Out of Focus

Out of Focus I ve been watching you long enough to know something broke you Something you keep hidden something that weighs on your soul You pretend but your eyes betray you There s pain hidden within them but

  • Title: Out of Focus
  • Author: L.B. Simmons
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I ve been watching you long enough to know something broke you Something you keep hidden, something that weighs on your soul You pretend, but your eyes betray you There s pain hidden within them, but when you smile, really smile, the pain is gone and you re you Not the person you pretend to be And like I said earlier, I find that very interesting I want to know what I ve been watching you long enough to know something broke you Something you keep hidden, something that weighs on your soul You pretend, but your eyes betray you There s pain hidden within them, but when you smile, really smile, the pain is gone and you re you Not the person you pretend to be And like I said earlier, I find that very interesting I want to know what makes you smile, how to make you smile, and how to keep that smile a permanent fixture on that gorgeous face of yours And importantly, I want to know why you feel unworthy of that smile, and how to fix that too For years, Cassie Cooper has played the very convincing role of a confident young woman who couldn t care less about what others think regarding her actions But in reality, underneath her bold fa ade, lies a very frightened, broken little girl who s suffocating under the weight of her secrets Out of control, she continues whirling down her very treacherous path in search for anything that will numb her pain But no one will ever know With her mask securely in place, she keeps that little girl hidden, safe from the scrutiny of prying eyes That is, until she meets Grady Bennett The martial arts instructor doesn t just look at Cassie, he sees her.And with painstaking patience as their relationship grows, Grady works to help Cassie see herself Her ferocity Her strength Her ability to love and to smile He pushes her to acknowledge and embrace what she really is a survivor.But when her walls are down and her vulnerabilities exposed, Cassie is forced to face her torturous past, causing her to lose sight and plummet once again into her void of emptiness.Sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom to find the necessary strength to land safely.And sometimes, life has to become completely Out of Focus in order to finally see Upper New Adult Spinoff Standalone to the USA Today Bestselling Novel, Under the Influence WARNING The subject matter of this novel centers around the psychological effects due to sexual abuse experienced during childhood For this reason, as well as sexual situations, language, and adult themes, suggested reading age is 17.

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    1. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review“Secrets aren’t meant to be shared. They’re to remain hidden, safe from the judgment of others as they remain a burden for you, and only you, to carry alone.”L.B. Simmons continues to amaze me as she once again bewitches her readers with her words, prose, raw characters and story line. She is one of my favorite authors who has always seem to know how to capture my undivided attention. Every facets of raw emotions were literally pouri [...]

    2. ***Upper NA Contemporary Romance***In Under the Influence, the story centered around Dalton Greer’s internal struggle to keep the road he chose in order to escape his abusive childhood a secret from the girl he loved, Spencer Locke. Along the way, we also met Cassie, her quirky best friend, who was responsible for much of the comic relief throughout the book.But things aren’t always as they appear, and Cassie it seems has been hiding her own secrets. Secrets she is ready to share with you. S [...]

    3. Out of Focus by Author L. B. Simmons is book two in the Chosen Paths series. It is a cathartic story of being cleansed from the past, embracing the future, and finding one's Epilogue. It can be read as a standalone. However, if you read this book first, you will be moved to discover the beauty of Under the Influence."I was broken a long time ago, and when I was put together again, I was forever changed."I grew to love Cassie Cooper in Under the Influence. She was the supportive friend who offere [...]

    4. When I first read L.B.’s book Under the Influence, I was infatuated with Cassie Cooper because she was the fun, crazy, unfiltered best friend of Spencer Locke. She would sneak in Spencer’s window at night to hang out and spend the night, never using the front door. She was quirky and oftentimes embarrassing with her antics and the things that came out of her mouth. Her loud energy was the perfect complement to Spencer’s quiet calm. I had hoped once I finished reading Spencer and Dalton’s [...]

    5. A story of friendship, love, and hope. Cassie and Grady will own your heart. Full review closer to release.

    6. Free falling into 10 million stars*An ARC was provided for honest review for Wicked Women Book Blog*One of my top anticipated book of 2016 was Out of Focus and boy did it take me for a ride. L.B. Simmons never seizes to amaze me with her insight into the minds and hearts of the characters she writes about. With Out of Focus, she managed to dive deep into the darkness of Cassie’s soul, strip her bare for us to see the dark within and take us all on a journey that literally made your throat ache [...]

    7. Dear CassieI first met you as Spencer’s quirky friend in Under The Influence. You were the loud one. The happy one. The crazy one. You had me fooled. I had no idea the amount of pain you were hiding beneath your brash sense of humour and your bright smile. I had no idea that every single day was a battle to stay out of the darkness, a fight against your demons.You said you were exhausted. As I read your story and got a glimpse into your mind, I can relate. Because I was exhausted too. Watching [...]

