Hold Still

Hold Still Maya Taylor an intense gifted English professor has a tendency to retreat when she is needed most escaping on long morning runs or finding comfort in the well thumbed novels in her library But whe

  • Title: Hold Still
  • Author: Lynn Steger Strong
  • ISBN: 9781631492655
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Paperback
  • Maya Taylor, an intense, gifted English professor, has a tendency to retreat when she is needed most, escaping on long morning runs or finding comfort in the well thumbed novels in her library But when she sends her daughter Ellie to Florida to care for a friend s child, it s with the best of intentions Twenty and spiraling, Ellie is lost in a fog of drugs and men desperMaya Taylor, an intense, gifted English professor, has a tendency to retreat when she is needed most, escaping on long morning runs or finding comfort in the well thumbed novels in her library But when she sends her daughter Ellie to Florida to care for a friend s child, it s with the best of intentions Twenty and spiraling, Ellie is lost in a fog of drugs and men desperately in need of a fresh start Her life with this attractive new family in Florida begins well, but Ellie is crippled by the fear that she ll only disappoint those around her again And in the sprawling hours of one humid afternoon, she finally makes a mistake she cannot take back.The accident hangs over both mother and daughter as they try to repair their fractured relationship and find a way to transcend not only their differences but also their startling similarities In Maya s and Ellie s echoing narratives, Lynn Steger Strong creates a searing, unforgettable portrait of familial love and the tender heartache of motherhood from the sweltering Florida heat to the bone cold of New York in January Churning toward one fateful day in two separate timelines, Hold Still is a story of before and after and the impossible distance in between.Heralding the arrival of a profoundly moving new talent, this novel marks a taut and propulsive debut that builds to a perfect crescendo, an ending that is both surprising and true Marcy Dermansky Hold Still explores the weight of culpability and the depths and limits of a mother s love.

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    1 thought on “Hold Still”

    1. Different writing style in this one, took a while to get used to, more blunt maybe, sparse, something I can't quite put my finger on. Told from two perspectives, a timeline fluctuating before the event that changes all, and after when those affected are trying to pick up the pieces. Not a big fan of theses back, and forth timelines though sometimes they work very well, depends on the book, in this one felt it kept me from fully engaging with the characters.Family of four, two college professors [...]

    2. I received a copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review. I really enjoyed this book, I couldn't put it down!This story revolves around a mother and daughter's tumultuous relationship. The book is broken up so that it is told from two points of view and two timelines which stem from a central, devastating event. The mother's chapters are told after the event, while the daughter's chapters lead up to the event. Overall, the story is really hauntingly, melancholy in the best way. The pac [...]

    3. Maybe it is my picky nature or maybe because of how forgettable the story was. I did not care about any character or even tried to care, since the chapters were so short. My main problem with books like this is that the chapters do not leave any room for me to show interest in the following chapters. At least be concise, this was just really boring an mundane. Where is the characterization? Where is the consistency? I just did not care at all where the story was going, just lackluster all over.I [...]

    4. A really grim look at love and motherhood, the novel is gripping from start to finish. I found this to be an interesting read, although the writing was a little uninspired. There are many female characters here - mainly writers - and quite unsatisfied: and most of them run out on their kids for one reason or another. Maya, a main figure, is a Columbia University lit professor and a jogger and half the book is dedicated to her running around NYC. She's had a troubled upbringing, which not surpris [...]

    5. Wow, this was terrible. It had been compared to Everything I Never Told You, one of my favorite books, which is what interested me in this one. After finishing it, I'm entirely insulted at the comparisons to EINTY. Aside from basic structural and thematic similarities, these two books are leagues apart in plot, character development, and writing skill level. I do not have one redeeming thing to say about this book besides the one quote I liked from the very beginning of the story (which I shared [...]

    6. As Maya, the mother in the middle of her family's disaster (and maybe even in a strange way a bit of the cause) tells what led up to a tragedy her daughter is wrapped up in. Maya and Ellie (her daughter) have a strained relationship and we slowly learn why. Ellie is wayward, the child in the family who somehow manages to 'mess up everything'. She doesn't seem to light her mother up with happiness the way her brother Ben can, much more put together than her. While reading, seeing Ellie as the los [...]

