The Last Coven

The Last Coven There are reasons we fear the night He might finally be one of them A goddess returned a war between primal powers and a prophecy to fulfill That s a lot of crap to heap on anyone s plate much less

  • Title: The Last Coven
  • Author: Rick Gualtieri
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • There are reasons we fear the night He might finally be one of them A goddess returned, a war between primal powers, and a prophecy to fulfill That s a lot of crap to heap on anyone s plate, much less a former game programmer from Brooklyn But that s exactly what Bill Ryder gamer, geek, and legendary vampire has to deal with Half his friends are missing and those There are reasons we fear the night He might finally be one of them A goddess returned, a war between primal powers, and a prophecy to fulfill That s a lot of crap to heap on anyone s plate, much less a former game programmer from Brooklyn But that s exactly what Bill Ryder gamer, geek, and legendary vampire has to deal with Half his friends are missing and those that are left are mired in chaos Sadly, Armageddon isn t about to give them a breather The White Mother, a vile evil from the distant past, is amassing her forces to exterminate all who stand in her way be they human, vampire, or other Bill and his buddies need to find a way to stop her, while also keeping the other supernatural factions from tearing the world asunder.It s finally time for Bill to master his powers, sort out his relationship woes, and figure out how to survive his date with destiny Because if he can t get his act together, the curtain will fall and mankind will be forever plunged into everlasting darkness The Last Coven is the grand finale of the bestselling Tome of Bill saga, an urban fantasy series with a nasty overbite If you like gory fight scenes, dorky humor, and Bigfoot sized action, then you ll love Rick Gualtieri s latest installment in this kick butt vampire series for the 21st century adult.

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    1 thought on “The Last Coven”

    1. Armageddon Bills way.This is a Must Read!Trying to write a review of this book without any spoilers is rough.Rick Gualtieri once again has hit a home run with this, the final book in The Tomb Of Bill series.It's not only a Great Read but will have you laughing out loud and sitting on the edge of your seat with the antics and snarky dialogue of Bill and his friends. It is a roller coaster of fun and has spills and thrills. Vampires, witches, Bigfoot and other monsters what more could you ask of A [...]

    2. The curtain call for The Tome of Bill.I have been anticipating this day with bated breath, what dose it mean for Bill Ryder, the legendary geekI mean Freewill. The odd hero of the Tome of Bill saga.Here is the disclaimer : I received a free prerelease copy of this book, but fear not I would gladly dropped a single star on this book if it was an a front to my senses!Now that that's out of the way cough we're was I, oh yes. For those of you new to the Tome of Bill, this series is seriously sardoni [...]

    3. I gotta say, a good ending. Not one i saw coming. I really enjoyed the entire series. The geek humor was the best part for me. Thanks for a job well done!

    4. I received a pre-release (ARC) copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I have to say before I even really start this review that I have enjoyed this series so much that I’ve told every single one of my “reading” friends that they needed to buy a copy and dive into them. Rick Gualtieri is a mother effin genius of comedy/horror writing. I’ve never laughed so hard through a series of books about vampires in my whole life. The Last Coven was the perfect ending to this series too, [...]

    5. Talk about going out with a bang! The fights just never stopped in this final book. I was sorry to reach the end, it was a wild, funny, snarky ride. Can I just say I loved James, and*clutching chest*! I did not see that twist at the end, and as for Gan - what is with that little chick? She is some scary sheila! Another three yearspoor old Bill I'm sad to say goodbye to such an awesome series, but so glad to have found it!

    6. Mr. Gualtieri has set the bar very high for himself. The Last Coven is the conclusion to his phenomenal series, The Tome of Bill. I can't wait to see what he shares with us next because this series was amazing! From start to finish ToB has been wacky, thrilling, horrifying and yes even touching. The final book is a beast, and rightfully so. Bill and co. face their destiny. Will they save the world or will be responsible for the end? Read the book and find out!The writing was exceptional, as alwa [...]

    7. I finished the book two days ago but I held off on writing my review since I didn't want it to be overly negative based on my opinion of the ending. I think I've cooled off so here goes nothing!I have to say I loved almost the entire book. The pacing, the tension, the action, the jokes and even the dialogue between Bill, Sally and Sheila. The one thing that really put me off was the ending.(view spoiler)[ I could say that it's because I feel like everyone turning into normal human beings and age [...]

    8. The final installment of the Tome of Bill series does not disappoint! Bill and his friends take you on an epic adventure battling vampires, the Feet, witches, and even a couple of gods, while trying to stave off Armageddon. This book is full of heart and snark. You will laugh out loud, and you may even find yourself shedding a few tears. THIS IS HOW YOU END A SERIES!!! Rick Gualtieri has truly outdone himself. Why are you still reading this review?!! Go grab this book and dig in!** I received a [...]

