My Map Of You

My Map Of You Holly Wright has had a difficult few years After her mother s death she s become expert at keeping people at a distance including her boyfriend Rupert But when Holly receives an unexpected letter ex

  • Title: My Map Of You
  • Author: Isabelle Broom
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Holly Wright has had a difficult few years After her mother s death, she s become expert at keeping people at a distance including her boyfriend, Rupert.But when Holly receives an unexpected letter explaining that an aunt she never met has left her a house on the Greek island of Zakynthos, the walls she has built begin to crumble Arriving on the island, Holly meets theHolly Wright has had a difficult few years After her mother s death, she s become expert at keeping people at a distance including her boyfriend, Rupert.But when Holly receives an unexpected letter explaining that an aunt she never met has left her a house on the Greek island of Zakynthos, the walls she has built begin to crumble Arriving on the island, Holly meets the handsome Aidan and slowly begins to uncover the truth about the secret which tore her family apart.But is the island where Holly really belongs Or will her real life catch up with her first

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    1 thought on “My Map Of You”

    1. It has been weeks since I first finished reading this book, and days sicne I finished it for the second time and still, I am trying to pull myself together and write the review that will make you see how much I love and appreciate this story.I don't have the recipe for the perfect novel (if I did, I'd become a best-selling novelist myself, or any kind of novelist in that matter), but I do know what kind of ingredients I like in my books.And guess what?This book has all of them.I will try not to [...]

    2. I read a lot of books.I read a lot of books, from a lot of genres. I read books by male authors, and female authors. I read fiction, I read non-fiction. I read a lot of books. I very very rarely call a book 'perfect'. There's been The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough and A Woman of Substance by Barbara Taylor-Bradford - they were many many years ago. There's been The Vanishing Act of Esmee Lennox by Maggie O Farrell and A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. Each of those books are 'my' p [...]

    3. 5 stars to another gorgeous Greek ChickLit read!I would like to thank the publishers Penguin Random House and the author Isabelle Broom for sending me a copy of My Map Of You in exchange for an honest review. I would also like to apologise for the late review, I'm sorry!The story takes place both in London and on the Greek island of Zakynthos. From reading and exploring the settings of Zakynthos within the story, it looks and feels like the dream place not just to stay on a short break but to li [...]

    4. This was the perfect read for my recent holiday in Greece as it really brought to life the sounds, sights and smells of this beautiful country. I'm sure to be reading it again in the winter to remind myself of those warm, sunny, lazy days

    5. I never heard about this book before i saw it in my library and thought that the cover looked like a perfect easy summer read. It was a nice summer read and the first almost 150 pages where interesting enough that i thought it would be a great read bad sadly after around 200 pages the book really started to get boring for me. I am not completely sure what it was but it just felt like the story dragged out endlessly, we constantly got the same information in just a little different way and the ac [...]

    6. I didn’t so much fall in love with the characters in this story but the setting, the Greek island of Zakynthos (Zante). I just couldn’t help myself, by the end of the read I was texting my husband “We HAVE to go there”. It was described beautifully and I really felt as if I was right there, sipping cold drinks in the tavernas, queuing for the tour buses, relaxing on secluded sun soaked beaches. This really is a fantastic summer read, really putting you in the mood for that Mediterranean [...]

    7. Disclaimer: I received this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.You had me at ‘Greek island of Zakynthos’. The setting for this book, beautifully depicted on the cover, hooked me at once. What a perfect backdrop for romance.I was expecting this novel to be a love affair with the island, and in some ways it is; but there is so much more on offer.First, Holly’s love life. Strictly speaking, there should be no developing romance in the book, because Holly already has a boyfrie [...]

    8. I know some authors dislike their books being classed as Women's Fiction but it is a genre and it's one that I have read hundreds of books from over the years and so I like to think I know something special when I read it. My Map of You is without doubt one of the best books that I have ever read from this genre, and I want to say that it's the best I've ever read but I'm still in that euphoric state of happiness after finishing such a perfect book that I can't make that decision just yet. My Ma [...]

