A Tragic Kind of Wonderful

A Tragic Kind of Wonderful For sixteen year old Mel Hannigan bipolar disorder makes life unpredictable Her latest struggle is balancing her growing feelings in a new relationship with her instinct to keep everyone at arm s len

  • Title: A Tragic Kind of Wonderful
  • Author: Eric Lindstrom
  • ISBN: 9780316260060
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Hardcover
  • For sixteen year old Mel Hannigan, bipolar disorder makes life unpredictable Her latest struggle is balancing her growing feelings in a new relationship with her instinct to keep everyone at arm s length And when a former friend confronts Mel with the truth about the way their relationship ended, deeply buried secrets threaten to come out and upend her shaky equilibrium.For sixteen year old Mel Hannigan, bipolar disorder makes life unpredictable Her latest struggle is balancing her growing feelings in a new relationship with her instinct to keep everyone at arm s length And when a former friend confronts Mel with the truth about the way their relationship ended, deeply buried secrets threaten to come out and upend her shaky equilibrium.As the walls of Mel s compartmentalized world crumble, she fears the worst that her friends will abandon her if they learn the truth about what she s been hiding Can Mel bring herself to risk everything to find out

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    1. Mel Hannigan has a lot on her plate, not only is she still grieving her brother's death but she recently fell out with her three close friends. Mel also lives with bipolar disorder, hiding it from everyone outside of her family. Mel experiences rapid cycling through out the day and tries to cope with it by keeping logs of how different aspects of her are doing. She gives them all different animal names and keeps track of her anxiety and mood. A retired psychiatrist who lives at the nursing home [...]

    2. That’s a really, really cool cover. Even though I didn’t love the book with all my heart, I still don’t think I could separate myself from it – gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous sparkly cover.I was crazy excited about this story. Are you familiar with the meme for book blogs ‘‘Waiting on Wednesday’’? You feature a book you’re anticipating, once a week, on Wednesdays. I don’t do many of them, because of a lack of time, but I did do one for this book in particular. It’s not amazin [...]

    3. I LOOOOOOVED this book. I'm giving it 4.5 stars because the majority of the book was a "4" for me, but the ending was such a strong 5 stars that I just HAVE to bump it up.This was my first read regarding a teenage main character with bipolar disorder. It was strange because this is actually the first mental health fiction novel I've read where I wasn't able to connect in some way, whether it be from my own experiences or my family. Now I cannot speak for the representation, but it was a really i [...]

    4. Mental illness is something many people, including teenagers, live with every day. Yet all too often, these people force themselves to deal with their illness in secret, hiding the truth from loved ones and friends for fear they'll be treated differently, that people will expect less (or more) of them, and that they'll always be thought of as a person with a mental illness rather than simply a person. But of course, not letting those they care about see the truth means that they aren't willing t [...]

    5. “I wasn’t really sick, at least not in the way where you eventually get better or die”Fluffier than I imagined.Certainly a more than decent read: had its moments, for sure, even with the surprising lack of that ‘punch’ I had expected all that time reading, essentially, in one sitting.“Is that the kind of person you are?”“Hell if I know. Depends on the day. On the hour. I can be all kinds of different people”I feel there were a few potentials that didn’t pan out. Relationships [...]

    6. (I received an advance copy of this book for free. Thanks to HarperCollinsChildren’sBooks and NetGalley.)“Dr Jordan told me everyone with bipolar disorder is different – endless variations of moods, emotions, intensity, frequency, reactions, episodes, delusions, breakdowns – but even so, according to him, I’m unusual.”This was a YA contemporary story, about a girl with bipolar disorder.Mel was an okay character, although I found it quite hard to keep up with the way she tracked her m [...]

    7. Engagingionate.enticHeartbreakingBeautiful! Mel Hannigan has recently been diagnosed having bipolar disorder. She is learning about the illness from her doctor and how to manage it.but at 16 years old you can only imagine how much she'd like to crawl into a hole and not even face 'learning' anything. And talking with her therapist she'd rather just take the pills and bolt the sessions. We also know very early into this story that Mel's older brother, Nolan, died. Her parents get a divorce soon a [...]

