A White Heron

A White Heron What is an individual s responsibility to nature Does our desire to understand the world give us the right to dominate plant and animal life Should human relationships take precedence over relationshi

  • Title: A White Heron
  • Author: Sarah Orne Jewett Douglas Alvord
  • ISBN: 9781567922875
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Paperback
  • What is an individual s responsibility to nature Does our desire to understand the world give us the right to dominate plant and animal life Should human relationships take precedence over relationships with other species Is there any way for humans to co exist with nature, or must we trample, dissect, or attempt to control it Sylvia, a shy child, afraid of folks , isWhat is an individual s responsibility to nature Does our desire to understand the world give us the right to dominate plant and animal life Should human relationships take precedence over relationships with other species Is there any way for humans to co exist with nature, or must we trample, dissect, or attempt to control it Sylvia, a shy child, afraid of folks , is taken in and reared by her grandmother to spare her from the hustle and bustle of late 19th century urban, industrial life A friend to birds and animals, it is only when she is befriended by a young male ornithologist that Sylvia comes head on with conflicts over value systems and loyalties The resolution of this dilemma is skillfully wrought, revealing the complexity of the decision making process and the ethical conundrum that will save, or destroy, the earth.

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      219 Sarah Orne Jewett Douglas Alvord
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    1. (view spoiler)[Bettie's BooksThe rating, any status updates, and those bookshelves, indicate my feelings for this book. (hide spoiler)]

    2. Ela até que precisava do dinheiro, ela e sua pobre avó, mas rejeitou os 10 dólares para manter um segredo para proteger uma maravilha da natureza.

    3. You may read online here.Opening lines:The woods were already filled with shadows one June evening, just before eight o'clock, though a bright sunset still glimmered faintly among the trunks of the trees. A little girl was driving home her cow, a plodding, dilatory, provoking creature in her behavior, but a valued companion for all that. They were going away from whatever light there was, and striking deep into the woods, but their feet were familiar with the path, and it was no matter whether t [...]

    4. Nature in this story is really symbolic of the feminine and the Hunter is symbolic of the masculine. The hunter's offer of money was a lure to have Sylvy submit her independence to man. The money was a lure to the symbolic love of man. By choosing to keep the location of the White Heron a secret she is choosing to remain independent. Independence to a certain extent is good in my opinion, but I don't think that being dependent is bad - in fact in many things related to family and the gospel it i [...]

    5. What was impressed upon my mind while I was reading this was the ambivalence of the character of the young hunter whom Sylvia, the young woman, met in the woods while she was leading their cow home from pasture. First I thought he is danger, a massacre in the woods. Then I felt he is love, young Sylvia's first, and he would break her heart. But it turned out he is really interested more in finding the white heron. The rare bird Sylvia could deliver to him. But will she?

    6. "A White Heron" is a short story that reveals the importance, yet difficulty, of making decisions. The main character, Sylvia, must decide whether to tell the hunter, who is staying with her and her grandmother, where the white heron is or save the heron by keeping its location a secret. However, Sylvia and her grandmother are not wealthy and the hunter’s reward proves to be tempting. Sylvia must make an important decision before coming home to the impatient hunter.This short story could be th [...]

    7. In Sarah Orne Jewett's short story, "A White Heron," young Sylvia had to make a morally challenging decision, typical of so many tales where the main character has to grapple with some ideological, seemingly ethical, dilemma, while at the same time being so poor she doesn’t know where or when her next meal will be. On a practical level she can’t really afford to take principled stands, but if Sylvia had made the practical choice, there would be no story to tell and bore us high school kids w [...]

    8. I didn't like the story because I thought it was dull and boring. I thought it was dull because it didn't have any excitement. The story didn't didn't make me sad or happy, the only part that got me close to exited was this part "He had promised to do this, and they needed the money. Besides, Sylvie wanted to make him happy.But Sylvie was silent" (Jewett) It made me a bit worried what she would choose. Personally I like stories with more excitement. I think Sarah Jewett should have written the s [...]

    9. I think the story was good because it shows how a girl named Sylvie has such passion for birds and other animals. Yet she still wants to please other people like her grandma, and the hunter she has feelings for. In my eyes the plot was very good where a girl is torn in feelings and wants everyone to be happy and satisfied. But then she has to choose one or the other (The White Heron or the Hunter). The story says,'A strange excitement filled her heart, a new feeling the little girl did not recog [...]

