Opposite of Frozen

Opposite of Frozen Professional athlete Oliver Pike would do just about anything to help his struggling brother even if that means setting aside his own career difficulties to take a busload of retirees on a multinatio

  • Title: Opposite of Frozen
  • Author: Jan O'Hara
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Professional athlete Oliver Pike would do just about anything to help his struggling brother, even if that means setting aside his own career difficulties to take a busload of retirees on a multinational tour.But trouble arises before they clear the Canadian Rockies, forcing the bus off route and into a small town And in the hold of the bus, amid the walkers and luggage,Professional athlete Oliver Pike would do just about anything to help his struggling brother, even if that means setting aside his own career difficulties to take a busload of retirees on a multinational tour.But trouble arises before they clear the Canadian Rockies, forcing the bus off route and into a small town And in the hold of the bus, amid the walkers and luggage, lies a half frozen stowaway Once thawed, Page Maddux proves to be commitment phobic, irreverent, and maddeningly attractive She is also the person Oliver must rely upon to help keep the oldsters, as she calls them, out of harm s way When their week together is over, will the town recover from the group s exploits And given Page s tendency to run, what will become of Oliver s heart Opposite of Frozen is a full length standalone novel and combines the emotionality of a Kristan Higgins romance with the quirkiness of a Penny Reid See why Kirkus Reviews said, If O Hara s next books are anything like this one, she s got a long career ahead of her.

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    1. Reviewed at Romance Is AgelessWhat an entertaining, funny, sad, adorable romp Opposite of Frozen turned out to be. Since this is Jan O’Hara’s debut book, just sign me up for whatever comes next from her talented mind. This second story in the twelve book series of The Thurston Hotel brings back several of the secondary characters we met in A Thurston Promise – and I have to admit upfront that Mrs. A is going to be my favorite recurring character of the entire series hands down. I love this [...]

    2. Jan O'Hara has created the perfect fireside read. Oliver and Page quickly seemed like old friends, certainly each worthy of rooting for their togetherness. But I was even more surprised to made to feel that hanging with a group of seniors on a bus tour would be a hoot! (Perhaps this is a good thing, as I'm probably closer to being one of them than I care to admit.) As I look back at an enjoyable read, I suppose the best thing about it was how often I laughed. And that's no small thing!Kudos to t [...]

    3. I loved these people -- all of them. The oldsters were a satisfying group of people, all with their quirks and their depths, and they were *people*, not just there for adorableness and complications (i.e not plot moppets). And I loved the pace O'Hara took to get Page and Oliver through the walls they'd built, and how they inspired change in each other, and how their trust and attraction had built together. This was funny, and dear, and made me tear up for happy and sad reasons. Also, I need to g [...]

    4. Whiz-bang! Jan O'Hara carries on the story in book #2 of The Thurston Hotel Series, adding a new cast of characters to some of the favourites we met in book #1. The quick pace, intriguing story-lines and memorable characters held me captive to the end. Ms. O'Hara's deft way with words describing a winter in the Canadian Rockies, romance and a delightful humour, I could not put this book down. Great fun and a great read!

    5. I finished The Opposite of Frozen is a single sitting and enjoyed every minute of it. A single guy does his brother a favour by taking a busload of seniors on a road trip. Add one female stowaway and you've got the makings of a fun romp through the snowy mountains that keeps you chuckling as it tugs on your heart strings. This is a debut novel for Ms O'Hara and let's hope another book is already in the works so we don't have too long to wait!

    6. Cute and fun romance in the Canadian Rockies. The story is set in an imaginary town shared with a group of romance writers who tell each a story revolving around the Thurston Hotel in Harmony. Sharing setting and characters make it a lot funnier and makes the readers want to know a lot more about characters they have found before. I think this is a great idea both to see a world from different perspectives and to see different authors and discover ones you wouldn't have done. In this case, the c [...]

    7. Opposite of Frozen by Jan O'Hara is Oliver and Page's story. I liked it. There were comical parts that I found myself laughing to. I have not read this author before but I would definitely pick another one of her books up. I liked Page and Oliver's characters. I thought they played well off each other too. I thought Page was kind of stupid to stowaway the way she did but it all worked out for her in the end. I liked Oliver's devotion to his brother and the fact he was willing to help him out in [...]

