Lies She Told

Lies She Told Sometimes the truth is darker than fiction Liza Jones has thirty days to write the thriller that could put her back on the bestseller list In the meantime she s struggling to start a family with her

  • Title: Lies She Told
  • Author: Cate Holahan
  • ISBN: 9781683312956
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sometimes the truth is darker than fiction.Liza Jones has thirty days to write the thriller that could put her back on the bestseller list In the meantime, she s struggling to start a family with her husband, who is distracted by the disappearance of his best friend, Nick With stresses weighing down in both her professional and her personal life, Liza escapes into writinSometimes the truth is darker than fiction.Liza Jones has thirty days to write the thriller that could put her back on the bestseller list In the meantime, she s struggling to start a family with her husband, who is distracted by the disappearance of his best friend, Nick With stresses weighing down in both her professional and her personal life, Liza escapes into writing her latest heroine.Beth is a new mother who suspects her husband is cheating on her while she s home alone providing for their newborn Angry and betrayed, Beth sets out to catch him in the act and make him pay for shattering the illusion of their perfect life But before she realizes it, she s tossing the body of her husband s mistress into the river.Then the lines between fiction and reality begin to blur Nick s body is dragged from the Hudson and Liza s husband is arrested for his murder Before her deadline is up, Liza will have to face up to the truths about the people around her, including herself If she doesn t, the end of her heroine s story could be the end of her own.

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    1. Wowza!! Guys, this is a September Book of the Month Club selection! And it's so good. An old fashioned great mystery. I love it!LIES SHE TOLD receives a 5 star rating on the old Twister Richter Scale. A book within a book that is completely believable, twisty and mind-bending. Our main character, Liza Cole, is a romance/suspense writer. She has been in a writing slump for several months due to fertility issues and her husband's distraction about his missing business partner. Liza's protaganist i [...]

    2. The first couple of chapters were confusing though, switching between Liza and the character in the book she is writing Beth. Once I got my head around the continual swapping, the book made more sense, and hooked me in. The pace of the story is slow and methodical at first, but it quickly picks up in the second half of the book. I often found myself having to stop and think for a minute about which storyline I was actually reading. As the book goes on, the line between true life and fiction begi [...]

    3. 4.25 unreliable stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟.25Are you a fan of the unreliable narrator? Well in this book you get not only one but two veryunreliable narrators!This is a book where you really need toPay attention! Liza is an author of romance/suspense books. Beth is the MC in the book that she is writing. The brilliant (yet confusing) part of this is that you get both Liza’s real life story and Beth’s fictional story alternating throughout this book. Liza and Beth have quite a few things in commo [...]

    4. What a brilliant premise for a book. When reality and fantasy cross paths. Liza is a best-selling author struggling and under pressure to put out a follow-up novel. She seems to find her greatest success taking inspiration from real life. Including several unsuspecting friends and family around her. Now that same inspiration may be falling way too close to home. As Liza’s life is spinning out of control (balancing a marriage and trying to start a family), her editor is pushing her hard to recr [...]

    5. 3.75 Stars.What is the Truth and what is Fiction? When you are a Mystery/Suspense novelist, sometimes, the two blend together. “Lies She Told” by Cate Holahan is a mystery/suspense novel about Liza Jones. She is a novelist. A one hit wonder, if you will, though she is, of course, hoping to write another best seller. Liza is married. To David - an attorney who is never home. His life is in shambles. His law partner, Nick disappeared a month ago. No one knows what happened and at first the Pol [...]

    6. What an amazing thriller!In fact, reading this book is what kept me sane during Hurricane Irma. I spent days shuttered up in my home without power, the heat was unbearable and the darkness constant.I still have no power and the heat is still awful but, alas, reading brings a wonderful escape in these difficult moments. The book is about writer Liza Jones who desperately needs to finish up her next thriller. The thriller she is writing is about a fictional character named Beth, a new mother who s [...]

    7. 3.5 stars“Blurring fact and fantasy is my trade. I am a con artist. A prevaricator. I make up stories.”Psychological thriller that blurs the line between fiction and reality, author and character. Liza, a romantic suspense writer, is hoping that her next book is a hit. She had one bestseller and has seen her success slowly decline. She is working on a new novel about a woman named Beth who catches her husband cheating. As Liza’s life starts to slowly ravel out of control, she begins to sha [...]

