Unsteady The storm rages casting light in the shadows forcing you to face the aftermath Running away is futile Broken Traumatized Consumed Delani Delvecchio has been through heartbreak in her life than most

  • Title: Unsteady
  • Author: Jillian Anselmi
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The storm rages, casting light in the shadows, forcing you to face the aftermath Running away is futile.Broken Traumatized Consumed Delani Delvecchio has been through heartbreak in her life than most can handle She s strong stronger than she thought herself capable but her victory comes with consequences.She s slipping slipping from reality and fearing everythingThe storm rages, casting light in the shadows, forcing you to face the aftermath Running away is futile.Broken Traumatized Consumed Delani Delvecchio has been through heartbreak in her life than most can handle She s strong stronger than she thought herself capable but her victory comes with consequences.She s slipping slipping from reality and fearing everything around her Nightmares are controlling her mind, demons from the past are playing tricks, and her foundation is cracking Loyal Determined Faithful.Brody Russell saved Delani from hell, only to be faced with a hell of his own Being a small town cop, he thought he d been prepared for the repercussions of helping Delani, but now, he s facing a trial that s determined to break him, and all he wants is his love for Delani to survive the fallout Emotions run high, boundaries are pushed, and the odds stacked against them become a race against time The storm might be over, but the devastation has taken its toll Surviving is the only option, but will it be enough

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      375 Jillian Anselmi
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    1 thought on “Unsteady”

    1. “I’m a patient man. I’ll wait forever if it means I get to be with you.”Cue all the swoons. You guys, Brody Russell is just… *sigh*. Not sure I have the words, TBH. I loved him in When the Storm Ends, and it's like he doubled-down in Unsteady, causing a catastrophic explosion of my heart. And other places, if you KWIM. This book is anything but unsteady—a sure-footed, well-paced, suspenseful and emotional read. It's a journey, and one I believe can be read standalone. So deftly writt [...]

    2. Unsteady by Jillian Anselmi was an intense, emotionally charged, but beautifully written story. The pain these characters went threw was real. I felt as if I was right there with them. Ms. Anselmi has created a book that I couldn't put down. It was captivating, heartbreaking, but sweet. Although this is a follow up to When the Storm Ends, it's a standalone. The characters pain bled through my kindle and into my heart. I was rooting for them at every turn. I was once again swept up into this worl [...]

    3. Unsteady by Jillian Anselmi follows on from When The Storm Ends but both can be read as standalones.Having survived her trip to hell twice, Delani is now fighting for survival again. She's a shadow of her former self and doesn't know if she'll ever get past the damage caused by Armond. She's got the support of her close friends and Brody, who is the love of her life, but will they be able to help pull Delani from the darkness and prove to her that she's worthy of their love?“He's been so wonde [...]

    4. I'm finishing this book with my feelings completely unsteady: heart-broken and heart-warmed; with the shattered heart and some pieces of it mended into harmony as hope blooms within me. The conclusion to Lani and Brody's story swept me off of my feet.The story starts off where When The Storm Ends ended, leaving Lani and Brody in quite complicated situation, for the lack of better word. Lani seems to be broken, or at least thinks of herself as broken, and Brody acts like her savior, someone who s [...]

    5. Wow , the book was so good. I could not put it down. I love the authors writing style. I like the narration from the different characters. The story was suspenseful, romantic and a mystery. What more can you ask for ?? Well how about the next book ? Thank you for a great read.

    6. This is book 2 I highly suggest reading book 1 first. I don't think it's required but I suggest you do. Brody <3 <3

    7. This is the second book in this series and book 1 should be read first.Delani "Lani" Delvecchio was kidnapped by Armand Castillo and as they get closer to a possible judgment Lani is struggling. Her body is damaged and she no longer feels like she is the same woman as she was before. Brody Russell, Lani's boyfriend, is a police officer but has taken a leave to help Lani through this difficult time. Yet he is also caught between letting Lani heal on her own and watching her suffer in her own sile [...]

    8. You first meet these characters in When the Storm Ends.Jillian provides enough back story this can easily be read as a standalone novel.What would you do if you came face to face with pure evil? How would you deal with feelings of being broken and scarred thinking you may never be yourself again? Follow Brody and Delani on their journey back to each other.This is a story about finding the strength to go on after the unspeakable happens. It's about healing as individuals and as a couple. It's abo [...]

    9. This was another emotional read in this series. Although this book doesn't contain the same physical/emotional abuse of the first book this one contained the aftermath of what these events can do to a person and also what it does to their loved ones. I think this one also showed the problems that can arise with our court system as well.Lani was beginning to get so much stronger due to her therapy sessions and I loved how she gradually starting getting back to a different version of her older sel [...]

    10. Jillian Anselmi delivers on all fronts with Unsteady. This the second book in the journey of Delani and Brody but most definitely can be read as a standalone. We are given an emotional story about recovery and love and suspense, of course. Brody is the loving protective southern man from Texas that wants the best for Delani while she recovers from a truly horrific event in her life. Once you start this book you will not want to put it down until the very last word on the very last page. As a rea [...]

    11. I read this story unknowing that is was a sequel to a previous book, (When The Storm Ends). There is a lot alluding to that previous book, but I still enjoyed this one. It would have been better to have read book 1 first.In saying that, the story was really good, full of suspense and more than a little psychological and physical terror. The chemistry between Brody and Lani did a lot to alleviate that though. It was captivating and engrossing with such a loving, kind-hearted and tender hero as Br [...]

    12. Unsteady made me quake in my boots. Delani went through a terrible, horrific situation. I hope that monster goes to prison. So, nerve ending with the jury, they have to keep you on the edge. It's like the case was left hung out dry like a load of laundry. Grrr!! very Well written with the criminal & court terminology. Aww, Brody will do anything to defend & honor his love for Delani. He gets a gold medal for protection in my review.

    13. Let me start by saying that I read this as a standalone. I had never read any of the pervious books, and this is a first time for me reading this author.That being said; this book was amazing and she told enough of the story that I felt invested in the story. I even cried ugly tears for them.Brody is so in love and protective of Delani you can feel it in everything, every breath and every word! This story is so beautiful, I regret not reading them earlier!

    14. Such a good conclusion! Ms Anselmi did not disappoint on this series! Loved Brody and Delani such strong people. Brody's protectiveness and caring for Delani is out of the park and makes you want to pat him on the back for being her protector.

    15. loved this book! if I wasn't in love with Brody already then I surely am now! I love him so much! he great with laney! this is a must read!

    16. loved this book. great storyline. loved the twists and turns of the story. wpuld highly recommend it to anyonw

    17. This book was an intense, emotional fit wrenching read! Jillian did an amazing job showing the strength within both Lani & Brody. Lani is a broken woman trying to find her way back to herself. Brody does such a wonderful job being supportive & helping Lani get back to her strength & even better version of herself. The chemistry & love just oozes from the pages of this book as the story goes on. These 2 made the book, I just couldn't get the same vibes for the supporting character [...]

    18. I give this book 7 stars!!! F***king Amazing!!!! This book is Intense, Emotional, Heartfelt and will give you one hell of an adrenaline rush. Once you start this book I guarantee you that you will not be able to book down. Jillian Anselmi totally kicked ass with this story. Can we clone Brody?? There needs to be more men out there like him. His is absolutely freaking amazing with Delani. Delani has taught us alot with her story. The trauma and all the emotional things she goes through. She deser [...]

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