هجوم الأرواح


  • Title: هجوم الأرواح
  • Author: R.L. Stine
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 279
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      279 R.L. Stine
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    1. But before I had a chance to eat, Joey called out to me from across the table. "Hey, Harry - look!"I glanced up from my plate.He picked up his fork - and jammed it deep into his neck!"Ohhh." I let out a groan. My fork fell from my hand and clattered to the floor.Joey grinned at me. The fork bobbed up and down, stuck in his neck.Something is strange about the camp Harry and his brother Alex have come to. For one thing, they were the only kids on the bus going to camp. And the kids at camp seem to [...]

    2. This book didn't look like it'd be very good, but it turned out to be alright, more or less. It was a little predictable, though.

    3. I remember having "goosebumps" when I read this book 10 years ago. Good times. I loved how this one ended, it was too much for a 10 year old and I couldn't sleep after reading it. I had to read a couple of my Disney Comics before I finally had the guts to turn off the lights.

    4. A book review of Ghost CampBy Kyaw Kyaw, Grade 7, Yangon International School Harry and Alex sign up for Moon Spirit Camp, a camp with many weird traditions and weird jokes. What seem to be jokes, though, become serious. Sliding a hand into the fire—it is a joke right? Or, isn’t it? The Ghost Camp, one of the books R. L. Stine’s Goosebumps series show realistic but ghostly jokes. Moon Spirit Camp was the only camp still accepting enrolment for summer when Harry and Alex returned from vacat [...]

    5. Oh, do I have to review this one? 1. I didn't like the book that much and 2. I don't remember it! Well lets start with the cover, the ghost walking in uniforms doesn't happen in the book. I wanted to know why they were all ghost except for the girl in the back, but that was never answered. Its not a bad book, but I just couldn't get into it, I guess he more scifi it is, less interest I have. Anywho, two brothers go on a long bus ride alone (nice parenting) to a camp they didn't want to go to but [...]

    6. Δεν είναι ακριβώς ένα από τα καλύτερα βιβλία της σειράς, αλλά αγγίζει δικές μου ευαίσθητες χορδές και προσωπικές "ανατριχίλες", συνδεδεμένες άμεσα με τα εφηβικά μου χρόνια. Άλλωστε, το σκηνικό μιας κατασκήνωσης πάντα προσφέρεται για να αποτελέσει σκηνικό τρόμου και ο Stine ξέ [...]

    7. This is as standard as Goosebumps gets. The end is absurd, the story has a fair amount of foreshadowing, and the characters are nondescript. Not great, but not horrible. There is one glaring plot hole, though -- why in the world didn't the kids ask about those sticky blue puddles on the floor of the cabin? Would it really have been so difficult to ask the guys, "Hey, did someone spill some Monster Blood, or are you dripping ectoplasm?"Honestly. '90s kids.

    8. Libro entretenido que cumple su objetivo, dado el público al que va dirigido. Si yo no hubiese visto la serie de tv, le habría puesto más estrellas, pero es que a medida que lo leía veía referencias o guiños a otros tres libros d ela colección: "Pánico en el campamento", "Visita aterradora" e "Invisibles". El título tampoco ayuda mucho a que te lleves una sorpresa y es un spoiler en toda regla jajajaja.

    9. Ghost Camp (Goosebumps #45), R.L. Stineعنوان: شبح اردوگاه - کتاب 45 از سری دایره وحشت (22) ؛ نویسنده: آ.ال. استاین؛ مترجم: رویا خادم الرضا؛ تهران، ویدا، 1386؛ در 152 ص؛ شابک: 9789642912148؛ موضوع: داستانهای وحشت آفرین از نویسندگان امریکایی برای کودکان و نوجوانان - قرن 20 م

    10. Haven't read a Goosebumps book in years. This was a blast from the past and makes me eager to go collect the rest of my childhood literary memories. R.L. Stine is a good author, both for kids, and even now as an adult.

    11. The monster in the story was completely uncalled for. The story is about ghosts, that's enough for one small children's book. And that ending was so stupid. It made no sense for the ghosts to all disappear the way they did. With Alex getting the short end of the stick, I am not a happy camper.

    12. Okiedoke, this could have been a good book but it missed the mark. R.L. Stine's Ghost Camp has two brothers going off to a camp where they encounter spooky specters. This should be really A-to-B stuff, but moves that would have had a narrative or emotional logic just aren't followed. So, for instance, the two protagonists could have discovered that they were ghosts themselves, which would have been awesome, and an appropriate twist given the story. Or they could have become ghosts. But instead w [...]

    13. Vennad Harry ja Alex lähevad suveks Kuuvaimu laagrisse (vabatõlge nimest Moon Spirit). Kuigi nad püüavad end vastupidises veenda, tundub see koht juba esimestest hetkedest peale kummaline ning kaaslaagriliste naljad ja tondijutud kõhedusttekitavad. Aja käigus selgub, et kõik laagris olevad inimesed on hoopis vaimud, kes ei saa antud kohast muidu lahkuda kui elusat inimest kandjana kasutades. Edasine on juba natukenegi õudusjutte lugenud inimesele ettearvatav.Olen Goosebumpsi raamatuid en [...]

