot of things that are blocking you in life and how to overcome them.

    19. Really enjoyed Paul's latest book. He's straight forward, doesn't mix words, and quite honestly, inspires me to work on my own personal projects.

    20. I loved every ingle paragraph of it. It's really something you can relate to as a human being who is not afraid to be themselves. It's not another "show you the way to success" book, when success happens to be all about the income. It's rather about how the work you do should align with your true self and true values. It's about not following the others' biased definition of fulfillment. it's about loving what you doke really! Down to earth, connected to the soul, free and real ! That's how I wo [...]

    21. رائع وصف دقيق لمشاعر كل شخص يعمل في المجال الإبداعي لن تشعر بأنك وحدك :)الهمني كثيراً وساعدني أن أفكر بحرية وجرأة أكثرأسلوب الكتاب ظريفيشعرك أنه شخص يتحدث معك

    22. حبيت لما تكلم عن web design و marketing و ان لزم تعرف كيف تسوق نفسك و عن التدوين علامة تجارية شخصية

    23. Paul Jarvis’ book Everything I Know is one of the best books I’ve read on creative process. It’s a fast read, packed with valuable insights. My guess is that if you've read and liked Steven Pressfield's books on the subject, you'll like this one too.Maccabee Montandon from Fast Company did a great job of explaining what Paul's book is all about (it's part of the description of this book).As a creative I've found an enormous value in this book and I often review the highlighted parts. This [...]

    24. I realized soon after beginning this book that it's not really the sort that I enjoy - it's a lot of short, blog-ish, encouragement to create, stay after it, don't give up, take risks, be true to yourself as you create, etc. Godin-esque in the vein of The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks & Win Your Inner Creative Battles. Fine, but not for me.Towards the end of reading this book, I started listening to Grit: Passion, Perseverance, and the Science of Success, and then the purpose of this [...]

    25. I finished this book in 2 days. A small and dense book with a lot of stories from life.Paul Jarvis is a guy whose I follow across the web: podcast, newsletter, website, Twitter and Instagram. His voice tone and a unique way to tell stories is something capable of retaining attention, with a huge opportunity to reflect. The book has a comprehensible language, that makes it pleasant to read in a few days. It's divide into 3 small parts ("books"), with chapters concisely written. If you're looking [...]

    26. As inspirational insomniac life-style books go, Jarvis is way up there. At 4:00 a.m. this morning, I finished his book, subscribed to his newsletter and hit home on the kindle to see if I had any lives built up in Candy Crush. Everything I Know is a creative manifesto of sorts-- both the Follow Your Inner Voice type and the No, For Real, Do the Work type. I did quite a bit of highlighting for various reasons, but overall, I appreciate Jarvis's blended philosophy. Stuff must get done so we do it. [...]

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