Kate Remembered

Kate Remembered For seven decades Katharine Hepburn played a leading role in the popular culture of the twentieth century reigning as an admired actress a beloved movie star and a treasured icon of the modern Ameri

  • Title: Kate Remembered
  • Author: A. Scott Berg
  • ISBN: 9780425199091
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Paperback
  • For seven decades Katharine Hepburn played a leading role in the popular culture of the twentieth century reigning as an admired actress, a beloved movie star, and a treasured icon of the modern American woman She also remained one of the most private of all the public figures of her time.In 1983 at the age of seventy five, her career cresting the four time AcademyFor seven decades Katharine Hepburn played a leading role in the popular culture of the twentieth century reigning as an admired actress, a beloved movie star, and a treasured icon of the modern American woman She also remained one of the most private of all the public figures of her time.In 1983 at the age of seventy five, her career cresting the four time Academy Award winner opened the door to biographer A Scott Berg then thirty three and began a special friendship, one that endured to the end of her illustrious life.From the start, Scott Berg felt that Katharine Hepburn intended his role to be not just that of a friend but also of a chronicler, a confidant who might record for posterity her thoughts and feelings Over the next twenty years, Kate used their many hours together to reveal all that came to mind, often reflecting on the people and episodes of her past, occasionally on the meaning of life.Here are the stories from those countless intimate conversations, and much In addition to recording heretofore untold biographical details of her entire phenomenal career and her famous relationships with such men as Spencer Tracy and Howard Hughes, Kate Remembered also tells the amusing, often emotional story of one of the most touching friendships in her final years Scott Berg provides his own memories of Katharine Hepburn offstage quiet dinners in her town house in New York City, winter swims she swam, he watched in the Long Island Sound at Fenwick, her home in Connecticut, weekend visits with family members and dear friendseven some unusual appearances by the likes of Michael Jackson and Warren Beatty Finally, Kate Remembered discusses the legendary actress s moving farewell, during which her mighty personality surrendered at last to her failing body all the while remaining true to her courageous character.Kate Remembered is a book about love and friendship, family and career, Hollywood and Broadway all punctuated by unforgettable lessons from an extraordinary life.

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    1. Audio read by Tony Goldman. What a delightful audio book! I laughed out loud several times and Mr. Goldman does an excellent job with Ms. Hepburn's voice. I don't know if I realized what a wicked sense of humor she had. She was very family oriented, was known to fall in love with some of her leading men and enjoyed the simple things in life. Spencer Tracy was the love of her life but they never married. If you are a Kate fan you will enjoy this book!!

    2. Kate Remembered - A. Scott Berg – 20120804I have read this biography twice, or actually read it once and listened to it once. It might very well be the best biography I have ever read.Having first read the book from the library (and then purchasing it) I was to leave on a business trip and saw the audio book at the library. During my long drive I listened to the audio book.Either version is highly, HIGHLY, recommended by me. The twists and turns, names and dates, understanding of the film indu [...]

    3. Although this book is not bad it does seem a little pointless since about 95% of information in it was already available in Katharines autobiography 'Me'. The other part is about the author and is self serving. He goes on about the other famous people he knew, how great his other books are, and how great Kate thought he was. He's not unlikeable but does seem a little into himself. The strange part is he helped Kate put together her book so he knew exactly what was in it. Why did he feel the need [...]

    4. I thought this book had some really great moments and was perfect in that it was written by a close friend of kh's(not some random biographer), but also a person renowned for writing biographies. A little too much about the writer at the beginning, but all and all very fun to read about the amazing personality that was katharine hepburn. I made a list of must-see old movies to rent while reading.

    5. This is not an objective book about Katherine Hepburn and the author makes this clear up front. This is an homage to a friend by a friend who happens to be a writer. In a way, this makes it more enjoyable and fun to read for a Kate Hepburn fan. There are no new revelations, but then Hepburn revealed all while she was alive. So this is just a fun read that feels like you were invited to sit in while friends talked.

    6. Recommended for: Katharine Hepburn fans and Golden Age film buffsBuddy Read with Samantha GlasserWow! This was a well-written and informative book. I enjoyed all the background information. I also thought that the reader gave a good performance. It was so refreshing to learn more about one of the Old Hollywood stars that I consider my favorite. In my opinion, the sheer length of almost 400 pages of the hard copy of the book makes it more ideal to listen to it than to read it. I also think that i [...]

    7. I loved every bit of this book. Every page. Every word. Mr. Berg made me laugh the whole way through his journey of his friendship with Ms. Hepburn. It's not a thousand pages about her youth or a troubled personal life, etc. It's a poignant, well-pieced together story of a woman who knew exactly what she wanted out of life. Mr. Berg's description of Kate made me want to be her best friend, to be like her, to know her through and through. I often find myself reading biographies but having no opin [...]

    8. Such a great book! It's very personal, and not unbiases--which is the main part of the fun. I love Katharine Hepburn anyway, and it's good that I didn't read this with my netflix queue in the same room. If you're at all interested in Hollywood history, this is a must read!

    9. This book is really good and it's got really interesting facts. The relationship b/t Scott and Kate is fun and quirky. And the insight on Kate's life and her relationships was so interesting. You can't help but like her even more.

    10. A. Scott Berg started out to write a magazine article for Esquire, and he wanted to include Hepburn. Knowing she seldom saw people, he got in touch with mutual friends in the hope it would open the gate for him.It took a long time, but once the gate was open, it was open wide. Hepburn introduced him to her housemate and assistant as "my biographer", and his chin fell on the floor. The relationship began in the 1980's, and she made it clear that he was not to publish it until after her death.I st [...]