    8. Parallel universes.Existing within the light of truth while simultaneously traveling the roads of deception inked in covert shadows.Somehow the lustre of New York notoriety has worn thin for mystery writer, Liza Cole. Liza stares blankly at her computer screen lost in agonizing thoughts of turning out a well overdue blockbuster thriller. Notches in her book belt would be one thing, but Liza has a mortgage payment on the upscale condo and highly expensive fertility treatments in the process. Her [...]

    9. Uniquely Plotted and Engrossing.BUT.What is fact and What is fiction?Lisa Jones writes romantic suspense crime novels and the 30 day deadline is quickly approaching for her next offering is her personal deadline to start a family, but husband David is only interested in one thing at the present timed it's not romantic getaways or Lisa's reproductive cycle's the mysterious disappearance of his law partnerd best buddy, NickES SHE TOLD alternates between Lisa's real life struggles at home and the v [...]

    10. 3+ out of 5 stars to Lies She Told, a thriller set to be released on September 12th by Cate Holahan. I enjoyed reading the book and look forward to sharing this review with you.Why This BookMany thanks to Crooked Lane Books, the publisher, for sending me this copy to read and review in advance as an ARC. They found me on based on my reading tastes, reviews and ratings, suggesting this as a potential book I might find engaging. And they were right. I had it sitting on the shelf for a few weeks a [...]

    11. When the lines between reality and fiction are blurred, it becomes harder to tell which is which.“I don’t invent my characters. I steal them from my surroundings. To be a writer is to be a life thief. Every day, I rob myself blind.”The switching between the story and the story within the story was a tad intriguing and I did enjoy it quite a lot. The built-up was rather slow at the beginning and yet I found it surprisingly pleasing as the author was slowly creating the promise of a good sto [...]

    12. Copy furnished by Net Galley for the price of a review.I love the idea of characters in a book taking on lives of their own. Do they really exist, or are they merely the product of an author's fertile imagination? This one will make you ponder. The parallels are striking. Might it be a variation on the theme of the truth, or is it all just out-and-out fiction? A great many of us have complained loud and long about what seemed to be a lifetime of books with "Girl" in the title. Now we seem to hav [...]

    13. !! NOW AVAILABLE !!“Blurring fact and fantasy is my trade. I am a con artist. A prevaricator. I make up stories.” Told from two viewpoints in alternating chapters, one is the story of the life of an author, Liza Jones (these chapters have LIZA as the chapter headings), and Beth, a character in the thriller novel she is writing (these chapters are number sequentially). Not difficult to follow unless you overlook these chapter headings, and then there are places where may blur.The premise for [...]

    14. Sometimes the truth is darker than fiction.Lies She Told is a dark and twisted psychological thriller that reads like a book within a book. The first few chapters are slow to start but it quickly picks up soon after - that's when I couldn't put it down!Liza has thirty days to write a romantic thriller that could put her back on the bestseller list once again. With all the stress of writing her new novel, she is also struggling to start a family with her husband, who is extremely distraught with [...]

    15. 3.5-3.75 StarsNick and Liza’s husband worked with each other at a law firm but now Nick is missing for a month and her husband is so busy with work. Liza can’t be pregnant so she’s being treated with synthetic hormones and like other treatments it has own side effects. She is under stress for this pregnancy and her new book (she’s a writer) and her husband doesn’t support her. But the thing is all the answers are in her story!!! How is that possible!? How she can write things that nobo [...]

    16. Liza is a romantic suspense author who has thirty days to produce a rough draft for her publisher. Lies She Told alternates between her personal story and the one she is writing. Maybe because I'm not a fan of the romance kind of suspense novels, I struggled with the story within the story. I mean, I'll give Holahan credit, it read like a romance style novel. Beth is a new mother who has caught her husband having an affair. She's unwilling to confront him about it but of course, feels totally be [...]

    17. It's difficult to find an original storyline in thrillers these days, and this one is definitely unique. The chapters alternate between author Liza's reality and the chapters she is writing in her latest book. It was a very interesting premise, however the execution didn't quite work for me. I found it to be quite confusing and had a difficult time keeping track of what was happening in each storyline. I do well with dual timeline stories so I thought this would be an easy read, but the characte [...]

    18. Thanks to NETGALLEY for an uncorrected proof in exchange for an honest review. This book was anAMAZING thrill ride that kept me securely fastened in my seat.I know that I was bellyaching in a few reviews months ago that the publishing world was going a little bit overboard with the unreliable female narrator. But Cate Holahan made me a believer by sucking me into the life of author Lisa and her book character, Beth, and their parallel stories. So many twists and turns, I swear my head was going [...]

