The Luster of Lost Things

The Luster of Lost Things In this story for readers of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time and A Man Called Ove when all seems lost he finds what matters most Walter Lavender Jr is a master of finding A wearer

  • Title: The Luster of Lost Things
  • Author: Sophie Chen Keller
  • ISBN: 9780735210783
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this story for readers of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time and A Man Called Ove, when all seems lost, he finds what matters most.Walter Lavender Jr is a master of finding A wearer of high tops A maker of croissants A son keeping vigil, twelve years counting.But he wouldn t be able to tell you Silenced by his motor speech disorder, Walter s life getIn this story for readers of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time and A Man Called Ove, when all seems lost, he finds what matters most.Walter Lavender Jr is a master of finding A wearer of high tops A maker of croissants A son keeping vigil, twelve years counting.But he wouldn t be able to tell you Silenced by his motor speech disorder, Walter s life gets lonely Fortunately, he has The Lavenders his mother s enchanted dessert shop, where marzipan dragons breathe actual fire He also has a knack for tracking down any missing thing except for his lost father.So when the Book at the root of the bakery s magic vanishes, Walter, accompanied by his overweight golden retriever, journeys through New York City to find it along the way encountering an unforgettable cast of lost souls.Steeped in nostalgic wonder, The Luster of Lost Things explores the depths of our capacity for kindness and our ability to heal A lyrical meditation on why we become lost and how we are found, from the bright, broken heart of a boy who knows where to look for everyone but himself.

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      421 Sophie Chen Keller
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    1 thought on “The Luster of Lost Things”

    1. This is a beautiful story. I don't often feel that way when finishing a book, but this one has special meaning for me. This is the story of Walter Lavender, Jr a 13-year old boy who has never met his namesake because he lost his father before he was born. His world is decidedly small, despite living in New York City, because he has a speech problem. He knows what he wants to say but struggles to say the words aloud. The more he becomes frustrated, the more his words sound like gibberish. He's te [...]

    2. I love the positive vibes generated by this story. Walter Lavender Jr is a sweet, thoughtful kid who sets out on a mission to find a magical Book that has been taken from his mother’s bakery. The Book is responsible for creating magical desserts that keep Walter’s family bakery in business. I really enjoyed the first third of the story. Once Walter heads out on his adventure, the story really slowed down for me. However, overall I did enjoy The Luster of Lost Things. Thanks to NetGalley and [...]

    3. The Luster of Lost Things is one of my November selections for the Pick One For Me challenge with the group A Million More Pages. This is a cute magical realism story with both touching and laugh out loud moments. It was a fun read, but I kept putting it down for some reason. There were a few boring moments, but then there were moments when the book kept my attention. The narrator, Walter Lavender, Jr is an intelligent boy who struggles to speak, and finds lost things, including the magical book [...]

    4. This was glorious! Sweet, magical and very very special. Journey with Walter and his dog Milton as they try and track down a missing book, the book that means success or failure for the bakery that is their entire world.Along the way Walter must shake off the shackles that he has placed on his self, jump, step and dance out of his comfort zones and embrace the craziness of friends and acceptance.Totally gorgeous. Was so sad when it ended, as it filled me with a soft glow, like a great hug, a fat [...]

    5. When I got this book in the mail, the sweet dog on the over sitting with a little boy totally did me in. We all know how I feel about covers with animals on them…I’m a complete and utter sucker!What a way to lure readers… cute and charming was this cover. Plus I love the blue and gold accents. Basically this was an easy yes for a review based on the cover.But the question for me was when can I work it in to my schedule? I was already pretty tight for early fall reviews so I had planned on [...]

    6. So I finally managed to finish "The Luster of Lost Things" yet I've put off this review because I think it's going to be a hard one to write. Prior to reading this book, I looked at a few other non-spoiler reviews and a lot of people mentioned liking the first part of the book, which has most of the magical realism elements in it, and feeling the second part, Walter's quest, dragged the book down. I feel pretty much exactly the opposite but what else is new?Walter Lavender Jr. is a young boy who [...]

