Just the Thought of You

Just the Thought of You Quinton Mann and Mark Vincent still as dangerous intelligent and perceptive as they were when they started playing mind games with each other and still in love With Quinn having inherited the Mann

  • Title: Just the Thought of You
  • Author: Tinnean
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Quinton Mann and Mark Vincent still as dangerous, intelligent, and perceptive as they were when they started playing mind games with each other, and still in love With Quinn having inherited the Mann family estate in a state of serious disrepair, he and Mark with the help of their family and friends decided to fix it up and then live there, together But when a mysteryQuinton Mann and Mark Vincent still as dangerous, intelligent, and perceptive as they were when they started playing mind games with each other, and still in love With Quinn having inherited the Mann family estate in a state of serious disrepair, he and Mark with the help of their family and friends decided to fix it up and then live there, together But when a mystery from the Mann family past intersected with the death that led to Quinn inheriting the estate, Mark and Quinn were determined to solve it, and see Quinn s cousin DB and his ladies safely married But there are always eyes watching two such dangerous men Would they be able to continue their relationship without nosy, judgmental people trying to put an end to it

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    1. RR January 2018Now I'm more eager than ever to read the next book, but it isn't even out!!! I need to practice patience.

    2. This one has to be my favorite so far in this series. I say so far because after how this one ended I know there has to be more coming. This book really delves into Mark and Quinn's relationship. They are making a home together. Marriage has been mentioned. Talks of having children has been said. I am so excited to see where this kind of information will lead us in the future for these men.I really loved how the story flowed. There was little to no retelling in this one considering the men are t [...]

    3. Getting Sweeter Every DayWhat a wonderful continuation of a story between two early middle-age spooks for the U.S. who meet in 2003, fall in lust, then in love--but not without complications.If you read her Spy vs. Spook series, and the first two of this current series, you will be stunned by what Tinnean has done in this one (well, Tinnean has a way of stunning you). This one is an alternating POV between Mark and Quinn during a short period of time subsequent to them saying, "I love you," to e [...]

    4. Finding out that there were three new books was like getting the moon on my hand, I was that happy. I started reading from the 1st book again and really didn't want to finish. I wanted Quinn and Mark to last 4ever and ever. I really loved how far they've come together and how the characters grew in each book. I seriously hope there's gonna more books. This series is undoubtedly one of my favorite books

    5. Ok, first off let me say I did enjoy the book, but I was also disappointed in it. It felt like just a bunch of fluff. As if Tinnean had to produce something for us fans and just threw this together. The writing is good, and the characters are true to their personalities, but as a re-reader of the whole series from the beginning I felt not enough happened or mattered. *Spoiler*Except for the mention of the women and her child, Quinn's reaction to children in general, and what happened at the end [...]

    6. This was another good entry in the series and moves the story along nicely. The book starts right after the end of the last in the series. Mark is recovering at Quinn's mother's house. Quinn and Mark are beginning to think about restoring Mann Manor (a historic home that Quinn inherited in the last book) so they can have a home together. We get glimpses into the conclusion of some past stories while we see how much Quinn and Mark have grown as a couple. It was good to visit with characters from [...]

    7. Loved reading about Mark and Quinn again! I wish this book had been longer, because there is so much going on in it. One mystery that still needs a solution to and then there was what happened with Quinn at the end. I can't wait for the next book!

    8. I love this series. This book was a little different in that we had both Vincent & Mark's POV, which I think really worked. There was very little action in this book compared to the previous books but I still really enjoyed it.

    9. If I knew we would not have the normal or satisfying ending I wouldn't read it. The story plot is nothing special and somehow Author Tinnean wrote it boringly. It's very unsatisfying reading material.

    10. Just the Thought of YouMark and Vincent are an auto buy for me. I love this series. The stories all mesh together beautifully, I am going to start with first book this and re-read them all. I highly recommend this author and this series.

