Rescuing Rose

Rescuing Rose Since she s an advice columnist by profession you d think that year old Rose Costelloe would be able to solve her own problems when things get a little thorny but she s only human and as you know

  • Title: Rescuing Rose
  • Author: Isabel Wolff
  • ISBN: 9782744169496
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
  • Since she s an advice columnist by profession you d think that 39 year old Rose Costelloe would be able to solve her own problems when things get a little thorny but she s only human, and as you know it is easier to dish out advice than to follow your own With the very public ending of her seven month marriage, her job in jeopardy, finances in shambles and a stalker oSince she s an advice columnist by profession you d think that 39 year old Rose Costelloe would be able to solve her own problems when things get a little thorny but she s only human, and as you know it is easier to dish out advice than to follow your own With the very public ending of her seven month marriage, her job in jeopardy, finances in shambles and a stalker of course , Rose finally follows the advice of her Zany friends and gets a roommate But although her new roommate, Theo, is a seemingly geeky accountant, he also has a secret passion for astronomy It isn t long before Rose starts seeing stars, but will she be able to chat her own course

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    1 thought on “Rescuing Rose”

    1. Couldn't finish it. I just think that I've grown out of chick lit -- even though the character was in her mid-30s, she had the personality of a very young and silly 20-something. It was good for the first dozens of pages but then it dragged and dragged but while others have perservered to Chapter 9 (as they said in reviews), I just couldn't. The main character Rose is a likeable person but I just felt that some of the plot was contrived and the humor forced. I LOVED A Vintage Affair so I will re [...]

    2. I absoluted adored this book.Firstly I found the main character Rose likable and lovely. I thought she was just like the sort of character you want to read about. I loved her job and how she gradually realised through the book why she loves it so much.Secondly the romance is lovely in this book, the author builds it up really well, and even though it is so predictable (like every other chic flic)she makes it so interesting to read and it fipped my stomach over and over. I loved the guy that she [...]

    3. My dad bought this book for me years and years ago to try and get me into reading, so when my laptop died a few weeks ago I just picked this up from my bookshelf and started reading. I haven't regretted it. I haven't read many chick-lit books, only one to be precise which was Confessions of a Shopaholic which was good, but I found this to be even better. The story begins with Rose who loves other people's problems and solves them for a living. Her new marriage is in tatters and she had to move h [...]

    4. I agree with another reviewer who said this novel was a slow starter - it took me to about chapter 9 to get into it! I persevered because I have loved all of Wolff's other books but this is the earliest one I've read. I had little empathy with the main character Rose at first but suddenly everything shifted and it was as compelling and interesting as all her later books. It's a common thread in all Wolff's stories - the facades of life, the masks we wear, the things we hide from people we're sup [...]

    5. L'histoire est simple oui mais les livres d'Isabel Wolff ont un charme évident pour moi. Je les lis à chaque fois dans l'optique de passer un bon moment et ça me réussit bien pour le moment.Ma chronique complète : bloggalleane/2010/

    6. I like her later stuff better. Vintage Affair is still my favorite. I did still enjoy 'experiencing' some of the differences of a modern English story as opposed to one set in America. They sure like to use the F word though and I wasn't a fan of that.

    7. It was a good book and an interesting story but at 443 pages, more than once I found myself thinking 'I wish she'd get on with it already.'

    8. I tried. I made it about 150 pages in and found myself dreading the fact that I still had nearly 300 pages to go That's when I knew to stop. The overall story might be okay and there were some funny scenes, but it drags so much that I just didn't care anymore what happened with Rose or her friends. This probably would be a better book at half the length. I know I have another one of this author's books so I'll give her another shot at some point, but this book is moving on

    9. On se prend vite dans les histoires. Je me suis retrouvé un peu dans l'héroïne de l'histoire. Son histoire est touchante, encore plus la découverte à la fin de l'histoire.

    10. This started out so well. I’ve enjoyed one or two Wolff romantic novels before and so I was looking forward to this one. At first, I found myself warming to agony aunt Rose and her eclectic set of relationships and was eager to know how she would resolve matters with her soon-to-be ex husband Ed and her new lodger Theo. Not to mention her disabled neighbour Bev, and her long friendship with the twins (though I found it really hard to tell the difference between the twins at all).After a while [...]

    11. As an agony aunt for the London Daily Post, Rose finds fulfillment in solving the myriad problems of her readers. From infidelity to infertility, Rose has an answer for everything and it warms her heart to share her advice with others. She takes pride in reading between the lines of their letters and emails, seeing into their deepest thoughts and emotions, and using that intuition to give them the encouragement and solace they seek. Unfortunately, Rose's own life has suddenly developed its own o [...]