    7. Selected by The Huffington Post as one of the '32 Books to Add to Your Shelf in 2016', Lynn Steger Strong’s heartbreaking Hold Still depicts a young woman’s journey towards a fatal mistake, and examines the culpability of its characters. It’s about family, and the depths and limits of the ties that bind.Steger’s debut is told from two perspectives in separate timelines: the past and present, or pre-catastrophe and post-catastrophe, if you prefer – with various flashbacks in between. St [...]

    8. W. W. Norton & Company and NetGalley provided me with an electronic copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review.Hold Still is a novel that is clearly separated into two distinct time periods: both before and after a tragic event that impacts the family. In an attempt to save their daughter Ellie from a dangerous drug related spiral, Maya has the idea to send her to Florida. As a nanny to her friend's son, Maya feels that Ellie will get away from the bad influences in her life. Unfort [...]

    9. Told from two perspectives in two timelines, Hold Still moves toward a central event that changed everything for a family in Park Slope, Brooklyn. The mother, Maya, deals with the aftermath of the event from the present day, flashing back to when it happened. Her daughter, Ellie, tells the story from the days leading up to her transplant to Florida during that fateful summer. Both are broken women who want to help each other, but they don't know how. In the course of trying to sort out their iss [...]

    10. Perhaps an example (see pp. 230 - 233) will best show the problem with this book: Maya, the protagonist (some might also argue that her daughter Ellie is the protagonist, but Ellie is really more of the antagonist), leaves her family for several weeks because she is so stressed out. Ellie is four at the time. When Maya does return to her family, Ellie is very angry with her mother, so Maya tries to make amends with Ellie by taking her daughter to "new and different ethnic restaurants, pastry sho [...]

    11. A beautiful, complex novel about the complicated relationship between a mother and daughter, and how addition and depression can ruin families in the worst of ways. I really enjoyed the story of this novel, and loved that a lot of it takes place in the neighborhood that I live and work. My main complaint is that it was a bit hard to follow. It was difficult keeping the characters straight -- they all had kind of bland names and not many distinguishing characteristics. It also jumps back and fort [...]

    12. Hold Still by Lynn Steger Strong tells the story of the complex relationship between a mother and daughter. The backdrop is New York, from Park Slope to Columbia, and the novel is peppered with family members and friends. Maya, the mother, has an old friend who figures into the narrative bringing more to the plot and taking us to the beach in Florida. The novel speaks to all that it takes to being a mother in contemporary times. It is a painful, frustrating and quietly joyful book. You will find [...]

    13. English professor Maya sends her twenty-something daughter Ellie to Florida to look after a friend's child. She does so in the hopes that it will help Ellie become more grounded and responsible. But then a devastating event occurs, and Maya and Ellie's relationship is irreparably changed. Told before and after the event, Hold Still is a heartbreaking story of a mother and her daughter trying to work their way back toward one another after tragedy. A most impressive debut!Tune in to our weekly po [...]

    14. Big disappointment, despite the blurb of recommendation by Richard Ford. The characters were so spoiled and self-indulgent that I had no way to relate to them. The narrative flow was a pain after a while with all the before and after. All the main characters were confused and confusing, with ambivalent and neurotic motivation all about them. The secondary characters were so two dimensional as to be laughable, especially the husband. We know the kid, the unlovable brat that he is, dies, but we ha [...]

    15. To think that this is a debut is just unfair. Steger Strong uses every role in a family (especially the mother/daughter dynamic) to examine intentions and destiny and the things you can't outrun no matter how many miles you jog when you can't sleep.

    16. This book was nearly perfect. It was powerful, moving, and beautifully written. It was so compelling that I literally stayed up all night reading, unwilling to let go of this story. Despite some minor flaws (the time-shifting was choppy at times), this book was incredible.

    17. Maya is an English professor (her specialty is Woolf) dealing with her daughter Ellie's drug addiction and general disinterest with life. The daughter of two college professors, Ellie has never lived up to her familial expectations. Instead, she's drifting, experimenting, and causing her mother great angst. So Maya sends Ellie to Florida, to stay with her friend, Annie and her family: husband Stephen and five-year-old son, Jack. Annie is having her own issues with Jack and looking for some help. [...]

