Vaulcron On a mission to save his people from being destroyed Vaulcron must team up with a human reporter known as the Great White Shark She s beautiful cunning and definitely hiding something Vaulcron will

  • Title: Vaulcron
  • Author: Ditter Kellen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • On a mission to save his people from being destroyed, Vaulcron must team up with a human reporter known as the Great White Shark She s beautiful, cunning, and definitely hiding something Vaulcron will do anything for his family, even if it means breeding with the one woman who can destroy them all Mallory Cahill hadn t become the lead reporter of channel eight news by bOn a mission to save his people from being destroyed, Vaulcron must team up with a human reporter known as the Great White Shark She s beautiful, cunning, and definitely hiding something Vaulcron will do anything for his family, even if it means breeding with the one woman who can destroy them all Mallory Cahill hadn t become the lead reporter of channel eight news by being weak Feared by some and hated by many, she d do anything to get the story, no matter whose toes she had to step on to achieve it When Vaulcron, a Bracadyte Prince, virtually falls into her lap, Mallory jumps at the chance to interview him She hadn t counted on falling for the gorgeous alien any than she expected to be running for her life from the very government who had promised to protect her Recommend reading the books in order This is not a serial, and it does have a happy ever after, but the story moves forward with a new hero and heroine in the next book.

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    1 thought on “Vaulcron”

    1. I just finished Ditter Kellen's Vaulcron, and I have to say that I am absolutely blown away by the story. When I first picked up the first book in the series, What Lies Beneath, honestly, I was hesitant about it. I don't read sci-fi romance. LikeAT ALL. However, Kellen mixed in many of the paranormal elements that I enjoy so I ended up falling in love with the story and subsequently the series. The next book in the series, Naura, ramped up the action and suspense that started in Enigma. There we [...]

    2. Vaulcron is book 3 in the Enigma Series. I really wanted to love this one like I loved Tony and Naura but unfortunately I didn't. I felt something was missing through out the entire story. I never felt any connection between either character. I will read the next one because I'm pretty curious about the Healer.

    3. This was such a beautiful addition to the series! Vaulcron and Mallery's story was full of heart pounding danger and an awesome love story! This is the third book in the Enigma and they just keep getting better and better!

    4. Vaulcron is book three in the Enigma series and the intensity shows no signs of slowing down! This one is a bit different than the previous two, it's darker and a lot more heart wrenching. The evilness of the people responsible for Mallory and Vaulcron's imprisonment had me gasping in shock. I can't go into detail but some secrets and coverups are finally exposed which picks up the pace even further!I loved the switch up in this one, it's awesome when the heroine can be the one to save the day a [...]

    5. These books just keep getting better and better! OMG, I so want number 4 right now! Well-written, keep you on the edge of your seat suspense coupled with the sex gods of the Gulf. oh my! Yum! More please, Ms. Kellen, soon!

    6. I won this audiobook in a giveaway.This is about Mallory aka The Great White Shark and Vaulcron. I have to admit that I was not expecting Vaulcron and Mallory to get together. Vaulcron has always been a secondary character. We did not know much about him aside from the fact that he is the oldest son and the next in line for the throne. He also seemed to be carefree and just all-around happy. Other than that there was no information about him.Mallory on the other hand is a reporter and it seems a [...]

    7. I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinions. Welcome back to an amazing world where a new type of paranormal lives the Bracadytes .In this third story we meet up again with Vaulcron who is on a mission to save his people from the corrupt human government who has placed the blame of outbreak that is wiping out humans on them. Vaulcron meets and is interviewed by Mallory Cahill known as the Great White Shark .They want to get the real story out to the public and get the ones [...]

    8. Have it in Audio . Book 3 in the series. Paranormal story of a Merman and a human . Hero is Vulcron . Heroine is Mallory. Vulcron is the prince to the Merman . The virus is spreading like wildflower and both the president and VO of the States are trying to cover up the government Mistake . Mallory brings Vulcron to shore so she can ran a story on his people. But there is a problem with that Mallory feels an attraction to Vulcron . With that she doesn't want to tell the world where Vulcron people [...]

    9. I love this series so much which says a lot because I am not typically a sci fi lover when it comes to books. movies yes books not so much however this series is wonderful. Ditter does an amazing job with her descriptions and her characters and makes me feel as if i am part of her world. it is amazing and i am so glad i got to review it

    10. Vaulcron by Ditter Kellan was another good book in the Enigma series. Vaulcron teams up with a human reporter known as the Great White Shark to save his people. Mallory didn't expect to fall for Vaulcron but running for her life helped her realize her feelings. I can't wait to read the rest of the series.

    11. Mallory and Vaulcron story is a well written love story. Although my heart broke for Vaulcron due to Mallorys selfishness. She always seemed to put her career first instead of her love for him. But yet I understood her because all she wanted to do was protect him and for the truth to come out. Can't wait to see what's next!