    19. I loved this cleverly written, twisty, book within a book. A murder occurs in both and fact blurs with fiction when the author's novel in progress is eerily similar to events happening in her real life. It's a short, quick read and well worth the time invested. I'm not a fan of romantic suspense so the blurb that categorized the fictional author's books in that genre made me a bit skeptical. But I would consider both story lines as domestic thrillers, not romantic suspense, and I thoroughly enjo [...]

    20. Liza Cole is under pressure from her publisher to get her next book written within the next thirty days. All the while Liza is undergoing an experimental fertility trial which has her hormones going off the charts and not to add to the pressure but her husband has pulled away after his business partner had gone missing the month before. Using her writing as an escape from all of life's stresses at the moment Liza throws herself into her book and her new character, Beth. Beth is a new mom who has [...]

    21. Liza is a romantic suspense writer. Due to fertility issues and the fact that her husband's partner is missing, she has hit a bit of a slump in her success as a writer.Beth is the protagonist in Liza's novel, and it is in this book within a book that the lines of reality and fiction start getting fuzzy when Liza's life starts to unravel, and the story of Beth and Liza begin to have more and more in common. I was grateful to be advised from previous reviews to keep track between Liza and Beth, as [...]

    22. The cover on this one is fairly good. A decent representation of the story. Good composition and title work as well.I really rather enjoyed this one. I started it before bed with the intention of reading for a couples hours and calling it a night. What actually happened was I quickly became so engrossed in the story that I stayed up way past my bedtime and read it straight through.I found it to be well written and well paced. The plot was interesting and well developed. There were twists and tur [...]

    23. This novel is full of suspence and I really enjoyed it. The story is told by changing characters and to me this just adds to its development and enjoyment. The story builds up slowly, drawing you in and contains plenty of twists and turns to keep you engaged throughout. You do need to concentrate however or you may become confused in parts so do pay attention. Well written and I will look out for more from this author.

    24. "It's a story." I plead. "It's only a story."Liza's last book tanked, and there is no doubt that she needs a hit. Will her latest effort about a scorned woman driven to extremes be the best-seller she needs?This is a pretty good thriller, with chapters alternating between Liza's trials, and her character Beth's tribulations. Even though I had an inkling what was going on about half way through, the author kept me guessing, and I had no idea how she was going to tie things up.Is Liza's art imitat [...]

    25. Liza Cole is a writer of Romantic Suspense and she's looking for the one that will make her name. It's also her safe space as her husband has been sorely stressed over the disappearance of his best friend and law partner, Nick. Liza thinks he's also having an affair with a female law officer.Her husband doesn't think she knows, did not see her watching them at a restaurant or entering his lover's apartment. He's always 'working late'. It's all made worse by the fact that they've been trying to h [...]

    26. 4/5 stars!! Read my full review here: crimebythebook/blog/2017/7This is a lighter suspense read, but it's SO freaking fun to read. Fast-paced, binge-worthy, and full of twists! An addictive "book within a book" thriller.

    27. Blog | Instagram | TwitterLiza and her husband, David, are faced with the tensions of marital strain. Not only when it comes to difficulty of conception, but also with David’s distractions due to the disappearance of his law partner and best friend, Nick. Liza, desperate to write another bestselling novel, finds herself blurring the line between fiction and reality. As her story progresses, Liza unearths her secret formula to creating a bestselling novel.This novel is a book within a book and [...]

    28. Blurred Lines!A twisted blend of psychological thriller and mystery with some unexpected elements thrown in to keep the reader on her toes.The protagonist, Liza, is a writer who has felt distracted and underproductive for some time due to several outside distractions. The heroine in the current book, Beth, is very similar to Liza and much of the themes explored in Liza’s fictional work with Beth is also analogous to Liza’s life. Author Holahan uses some interesting narrative techniques to bl [...]

    29. I went into this read with absolutely no expectations. I hate to say it, but I did judge this book by its cover, which is amazing by the way, and I grabbed it as soon as I saw it on the bookshelf. If anything I figured this might be a fast pace easy read, probably moderately enjoyable but nothing special, but thankfully I was way off!! This is a story about a once successful crime writer, with a deadline in the not-too-distant future, who is also going through some marital issues due to the disa [...]

    30. Closer to a 4.5Damn, what a story! I loved it. This book follows an author named Liza, who is losing her audience as a mystery writer. Her last book didn't do so well and she's feeling a lot of pressure to write the next great thriller. On top of that, she's struggling with trying to get pregnant and not being able to. This is a story within-a-story and we get to see the new book she's writing in alternating chapters. Her story follows a new Mother named Beth who finds out her husband Jake is ch [...]

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