    8. Okay so as you all know that every week I get the sales links ready for the next week. This is when I start choosing what I’m going to read. Well I’m not going to lie. I saw the cover and I was intrigued.Then I went to click and see the blurb”"Shhhh, Cassandra, it’s our little secret.” Secrets are stubborn things when they refuse to remain hidden. They tear through your soul, clawing and lashing until the pain becomes so unbearable, you’re left no choice but to silently scream your a [...]

    9. 3/22/16I have to give myself some time to think about what I want to say. This just totally blew me away! The writing is phenomenal! It had me in tears as I just was so affected by the author's words. I hope that I can do this author justice as far as how this book really made me appreciate the support of friends and an everlasting love. Not much I can say at this time3/29/16“I’m lost. I feel lost, I guess I should say. Out of control, out of focus, like I can’t get my bearings.” ~ Cassi [...]

    10. 5+ stars!Heartbreakingly beautiful must read!I was introduced to Cassie's character while reading Under The Influence. That story was not only one of my favorites in 2015, it is - in my opinion - a rare and precious gem in the indie book world. Cassie was the flirty, outspoken friend of Spencer who grew up next to her. She was the girl that offered endless love and support but was in return guarding her heart at any cost. I always had the feeling that there was so much more to Cassie Cooper than [...]

    11. 5+starsI was over the moon when LB Simmons  announced that she is going to write a book about Cassie Cooper, Spencer Locke's best friend from Under The Influence, which was one of my favorite books of 2015.We all know Cassie as the flirty, funny and fierce side-kick of Spencer. They are best friends since childhood who are living in the same neighbourhood. Spencer is the gentle, perceptive and romantic one of the two while Cassie doesn't really believe in love and jumps from one bed to the next [...]

    12. 5 "FUCKING PHENOMENAL" STARS.I cried my eyes out through the end of this book, and I loved every minute of it. "My name is Cassie Cooper, and it's time. No more secrets. This is my story."And what a beautiful story of love and self-discovery. We met Cassie Cooper in Under the Influence, and even though I loved Spencer to pieces, Cassie was a character that was bugging me during the whole book, I wanted to know her, wanted to know the reason behind her actions, I just wanted to know everything ab [...]

    13. LB has done it again penning a beautifully painful, moving story of a broken girl, a hero who is determined to break through her walls, and the love they shared. The circumstances that surround these main characters, Cassie and Gray, have dark, soul crushing undertones. It’s a story of healing, coping with loss, moving beyond past traumas, self-discovery, and opening oneself up to the endless possibilities of love. This was by no means a light read, but very well worth the tears I shed seeing [...]

    14. Actual rating 3.75 stars. It's clear that L.B. Simmons is highly adept at writing emotionally-charged, character-driven stories that deal with complex issues which really tug at the heart strings. Out of Focus, like its predecessor Under the Influence explores the difficult subject of child abuse. Major kudos to the author for her willingness to tackle such heavy subject matter head on. She does this is in a very credible way. It's dark, raw, painful, gritty, heartbreaking. For me, this book was [...]

    15. Cassie has ugly secrets that she hides. One of those stories that destroys you before giving you a lift of spirit. I am a fan of L.B. Simmons and once again, she did not disappoint.

    16. **Received ARC in exchange for an honest review**4.5 stars"I read obsessively to escape my own world. To live the dreams of others when, for so long, the reoccurence of my nightmares has been my reality."I had been excited to read this book as soon as a finished reading Under the Influence. I was really curious about Cassie's story, and wanted to know what happened to her. A lot of people have friends like Cassie who are the life of the party but have something to hide. They act all happy but de [...]

    17. 5++ "We'll get ya there" Stars!!This book is just wow. Although, I am not surprised. If you have read anything that L.B. Simmons has written, then you know that she can weave magic with her words. And if you have read Under the Influence, then you already have met the amazing Cassie. Cassie was hilarious in that book. She was the best friend that everyone wants or wants to be. But she also has a story and I'm so glad that L.B. gave voice to her story.Out of Focus was heartbreaking and real and b [...]

    18. If you haven't read Under the Influence (Spencer's story), then I would recommend you read that, too, although Out of Focus could still be enjoyed as a standalone. Cassandra Cooper is Spencer Locke's best friend since age 6, they grew up across the street from each other and have been through thick and thin together. Spencer is a very optimistic and positive person who wears her heart on her sleeve, so when she's feeling sad, Cassie is always there to lift her spirits. Cassie herself is upbeat, [...]

    19. OMG you guys! I just finished one of THE BEST reads EVER! That's rightI said E V E R! OUT OF FOCUS was my first read from L.b. Simmons and it WILL NOT be my last! I couldn't even pick up another book last night. I am OVERWHELMED, ENTRANCED, and AMAZED at how much this book moved me. Thank youThank you LB for sharing Cassie's story.I'm drained, emotionally spent, and yet, my heart is so goddamn full.Unspeakable tragedy turns into unparalleled beauty in this absolutely STUNNING read by Ms. Simmons [...]

