Black Tiger

Black Tiger Ember Carter is a year old farmer s daughter with a passion for her family and the Community Garden As Career Day is fast approaching Ember knows that her fate is in the hands of the government Car

  • Title: Black Tiger
  • Author: Sara Baysinger
  • ISBN: 9781537158020
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ember Carter is a 16 year old farmer s daughter with a passion for her family and the Community Garden As Career Day is fast approaching Ember knows that her fate is in the hands of the government Careers are chosen for the Proletariat, and for the last two years the only careers that have been given out are positions to be a Defender of the Peace Pro fighting a war thaEmber Carter is a 16 year old farmer s daughter with a passion for her family and the Community Garden As Career Day is fast approaching Ember knows that her fate is in the hands of the government Careers are chosen for the Proletariat, and for the last two years the only careers that have been given out are positions to be a Defender of the Peace Pro fighting a war that no one knows anything about.As her path collides with Forest, a mysterious stranger full of knowledge of Frankfort s secrets, Ember finds herself thankful for the safe haven of the Community Garden When her best friend, Leaf, makes a rash decision she find s her life is dumped upside down Ripped from the Community Garden and suspected of being a rebel she is tried for Murder Facing certain death will anyone save her Her time in prison is far from simple, though Ember meets Rain, an indifferent Patrician, who is focused on reaching his goals regardless of what it takes Incarceration has it s way of unlocking secrets, though Ember learns that she s lived a life a lies, a secret that gives her the power to change the fate of Ky.

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    1 thought on “Black Tiger”

    1. This book. Deserves five stars. Fans of dystopian fiction, if you're searching for another thrilling read of that genre, look no further than Black Tiger by Sara Baysinger!It's set in a fascinating futuristic world, akin to the DIVERGENT series, but unique in its own ways. Sixteen-year-old Ember Carter questions the ways of the government of Ky, (once known as Kentucky), but she can hardly speak out about it, because outside her home in the Garden, Defenders prowl, arresting anyone for words aga [...]

    2. I actually beta read this book in March, then reread it again in June. I thought about the book, the characters, and the situations so much I could not get past it, till I read it again. I found my mind engaged and motivated as I dove into Ember's story. The beginning of the story was slow, like the first steps of starting a fire from nothing- which suits the story since there are many "fire" references. There is a significant point to it. It builds up more and more, till it burns, roars, then c [...]

    3. I had no idea what I was getting in to when I first started this book, but it became clear as I read that Sara Baysinger was born to write! I was immediately engaged in the story and Ember's world. This book takes several popular YA themes puts them in a melting pot and comes out as something unique, new, and exciting. I absolutely love the Christian spin and the opportunities that present themselves in the story line of God's existence. And that cover!!! I mean, come on, it's perfect!There are [...]

    4. Inhale. Exhale. Let me get my thoughts organized so I can say how completely awesome this book was. Okay. I'm ready.This book was SO very good! I feel a little bad for saying that line so repetitive to people and on my social media, but it's the truth. I absolutely loved Ember and how so many of her analogies were compared to nature. It was so unique and so her. Her inner dialogue is by far one of my favorite parts of this book!The storyline was another awesome part of "black tiger." At first, i [...]

    5. Oh boy, oh boy. Definitely a page turner!I'll start with a little background on me: I'm a PAINFULLY slow reader and teen dystopian is not my type of genre (never read a single page of any franchise in the genre). With that said- this story had me reading every second I could. The style of writing allows you to BE IN- be in the room, be in their heads, be in their conversation, be in that exact moment at that exact time, be in their emotions. So many twists and turns I couldn't keep up and I felt [...]

    6. Black Tiger is yet another nearish-future dystopian adventure involving a teen protagonist. While groans may be heard from large sections of the public for yet another one of these novels, Black Tiger has qualities that set itself apart from most lesser-known teen dystopian stories…and it does it in such a way that rivals and surpasses some of its more well-known brethren (a la The Hunger Games or Divergent).The main protagonist, Ember, will undoubtedly draw comparisons to one particular “gi [...]