    12. Another exciting and entertaining storylineVaulcron is yummy and is the perfect match for Mallory aka The Great White Shark! Although the love stories are or at least seem quite similar they are all sexy and steamy! Those Bracadytes sure could teach the humans a thing or two or ten! MmmmMmmmen again they are also learning a few things from their human mates *wink, wink

    13. YES! Ditter does it again.d no doubt will keep us wondering about the rest of the guys and gals in the series. a must keep reading you hope doesn't end soon.

    14. Another Awesome Book In this Series! Loved Vaulcron & Mallory ' s story. Drama, action, and love unfolding. I highly recommend it. You won't be disappointed

    15. The third book in an unputdownable series. Mallory & Vaulcron's story was packed with lots of action and true page turning frenzy.

    16. This book was an amazing read. It has everything from romance to the bad guy being a evil rat bastard. It even has a ultra smart sexy reporter for female lead. And the hero is water swimming/gill breathing bunch of hotness. This is book three put it down and read the first two first. Highly recommend it too much happens in the first two books that you will need to be up to date on.

    17. Another great read by Ditter Kellen! This series just keeps getting better and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a hot romance with lots of action.

    18. Vaulcron (Enigma Book 3)By Ditter KellenReviewed by Jaime KurpYou need to read this series in order. This story is about the Bracadyte clan and how they try to save their race. Vaulcron is the prince and gets in touch with a reporter, Mallory Cahill, to tell his people's story and how they are not the ones to blame for all the deaths. Mallory jumped at the opportunity to have a story of the year. But what she didn’t plan on was falling for Vaulcron.I can’t wait to see where this story goes. [...]

    19. Vaulcron, a Bracadyte Prince and heir to the throne meets Mallory Cahill a reporter known as the Great White Shark.But all of Mallory's predator instincts as a reporter disappear upon meeting Vaulcron and change to a predatory nature of another kind. The attraction is Hot, Passionate and all-consuming.Vaulcron arranges an interview with Mallory to expose the Government behind the conspiracy to blame the Bracadytes for the Deadly epidemic killing thousands of humans. The President, being unable t [...]

    20. Vaulcron is another intriguing read by Ditter Kellen. Her stories keep you hooked , line and sinker to the very end - and you await the next story , after the last page has been turned.Vaulcron meets the Great White Shark in this installment, Mallery :D There connection is instant and there end goals the same. Both stubborn and strong they are a perfect fit. I enjoyed the chemistry between them , she certainly was his match both in and out of the bedroom ! Once again Ditter's Gods of the sea wil [...]

    21. A great seriesThis series is wonderful. Characters are fully developed and follow through out the series. The plots are full of twist and turns. I highly recommended this series

    22. Get BittenI will say it again Ditter Kellen is writing a fabulous series that keeps me coming back for more. The Enigma series just keeps getting better with each book. Vaulcron is book three of the series when he gets the chance to interact with the humans one on one for the first time. He is intrigued by the “Great White Shark” reporter Mallory Cahill. Mallory did not get where she is at in business by being weak so when she gets a chance to meet with the prince of the Aukrabah she plans o [...]

    23. I started reading this series out of order and from the first story that I read, I was kinda sucked in. I had to read the other stories to find out how everything initially happened. I’ve got one story left before the next one comes out and ironically; it’s the first one. In Naura, Vaulcron becomes enamored of Mallory Cahill a reporter known as the ‘The Great White Shark’ for her relentless pursuit of a story. He sets up an interview with her to meet her and to tell some of the Bracadyte [...]

    24. Book thee in the Enigma Series! And by far my favourite!! I was anxiously waiting the prince of the Bracadytes Vaulcron's book. He was so cute in the others that I couldn't wait to read his story. I'm glad that he got together with the Great White Shark aka Mallory Cahill. They make a great couple! She appeals to his naivety and he makes her softer. I really enjoyed it. Love the love between these two. So natural. Mallory trying to get her story out that the president is behind the outbreak of t [...]

    25. Well omg how hot is Vaulcron :-). Mallory is one lucky lucky woman to have such a hot but gentle Prince. Vaulcron the prince of Aukrabah has travelled to find Mallory to help his people,to stop the American government killing needlessly, and to help with a cure for the Incola virus. The government believe the poison in a Bracadyte is the reason thousand of people have died and thousands more will as it spreads. Mallory sets up and interview with Vaulcron to show the people who is responsible for [...]

    26. This is the third installment of the story line. Each book focuses on a main character couple with a main story line happening in each book. After the landwalkers bombed the gulf above their home, Vaulcron decided he needs to get the landwalkers to see who the Bracadyte's are and what better way than Mallory Cahill.Mallory Cahill is a reporter known as the Great White Shark. She cannot pass up the exclusive Vaulcron is offering her. However, with the spread of the Incola virus on land the U.S. G [...]

    27. Book 3 is as good if not better than book 1 & 2 if that's even possible, the great white meets and falls for Vaulcron, a stunning piece of man candy, I am loving the Bracadyte world, they are all officially now my book boyfriends, this series would make an outstanding film franchise, if onlyThe book flows just like the other two, each story tells the whole story but from different sides, highly recommend each book in this series

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