    7. With a hint of magical realism, this sweet story follows 12 year old Walter as he searches for things, both physical and not. Walter has a disorder where he has trouble speaking. His words get jumbled and he keeps to himself, his mother, and his mother's chocolate shop where chocolate mice jump rope with licorice, and other desserts do other magical things. He spends is spare time helping people find missing objects, from musical instruments to thimbles. Then, one day, the book of drawings that [...]

    8. I can't think of another way to describe this book than cozy and warm. The writing wraps you up in a blanket and makes you crave freshly baked desserts and a friend to share them with. Loved this book and the characters in it, especially Walter Lavender Jr.

    9. You can read all of my reviews on my blog -> Cover2CoverMom The Luster of Lost Things falls into the magic realism category.  Magic realism can be a very difficult genre to do in my opinion.  When done right, magic realism gives us a touch of magic, while still staying grounded in reality.   Far too often I have read a magic realism book that crosses the line from enchanting, to just plain weird.  ((I’m looking at you Little Nothing))  It really is a fine line.  I feel Keller did a g [...]

    10. The leaves are starting to turn on the trees here, and as much as my heart desires to prolong summer, Autumn is undeniably on its way. My daughter enters Kindergarten this Wednesday, and my morning runs are starting to take on a slight chill to them. With the changing weather and season of life it has been the perfect time to curl up with something cozy and heartwarming, and The Luster of Lost Things by Sophie Chen Keller is just that sort of book. Easily a 5 Star novel (seriously, I didn't even [...]

    11. 4.5 rounding up. They say you can't judge a book by its cover, but I can, I knew instantly this book was for me. A sweeping story, magical, bittersweet, heart pattingly good. The beginning delighted me, full of food and whimsy, the adventure wanned a bit for me, meeting sad underground souls was heartbreaking. I am sure if you knew NYC this would be extra delightful. I thought it was a fanciful journey in life's lessons with delicious side dishes. I visited the authors webpage, she is beautiful [...]

    12. The Luster of Lost Things by Sophie Chen Keller is a beautifully written, magical tale that should not be missed. Charming, sweet, and filled with wonder, this book is an absolute delight and highly recommended. (Advance Reading Copy obtained by request from First To Read.)

    13. This book was absolutely stunning, magical, and whimsical. I adored it! This is the story of a thirteen year old boy, Walter Lavender, Jr. He has a motor speech disorder. This disorder causes him to rarely speak out loud, for he is afraid of his words coming out jumbled and being made fun of for it. He keeps a notebook where he writes down all his perceptions of the world and the people around him. This book is not told by saying, rather than by perceiving. We see and notice everything Walter Jr [...]

    14. 3.5 stars This was an adorable book. I loved the magical elements in the bakery and how it literally came to life. I want to go there! When Walter when out on his adventure, those were the parts I didn't enjoy quite as much. Which I think is opposite how how I should have been feeling. But I loved Walter and his character development was great. Cute book!

    15. via my blog: bookstalkerblog.wordpress/“It’s strange,” he says, swallowing with difficulty, “to miss something you never had.”There are times you need to read something uplifting, which is not to say that several characters don’t suffer or have sad stories to share. Walter Lavender Jr. is on a quest to save his mother’s enchanted West Village shop, The Lavenders. A special book that is the heart and magic of the place- bringing delicious desserts to life, has gone missing and now a [...]

    16. This is likely me and not the book. It seemed well written but I never connected with the characters. I liked the magical realism aspect but the execution failed for me.

    17. I should have liked this more. The writing was beautiful, it had an interesting setup, the story was inventive, but I never felt engaged in the characters. I like whimsy, but "The Luster of Lost Things" was like trying to cure hunger with a meal consisting only of cotton candy.