    7. Review of Black Tiger by Sara Baysinger Rating:5/5 stars Inhale. Exhale. I will write this review somehow.Black Tiger reminded me of Hunger Games meets Divergent but on a whole new level, Ember Carter is a sixteen year-old girl, she lives with her father and brother in the Community Garden, with the constant memory of her lost mother. Career Day is approaching though, and her fate will be soon revealed, but when she meets Forest, the mysterious stranger who seems to know a bit too much about cit [...]

    8. well. I enjoyed it. some of the plot twists were a bit predictable, yet I was still surprised. I quite liked the storyline, and I thought it wasn't too cliche. and I'm um not quite sure what to think about that ending.even though this isn't a real review (I'll write a real one soonish) I would like to mention some things that might make you rethink your reading this book.1.Rape was mentioned. Yeah, it was. I know that's not such a bad thing to mention, if it's portrayed correctly (as it is wro [...]

    9. I received a free copy of black tiger by Sara Baysinger in exchange for an honest review! You wouldn't know this was Sara Baysinger's first novel. (And can I say, that cover!) The way she weaves such striking imagery into the story, you'd expect to find her a seasoned author. If you enjoy the lyrical writing style of Tahereh Mafi, or the intensity of The Hunger Games, than you'll likely enjoy black tiger! black tiger is a remarkable story, full of twists and turns that at some points leave you b [...]

    10. Author: Sara BaysingerPublisher: StarFinder PressPublishing Date: October 6, 2016I received an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest and objective review."Reality, I think, will be the death of us all."I loved so much about this book, even with the few bumps I hit along the way. The cover art initially made no sense to me, so it didn't draw me into the story - but once I started reading I developed a new appreciation for it, as the MC's name is Ember, like the embers in a fire. I was rea [...]

    11. It's like the Hunger Games, only with better world-building and less child murder. :) Ember doesn't want much, she'd just like to NOT be executed as a rebel, especially considering she's never been involved with the Resurgence. But she has some unique traits, and a more complicated background than she thought, and keeps drawing the attention of powerful people lots of back and forth, in and out, up and down thrills, and she's usually in well over her head. I really enjoyed how the secrets were d [...]

    12. The Good: Great plot, interesting characters, interesting twists.The Not-So-Good: The writing style took some getting used to, and there were still things I didn't like about it. Several typos and formatting issues throughout.Overall: I enjoyed the story and went on to read the next book right away!

    13. I LOVED this book!!! I just loved the main character so much and also adored both of the love interests. It had excellent characters and a fantastic plot! What a great escape from reality! Made me so happy <3

    14. Fast-paced excitementBlack Tiger was a great start to this young adult dystopian series. Baysinger kept the twists coming and kept me on my toes. I'm looking forward to the continuation of Ember's story in book 2.

    15. *I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*Thank you for sharing, Sara. This is one heck of a book!Ember is a common farmer in a post-plague America. When her career-assignment day comes, all she wants is to become a farmer so she can stay with her father and brother. Instead, she has her best friend taken from her and her entire life turned upside down.Black Tiger is one of those rare gems among the dystopian genre that I find myself loving. Most books are [...]

    16. Actual Rating 4.5(This review may contain very mild spoilers)This book was actually different! Like, there were a lot of cliches but all in all it was really original.The GoodThe writing was wonderful! towards the middle it dipped a little but then got better again. The characters were cool and Ember (For me at least) Was easy to relate to. I also thought it was REALLy awesome that Ember wasn't all white! Most Christian book main characters are white and I found this very refreshing and differen [...]

    17. Note: I received a copy of this book for an honest review. This is my honest review.Black Tiger is perfect for Divergent, Hunger Games, and The City of Ember fans. The world of Black Tiger is a dystopian society that was almost wiped out by the White Plague over a hundred years before the timing of this story. This society of Ky (which used to be Kentucky until the plague) has removed all vestiges of religion, and has set small group of genetically superior people called Patricians in charge of [...]

    18. I think this book will be very popular for the very things that bugged the snot out of me. Well, let's start with the positives. The story is well told, easy to follow, and a quick read. The main character is a person of good will and strong emotions. She personifies teenage girls, which leads to what I did not like. When our hero Ember tells the man for whom she has romantic interest, "Don't worry about me, Forest. I can take care of myself," I wanted to shake her and scream like the sensei mas [...]