    20. 'You are nothing. You are disgusting. No one wants you. You are alone because you deserve to be. You will never be happy.'These words of self doubt seem to play on a continuously loop through Cassie's mind as she goes through the motions of her daily life. Her past has it's firm grip on her and it is an exhausting way to live. She is tired of portraying a version of Cassie that she lets her friends and the world see, if only to escape the reality of being Cassie and to block painful memories.Her [...]

    21. How can someone write a review for book that left him so breathless, broken hearted and know that my own words won't do justice to this amazing book.Cassie journey is not just a story about a girl with inner demons that ruining her life, is more about the inside war she had with herself, her fight to survive, her amazing journey to find the strength to deal with her past with her present.To fight with the voices that have been haunting her for last 15 years. That convinced her she doesn't worth [...]

    22. As usual, L.B. Simmons has left me speechless. I finished this book 12 hours ago, and I'm still not able to form the right words to write a decent review. Incredible, beautiful, soul-touchingey all seem to be lacking, but this book is all of those, and more. This author's writing style is one of my absolute favorites! She brings characters and their stories to life with her words, and always deals with difficult and important themes. I don't want to reveal too much about this one, but there were [...]

    23. Frist off I had to gather my thoughts before I was able to write this review. Cassie’s story is one of true survival. A story that has you captivated from the moment you read the prologue to the end of the epilogue. I have cried happy tears and sad tears. Happy tears for the joys she experienced, sad tears for the pain she was experiencing dealing with her past. I was so happy when she found Grady who helped her confronting her daemons, trying to show her that you can land safely after you hav [...]

    24. 6 StarsONE CLICK this book NOW! Hello EPIC read!! Thanks for leaving me with one hell of a book hangover!! Seriously, two months later and I still can’t get you out of my head. I’m pretty sure you’ve wrecked me for all book couples to come. I’ve been sitting on this review for quite a while now, re-reading and re-writing it because I can’t seem to find just the right words to describe how perfect Out of Focus was. And I really want everyone who picks this book up to love it as much as [...]

    25. I have to confess that I had to read this one twice. Not my usual way but I needed to give this story the attention it deserved. I honestly felt at first that I had short-changed both the book and the author by not loving it as much as others did. Maybe I was missing something. I am now happy to report that after my second time around, this truly is a powerful read and one very worthy of your time.We watch as Cassie Cooper, who was introduced in Under the Influence (UtI), try to muddle through h [...]

    26. This book was so full of emotions and so real. Cassie’s story hits you in the heart and makes an impact. We met Cassie in Under The Influence (Spencer’s story) though you don’t need to read it beforehand, I think you should to get the full experience. Cassie suffered a horrific event when she was younger. And she coped with it the best way she could. When she meets Grady, she can’t control the reactions that she has. But she believes that she is broken and that nothing can work with him. [...]

    27. "I read obsessively to escape my own world. To live the dreams of others when, for so long, the reoccurrence of my nightmares has been my reality."I fell into like with Cassie while reading Under the Influence but was given no choice to fall in love with her in Out of Focus. As always, L.B. Simmons has written an amazing, heartfelt novel. Filled with heartache, strength and self-loathing, Out of Focus made me cry, laugh and cheer for Cassie's journey to redemption. Not redemption for another per [...]

    28. I'm once again honored to be able to experience the wonderful work of the lovely LB Simmons! When her fingers hit the keyboard, I know that her books will always be one of my most anticipated reads. This one deserves more than 5 stars, because it's seriously her best book yet. This story, these characters It needs to be read. Grady Bennett is every girl's dream and Cassie Cooper is the sassiest ball of fire that will keep you on your toes. I also loved how much Spencer (Under the Influence) is p [...]

    29. Last year I read my first L.b. Simmons book Under the Influence. The story was not an easy read. The emotions it sparked stuck with me. Again as I've just finished with Out of Focus I'm in awe of her amazing talent. Cassie's story I found it to be more emotionally draining then Spencer's. Cassie has spent years hiding her true self to those closest to her. It isn't until she meets Grady that she slowly allows herself to peel those layers apart. Yet just when she thinks she made it to the other s [...]

    30. This book follows Cassie, who we meet in the previous installment in the series "Under the Influence", as she battles her past demons to find her way to her "safe landing" The story runs parallel to "Under the Influence" outlining the events that occur to Cassie as she traverses her new relationship with Grady Bennett (the charismatic, gentle, sexy as sin police officer) with whom she connects for the first time in her life Secrets unfold and the past comes to the surface as Cassie is forced to [...]

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