Shadowhouse Fall

Shadowhouse Fall Shadowhouse risingSierra and her friends love their new lives as shadowshapers making art and creating change with the spirits of Brooklyn Then Sierra receives a strange card depicting a beast called

  • Title: Shadowhouse Fall
  • Author: Daniel José Older
  • ISBN: 9780545952828
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Shadowhouse risingSierra and her friends love their new lives as shadowshapers, making art and creating change with the spirits of Brooklyn Then Sierra receives a strange card depicting a beast called the Hound of Light an image from the enigmatic, influential Deck of Worlds The Deck tracks the players and powers of all the magical houses in the city, and when the real HShadowhouse risingSierra and her friends love their new lives as shadowshapers, making art and creating change with the spirits of Brooklyn Then Sierra receives a strange card depicting a beast called the Hound of Light an image from the enigmatic, influential Deck of Worlds The Deck tracks the players and powers of all the magical houses in the city, and when the real Hound begins to stalk Sierra through the streets, the shadowshapers know their next battle has arrived.Worlds in revolutionSierra and Shadowhouse have been thrust into an ancient struggle with enemies old and new a struggle they didn t want, but are determined to win Revolution is brewing in the real world as well, as the shadowshapers lead the fight against systems that oppress their community To protect her family and friends in every sphere, Sierra must take down the Hound and master the Deck of Worlds or else she could lose all the things that matter most.

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      324 Daniel José Older
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    1 thought on “Shadowhouse Fall”

    1. I am a huge fan of Daniel Jose Older's characters and stories. This story did not disappoint. Lots of tension, lots of mystery, and absolutely wonderful relationships between Sierra and her friends and family. The relationships give Sierra her strength; though she worries about their safety and all of them are at constant risk, the Shadowshapers all gain strength from each other.There are some terrifying moments in the story, and they have nothing to do with Shadowshaping; rather, these moments [...]

    2. This is one of those sequels that gives you EVERYTHING you want - the characters you love, new characters you can fall in love with, a deeper dive in the world and magic, and a true conflict with awesome magical battles that keeps you turning through all 358 pages of this awesome book. I loved it!!!!Another thing I loved about this book is how resonant the story is to the world we're living in right now. It takes on issues that naturally fit into the story with a powerful resonance that I think [...]

    3. Sierra and her wildly creative companions were captivating in Shadowshaper. Clever consolidation of mad musical, verbal and graffiti-art skills created a dazzling cultural kaleidoscope that pulsated from the pages, and showed more than the shadowshaping-side of life in Brooklyn. The sequel, Shadowhouse Fall, is every bit as delightful and dazzling, even as it tackles topics that parallel today’s headlines in an eerily accurate and chilling way.Sierra has just learned of her role as the archety [...]

    4. Some books are just so freaking awesome that they leave you speechless. You want to write a coherent review but just don't know where to begin because every word, every line is full of meaning and literally life-changing. The feeling that someone out there sees you as more than poor, dysfunctional and in need of saving by the magical default person. That your lives are filled with light, love, family, friendships and community. Then they make you wonder why there aren't MORE novels like this. Th [...]

    5. This series is amazing, just so imaginative and entertaining and just so real. Damn. If you haven't read this series yet, you really should. Also I need the sequel like ASAP so *insert impatient gif here*

    6. Ahhhhh this was fantastic. It's autumn so the kids are back to school, and to see the magic system of shadowshaping set side-by-side with the real-world issues either happening or being discussed in the classroom was brilliant. I loved seeing Mina step in and become part of the crew after she showed up in Tee's novella GHOST GIRL IN THE CORNER, and from the old-timer shapers to Sierra's mom, just yes. I love the scope of these books, bringing together strangers and families with magic and withou [...]

    7. While I didn't love this quite as much as the first book, Shadowshaper, I still thought it was very good, and the audio is truly first rate.I love the mix of supernatural and racial tensions that combine to create such an explosive story. The influence of the events that have led to the Black Lives Matter movement is so apparent in Older's writing, making this urban fantasy painfully realistic.

    8. I edited this, so I'm biased, but it's brilliant -- a substantial level-up from Daniel's already excellent first YA novel, SHADOWSHAPER, and a thrilling, funny, sexy, smart fantasy/commentary on the sociological moment we live in and the systems that can entrap us all. Don't miss it.

    9. *Helpful note: read the dialogue like a kid from Brooklyn. If you need help understanding the culture of the more diverse boroughs watch some urban Latino films based in New York (like Don’t Let Me Drown - based in Brooklyn) they’re very informative to understanding the people and vernacular used in these books.”Shadowshaper issues tackled: Colorism and GentrificationShadowhouse Fall issues tackled: police brutality (of minorities), racism, and inequality. I fail to remember the storyline [...]

    10. I couldn't have asked for a better follow up to Shadowshaper, Older's awesome YA urban fantasy novel. I particularly love his magic system - and we get to see a lot more of it here. Older also writes excellent social commentary, even more so here than in the first installment. The only way this could have been better was to have listened to the story via audiobook like I did with book one - Anika Noni Rose brought the author's world to life in the best possible way. If you like diverse urban fan [...]