    10. 3/5“El viejo pino debió de amar a su nuevo habitante. Más que todos los halcones, y los murciélagos, y las mariposas, e incluso los tordos de dulce voz, estaban los latidos del valiente corazón de la niña solitaria de ojos grises. Y el árbol se estuvo quieto y plantó cara a los vientos esa mañana de junio mientras el rocío se hacía brillante en el este”. Sarah Orne Jewett (1849-1909) cuentista y novelista que es, desgraciadamente, desconocida en nuestro país. Orne vivió toda su v [...]

    11. Shy little Sylvia, driving Mistress Mooly home one day, (her cow) runs into a stranger who asks for lodgings. He adores birds, and stuffs them. There is a paticular bird he is looking for a white heron. Sylvia knows this bird, and has an inner argument on who she loives more. the stranger, or the bird. Sylvia should be older, for her matureness. I cant believe how much story is in 50 pagesSP!

    12. A White Heron is a pretty good story about a brave, kind-hearted girl named Sylvie. I enjoyed reading the story because it was written in a nice, interesting way, but at the same time it was a little boring. The story has a great moral and it can teach people a lot about defending animals and being kind in general. To sum it all up, the story is pretty good with the moral, but it could've been a little more exciting.

    13. I really enjoyed the many dimensions to this text, even though it is a short story. The ability to read it as a child-like fairytale, on a simple level, or on a deeper metaphorical level I found the tale quite powerful with a protagonist that stayed true to herself and her female independence, even though she is still a child.

    14. This charming short story is akin to a fairy tale for adults. A case may be made for deeper metaphorical meanings, but this tale should be enjoyed simply for what it is. A girl, when asked to betray a beautiful creature, is not swayed by gain but makes up her own mind. A wonderful tale of trust and right.

    15. Like "Daisy Miller," this story reads like early Jewett--Jewett before she put it all together and fleshed it out in "The Country of the Pointed Firs." Or maybe she's just better at longer works. Still, this is a fair piece about a young woman's desire and resistance to it.

    16. A beautiful coming of age story. I loved the imagery of her world. When she reaches the tree top, I felt like I could see the world down below with Sylvia.

    17. Power of choice and whats better for life over all. Nice little story with far more meaning than some might realize.

    18. The story was short, sweet, and simple. Nothing amazing, but I really liked it. It was cute, had a good ending, and was intriguing. Loved Sylvia. Content: G- No inappropriate content.

    19. I thought the length of the story affected the detail in the storyThe story is in third person. I think the third person gets well with the plot

    20. My favorite short story in the world! I want to name my future daughter Sylvia after the outdoorsy, inquisitive, animal-loving girl in this story. Definitely one to pass down!

    21. Best Book ever written. Does a nine year old give up her soul symbolized by a White Heron? I read this in 1974 and it still reads as great in 2008.

    22. I honestly thought it was pretty dull and boring. I couldn't really explore all of the characters, it felt like it was only taken from Sylvie's POV and I didn't know much about the grandma. The short story might be good if your bored and having nothing to do (personal opinion). The story didn't really give me any kind of emotion to be honest I just really felt blank while reading it. If I didn't have to read it for school I wouldn't have read it. I think the idea of the short story was a nice id [...]

    23. Whenever I truly love a story, it gets a rainbow of stars drawn in above the title. This one was particularly worthy of the rainbow. It's likely I will continue to dream of this story for years to come.

    24. I didn't really like the story because I thought it was a little bit dull and boring because I think the story should have been longer so that she could have put more detail and depth into the it. But she did make it clear to the reader what was happening throughout the story. Plot: The story starts when a girl goes to her grandma's house to help her. Then she meets a man in the forest Who is looking for a special bird to kill for his collection, but she does not understand because she says how [...]

    25. The book was ok because there wasn't much but interesting enough because, I don't want to spoil anything so read it yourself and write what you think. Here's what I think:The book was great, technically not much in the book, but great for a small book. I really like the way of having a protecter and a killer. The protecter is the protagonist, the main character. The killer is the antagonist, maybe even the heron is the antagonist, causing tension to the protagonist. The protagonist is always the [...]

    26. I don't think I would read this book again because it didn't have enough detail in it, I think the story could have been more detailed. The book wasn't too long but because it was so short it wasn't so exiting. A White Heron is about a girl and her grandmother, they live in the woods and one day a young boy comes and says that he is looking for a white heron (because he shoots and stuffs birds). The girl wanted to make the boy happy by finding the bird for him. She found the bird but she couldn' [...]

    27. Wordy, yes, but it is very moving. It makes you feel how a part of your life that you had wished to live has been taken away an how much you have been deceived by the modern world and its scheme of values. It is a terrible loss, at least it was for me. This story breaks you on the inside and is devastating, although the story is not grim at all, on the contrary, but maybe is that what it makes it even more hard. I needed to take some aire and shake my head after I read it, and above all, holding [...]

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