Beauty and the Beast: a REAL life fairy tale (A Silver Creek Novella Series Book 2)

Beauty and the Beast a REAL life fairy tale A Silver Creek Novella Series Book There s a tale as old as time of two people falling in love but what happens when Belle won t have anything to do with it Join her with this real life fairytale set in the small town of Silver Creek

  • Title: Beauty and the Beast: a REAL life fairy tale (A Silver Creek Novella Series Book 2)
  • Author: Jamie Brook Thompson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • There s a tale as old as time of two people falling in love, but what happens when Belle won t have anything to do with it Join her with this real life fairytale set in the small town of Silver Creek to find out how she ll transform the town s beast into a handsome prince with her heart, not her beautician skills.

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      232 Jamie Brook Thompson
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    1 thought on “Beauty and the Beast: a REAL life fairy tale (A Silver Creek Novella Series Book 2)”

    1. This was very rushed, even for a short and easy chick-lit type of story. The romance was 'insta-love' and there was nothing relatable about the Belle character, or intriguing about the romance arc.I wouldn't have read this if I hadn't been initially drawn to the Beauty and the Beast theme and character names, (since it is my favorite movie/musical!) but upon reading it, I think the author could have given all the characters random names and identities rather than 'Belle,' 'Adam,' and 'Gaston.' T [...]

    2. 2 cute little story starsthis is nothing special just a cute Insta love story that a bit too rushed female goes man I have a crush MC male goes I have a crush on you lets have one date where we discuss our dream house and getting married MCs get married less than 2 days later because they are saving it for the wedding ugh

    3. The idea behind this was great, however the execution lacked, quite a bit!I never figured out why Adam was supposedly a "Beast" other than having broad shoulders and a beard? And some of the scenes made absolutely NO sense, except for the author desperately trying to squeeze in scenes from the Disney movie, which didn't suit the plot of this retelling of the story.This is insta-love at it's crappiest. The two go on a date, kiss once, state that they will not sleep together until after they are m [...]

    4. Spinta dalla mia predilezione per La Bella e la bestia, ho scelto di leggere questo breve romanzo, secondo volume della serie Real life fairytale di Jamie Brook Thompson.Belle, già comparsa nel primo volume come una sorta di fata madrina per Cindee, è qui la protagonista assoluta.L'azione si svolge ancora una volta nella piccola cittadina di Silver Creek; piccola e bigotta, dovrei aggiungere: davvero negli Stati Uniti esistono posti in cui una ragazza è giudicata male e perde tutte le sue cli [...]

    5. I give this 3.5/5 Darth Vader helmets. This is Jamie Brook Thompson's version of the classic Beauty and the Beast. Unlike Disney's re-imagined movie, this is a very modern take on the oldie-but-goodie tale. If I was impressed with the author's Cinderella version, I was not so by this one but it goes without saying that this story has its own merits. Belle here is a beautician. If I think about it, it's not so unexpected considering the story. I wished she were something else. Something more surp [...]

    6. I received this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.I had high hopes for this audiobook, but it was incredibly rushed, it had insta-love and seriously why are you talking about how you’re going to decorate your future house and what to name your future dog on your first date??? Albeit, they do get married like two days later, but I feel like that was mostly so that Adam didn’t have to break his vows of not having sex until after he’d married. It w [...]

    7. Tales as old as times in a Small town of Silver Creek. Wow!!! Belle a Beautiful girl from the state of California. Okay!! Gaston! UmmmI still don't like him! But Adam he's more Awesome in this than the animated versions. Even the live action film. Anyways!!! The story is pretty good. I totally enjoyed reading it. Got me hooked. Still like Belle character. She's still a strong independent women. Still loves to read . Even though she's a hairstylist! Glad Adam got Belle to go to Church. Which is B [...]

    8. Free copy received via Inspired Kathy in exchange for an honest review. I started with Beauty and the Beast because its out at the cinema atm. Belle has just moved from California and works in a hair salon and doesn’t fit in with the small towns people at all. When Gaston calls to collect/avenge Belles fathers gambling debts, he forces her into his car which she jumps from, running to the closest house, which just happens to be Adams – who is a ‘Beast of a man’.The villagers have warned [...]

    9. This is my review for the audio version of the book (as posted on Audible:)):my rating for the audiobook: story - 4 stars, performance - 5 stars, overall - 5 stars (it should be 4.5 but as there are no halves:))"A sweet modern version of an old tale"Would you listen to Beauty and the Beast: A Real Life Fairytale again? Why?Yes, I would. It's a nicely written romance, short enough to listen to when you are not too busy or when you travel I liked the storyline in general, although there were some [...]

    10. This is the second book in the Silver Creek Novella Series, and it's a cute modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Belle is a beautician, and she moved from California to Silver Creek a year ago to take a job in a salon. Belle just doesn't fit in the quaint little town with its judgmental matrons and army of Darth Vader helmet style haircuts. Then she meets Adam, a man the town residents call a Beast, living a reclusive life on the outskirts of town. When she's attacked by Gaston, a loan shar [...]

