Anno Dracula 5

Anno Dracula In Genevi ve Dieudonn is working as a doctor on a ship of vampire refugees from Dracula s Britain as Christina Light a vampire who can literally turn into light persuades the Emperor to cede a

  • Title: Anno Dracula 5
  • Author: Kim Newman
  • ISBN: 9781781165645
  • Page: 310
  • Format: ebook
  • In 1899 Genevi ve Dieudonn is working as a doctor on a ship of vampire refugees from Dracula s Britain, as Christina Light, a vampire who can literally turn into light, persuades the Emperor to cede a section of Tokyo to her as the Vampire Bund, a Shanghai like international settlement of the undead and her own power base New Year s Eve 1999 in the Vampire Bund in Tokyo,In 1899 Genevi ve Dieudonn is working as a doctor on a ship of vampire refugees from Dracula s Britain, as Christina Light, a vampire who can literally turn into light, persuades the Emperor to cede a section of Tokyo to her as the Vampire Bund, a Shanghai like international settlement of the undead and her own power base New Year s Eve 1999 in the Vampire Bund in Tokyo, and Christina is on the cusp of completing her hundred year plan to become an ascendant power in the world Only vampire samurai Nezumi stands in her wayIn this the fifth gripping novel in the acclaimed alternative history vampire series, Newman takes his story to turn of the century Japan and a world of cyberpunk, kaiju and yakuza.

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    1 thought on “Anno Dracula 5”

    1. Completely failed to find a way into this. I've read a couple in the series but the worldbuilding is now hugely complex and gnarly and I don't have the moral strength to find out who the giant cast all are. I also read a book #16 or something in a romance series recently that did this. I get that existing fans will love all the passing mentions of the 40+ people from previous books, but it's a bit wearing for a newbie to the series, not to mention impenetrably dull.

    2. Reading this series since: 2000 Likes: Dracula Cha Cha Cha Dislikes: Johnny Alucard This book was a risky proposition. It’s a greatly expanded prologue to another novel we know is coming, it’s the fifth book in an extremely elaborate series, and it’s a prequel to nearly everything in that series. If you were worried that this was just scene-setting for the forthcoming sixth book, have no fear, this brief novel more than justifies its own existence with great characters and tricky plotting. [...]

    3. I couldn't wait to read this as I liked the other books in the Anno Dracula series. I don't know if it was just me but it took me ages to get into the story, but once it got going I really enjoyed it.

    4. thebookloversboudoir.wordpres(ARC provided by the publisher and voluntarily reviewed)I’ve read very little by this author and never heard of Anno Dracula before but the premise intrigued me.I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I definitely want to read more of the series. I wasn’t sure what to expect and had a great time with Newman’s crazy, warped universe.One Thousand Monsters is one of the most, if not the most original vampire horror novels I’ve ever read. I love how the author blends real [...]

    5. Found this one brand-new at a thrift shop - a fate the book definitely does not deserve.Although being Part 5 in Newmans "Anno Dracula" series you don't have to know the previous instalments (chronologically it's the second story anyway), since the novel itself brings you up to speedThe premise is "Dracula" by Bram Stoker was basically a true story, except in the end Dracula won, married Queen Victoria and is now de-facto ruler of the British Empire. That's ten years ago now, and a flock of Drac [...]

    6. Note: This really is closer to a 3.5, but the pure insanity of the last several chapters moved me to round up instead of down.Anno Dracula has become an odd series for me. The first three books were all great in their own way, with Cha Cha Cha serving as a satisfying ending point. However, more books were required as part of Newman's deal with Titan in exchange for reprinting the series, which resulted in the entertaining if somewhat uneven Johnny Alucard, with multiple novellas/short stories so [...]

    7. Kim Newman's first Anno Dracula novel was released in 1992 which put it in the vanguard of the "new wave" of modern vampire fiction - a genre so well established now that it is easy to forget the hiatus of the late 70's and 80's, when those seeking stories of the best of monsters had to really dig to find something decent (apologies to Anne Rice who obviously bucked the trend).Kim Newman came up with a something to shake the foundations of the Genre. His vampire world was ground-breaking in its [...]