    12. Meet Rose Costelloe, a London advice columnist (or, as they must call them in England, an “Agony Aunt”) who has just separated from her husband of seven months and needs to re-adjust to the single life. The single life, of course, requires her to get a place of her own, of which she buys one she cannot afford and needs to get a roommate. Rose has two friends (“The Twins”) that stick by her through everything, though sometimes they cause her more harm than good. She also deals with on-goi [...]

    13. There were parts of this that were actually good, but on the whole, beginning from the incorrect plot summary on the back, the "protagonist" was unlikable and never redeemed herself. Despite a couple decent supporting characters (those who were supposed to be quirky were simply annoying), who were never explored and fully brought to life, it's difficult to like a book that spends the majority focused on a horribly nasty bitch. Falling in love does not redeem the fact that she is a horrible perso [...]

    14. (view spoiler)[On re-reading, I was quite struck by the ending of the book where Rose finds out the circumstances behind her being a foundling. She would be 4 years older than I and her mother approximately the same age as mine. I was shocked that unwed mothers were treated so harshly and separated from their babies with no choice. So much so that I checked with my own mother to see if that would have been true to her experience growing up--thinking that it may have been just ficitional drama, o [...]

    15. This book really dragged on and on.Felt like Rose became really insufferable when she was talking to Ed about his brother and demanding that he undergo surgery for a brother he hadn't spoken to for 6 years. What right or business is it of hers what he chooses to do with his own body? Felt like throwing the book at that point.Oh and how the marriage counsellor that Ed was going out with was saying how terrible Ed was because he "he made her go Dutch so often she could almost speak it" and made he [...]

    16. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Rose is unlike any other lead characters in a chick-lit. She's strong a character who doesn't immediately fall for the next cute guy after being dumped. Honestly, I'm tired of starry-eyed lead female characters who throw themselves at any cute guys they land upon. What I liked especially about the storyline is that, although it is predictable, the relationship progresses gradually that it is much more believable. Mind you, i don't believe in love at first sight.

    17. I thought I was getting a chick-lit read similar to Kinsella's books but this was nowhere like that. More of a contemporary romance/self-discovery type of novel than a fun chick lit read. Covers a lot of intriguing subjects, including adoption, disability, etc. I enjoyed it - even tho it wasnt the lighthearted humorous read i was looking for. It did drag in places but otherwise I highly recommend it.

    18. Not sure why, but I just did not like the main character, so it was really hard to get into the story properly. It has good elements, I just did not like Rose.

    19. I really enjoyed this book. Isabel Wolff is adept at blending the light and fun with the serious and deep. There was a lot going on in this story, which made me want to keep reading. The characters were interesting. The main character is especially likable, even though there were times when I just wanted to shake her and make her see what was really going on. Here pet Rudy offered comic relief throughout the story.

    20. Comment une journaliste “courrier du cœur” peut-elle être aussi aveugle pour elle-même?Drôle, excentrique et amusant. “Rose à la rescousse” met en vedette Rose qui après 7 mois de mariage se retrouve de nouveau célibataire (catastrophe pour une Madame Détresse). Isabel Wolff est une des reines du “chick lit” britannique. Toujours brillantes et amusantes, ces héroïnes nous font rire et pleurer et passer un bon moment.

    21. This book has to be persevered with. It took time to warm to the main heroine. Rose Costelloe, the agony aunt who's own life is in tatters and can't see further than the end of her nose. There is a fairly large ancillary cast of characters which could probably be cut a little without losing anything. I really don't see the point of the immensely irritating twins.However, inspite of all of this, the book snowballs to a truly lovely conclusion that moved me to tears.

    22. I liked this book, but didn't love it. I liked the characters, the story, and the slow build of the main relationship; but for me, it just wasn't as good a chick lit book as some others I've read lately. Kept me reading, made me want to find out what would happen next, and passed the time the way I wanted it to though, so mostly satisfying.

    23. I got this book at a 2nd hand bookshop & my copy is quite tatty but since I enjoy reading chic-lit and it is quite cheap so I got it with low expectations. But Lo and Behold! I enjoyed reading it.When you're feeling downtrodden and want a book to while away the time then this book is for you!

    24. this isn't the BEST book i've read but it's still a good one has everything needed nothing left out and it's quite interetingbut i dun like the way they start it's very boring the story doesn't make any progress until very end of the bookbut it still ended wonderfully it's a well-written bookuly marvelous ::+:: liwen ::+::

    25. non male, migliore dei precedenti della scrittrice, un pò lento all'inizio un pò piu' intrigante alla fine. rose da consigli di ogni tipo sul daily post , separat è costetta ad affittare una stanza per pagare il mutuo fine l'ex marito la prega di tornare ma lei si innamora del giovane amico

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