London's Strangest TalesExtraordinary But True Tales from Over a Thousand Years of London's History

London s Strangest TalesExtraordinary But True Tales from Over a Thousand Years of London s History Will be dispatched from the UK Brand new copy

  • Title: London's Strangest TalesExtraordinary But True Tales from Over a Thousand Years of London's History
  • Author: Tom Quinn
  • ISBN: 9781861059765
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Paperback
  • Will be dispatched from the UK Brand new copy.

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    1 thought on “London's Strangest TalesExtraordinary But True Tales from Over a Thousand Years of London's History”

    1. For those that want to load up on London trivia, this book nicely provides for that desire. The stories are short and concise. They seldom span more than a couple of pages, which keeps the flow of information interesting and fresh. If any one of the stories starts to grow stale, the next story is only a moment away.The short format also keeps the information succinct to the story’s subject. Aside from some overt criticism of redevelopment and modern architecture, each story focuses on its own [...]

    2. I bought this book a couple of years ago at the Westminster Abbey gift shop, not sure what I was expecting, but this wasn't it. The book is good and I definitely will take it with me when I go to London again to find new places. It explains everything from the phrase "Robbing Peter to pay Paul," a empty shell row house to cover an underground tunnel (between livable homes) and how the Dutch get a pass from paying tariffs because they continued to ship through the plague (a long promise). My favo [...]

    3. This book was an interesting read. Many of the stories I had heard about but there were some new stories. I liked the chronological organisation as this give structure to the book.However in my opinion this book had two major flaws:- There were a number of occasions where they author gave his own political viewpoint; this in my opinion distracted from the content of the book.- This book was superficial; although very readable I found after reading the articles I wanted more. The book could have [...]

    4. A good idea with some interesting stories ruined by an appalling standard of writing and grammar; sentences not finished, subjects and names repeated in the same sentence etc. Some of the "facts" are also subject to question (even given my limited knowledge of London history). Overall a pleasant enough book to dip into, however with a bit of editing, proof reading and care when researching it could have been so much better.

    5. An alternative history of London from 950 to the present day with true but weird short snippets of facts about people, places, buildings and bizarre ceremonies and laws that are still strictly speaking, in force. There a number of places that are mentioned in the book that I would like to check out next time I'm down there - the book also works as a kind of alternative guidebook.

    6. Over a hundred one and two page true stories about London. One or two I had heard before but that did not detract from the overall enjoyment. One thing it has given me is a list of places to check out next time I am there.

    7. What an entertaining and compulsively readable collection of stories this is! As I read I felt like I was going on one of the London walks, guided by a humorous and knowledgable raconteur. Tom Quinn recounts these tales in a lively style - very engaging and often funny. I had my London A-Z and my underground map open before me as I read the stories. I loved it when the author opened a tale with, "In the usual eccentric way things get done in London" As someone born and brought up in south London [...]

    8. This is a very nice collection of tales full of humour and fun historical information. If you have ever been curious about what goes on behind the scenes in history, this would be a perfect book to choose. This book is not extremely lengthy, but moves progressively forward to the future from the distant past, recounting some of the most hair-raising and comical events in local history. What I liked about this book more than anything, was the voice of the narrator. Rather than a stiff, formal app [...]

    9. Like The London Omnibus, this book is probably intended to be read in batches but I thoroughly enjoyed it cover to cover and with entries like this:"In medieval London too, Sex was far more acceptable in a public context than it is now - any one who looks at a map produced before 1450 will see several street names that wouldn't be allowed today. Take Fetter Lane, which still exists [though there are sadly no publishers there now] - in 1450 it meant the street of the dirty beggars. But the most e [...]

    10. London has a fascinating past, and this book compiles lots of bizarre facts stretching back about 1,000 years. The book tells of how the English often have some bizarre customs, and explains how they came into being in the first place.Many of the stories are also about colourful characters who existed in London many years ago, and it seems like there were a lot of them - this includes a man who had a cart drawn by zebras and people who were hired as "human toilets" in medieval times (this is not [...]

    11. This is a great occasional 'pick up and read a few shorts' type of book that clearly demonstrates that English eccentricity has not been diluted over the centuries. In fact, Londoners especially seems to thrive on their own eccentricities. You get to hear true tales about everything from royalty's humourous perspectives down to the poorest of the poor's amazing ability to get a penny in their pocket. Scattered throughout the book are several 'must see' places in London from entirely a different [...]

    12. Interesting and often funny read.This book must haven taken many hours of research to write. It is full of historical facts and idiosyncrasies of London and Londoners. Thoroughly enjoyed the stories of the distant and not so distant past of my home town. A must read for any Londoner who is interested in their city's history.

    13. For the most part a fun book, packed full of trivia and facts for London and its habitants, in order of date. The first two thirds of the book are very good, but I got the impression by the last third that there was far less to pick from in later years and my interest began waning.On balance though, a solid 3.5

    14. The stories might have been good if the author hadn't gone off on tangents and off topic. There was also a lack of understanding of how to write a sentence. Sentences should not be 150 words (one sentence was literally 150 words with no punctuation).

    15. I've been using this as my guide for things to do on lazy days -- I open up the book, pinpoint a couple of places, and take off to find them! Well written and enjoyable, easy to read in snippets, and handy to have as a guide if you enjoy knowing the quirky history of London sites.

    16. I have loved to learn all those nits and pieces about London. So many stories you can't find in regular history books. Funny and witty, it makes me look around me diferently now when I wander around the London streets.

    17. I really enjoyed this book, it contains lots of short interesting funny and TRUE stories about London history and customs of the past.

    18. I recommend this book to all those who love London. It has fantastic tales, some peculiar and some funny.Give us an idea of London life in the past and I love it.

    19. A wonderful, light book filled with small, bit-sized, fascinating stories. Do read it before you go to London. I wish I had!

    20. I enjoyed the trivial, funny history of London. On my next trip to London, I will seek out some of the places and statues Quinn wrote about. The British sense of humor appeals to me.

    21. Lots of interesting facts, but as some others have mentioned, some grammatical and editing issues. Many things I want to look out for on my next trip to London, though!

    22. read while on holiday on a night in spain and have to say i really enjoyed it. I learned so much from the history and would def recommend the book

    23. bilmediğim ve okudukça çok şaşırdığım bir sürü ayrıntı öğrendim. bir dahaki londra gezimde görülecek çok yer çıktı :)

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