    8. Kim Newman returns to the world of Anno Dracula but throws something of a curveball by setting it shortly after the original Anno Dracula. It's 1899 and Genevieve Dieudonne is on a ship with a bunch of vampires who are exiled from Dracula's England. Gene and her fellow vampires, including Princess Christina Light and former Carpathian Guard Kostaki, find themselves in Tokyo's vampire enclave Yokai Town. It won't take long before trouble finds them. OK, I have to say from the off that was this wa [...]

    9. Note: I received an advance review copy of this book through I have been greatly enjoying Kim Newman's series of alternate history vampire books ever since "Anno Dracula", and this book continues the series in a fun direction. Set in the turn of the 19th/20th century Japan, "One Thousand Monsters" delivers a fun and engaging story featuring some great new characters, as seen through the perspective of the familiar character Geneviève Dieudonné. One of the wonderful things about Newman's books [...]

    10. I had forgotten how much I enjoy Newman's pastiche series and its many, many, many nods to classic and contemporary works of fiction. Just in the first couple of chapters we get things like a sailor by the name of Popejoy who gets his face scarred by a lash from a tar-covered rope but gets his eye saved only to squint forever on and sadly lose his original nickname of Hawkeye the Sailor Man. No amount of Spinach can cure that, I wager.I'm partial to stuff like the Wold-Newton books and Alan Moor [...]

    11. A few years after the events of the first Anno Dracula book, with Vlad's rule in Britain fatally undermined but his ouster not complete, Genevieve Diudonne and a host of other surly recalcitrant, revolutionary, backstabbing or too nasty even tor Tepes vamps are tossed on a boat and thrown into exile. Their long journey brings them to Japan, and Yokay Town, an enclave in Tokyo where the Emperor keeps the various monsters whose existence he does not formally acknowledge. Their position is precario [...]

    12. Newman's Anno Dracula series posits a world where Dracula defeated Van Helsing and company and married Queen Victoria becoming the de facto head of the most powerful country on Earth. It's a Wold Newtonian world where vampires from various mediums mingle with literary characters and real-life folk. And it's a huge amount of fun. That said, I struggled with this one, which is something I've never done before with any of Newman's work. I think a fair part of it is that I have very limited knowledg [...]

    13. Another good one from Kim Newman. I really enjoy the Anno Dracula series and always look forward to the next installment. This did not disappoint. Loaded with new characters and freakish monsters. We get inside the heads of a couple of intriguing, recurring characters. It has a nice, quick pace, high body count and a lot of blood. But it's the monsters of Japan that steal the show for me. They are flat out nuts. Well done Mr. Newman.

    14. Kind of a mid-quel to Newman's Anno Dracula series, this volume sees a boatload of exiles from Dracula's England (where he had married Queen Victoria, defeated van Helsing and set himself up in the open) seeking refuge in 1899 Meiji Japan, where the years of isolation have given rise to creatures as strange as the European vampires. This is very elaborate world-building, with references to anime and Japanese cinema that I am sure I did not fully appreciate.

    15. Not as good as previous entries in this steampunk/vampire series. Dracula is Regent of England after marrying Victoria, but makes no appearance in this book. This one is set in isolationist Japan where they have their own set of very peculiar vampires. British vamps seek refuge there and are put into a sort of vampire concentration camp. Stuff ensues. The earlier ones are better.

    16. Bit harder to catch all the references in this one, as my knowledge of Japanese genre is limited & certain that a few things went by - but an enjoyable read, as always.

    17. Another ripping Anno Dracula book! Keep them coming KM! As enjoyable as any of the previous volumes, making me look forward to more.

    18. Not my Favorite Anno Dracula series book, but perhaps I just don't know the references that make A.D. or Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen so much fun.

    19. A bit of a slow start but it really got going. Still love these characters and that's what keeps me coming back, also the huge amounts of blood.

    20. Yokai Town is less awkward as part of a larger work, but it still feels like it's a little too taken with the novelty of the new "bloodlines" its playing with. Doesn't come together like it should.

    21. Latest in Newman’s Anno Dracula series, One Thousand Monsters is set 11 years after the events of Anno Dracula and 19 before those of Bloody Red Baron. The story follows a ship of vampires who have been exiled from Great Britain (some for opposing the Prince Regent Dracula and others for simply being “undersirables”) who arrive in Japan in 1899. The focus is primarily on the vampire doctor Geneviève Dieudonné, and disgraced Carpathian Guard Kostaki (both from Anno Dracula) and new charac [...]

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