    18. Five magical stars for Sophie Chen Keller's The Luster For Lost Things !This is a review of a NetGalley ARCTwelve year old Walter Lavender Jr.'s world revolves around lost things. His father is lost after the plane he was flying went down at sea, his voice is lost due to a motor expressive aphasia and he is incredibly talented at finding others' lost things. Following her dream, his mom, Lucy, opened a bakery when he was a baby. The two struggled to get by until one night Lucy lets in a vagrant [...]

    19. The beginning was fantastic. I personally found the ending a bit flat and did not live up to my expectations with how wonderful it started. Very anticlimactic.

    20. I found this to be an entrancing, magical read of a boy who finds meaning in the world by finding lost things. He suffers with a speech disorder which stops him from communicating with the world in the normal way, but his silent life allows him to listen and helps him witness more than the rest of us normally see. He lives with his mother in a bakery that they've turned into a magical world that is thriving, until the special copy of a book that came into their possession goes missing. Then thei [...]

    21. I received this via Giveaways in exchange for an honest review. All my opinions are my own.----Was enjoying but the print in the book is hurting my eyes:(

    22. jerasjamboree/2017/0Everyone underestimates 13 yo Walter Jnr’s understanding because of his silence (he has motor a motor speech disorder) and although this contributes to his bullying at school and his feelings of embarrassment, he sees it as a positive. It makes him free to observe and notice things that others don’t. As much as I loved this strength of character, I felt sad that as a witness to life, he wasn’t really participating in his own life and with so much to giveJust before his [...]

    23. This book filled me with joy and wonder and excitement and made me want to be kinder. It's really special and I heartily recommend it.

    24. Overall a delightful book. Nice to read a book with a "feel-good" ending. There were some things I didn't particularly like, but overall the parts I liked overshadowed these enough to make reading enjoyable.Enjoyed the focus on the impact of stories in creating others ongoing stories. The story from the father with the emphasis on kindness was touching. "he realized that by showing a little kindness to the people he came across, he could make his life a little brighter and it would matter that h [...]

    25. I absolutely loved and adored the beginning of The Luster of Lost Things. An enchanting main character? A magical bakery with sweets that come to life? These are all things that I love. So, why 3 stars? Well the rest of this story wasn't as enchanting as the beginning.The Good: Again, I loved the premise of the magical bakery and the writing was so evocative that I felt like I could taste all of those wonderful treats (seriously, though, the minute I'm done with this review, I'm going to the bak [...]

    26. “There is no need to worry about becoming lost when the truth is, what’s lost is bound to be found, by the person who stays brave enough to open their eyes and see.” Walter Lavender Jr. is such a relatable character in so many ways. The book is hard to read without something in there resonating with a feeling you’ve personally encountered. Everyone struggles to find their voice, both literally and figuratively, and their place in this world. Sometimes you feel like you don’t belong. Th [...]

    27. With a hint of french magical realism, a touch of Harry Potter-esque food-related fantasy, and a healthy serving of Gaimen-style adventure, The Luster of Lost Things is an entertaining read. The bakery reminded me of Hogsmead. The subway scenes reminded me of Neil Gaimen's Neverwhere. And my favorite part of the book by far is the exquisitely written Milton the dog, who so perfectly captures the inner monologue we create for our beloved pets that I couldn't help but laugh at many of his antics, [...]

    28. Walter, who has a neurological problem making it hard for him to speak, has never known his father (presumed dead, but Walter can hope). He lives with his mother Lucy above their bakery, which is magical because of a book that was given to Lucy for an act of kindness. When the book disappears, Walter--whose talent and pleasure is finding lost things--skips school and spends a terrible, wonderful day looking for the book, and for safety for the bakery, himself, Lucy and her employees. Some of his [...]

    29. This was a beautiful tale of lost things and found things, being lost and being found. I greatly enjoyed tagging along with Walter and his dog, Milton, on their journey. "I was trapped in my role as an observer, separated from everyone else and unable to be part of the story."Walter is mostly non-verbal, due to a motor speech disorder. This turned Walter into a very keen observer, and he had been using his skills to help people find lost things. He had solved 84 cases, when he had to embark on h [...]

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