Daxx and Jetta

Daxx and Jetta I got tricked and now I m on another planet We re here to be matched with alien males who haven t had access to women in years They are aching for wives desperate to have children I got tricked and t

  • Title: Daxx and Jetta
  • Author: Scarlett Starkleigh D.D. Prince
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I got tricked and now I m on another planet We re here to be matched with alien males who haven t had access to women in years They are aching for wives, desperate to have children I got tricked and then the government wouldn t let me opt out They say I need to sleep with one of the aliens within 72 hours in order to get life saving antibodies otherwise I ll die So, II got tricked and now I m on another planet We re here to be matched with alien males who haven t had access to women in years They are aching for wives, desperate to have children I got tricked and then the government wouldn t let me opt out They say I need to sleep with one of the aliens within 72 hours in order to get life saving antibodies otherwise I ll die So, I slept with a hot 7 foot tall alien after he and 3 other hotties battled for the right to marry me I told him I d sleep with him, no strings, to break his dry spell and save me from death But now the alien considers me to be his WIFE He s hot, alpha, bossy but sweet, and I might be in love with him Even if I don t want to admit it HOT ALPHA ALIEN HUSBANDS This is book one in a new series by author DD Prince, writing as Scarlett Starkleigh They look like us, but better Taller, nicer skin, muscles They live a lot like us, but better They ve got a lot of the technology that we have but yep, you guessed it theirs is better Their planet is reportedly beautiful, clean, unpolluted and extraordinarily colorful Medically, they re superior, too Except that they were powerless to stop a super bug that quickly all but wiped out their female population and over 99% of their women were suddenly poof gone Their men are lonely and restless They re inherently alpha, protective, a family driven species, and they re carnally deprived so that s having an impact on the otherwise peaceful planet They have gone without women for years and so they re chomping at the bit and it means fighting, threat of war, general unease unrest, and threats to pillage other planets for women if something wasn t done to get these men what they needed Tests were run and since we re biologically compatible deals were made I was tricked onto the space ship I was also tricked into getting married without my knowledge I m fighting my emotions but Daxx is doing all sorts of things to try to break down my defenses the scheming, insatiable, hot, bossy, swoony, alpha Dirty talking, steamy panty melting scenes, over the top alpha male insta love A fun, light read in the sci fi romance genre with only a little bit of world building but a whole lot of steamy insta love fun a happily ever after Future books will follow but this is a complete story with an HEA no cheating.

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    • Unlimited [Memoir Book] Ç Daxx and Jetta - by Scarlett Starkleigh D.D. Prince ↠
      178 Scarlett Starkleigh D.D. Prince
    • thumbnail Title: Unlimited [Memoir Book] Ç Daxx and Jetta - by Scarlett Starkleigh D.D. Prince ↠
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    1 thought on “Daxx and Jetta”

    1. FREE for the first time Feb 2-6, 2018bit/daxxandjetta More romance than sci-fi. Fun, HOT, complete story with no cliffy.**The government tricked me into this alien-matchmaking project & I suddenly have a 7-foot-tall HOT alpha alien husband. I'm trying to fight this but HOW when he's this sweet? He gave me a pygmy space-polarbear, for heaven's sake!Complete 350pg hot sci-fi romance. #KindleUnlimitedt/daxxandjettaI got tricked! I'm on another planet with alien males who haven't had sex in year [...]

    2. Hot Alien ActionAbsolutely loved Hot Alpha alien husband's book 1, Jetta was a strong fiesty individual who defiantly met her match in the muscled alien hotty who was also achingly Sweet, Daxx knew exactly who he wants from day one where Jetta herself takes some convincing.I think this was more about having her choices taken from her because she had to fight her feelings quite severely from the moment daxx takes her for his wife. I was rooting for these two all the way they made such a charming [...]

    3. I really enjoyed this book! I started reading it because I had read Detour from D.D. Prince which is another penname of Scarlett Starkleigh. I loved that book (Detour) and was curious to see this author write a sci-fi book and how that would go. And I really enjoyed it. Also, this book is on the listopia 'Non-Kristen Ashley Books That Have A Kristen Flavour' so I also wanted to see if it did have that flavor. It did have an alpha male, a strong female, strong attraction between each other and a [...]

    4. This was my first Sci-fi Alien read and I loved it. I love everything DD Prince put out. The author mentioned not having a great Knowledge of Sci-fi Aliens and neither do I but, I must say that she seemed to be well knowledgeable to me. I love how she put everything advanced from what we are use to, like I was really thinking that this was some real life stuff. I was to excited wishing I could be in this Alien world. Everything about this Alien read had my interest the author made you believe in [...]

    5. I super enjoyed the story and 4 stars all for the Hero. The heroine can be a bit annoying as she protested too long and even said she hated the hero but I understand where she is coming from. She was pissed because the hero lied by omission. In their planet, when you have sex then it means you’re married. Hero did not clarify that with heroine even though she told him she wanted to try dating earth-style first. Rest of the story is hero proving he’s gonna be a good husband and them taking so [...]

    6. Daxx and Jetta I absolutely loved this book!!! Please DD hurry up and write the next in the series. Don't leave us to suffer!

    7. Thank s was a sexy, funny, sweet alien romance that was on the fluffy side. I enjoyed it quite a bit 😁.

    8. 5 outta this world stars !!!!!!!!!Loved this book so much5 out of this world starsDaxx and Jetta are from worlds apart but Daxx is determined to gain the love of the human he can't get out of him mind. This books is very different the not normal genre i normally read but from an author i love writting under a different name Scarlett Starkleigh (aka D D Prince) brings a hot Alpha Male Alien Humanoid and a Beautiful Human together, Jetta signs up for a college program to better herself and  is th [...]