    8. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to the author, Eric Lindstrom, and the publisher, Harper Collins Children's Books, for this opportunity.Mel Hannigan is harbouring a secret. More than one, in fact. The first is that she's not an only child. The second is that her brother is dead. The third is that they both have bi-polar disorder.Mel works hard to separate the life lived inside the confines of her mind from the life of school friends and typical teen ang [...]

    9. 3.5 stars. I absolutely adored Eric Lindstrom's first book, Not If I See You First, so I was pretty excited about reading this one. And there was a lot to love in this book. The portrayal of bipolar disorder is pretty great. I love that Mel works at a nursing home/retirement community/thing, hanging out with old people for funsies because it's what she's good at. I loved that we have a teenage girl who gets her period and whose period has a significant impact on her mental health. As with Not If [...]

    10. Actual Rating: 3.5This was so fluffy - I loved it!That's the thing about it though; there were so many "rom-com" parts of this I enjoyed reading, and although I loved reading about the interpretation of bipolar disorder, all in all it didn't resonate with me much.Mel is a sixteen-year-old with bipolar disorder, which she keeps a secret from her friends because she doesn't want to be treated differently. When an old friend she had a falling out with confronts her again, Mel's carefully crafted fa [...]

    11. Once again, Eric Lindstrom brings us a story that’s kinda cute and fluffy and is bound to make you laugh, but which has a decent helping of meatiness, too.At first glance, there are some things that can seem a little shallow, and though it’s true that overall this feels like it has a little less heart than Lindstrom’s previous book, Not If I See You First, and the friendships feel a little less developed, there is still plenty here to love, and his second offering is one that is as easy to [...]

    12. A great read for bipolar disorder representation, and I felt like I really understood and empathised with the mindset, but I'm tragically disappointed with the lesbian shaming that happened in regards to Zumi, and the conversations about sexualities felt like the written equivalents of nails on a chalkboard that made me want to shove my Kindle under a pillow and never pick it up again.I felt a little confused with the introduction of David, and the ending was so close to being the romance-as-par [...]

    13. actual rating: 4.5How can you have a future if you can't accept your past? I enjoyed this second book by Eric Lindstorm more then i did his first book i feel like this one had more fleshed out characters and i could distinctly hear the different characters voices while i was reading it more then i did in his debut novel. This story follows Mel Hannigan a 16 year old girl who is living with bipolar disorder and reeling from the death of her brother, she not also dealing with the loss of her broth [...]

    14. 3 1/2 stars. The first book I read by Eric Lindstrom was about a blind girl with a traumatic past. It was also one of the best contemporaries I read in 2016. Similarly, this second book by the author follows Mel Hannigan, who has bipolar disorder and is suffering from a traumatic past.Even though the plot was very similar to Not If I See You First, I still really enjoyed it. I think the author has nailed writing realistic contemporaries - while making them unique and enjoyable, they also inform [...]

    15. Unputdownable. Powerful eyeopener. Into a world lots of people know nothing about. Bipolar. It is heartbreaking and uplifting to see how Mel deals with her new diagnosis. It is eye opening to see how the world treats her, how her relationships with her friends and family and had changed and the struggles that she has to face on a day to day basis. I think this book was written really well and it was heartening to have a look into someone else's world. It is a book about empowerment and how yes i [...]

    16. This is an utterly rare and compelling read that leaves the reader thinking long after the last page. Eric Lindstrom takes us through the life of Mel, a girl suffering from bipolar disorder since her brother committed suicide. Mel's personality is particularly striking: beneath her cheerful and somewhat sarcastic nature, she is fundamentally damaged. To me, she is a reminder of how much of ourselves we keep hidden under the surface. Yet, her story is filled with hope, the desire for meaning, and [...]

    17. 4/5. Super interesting, I liked having a look into Mel's thoughts and being able to understand her more, living with bipolar disorder. Quite recommend this!

    18. I have no idea if I will be reviewing this, I'm still indecisive.A Tragic Kind of Wonderful is a very accurate book. It represents people who have bipolar disorder type 1 and rapid cyclers extremely well, so if you want to get educated on the subject, or want to see yourself represented I highly recommend this.As far as trigger warnings are concerned, obviously there are some for bipolar disorder, manic episodes,mild depressive episodes, mention of suicide. Imo, I didn't find it triggering at al [...]