    9. Having finally read through all eight books of the Tome of Bill series, I think I can finally put my thoughts on the series to rest and drive the final nail into its coffin.So if there's one thing I can say right off it's that Gualtieri knows how to set the scene. Each of the early books add to the mythos and world of Bill in creative and different ways and for the most part its fun and interesting. The main characters are a mixed bag of personalities ranging from engaging to window dressing. Sa [...]

    10. I was given an ARC copy of this book, and on my first read of it, I probably would have given it 3 stars. I decided, however, to wait and re-read it later so it could be fresh again and see what changes were implemented. I'm glad I re-read it, because anything from the ARC copy that I would have had a complaint about was fixed. This was a beautiful last story that probably ends on a heavier note that you are expecting from The Tome of Bill. However, I was extraordinarily pleased with this ending [...]

    11. Sniff . . . I just finished the final book in the Tome of Bill series. I’m usually not big on books that are part of a series, as so many authors tend to lose their edge after three or four books. Not Rick Gualtieri. He kept me laughing all the way to the end. The Last Coven will answer all your questions (even some you didn’t think you had), and the ending will surprise you. Bravo Rick, on a job well done!Marty Essen, author of: Endangered Edens: Exploring the Arctic National Wildlife Refug [...]

    12. The very short version:-writing: 4 stars-story: 4 stars-characters: 4 stars-accessibility: 3 stars-setting: 4 stars-metaphysics/magic: 4.5 starsBill the Vampire has come a long way and manages to continue with everything you have come to expect from the series. A mix of earnestness, crude humor, heavy nerd references and a surprising amount of heart.Gualtieri manages the very tough job of pulling together a great many loose threads and tying them off neatly without being too heavy-handed. This i [...]

    13. The Last CovenWhat can I say to do this series justice, the best I can offer you is read and go on the ride of your life. Hang on to Bill's coattails and stare in awe at his downfalls and triumphs. A cast of characters of immense evil, and men and women of great good and fortitude. Then there is Bill gamer,geek,vampire,nerd, and all round good guy. An ordinary guy turned into something extraordinary. Fab.

    14. I actually skipped the 7th book because I was getting fed up with the lack of character development in this series. What an excellent choice! I barely felt like I missed anything and was happy just to quickly finish this monstrosity off as the characters still don't develop. Overall, a good finish to the series, but ugh, learn how to make characters grow Gualtieri!

    15. In keeping with the tradition of the other books it was very entertaining. Everything from the Mighty Cunt to the terrible one liners that always made me laugh. The ending wasn't what I had hoped for but then again I wasn't really sure I wanted it to end. Either way it was a good ride for the nerd turned Freewill.

    16. When you reach the end of a series there's always a serious worry about how it will end and how much you will hate it. Thankfully, that didn't happen here! I really liked the way everything was wrapped up and the little bit that is still left hanging there. Well done Mr. Gualtieri, that's not an easy feat!

    17. Hilarious and bad assBeen working on there when I'm not working or otherwise busy as Hell. This series is the most entertaining thing I've found in a while, and I've already told a few people to hunt them down and read them.

    18. Fantastic FinaleYou won't be disappointed. You know the saying "save the best for last"? Well that's what you have in this Tome of Bill finale. Great humor, adventure, an epic battle, and finally closure.

    19. Love it!This is the final installment in The Time of Bill, which makes me sad. I loved it! I want more Bill the Vampire books, but that won't work now. I highly recommend The Last Coven nd all other books by Rick Gualtieri.

    20. An amazing seriesI actually was so engrossed after the first book I continued to read each and every book in the series.What an adventure, full of suspense, surprises, intrigue and hilarious antics from the characters.

    21. Sad that its overWith all the books out there about vampires and the supernatural. This was the best. Not only was the whole series hysterical and entertaining, but it also gave great reason to ponder.

    22. Enjoyed the series overall. Rating on can be hard and I think there is a lot of 'grade inflation' - that said I put the series as a 3.5 overall, meaning I enjoyed it. It felt like an action/comedy show or movie. Not something you walk away from feeling smarter, but feeling entertained.

    23. I have seriously enjoyed this series!!Vampires, Magi, Sasquatches with names that make it impossible to deal with them and keep a straight face, ancient prophesies, and LARPing computer nerds turned vampires are what make you get in to this series!

    24. What a rideRead the entire series back to backetty much to my husband dismay in the matter of a few days and I loved it. Cried at the end but the ride was worth it. Great series. Recommend it to everyone!

    25. Hated to see it endA great wrap up to an even better series. I honestly hope that Rick will continue doing stories in this universe. Great series. I read this on Kindle Unlimited.

    26. SolidMuch like Rich said in his authors notes (geeks do read them man) I'm not totally sure about the ending, but I loved the book and series. I think the whole Gan thing is a fore-shadowing for another series I'm gonna have to buy. Good work sir. Thank you for the read.

    27. NiceFunny as usual. His books never disappoint!! Nice way to tie up the series. I hope we see more of Bill and gang in the future!

    28. Great ending to a great series. A little bitter sweet at the end, but still just as funny as the first.

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