    9. 4.5 starsI wanted to read My Map of You as soon as I set eyes on that gorgeous cover! What is inside this book is just as beautiful as a story of family, heartbreak, grief and secrets unfolds on the Greek island of Zakynthos.After a difficult upbringing full of heartache life has finally settled down for Holly Wright. Now she works and lives in London and has a devoted boyfriend. Holly’s done a good job of putting her past behind her but that all changes when she receives a letter from a late [...]

    10. La vita che Holly ha sempre conosciuto viene messa sottosopra da una lettera di una zia che non sapeva di avere e che ora che è morta le ha lasciato una casa a Zante, piccola isola della Grecia. Non che la sua vita fino a quel momento sia stata favolosa: ha un lavoro che non le piace, un fidanzato bello e ricco che non sembra appassionarla. Tutto questo perché vuole sentirsi amata e l’unico modo che trova è quello di nascondere la vera sè stessa e fingere per farsi accettare.Per giorni tie [...]

    11. What a wonderful book. I really loved it. It was fluently written and hard to put down. Nice mixture of emotions. I certainly recommend it.

    12. Inhaltsangabe:Der Tod von Hollys Mutter hat sie ziemlich aus der Bahn geworfen und seitdem läßt sie auch niemanden mehr so richtig an sich heran. Sie hat zwar seit einem Jahr einen Freund, der sie über alles liebt, Holly mag ihn zwar auch sehr gerne, doch hört sie nicht auf ihr Herz und handelt nur danach, wie Rupert sich ihre Beziehung vorstellt. Daher ist sie umso erstaunter, als sie einen Brief von ihrer verstorbenen Tante aus Zakynthos erhält, indem diese ihr ihr Haus vermacht. Doch Hol [...]

    13. My Map Of You is Isabelle Broom's début novel under Michael Joseph and as soon as I heard about it I knew I just had to read it. When I got the email to say I'd been approved for an advance copy I was so excited I even dropped my phone.The book I was reading took a back seat and I delved straight into the world of Holly Wright, the main character of this story.Holly has had a bit of a tough life, after losing her mum in the most awful of ways it's safe to say she has built walls up around her m [...]

    14. Ignoring the excellent story for a moment, Isabelle Broom’s novel could easily be sold as a travel brochure for Zakynthos. It has certainly made me long to return, and I didn’t have the most sunny of experiences, given when I visited with my family (six long years ago…) we had the most rain that the island had seen in over twenty years (as we were cheerfully told by every single person we met!) Despite the rain of my experience, Isabelle really captures the magic of the island, and she per [...]

    15. My Map Of You is Isabelle’s debut novel and I know a lot of people have been waiting impatiently to read it! Isabelle is Heat magazine’s books editor and so has a lot of experience in reading and reviewing books and so it was only a matter of time before Isabelle turned her hand to writing one. My Map Of You is a novel that takes place mainly on the rather luxurious sounding island of Zakynthos in Greece. When Holly is sent a letter by an aunt she never knew existed, her life is thrown into [...]

    16. Oh, I think I need a holiday. If after reading My Map of You you don't feel the urge to go and book yourself a Greek holiday then I don't think you and I are going to get along. This is the perfect beach read for the summer - a touch of romance, a hint of sunshine and a very foxy male lead means this the book I'll be recommending to all my friends for their summer beach read.Isabelle Broom writes brilliantly - she describes the sights, sounds (and the food) of her Greek island so well, it made m [...]

    17. This is just the kind of thing I would like to do – follow a treasure hunt trail of clues and find something unexpected at the end. What a sense of romance and fun! Turns out that there is a certain young man who helps her in Greece and I was cheering for them every step of the way.Booktrail the locations in the novel here - fancy a trip to Greece?Interview with the lovely Isabelle here Cuppa and cake with IsabelleA real feel good and romantic read but with a real sense of adventure and search [...]

    18. Well what a lovely read this was! It was recommended to me as a beach read, and I would definitely recommend it as a perfect companion to a beach holiday. It's highly evocative of Greece, the smells, landscapes, food and the people are described so well and transport you there. It's a light read, although it delves a lot deeper than I initially thought it would as the main protagonist is taken on a soul searching venture, and we join her as anger and hurt are transformed in to forgiveness and lo [...]