    11. DAAAAAAYYYUUUUMMMM. This was beyond excellent. That's some rage in this book, Daniel. It's MILES ahead of book one. I'm so ready for part 3.

    12. With its incredible dialogue, beautiful prose, brilliant cast of characters, and important social commentary SHADOWHOUSE FALL takes YA urban fantasy to a whole new level.I really enjoyed the first book in this series, SHADOWSHAPER, but this second book absolutely blew me away. I've said this over and over again while I've been reading the series, but the dialogue in this book is truly spectacular. Older's writing is just absolutely masterful and makes this book a must-read for writers as well as [...]

    13. this was amazing. i did think the romance was REALLY shoehorned in and i was a little confused by the newly expanded magic system, but in every other aspect, this one was even better than the first one

    14. Enjoyed the sequel more than the first book because the plot just got SICK! Also kind of liked a character that was introduced in this book but again not a fan of the relationship Still going to continue with the series when it comes back

    15. Honestly, I don't know what to write. Perfect book is perfect. The best, most authentic book I've read all year is about teens who fight evil by channeling spirits through art. Daniel José Older has acquired a new fan. I need book 3 in my life.

    16. Excellent read, DJO is one of the best. The gang is young but not immature, yet not grown either. A great read for young adults as well as mature readers.

    17. Last summer, Sierra Santiago discovered her family's magical legacy: they can shadowshape the spirits of the dead into works of art that then come alive and do their bidding. After defeating a man bent on destroying her family, Sierra became the new Lucera—the shadowshaper matriarch and spiritual conduit—and inducted a group of her friends into the world of spirit magic. They better learn to use their powers quickly, though, because there's more than one person out to defeat the shadowshaper [...]

    18. I adore anything Daniel Jose Older writes (and says), and Shadowhouse Fall was no exception. I'm now counting down the days til the third book in this series comes out. This review by a YA librarian, does a great job of summarizing the magical series: tor/2017/09/18/danielI especially recommend listening to the series on audible, Anika None Rose truly brings all the characters to life. Additional thoughts/reflections are below:(view spoiler)[1. Just like in Ghost Girl in the Corner, here in Shad [...]

    19. Short Review: Older had a vision for this book, and he made it happen. The writing is deliberate in the way that it continues to develop the world of the Shadowshapers while also tackling modern, real world struggles. He fleshes out his characters, envelops the reader in a world of magic, and still makes time for some serious, much-needed activism. Long Review: Warning – May Contain SpoilersThe GoodThis Story Is Woke. Given that this is a story about a bunch of black (and Afro-Latinx) kids run [...]

    20. A nice follow-up to the first book, but as with the last one it reads a little young for me. The worldbuilding is fantastic again, and with an even heavier lean into current events, which fits this story. The romance plot felt lazy, but otherwise, very few complaints. Love to support Daniel Jose Older.

    21. I'm not much of a fantasy reader, but one of the qualities that endeared me to Shadowshaper was that the fantasy elements layered themselves on top of a story about ethnically diverse teens in a gentrifying Brooklyn. Book 2 amps up the conversations about race, ethnicity, and identity but it also amps up the fantasy elements and plot threads. About 200 pages in I was taking notes on lots of small plot threads and became a little frustrated in waiting for each one to resolve.Out of fairness to a [...]

    22. Because I enjoyed the first book so immensely, i'll be honest, I was worried about this one. I really didn't need to be Older slayed. This book had more action, more history about the Shadow Shapers, more angst, and some gut-wrenching real-world issues. I wasn't ready for the epic journey I was about to embark on. Sierra Santiago is back. Newly crowned, still learning the ropes, and facing a new enemy, she has a lot of weight on her young shoulders. But in true Sierra style, she faces it all dow [...]

    23. This book is exactly what you want a sequel to be. It was bigger, it was better, it was very much drawing on what the original started, and it wasn't a bummer. As I was listening to this book, I worried it might be a standard trilogy sequel, where it's built up big and scary, but the climax is reserved for the third book. ESPECIALLY when we got near the end it appear the climax was winding downY WAS I MISTAKEN. The ending was amazing, and I love how it set up the next book while leaving me extre [...]

    24. Shadowshaper was a great book demanding a great sequel, and on that front, Shadowhouse Fall absolutely delivers. Longer and more intense than its predecessor, this book gives us a more involving storyline for our 'shapers and company: Sierra, Robbie, Juan, Tee, Izzy, Bennie, Anthony (better known to us civilians as Pulpo), etc. Taking full advantage of its setting circa Brooklyn 2017, Older also raises his social commentary game, weaving in racism and police brutality (with an enemy supernatural [...]

    25. 4.5/5WOW. This series has definitely leveled up from book one. Pretty much all of my (few) problems like weird pacing and a voice that seemed a little dumbed-down for teens are all gone, and I can only imagine this series will get better. The plot is stronger, the stakes higher, the magic system/world-building is fantastic and unique, and the political commentary biting and on the nose. I also loved seeing more of the characters from the first book, especially Izzy.I NEED BOOK 3.I think my main [...]

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