    11. I still love these two! But I do miss the intrigue and suspense of the Spy vs. Spook series.Maybe in the next book? Please let there be a next book

    12. Tinnean grows on you; she sneaks up and takes over when you're not looking (a bit like Mark, without the violence). I started the Spy v. Spook books reading for the characters and their relationship, and being annoyed by the frequent changes of POV and the apparent lack of structure in the plot. Six books later, I am enjoying the POV changes, I'm re-reading books in parallel to see how all the events line up, and I am still annoyed that there is about as much dramatic structure as a soap opera. [...]

    13. Be still my heart! I'm so glad there are more books out about Mark and Quinn - if you haven't read the "Spy vs. Spook" series yet, you should (absolutely should) read it before this series.I also suggest the "Light in Your Eye" series right after the Spy series, before this one. It's about Theo and Matheson and is well worth it.

    14. I've decided to rewrite and add to my review, because I really didn't do justice to Tinnean. This is a great continuation of the saga of Mark and Quinn. The threads from the prior stories are being drawn together. The book focuses a lot more on the deepening relationship between our guys. They are planning their life together and for the future! There are also events that add some new characters and relations, and Quinn and Mark meet the crew from "Best Laid Plans". Events from that story are ex [...]

    15. I have been a big fan of the Mann of My Dreams series since I first discovered it on the web. This one didn't fail to deliver. My only critique is that the author brought in characters from another series, but gave them different last names, Tom Weber/Tom Hanson and Jack Jackson/Jack Sweet and she killed the one off. Although they had a bit part in the book, I became distracted enough when I read their part that I had to go and check the other book (Friends and Lovers, better unpublished then pu [...]

    16. 3.5 starsThe period of time that the writer thought to describe (2003-2005) was very long, so it's understandable the decision to divide it into two books but what is interesting and new is the end. I would have removed the parts set in LA, since the story of Drum is somewhat implausible and incomprehensible (probably something important for the future, but still). In addition, too many trips described in minute detaisl when they could be easily summarized. All this with the aim of recovering a [...]

    17. I was so excited to see this book come out. Vincent and Quinn are right up there on my list of favorite couples. This installment in their ongoing saga took place right after Vince rescued Quinn from a terrorist group in Paris. There's a slight mystery to solve, which really wasn't much of a mystery to be honest, but it didn't matter in the least because it was just so awesome to read about Vince and Quinn again. For me, these books are like having a huge hot fudge sundae-not much substance real [...]

    18. OMG I love Mark and Quinn so much and this was an excellent addition to an amazing series. I didn't want the story to end because I just adore them and their family and friends. My only regret was not reading this sooner, heck I was checking periodically for the next installment and when I found book 3, albeit a few months late, I was wrecked with anticipation. I wanted to devour the book, but I decided on savoring every chapter and it was well worth it. I can't wait for the next book and hats o [...]

    19. This book was certainly different to the previous installments. There is less naughty scenes. The writing format is different. I miss the old one. With that said, I'm just grateful that I got another fix of Quinn and Mark. They're getting more and more romantic and I'm all for that. I was disappointed at how it ended just as it was getting more interesting. I've been waiting for Quinn to what he did in the end. I wanna know more. *sigh* guess I gotta wait for book 4. I'm looking forward to it. I [...]

    20. Another Great Mark and Quinn AdventureAs usual I was excited to read more about Mark and Quinn. I was not disappointed, I enjoyed it from cover to cover. Please keep the stories coming and I promise to read every one. Hurry with the next one. I like the way their relationship is growing, and how Mark, estranged from his family is integrating into Quinn's. I also like that Quinn is mellowing Mark a little and conversely he is getting edgier. This is a must have for me.

    21. It's like meet old friends and ask how are you, how life goes. This story was was a mixed of mystery,domestic life, romantic love. Maybe it wasn't so exciting and truly there were so much similar names to remember but I liked it the same.

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