    11. Not the type of book I would normally read, initially I thought that it was not too bad. It is indeed as the author states a personal biography that is heavily influenced by his personal acquaintance and interactions with Katharine Hepburn. It is very readable but it does not concentrate enough on the subject of the biography. A. Scott Berg tends to weave in his own personal acquaintances with other Hollywood celebrities and indeed devotes a significant number of words to the life and opinions o [...]

    12. Another "rescued" book. Reasonably entertaining hybrid of biography and memoir. The author became a pretty good friend of KH after approaching her for an interview about Sam Goldwyn. KH and my father were both kids growing up in Hartford, she about 5 years older, and their paths crossed some(according to him). She outlived him by about 25 years though. That's what smoking and too much booze will do. KH an example of a person whose life is fascinating and full of achievement but who's not that in [...]

    13. Added 5/29/14. (audio version)Hear a sample here:audible/search/ref=a_p3/12/17 - I've been listening to an audio CD of this book. I loved it. I had forgotten that I had listened to it once before (although I knew I had read something similar about Hepburn, probably Me: Stories of My Life by Katharine Hepburn ). I'm changing my rating from 4 stars to 5 because I think the author has done a terrific job! I'm going to search for more biographies by him-The narrator of this audio book is Tony Goldwy [...]

    14. I don't generally enjoy Biography, but this was different. Katharine Hepburn has always been one of my favorite actresses. She was such a strong, modern woman. She wasn't without flaws, but she was such a presence both on and off screen. Author Berg became part of her inner circle after convincing her to do an interview for Esquire magazine. He painted such an intimate portrait of her life. On the jacket of the book, he says he can't call this a biography, because he got too close to Hepburn to [...]

    15. Good book. She was such a brilliant and beautiful actor.ways spoke her mind and never minced wowrds. My favorite movie of hers was "The African Queen", and she talks a lot about the time spent on this movie.

    16. I am a huge fan of Katharine Hepburn and found this book excellent at sharing her compelling life story. She meets and befriends so many odd famous people from the 1930s into the 2000s. I was simply mesmerized. The author's eloquent words appeared truthful and graceful, as Miss Hepburn.

    17. Everything I could want to know about Katherine Hepburn.Berg captured the essence of who she was throughout her life on and off the screen. I received the hard over the day after it came out, when she died in 2003.

    18. this is the best biography on katherine hepburn out there. she became friends with the author before he became her biographer so there is a much more personal feel to the book than most biographies. i enjoyed every minute of this book.

    19. I enjoy biographies. I knew little of Kate before reading this book, so I learned a lot. great words of Hepburn wisdom about the meaning of life: "to work hard and to love someone. and to have a little fun along the way". it's not rocket science but it works for me!

    20. I was a bit worried when I started reading this book that I would find out that Katharine Hepburn was unlikeable but this book was a fascinating portrait of her life. Hepburn met the author Scott Berg when she was in her 70s and they remained friends for the remainder of her life (she died in 2003 at age 96). Berg published the book after her death but it doesn't seem exploitative or try to whitewash Hepburn's flaws. Hepburn seemed to be pretty honest about mistakes that she had made in her life [...]

    21. Berg's real problem is that he only knew Katharine Hepburn at the end of her life, but then again I doubt she would have had time for him prior to that period. This is a once-over-lightly memoir, perfectly enjoyable to read. But it is what it is, which is to say a friend's recollection of a woman who was clearly fascinating at one point in her life, perhaps not as much during the twilight years. Characters that she knew pop in and out of the book. Some of them seem more interesting than Hepburn, [...]

    22. Katherine Hepburn has never been one of my favorite actresses; I must admit that up front. Nevertheless, this is an engrossing and at times touching account of the author's friendship with her over a number of years. Her personality would have me heading for the doors in a few minutes, but the author found common ground with her and learned how to deal with her at times prickly personality. And I did come to appreciate her acting skills through his stories of their discussions and through his re [...]

    23. This is the most enjoyable book I have ever listened to on Audible. Listening to Tony Goldwyn (who, it was pointed out to me before I read it, is Samuel Goldwyn's grandson) read this book truly enhanced my enjoyment of it. It is also somewhat of a memoir, as Scott Berg "remembers" his friendship with Kate. I liked him, so his Pulitzer Prize winning "Lingbergh" is next on my nonfiction reading list. If you love Katharine Hepburn, you will love this book. Thank you Nick Harvill for the recommendat [...]

    24. This is worth a look because it is from the perspective of an unexpected friendship. Through the long friendship of A Scott Berg and Kate Hepburn, the author provides more than a few of her unvarnished opinions about all things, plus the touching journey of their friendship as Kate tackles advancing age and all that comes with it. Really enjoyable look at one part of an interesting and fulfilling life.

    25. I had read this before, but reading All the Stars in the Heavens reminded me that I enjoyed it and wanted to re-read. Just as gossipy, sweet, and delightful as I remembered. It's a good "bit at a time" book.

    26. I love bios. I love Hollywood. So, reading a bio about one of Hollywood's greatest actresses wasn't too much a stretch. I really enjoyed this one because the author actually respects the person he is writing about and just doesn't go for the juicy dirt, expose-style bio. You can find out about people without breaking their trust, which is exactly what Berg did here. Excellent bio.

    27. Total guilty pleasure and an easy read while visiting with family. I am fascinated with Hollywood during the studio era when she was beginning her career and she was such an amazing character. This was a relatively schmaltzy but endearing and interesting read. I recommend it for fans of the lady and of pop culture.

    28. I liked this book. But I went into it knowing very little about Kate. I really liked the beginning and the end, but the middle kind of dragged for me. I thought there was too much spent on, which actors were in every movie she made. I liked the stories about her life, but some of the parts about her career read too much like a resume for my tastes. She was a very interesting woman!

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