    19. 4 1/2 stars! Great story - really enjoyed it and am looking forward to reading the rest of the series. This is a YA Dystopian book and it was different than some of the others I have read. There are some adult scenes and some language, but there are some great characters and some different plot twists. I received an e-book for my honest review.

    20. This is such an intriguing storyworld! And the romantic tension is off the wall. I can't wait for the next book!

    21. Black Tiger is the perfect blend of Red queen and Throne of glass, but with a handful of salt and pepper to mix things together. the writing style is on point, the thought put into every word makes your reading experience easier and enjoyable's safe to say that I loved this book from page one until the very end. I literally stayed up until my eyelids dropped to finish this book (didn't manage to reach the end, but I finished it first thing this morning).Besides Ember, and Forest but I'll get to [...]

    22. A very interesting first book to a seriess another one. This one had a Giver -like feel to it where they are told what career they will have when they turn a certain age. But this had a lot of twists and turns and new things most dystopian novels haven't had. The writing style wasn't my favorite, it was very conversational but on a junior high levele author wrote every single word that the main character said or thought was different.There were a few annoyances.Rainbow eyes is a hideous nickname [...]

    23. Where do I even start with this book???I picked up Black Tiger based off of curiosity after seeing the cover for the third one floating around the internet and found myself quite intrigued by the blurb. I can't believe Baysinger knew how to keep me on the edge of my seat the entire book!! This was quite an emotional ride for me, and quite often, I was in need of someone to rant to. I have never really been this emotionally invested in characters like Ember, Forest and Rain, and their stories, no [...]

    24. Ember is a typical sixteen year old girl growing up in the Community Garden and is about to be assigned her career, most likely as a Defender. A chance meeting with a new young man the night before Career Day causes a chain reaction when all young people except Ember are assigned the Defender Career. Ember is then forced to attack a Defender to save her best friend. Now suspected to be a rebel, Ember is sent to the city, Frankfort, and sentenced to death in a mock trial. Frankfort, however, is f [...]

    25. Not really Christian fictionAlthough I found this book in a list for Christian fiction, there are cuss words and crass words in it - and not much of a Christian bent either. After the first cuss word at about half way through I skipped to the end to see what the outcome would be and ran into another one. What I did get to read I was intrigued by and wished I could have finished.

    26. This was a phenomenal read! I picked it up to casually read and before I knew it, I was sucked in, forgetting about dinner, forgetting about family, wanting nothing more than to get to the next page. The books starts with Ember at home, dreading Career Day, when she would be forced to leave her family for a job that would be forced upon her sixteen year old shoulders. The night before, she meets a mysterious young man named Forest, and events unfold from there faster than she could ever be prepa [...]

    27. I have to admit, when I first started Black Tiger, it felt a lot like other dystopians I've read. A decimated population resulting in a corrupt government that assigns careers, strictly regulates every aspect of life, lets the poor suffer while the wealthy thrive, and uses draconian punishments to encourage submission. BUT, the further I got into the book, the more it stood out. Black Tiger is full of plot twists that keep you turning pages and difficult choices that get you debating and frettin [...]

    28. Black Tiger is a thrilling novel that will have you hooked right away. Ember is a teenage girl who just wants to live her life peaceably, but gets pulled out of it quite alarmingly and thrown from one intense situation to the next as she discovers what really hides behind the government's promises, and how life isn't as simple as she wants it to be. She's relatable, she's honest, she grapples with the idea of a divine reality that she feels but can't understand, though she longs to. Dystopian se [...]

    29. This book was fantastic! I had to take a day to sit and think about what I wanted to say. My brain was on overload after finishing Black Tiger. My first thought: when does book 2 come out? I was left hanging wondering what's next in Ember Carter's life.Second thought was wow that's a messed up world she lives in. It really, really is. It's like Hunger Games meets Divergent with a black tiger twist. All dystopian fans need to pick it up and read it. I'll be diligently watching for the next book i [...]

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