    11. 2.5 stars. Cute premise, just not executed as well as I had hoped.Belle is one of the side characters in the author's retelling of Cinderella. She is a transplant to Silver Creek from California. She doesn't really fit in. She has a tattoo, wears stylish clothes and refuses to cut her hair just like everyone else! When she finds herself interested in the town bad boy, everyone warns her off. He is an absolute beast--she is way too good for him. When things start to go wrong, she has to decide wh [...]

    12. Beautician Belle marches to a different drummer. She just can’t seem to conform to the social norms of Silver Creek. With a heart as big as her heels are high, Belle’s past haunts her. Adam Anderson is a man despised and hated by his community. A man of secrets and a past troubles, Adam can’t stay away from feisty Belle. She sees beyond the mask he hides behind. “He is the kind of man that makes a woman believe there’s a God in heaven.” Fun references to the inspirational fairy tale [...]

    13. This is a series of novella length stories that are loosely based on the various fairy tales. They are each sweet and clean with no offensive language or sexual material. They do contain kissing.In Beauty and the Beast, Belle is able to see through the rough outward appearance of Adam. As she gets to know him, she finds herself coming to his defense to her friends. However, when she needs rescuing, will Adam be able to come to her defense in time?I enjoyed reading these stories. They are each si [...]

    14. There is nothing like a spin off of a fairytale and Jamie Brook Thompson is hitting it out of the park with this series. This time she takes my favorite, Beauty and the Beast and gives it a little twist. Her choice of characters of Belle and Adam are sure to win your heart. The use of the name Gaston as the evil character is priceless. I really loved the evolution of Belle and Adam, getting to know them and how their pasts shaped them to who they are today, a fun, and emotional ride. I also enjo [...]

    15. I loved the narration, it flowed really naturally, had a good tone and excellent pacing. The character voices were great and conveyed emotion.This story has great characters and it's beautifully written. It's simple and easy to follow while being interesting. The characters are lovable and I couldn't help but want to know what would happen next. Great for when you just want something short and fun.I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the next book.This book was supplied free by the author/ [...]

    16. I enjoyed the story, the characters are interesting but the development seems too fast, almost rush to be done with. My other problem is when Belle is talking about the books she likes. I feel that for this strong, modern, open minded she could be one that loves non fiction books and could quote Hawking's or Sagan. A lot of girls will appreciate a "princess" who is in love with STEM subjects.

    17. I loved listening to Angie as she gave voice to Adam and Belle. I loved how it mixed the city and the country into its own unique style with these two. Hearing about a female who is fine taking care of herself on her own is always wonderful to hear. I loved listening to this quick little story and cant wait to hear more.

    18. This was a quick, fun read. I imagine this is a modern day retelling of Beauty and The Beast but I have never read or seen that, so I have nothing to compare it to. I really liked Belle and how she exerted her independence, also how she got everyone to "meet" the real Adam. I read this novella in The Real Life Fairy Tale Box Set. I was given a copy by the I Am A Reader, Not A Writer Blog.

    19. Another fun modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast. I was more drawn to the beast in this story than Belle. The story moves quickly and reads like a novella. If you enjoy different versions of Beauty and the Beast and especially modern version then you will enjoy this book.

    20. Bite Size HEAThis was a short and sweet happily ever after! I really liked this sweet and clean take on Beauty and the Beast!

    21. A clean romance with the fairy tale ending. Adam is such a sweet character and the love he showers on Belle is so cute.

    22. I loved this book better than the first one. Belle was a great character and the beast was even more my type of guy! And the library? Come on! I was drooling and frankly jealous! I love all the heroines and heroes in this series. The guys are dreamy and I want to live in this town. Even if the ones in charge are backwards. They are starting to get their crap thrown back in their faces! YAY!

    23. Beauty and the BeastI loved it. I think it was better than the first. It had a great story line and kept you interested to see what happens next.

    24. Based loosely on the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast. Belle hasn't been in the small town of Silver Creek long, but has been working as a beautician. After a bit of action of escaping from a car, she finds herself running to Adam's house (aka 'The Beast'). She is able to pull Adam's kindness out and allow others to see him for the good man he is- and not a fearful beast!

    25. I tend to always grab Beauty & the Beast remakes since they are something I tend to enjoy to read. I enjoyed this, even though I didn't read the first book- Cinderella. I do feel I might have missed a bit of world building by not reading the 1st book, but not enough to feel totally lost. I wish this had been expanded a bit, it felt a little like a novella though lists it as 143 pages. The Beast character is a super character, honestly, what's not to like about him, a guy like that doesn't c [...]

    26. *I received this book for free in exchange for my honest reviewBeauty and the beast is one of my favorite fairy tales, this short story sticks with the characters pretty dang well without much background. I enjoyed this story more than cinderella (the first in this little collection) because it had a little more character development. Maybe only because Belle was seen in that first story.Anyways, it was better, but still incredibly rushed. I mean, is that a thing in the country, to propose on th [...]

    27. These stories had all of my favorite fairy tales. The author created a quick story that was fun to read. I loved the stories and the twist to the timeless classics. So, if you enjoy fairy tales, you will love these twisted tales.

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