Jyu-Oh-Sei, Volume 1

Jyu Oh Sei Volume Inspired by the anime In the year A D twins Thor and Rai are living on the Space Colony Juno space station Their entire lives turn upside down after their parents are murdered and they are kidnap

  • Title: Jyu-Oh-Sei, Volume 1
  • Author: Natsumi Itsuki
  • ISBN: 9781427810151
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Paperback
  • Inspired by the anime In the year 2436 A.D twins Thor and Rai are living on the Space Colony Juno space station Their entire lives turn upside down after their parents are murdered and they are kidnapped and sent to a forsaken planet by masked men Young adult.

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      378 Natsumi Itsuki
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    1 thought on “Jyu-Oh-Sei, Volume 1”

    1. I don't read much shounen-like manga, but I feel like this is a class of it own. I'll start with the art, its old-school shoujo, so its very appealing to me. Kinda reminds me of Escaflowne, with the noses, but much more beautiful. The story is superb, tackling not only the sci-fi element, but human flaw and politics, through skillful narration of suspense. The story begins with a pair of blond-haired, blue-eyed 11-year-old twins, Thor and Rai, who find their parents murdered and are immediately [...]

    2. These notes cover vols. 1 - 3 (the complete series)Delicate white-haired, white-skinned twin brothers Thor and Rei are kidnapped and left to fend for themselves on a dangerous prison planet after their politician father is killed. Can they survive on a planet populated by criminals and giant man-eating plants, and will they ever be able to get back to their home and find out why this happened to them?This series is presented as 3 chunky volumes, each at least 1 1/2 times as thick as a normal Tok [...]

    3. As an old fan of science fiction, I had high expectations from this manga, as space operas are not that common in this genre. Well, it starts as a space opera but the story takes place mainly on the planet that resembles Deathworld from Harry Harrison. I must say there are some very original elements, not that common in manga where even distant planets and often depicted like Earth's twins (Please Save My Earth). So, the setting and characters are intersting, the art manga standard. The story is [...]

    4. This is a sci-fi shounen story seen through a shoujo lense. If the shoujo artstyle ever put you off, this would be a good gateway. The plot is classic SF. Prison-planet, laser-swords, time-skips, love triangles and the whole nine-yards. In a way, it feels like Japanese Dune but on a jungle planet.All in all, very unique and compact. Worth the time to read.

    5. I was really taken with this story - I love twins - but this is really about one boy, Thor, who must push on and survive no matter what adversity he must face. It was really exciting and unexpected. Of course, I really loved Third, just like everyone on the planet does! Zagi was also really intriguing, putting a face to the brutality of life on Kimaera.I really liked the world building - marriage is at 13.8 years old; day is for 181 days and night time the same! We jump right into the action and [...]

    6. Men are beasts This manga is terrible. I have no idea how this is some kind of award winning piece.We are barely introduced to Rai before he's killed OFF PANEL as if the artist/author had a plan for him and scrapped it.Women are "" and they are constantly bested by men, and their whole existence is reliant on a man. It's made to seem like they have some kind of power, but really they don't which is why their rings are the exception "FEMALE Sun Ring" etc.Of course Thor is super good at everything [...]

    7. Saat membuka manga ini sekilas di toko buku, kostum yang dikenakan si tokoh mengingatkan pada salah satu anime di animax yang tidak pernah saya tonton, kecuali iklannya ^^. Dan ternyata benar, buku ini adalah versi manga dari anime tersebut. :D

    8. Dapat dari diskonan Gramedia. Tetapi lebih dulu nonton anime-nya.Ceritanya sih keren. Fantasi campur-campur survival dan science fiction. Tokoh-tokohnya digali cukup baik. Tetapi kurang suka bagian romance-nya. Diselipin kurang pas dalam alur ceritanya.

    9. This looks to be the beginning of a good series! I really enjoyed the story and the characters, and want to see what will happen next. Also, the art style is really nice, it reminds me of "From Far Away", which I loved. ^^

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