    19. I feel so torn about this book. I enjoyed some aspects and others I struggled with so much that I almost gave up on the whole thing. Unfortunately, I found the bulk of the story slow-going with the focus being on teenage angst, friendship and relationships vying for top billing instead of mental illness. It isn't until two-thirds of the way through the book (when I had almost given up) that I finally could sink my teeth into the story. It's at this point that Lindstrom gets to the heart of Mel's [...]

    20. I have no words to tell you how much I loved this book. Literally, no words. There’s just too much I’d like to say, but I’d probably end up saying “I loved it” again and again and again.I think the only way to “review” this book is listing the 10 things I loved the most about A Tragic Kind of Wonderful.So, here you are.1. The main character. Mel Freaking Hannigan is one of the best main characters I’ve ever read. And… Seriously, Mel is so “me”. I don’t have bipolar disord [...]

    21. Mel is dealing with the loss of her brother, the loss of her 3 bestfriends, and being diagnosed with Bipolar disorder.A Tragic Kind of Wonderful is exactly what the title states. A story where Mel's character gripped me from the first chapter, her family sucked me in, the mysterious slow reveals of her old friendship days, her personality and genuine care of other people.All the characters in this story are so important to Mel's journey and there are done so well, every character introduced felt [...]

    22. Goed boek! Eerste helft vond ik vooral sterk door het coming of age-proces op het gebied van vriendschap, maar in de tweede helft wordt Mels bipolaire stoornis echt heel goed neergezet en werd het enorm heftig. Heel bijzonder en intens hoe er een stem wordt gegeven aan iemand met een stoornis die goed te verbergen is maar ook een erg grote impact kan hebben. Zitten veel mooie dingen in. Uitgebreide recensie: thebookreview/recensies/con

    23. I received a copy of A Tragic Kind of Wonderful from HarperCollins New Zealand to review. I read Eric’s debut novel, Not If I See You First, last year and loved it. So I was looking forward to reading this.A Tragic Kind of Wonderful deals with the grief of losing a child and brother as well as mental illness. I’ve been reading more books about mental illness and I don’t think it’s something that should be hidden and not talked about. Mel hid it from some important people in her life. She [...]

    24. This review was originally posted on (un)Conventional BookviewsA Tragic Kind of Wonderful had my whole body in knots. Mel made my heart break so badly, and at the same time I'm so happy to have met her - to get a glimpse into how life might be for someone who suffers from bipolar disorder. Story: After a horrible shock, Mel became so sick she couldn't go to school for several months. Afterwards, though, she never shared with her friends the actual reasons for not coming to school. She didn't wan [...]

    25. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Reading books about mental illness is so important because there is still a lot of misinformation out there about what mental illness is, especially in regards to certain conditions such a bipolar disorder. There are stereotypes that seem to have stuck and I appreciate a good try at getting rid of them because as someone who has to deal with it themselves, it's good to have representation on the [...]

    26. DNF 40%I TRIED. I did really try. DNF-ing this book pains me. It hurts my booklover heart. Because it's not that this book is bad, it's that I am just not into it. I am seriously struggling to get through it and I find hard picking it up. The characters don't interest me, I am zero engaged and I don't really think it's a good enough portrayal of the mental illness it presents.But it wouldn't be fair to elaborate because I can't even remember the main character names.For me it's definitely a forg [...]

    27. Loved it. Second book by this author I've read this year and both were amazing.Oh wow. I absolutely adored A Tragic Kind of Wonderful by Eric Lindstom. I had only read the author's debut book, Not If I See You First, earlier this year and I loved that too. So I requested A Tragic Kind of Wonderful based on the strength of his first book. But when I found out that his new book is about a girl with bipolar disorder? I was immediately intrigued. Books involving mental illnesses are amongst my favou [...]

    28. I received a copy of A Tragic Kind of Wonderful by Eric Lindstorm from Harper Collins Australia in exchange for an honest review. This has in no way influenced my thoughts and feelings about the book.This is one of those book that is hard to review. It’s one of those books, where readers are going to have lots of different thoughts. There are lots of different ways that mental illness can present, people experience if differently and people relate to it differently. Overall, I thought this was [...]

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