    18. Oh-so-conflicted here. A lot of this book is five glorious stars--the tension never flags, the writing is adept, the structuring is impeccable--but a lot of this is two or fewer which averages out to a very basic three. I can't remember a book that pulled so many reactions out of me. Let's break it down in totally arbitrary ways that only really matter to me but that, kids, is why I use W YORK CITY!Five stars - yes! An actual description of the wonders of NYC, of the thrumming metropolis and all [...]

    19. This book reminded me of Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout, which happens to be one of my favorite books. Like Kitteridge, Hold Still's focus is less on the "story" and more on the characters. I love books that offer readers a glimpse into the unglamorous reality of the human condition. This book does that, but not as well as Kitteridge. As a result, I couldn't give it 5 stars. For the most part I enjoyed the characters. I found them relatable. I loved the internal battles, the indecision, th [...]

    20. A disquieting slim novel about blame and guilt explored from each member of this middle class family's point of view.The teenage daughter,due to her "experimenting" with life, is sent off to Florida to live with her friend's family and young son, but an accident happens that turns the tides so that healing becomes very difficult. Alternating in past and present time, the palpable tension is quietly effective as one explores family bonds and the question of forgiveness.

    21. This is a sad story of a mother and daughter. How good intentions can go so badly that life as you know it disappears. Maya loves her daughter Elle and hopes a job babysitting will build her confidence. Each chapter is headed with a date either before or after the accident. That's good or you would have difficulty with he storyline. The characters are so real they could be your neighbor or friends. I feel or the husband and son, their story is real too.

    22. Lynn Strong's characters are overflowing with goodness and good intention--in that precise way that asks you not to care if they are "likeable." Strong, who writes gracefully and with love, however devastating, pulls you under and keeps you there. Do yourself a favor: Read this book in one gulp.

    23. It was a good story, but it is one of those books where it keeps hinting at some big trauma and then doesn't tell you what it is until the very, very end. At that point, you're sort of over it.

    24. I had a similar response to this book as I did to What Was Mine, although I think this one was better overall. It’s well-written in that it kept me turning pages and the characters were well thought-out for the most part. There are some hurdles however – first off, at some point you will dislike each of the characters. The mother, despite her claims to be overloving, is distant and passive; the father an overbearing a**hole; the son openly swears at his parents; and the daughter – our main [...]

    25. The author bounces us back and forth in time much like when you get lost in your thoughts and move in and out of events in time. This book has everything to do with the endless loop of repeating or reenacting our grandmother’s and mother’s missteps. There are many references to writers, particularly V. Woolf and via the father in the story, philosophers, that he likes to call by their first name. At one point he admits he doesn’t understand an aspect of but he swears his wife to secrecy. T [...]

    26. Sadly, I think this book promises far more than it actually delivers. Having read the blurb I was delighted when I was sent it as a giveaway. However, I found the story really difficult to get into and exceptionally disjointed. The story switches between different times and its extremely hard to keep track of where you are with it. I did persevere with it and managed to fully read it. To some degree I am glad I did purely to find out what happened. On the flip side it wasn't enjoyable and it bec [...]

    27. I didn't know anything about this book when I picked it up -- at 57th Street Books in Hyde Park. The cover caught my eye, the description sounded interesting. I marked quite a few passages as being particularly poignant or well written, so that was good. The story was almost uncomfortable -- I have a feeling it was supposed to feel that way. I guess I don't have strong feelings about it one way or another. It's been a few weeks since I finished it I remember being intrigued by the mother her amb [...]

    28. I found this book to be somewhat difficult to follow. The chapters jump back and forth from Maya's and Ellie's view of the "incident" and what led up to and followed it. I have to say that my main comment was that I just didn't like any of the characters enough to really care about what happened to them so I guess that's why I had difficulty with it. They just weren't likeable, in my opinion. I did muddle through to the end of it and was glad once it was done but felt no satisfaction after compl [...]

    29. Hold Still confronts an incredible tragedy. With taut prose and an attentive, compassionate eye Lynn Steger Strong unravels the many causes and conditions that lead up to that life-shattering day. Her Brooklyn family is entirely believable, and the teenager around whom the novel spins could so easily have been one of my wounded friends. She could've been me. I will hold this book in my mind for a long time.

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