    19. I'm torn between wishing I kept this back as a holiday read, and glad I read it ASAP! It's got to be 5 stars - it's a perfect example of a contemporary romance! An unhurried mystery with flawed-but-loveable characters dealing with serious issues. There's a love story, of course, but it's secondary to the larger themes of the book (although having said that, the chemistry is excellent!). As others have said, the setting-building is absolutely top-notch here and would have earned the 5*s on its ow [...]

    20. Un tuffo in un'isola brulicante di vita e di pace.una dolcissima storia d'amore.un profondo viaggio nell'anima di una ragazza un pò confusa e smarrita che alla fine riesce comunque a trovare la strada di casa. dove meno se l'aspetta.Davvero un libro delizioso.La mia recensione nel blog di ROMANTICAMENTE FANTASY SITO in questo link:romanticamentefantasy/r

    21. This is a beautiful book, with many more layers than I expected. Many have called this a 'holiday read' (maybe because it is indeed set on a gorgeous Greek Island) but this doesn't do it full justice. The novel explores themes of love and forgiveness, of who we are, and where we belong. Holly, the main character, is thoroughly likeable, and I was on her journey of discovery with her.

    22. A beautiful travelogue and romance set in Greece and London, easy to read and visualise. I can almost taste the Greek salads and grilled sardines that Holly keeps writing about

    23. Das Buch „Olivensommer“ ist der Debütroman der Autorin Isabelle Broom. Es ist die Geschichte von Holly, die einen unerwarteten Brief aus Griechenland erhält, da sie momentan nichts besseres zu tun hat, fliegt sie dorthin um die Angelegenheiten zu regeln.Ich muss sagen, dieses Buch hat mir recht gut gefallen, denn es ist eine Art Liebesgeschichte, aber zugleich auch eine Familiengeschichte, denn man erfährt recht viel über Hollys Mutter und die Vergangenheit und so erfährt man auch als L [...]

    24. "My Map of You" is Isabelle Broom's debut novel and I can only say that it was a helluva of a debut! First novel, and SO good, I am really, really impressed. You know, sometimes there are books that are light and easy and with a nice topic but the writing style is wooden, stiff and doesn't let you to enjoy a book. However, "My Map of You" was written in a fantastic, easy to follow way, full of warmth and I had a feeling that the book is reading itself - I immediately felt at home with the story, [...]

    25. What a gorgeous book - I am honestly speechless. I must admit that when I picked this book up in a garden centre for £2.99 I wasn't expecting much, and had never heard of Isabelle Broom. However, as I got through more and more pages I just found I couldn't stop thinking about it, the characters, and the scenery and I feel that this book spilled into my life whilst I was reading it, which I don't think I've ever been able to say before about any other book I've read. I felt a true connection wit [...]

    26. 'My Map of You' by Isabelle Broom was an enjoyable, heart-warming holiday read. I engaged with its heroine Holly and I liked how her first boyfriend was portrayed as a really nice guy (not as a pretentious, smarmy person as many of them are written). The Greek island setting was superb and lovingly described. I did get a bit annoyed with the aunt and Holly's mother and the rather ridiculous feud that continued all their lives. However, I thought the ending was just right and nothing like most ch [...]

    27. Holly ist ein Mensch der alle auf Abstand hält. Sie verhält sich gegenüber jeden so wie er es erwartet. Doch dann erhält sie einen Brief von ihrer Tante aus Zakynthos und ihre Mauern beginnt zu bröckeln. Sie reist auf die griechische Insel und versucht, den Spuren ihrer Familie zu folgen, eine Familie voller Geheimnisse.Irgendwie passt Titel und Cover nicht wirklich zusammen. Nach dem beenden des Buches hat der Titel auch nicht wirklich gepasst. Es keine reine Liebesgeschichte, sondern eher [...]

    28. Good romantic chick lit I liked this book. I liked the story line, I liked that it wasn't all about romance and that it was partly about Holly discovering what happened in the past and about her finding herself as well as learning to love. I look forward to reading more books by Isabelle Broom.

    29. Very good. Loved the characters and the setting of this book as they just leaped of the page and with regards to the setting I felt like I was in Greece as it was described so vividly. Loved how this story panned out as it was a change from the usual romance story even though at times I was screaming at the characters when they did certain things, it all got worked out in a satisfactory way that suited the story. Recommend.

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