    8. When I chose to read this book I thought okay it might be interesting boy was I pleasantly surprised. This book headset fun-loving, crotchety, senior citizens with attitude, caring, loving, insecurities, feelings of betrayal, and fear.The oldsters made you think about being just like that when you are there age. I laughed and got a little weepy but this book was just so worth the read.The author did a good job with her portion of the series. Kudos Miss O'Hara. I will probably need to look out fo [...]

    9. A Warming RomanceOpposite of Frozen is the delightful story of Page, a stowaway on a bus of oldsters and Oliver, a bitter man in charge of the oldsters. Problems arise and sparks fly in this refreshing, heart-warming tale of two opposites who can't resist butting heads. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    10. Good readI am voluntarily reviewing this book. She's a stowaway on a passenger bus she got into the luggage hold of it. He's a hurt former baseball player who's Brother has just started a bus touring company and he has some health issues. The group of passengers is elderly and the group is full of piss n vinegar. The book will keep you into it by the drama unfolding.

    11. Page and Oliver's story is original, touching, and great fun. As well as the leads, who keep the novel lively, Jan O'Hara has created some hilarious secondary characters with the "oldsters." The scene in the Wobbly Dog alone is worth the price of admission. I very much look forward to reading her next book!

    12. Book two in the Thurston Hotel series is another entertaining romp. Peopled with delightful characters and kept moving madly along by numerous romantic misunderstandings makes for a lively read! Congratulations Jan O'hara! Well done!

    13. This was a funny second chance story. it was entertaining made me laugh and the characters were very fun. i really enjoyed the writing as well. i am glad i got to review it

    14. A downright funny and second chance romance novel.Retired pro-athlete Oliver Pikes has a lot of demons in his life and the past keeps coming up. And one of those happen to be helping his ill brother with his business of tours. The one tour that he got suckered into is for fifty-one seniors in which their tour bus gets a little detoured and stuck in a small mountain town in the middle of nowhere. To make matters worse he has to deal with a stowaway. A approaching snow storm and disappearing senio [...]

    15. Good readI received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Storyline and characters were very engaging. Enjoyed all of the antics of the oldsters.

    16. Reading this Canadian-set romance felt like reading a television or film screenplay—a lot of the details and nuances that would come across through the actors' performances are just not on the page. For a novel, this is disconcerting. I found myself scratching my head in confusion in many places, in part because O'Hara doesn't give us enough clues about our two protagonists, former ML baseball player Oliver and wanderlusty drifter Page to understand why they are acting the way they are, or to [...]

    17. Page is one lost and partially frozen girl when she meets Oliver, one lost and partially blind boy, setting off a sequence of events that ensures neither will ever be the same again. The Opposite of Frozen is a witty, delightful story about love and hope across the ages. I look forward to whatever Jan O'Hara writes next.

    18. I love an opposites attract romance, but the addition of some septuagenarian shenanigans and a stowaway spiel seemed an unusual choice. I love a quirky turn, but Opposite of Frozen was more weary than wacky. I liked the meet-cute (i.e stowaway), but I didn't find the premise to keep Oliver and Page together believable (shoving liability docs into borrowed pj's was too goofy). Page is supposed to be a free spirit, but I found her lacking in humor and Oliver was stodgier than his tour group of sen [...]

    19. Even though I have not read this author before this just looked like a adorable read. The set up seemed so to have a bit of humor with the characters that was within. Lo and Behold it was just what I believed. This author gives you some fine cast with it centering around Oliver who then finds Page in a not so smart situation. As it goes along though you will soon forget that with this story providing many aspects for reading pleasure. I found myself falling into this romance and disappearing for [...]

    20. This book had me laughing and thoroughly enjoying this story about these seniors I want to be like that 95 year old when the time comes. Oliver Pike is the tour guide that finds stowaway Page Maddux and together they have to deal with the seniors.I received a free copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review it.

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