    9. "Fate brought you to my feet and now I'll spend my life at yours."Oh Daxx.These aliens say the most romantic things!I hope you enjoy this book. I had so much fun writing it for nanowrimo 2016.It's released at .99 for a limited time & is also available on KUNo cliffhanger. ***More romance than sci-fi***Future books about other couples in this series to come!

    10. LOL!!! I LOVED THIS!!!I loved this little gem! This read was a fun, loving, steamy, feel good romance.n't wait to read more from this series. 1-click you will not be disappointed!

    11. This book is 4.5 out of this world stars and a fantastic plot.I absolutely love this authors books.This book proves that no matter what genre D.D Prince (aka Scarlett Starkleigh) writes it will be a very well written story that will highly entertain you throughout.I thought this book was hilarious and the storyline had me laughing away with Daxx and Jetta's antics. Daxx Blackstar is definitely one hot alpha alien I'd like to meet as he's head over heels in love with Jetta and is totally swoon wo [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this book. I thought this was going to be a quick Smut book . I was so happy to be wrong Daxx and Jetta worked so well together. He was very attentive and caring I don't know why he got some bad reviews. Don't forget that the title of the book is alpha aliens. I like that she didn't just give in on everything and that he had to work to show he cared. I'm really looking forward to the other girl stories. I hope I don't have to wait too long.

    13. Out of this WorldWhat can I say except I want Daxx as my husband! I had never read an alien book before, but I am so in love with this authors writing that I decided to jump in. I'm so glad that I did, because this is a hot, sexy, out of this world read! When an alien planet has most of its women die, what do you do? You steal women from earth and make them your wives, of course. This sexy read tells the story of Daxx and Jetta and sets it up for more stories to follow. I loved this book and can [...]

    14. aka D D PrinceI am sooooo in love with this woman's writing voice. It is down to earth, relatable, and funny. The naughty parts are very good.

    15. I loved this book. Jetta is tricked into "applying" for the position of marrying an alpha male on another planet, and can't back out. Daxx knows what he wants as soon as he sees her, and once she arrives he makes sure things go his way. Jetta is resistant so it takes her a while to get comfy in her new position, but it's full of new experiences and feelings that she soon appreciates. It's hot and delicious as well as sweet, and written with depth and emotion, but also with humour and creativity. [...]

    16. This book is an easy, sexy fun with a clever premise at the heart of itAfter reading two intense, sometimes harrowing books back to back I needed a palate cleanser and Daxx &Jetta provided itIf you want a funny, hot tale of alien insta-love between a feisty heroine and an Alpha alien you should read this book pronto

    17. Loved itThis was a different book. I'm not usually a big Alien book fan, since they are usually so in depth on the scenery and how different everything is. And although Scarlett did write about the planet and the different cultures it wasn't the main themes. I loved Jetta and her strong will in this book. Daxx was wonderful and how he showed his love for Jetta right away. So much so, that it kinda screwed him at the beginning.Great beginning to a new series! A must read!!

    18. Im not usually into the whole Alien scene but I love this author's work, so I decided to give it a try.It was a good decision.I absolutely inhaled this book!!! It was funny, witty and HOT!!! Total Alpha male hotness and a feisty, smart alpha-ish female. I cannot wait for the rest of the books in this series!!!

    19. Fun rompLoved the H /h . The setup at the beginning was a little long with definitely not enough dialogue. But once the backstory was done it was a very fun read. Very interested in what comes next. Curious as to Treya's deal. Can't wait for Tanya and Zane. Ollie looks to be a cutie in that one.

    20. BrilliantI just loved this book! I have read everything DD Prince has written so when I found out she was writing about aliens I jumped right on it! It's one of those books you just don't want to put down because you're having way to much fun!!!

    21. What a fab read! Think I really really need a Daxx in my life. Loved the dirty talk and the sex was so so HOT! There isn't a book of D.D Prince I don't like.

    22. I absolutely love it when I come across a story that surprises me. Alien romance is not typically a genre that I read, but because I love DD Prince’s other work, I had to give this a try. I was very pleasantly surprised. I didn’t think I’d be into it, and I totally was!Jetta, along with several other women, is tricked into participating in what basically amounts to a breeding program on another planet. This is a fairly quick read, which I finished in a few hours, but in that time the autho [...]

    23. I enjoyed this book, its different, the idea of being tricked or essentially stolen from earth to help repopulate a planet short on females is not new but the writing style makes it unique.The heroine, Jetta is super sarcastic and I love that, on the journey to the planet she is labelled a trouble maker but really she shows fighting spirit at the deception that has taken place, who in their right mind would go down without a fight. Daxx is amazing, yes he ends up as part of the situation, claimi [...]

    24. This is my first book by this author and I enjoyed it. There are plenty of Alien romance books out there, but thisone had some new and fresh ideas. Daxx was a great character and his love showed in everything he did. Jetta was very feisty and I loved how she made Daxx work for it all. It was funny, romantic and sexy.I look forward to read books in this series.

    25. Another great book!Thanks for having me in your world. I laughed so much and I could totally imagine this world and all in it. I look forward to more in this series.

    26. Oh my goodness, I can't believe I waited so long to read this! I LOVED Daxx and especially Jetta! This book had me laughing so much, it was so good!

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