    14. Reader beware you're in for a scare! I'm gonna read like it's 1994! I was 6 when I first started these books, borrowed 'Night Of The Living Dummy' from one of my friends and I was hooked from there. I read them all through the 90's and loved them. I only stopped when the 'Goosebumps 2000' series came out but I'm not sure if that's because they were rubbish or I was just getting older and had started to lose interest. Was really enjoying this one until the end. Stine must have really struggled fo [...]

    15. Ahh, R.L. Stine. The book does what it says on the cover. A couple of brothers go to a Ghost Camp. Of course, they didn't know in the beginning, but very quickly they figure it out. And there's protoplasm! And, in typical Stine, fashion, there's a little twist ending. One of the brothers gets possessed by a ghost. This is all meant to be very ominous, but a few pages earlier it was explained that it would only be temporary. So it's not that scary. Though given the ghosts apparently disintegrate [...]

    16. Read this a couple of years ago. I still remember the storyline because this was perhaps one o the most disturbing goosebumps book I had read in this series. It is a about a camp named Camp Spirit moon.It seems to be a normal place but the Spirit part of the name is not a coincidence. The campers start to play jokes on the two newcomers. At first they seem to be just ill-humored but they start to get more serious as time passes. Horrified, the protagonists try to cope with and understand these p [...]

    17. This book was pretty great. It talks about 2 kids, Harry and Alex, who are going to camp spirit moon. The other campers play a LOT of jokes on them, but soon, the jokes get serious and very creepy, when one boy stuck a fork in his neck, and when one girl puts her arm in a campfire, and when anoter boy jams a sharp pole into his foot. Soon, Harry discovers that the campers were GHOSTS, and at the end, something terrifying and important and suspenseful event happens! Read this book to see!

    18. Another book from Goosebumps series that I collected. I loved it, though it's not exactly my favorite. I do enjoyed reading this book but seriously, I'm so looking forward to read this book to my 8-year-old cousin.

    19. Estos libros me traen muchos recuerdos de mi infancia. Son libros que se disfrutan mucho, que se leen rápido y que son amenos, simples, ligeros. Con 16 años algunas partes siguen generándome alguno que otro escalofrío. Admiro profundamente a R.L. Stine por lo que hace, por como escribe. Pronto voy a ponerme con más libros de esta serie y con más libros del autor :)

    20. Currently rereading my original Goosebumps collectionThis is the third camp based book in the Goosebumps series, and it's quite clear that R. L. Stine has something against camps. I love ghost stories and although this one is fairly predictable it was fun to read and I did like the ending.Read from June 22, 2014 - June 23, 2014

    21. Not as good as The curse of camp cold lake, it has too many exclamation marks and false leads. The second half is a lot better than the first and kids should get a kick out of the mystery/revelation. The ending is a little cute/humorous with how it played out. Takes awhile to get into as the writing feels less sincere, but it warms up as it goes.

    22. Goosebumps ghost camp is great horror book, really entertain to read, author author use easy words, imagery to help reader easy to understand and figure out, it's book but I think that it just like a comic book. Good book, simple word and entertain.

    23. Harry and his brother Alex end up at Camp Spirit Moon with only a few weeks left of summer. The camp councilors and the campers like to play jokes and when they first get there they act like Harry and Alex are the only ones. The jokes continue, but they're not really jokes more like freaky events. Lucy sticks her hand into hot fire another kid gets a tent stake in his foot and claims it missed him. Two stories are told about the camp where this fog rolled in and when left the camp was all dead. [...]

    24. Readers Response:I enjoyed reading the Goosebumps series. These books are short but interesting. This story was about “I” and Alex (siblings) going to a camp. There were creepy things that happened in the story like in the camp cabin, there was blue gluey, gel like, unhuman things on the ground, people was floating when they were sleeping, students stabbing knives through there neck and didn’t get injured All that made Alex and “I” felt weird until when their friends finally told them [...]

    25. Ghost Camp by R.L. Stine is a tale about a boy named Harry and his brother named Alex. Alex is one of the best singers that harry knows, and Alex loves to sing the Beatles. One of the problems with Alex his that he gets car sick and turns green on bumpy rides. One of the things that is very wired in the beginning is that there is no one at the camp at all. They walk for a little bit then hear a man run after them he said that it was just a joke and told all the campers to come out. After that th [...]

    26. This is another good Ghost goosebumps book. Camp is always strange when you get there. But what happens if camp isn't the only thing that is strange? Well two brothers go to camp to have a fun summer but it's not what they expect. Both wanted to go somewhere different but their parents waited too long to sign them up for camp and well they got stuck with a camp that still was able to take kids. Things was strange from the moment they got on the bus. But why was things so strange and what is this [...]

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