Wild Zack Ramos is training for two things being a parent to his twelve year old sister once his mother s early onset Alzheimer s the same kind he and his sister each have a % chance of developing but le

  • Title: Wild
  • Author: Hannah Moskowitz
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Zack Ramos is training for two things being a parent to his twelve year old sister once his mother s early onset Alzheimer s the same kind he and his sister each have a 50% chance of developing but let s not think about that progresses too far, and running a one hundred mile race through the mountains of Tennessee His support system is longtime girlfriend Jordan JonasZack Ramos is training for two things being a parent to his twelve year old sister once his mother s early onset Alzheimer s the same kind he and his sister each have a 50% chance of developing but let s not think about that progresses too far, and running a one hundred mile race through the mountains of Tennessee His support system is longtime girlfriend Jordan Jonas, who s sweet, sarcastic, and entirely virtual They ve been talking for years but still have never met in person Because Jordan, it turns out, was still waiting for the right time to tell him that she s Deaf The revelation brings them closer together, and Zack throws himself into learning sign language and trying to navigate their way through their different cultures But with the stress of a tumultuous relationship, a new language, a sick mother, and his uncertain future, there s going to be a breaking pointd it might be out there in the Tennessee wild From the author of critically acclaimed books like TEETH, BREAK, and A HISTORY OF GLITTER AND BLOOD comes a story about what happens when love takes you off the beaten trackway, way off.

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    1. I wrote this book! It means a great deal to me and I hope you read it. The playlist:The Sound of Settling--Death Cab for CutieEvery Inambition--The TrewsJust Haven't Met You Yet--Twisted MeasureMama Who Bore Me (Reprise)--Deaf West Spring AwakeningKanye--The ChainsmokersDelirious Love--Neil DiamondLong Division--Death Cab for CutieFill My Little World--The FeelingLife Less Ordinary--Carbon LeafLast of the American Girls/She's a Rebel--American Idiot SoundtrackRiot Girl--Good CharlotteBad Idea--M [...]

    2. I love this book a whole lot. It's beautiful and painful and realistic; no one in this book is perfect, except they're all perfect because I love them, fight me. I don't think I've ever read a romance like Zack and Jordan's— one where they've been mostly-together since before the book starts but still have a long way to go. They have problems, they have fights, and Zack fucks up more than once. But the way they're willing to fight for each other, even as they recognize that hearing/Deaf relati [...]

    3. Wild follows Zach, a Filipino-American runner whose mother suffers from Alzheimer’s. When he discovers that his girlfriend Jordan – who he met on the internet – is Deaf, Zach is exposed to a different world. Both Zach and Jordan have to deal with what being in a Deaf/hearing relationship might mean for them. Wild manages to be a lighthearted romance, which is both funny and clever. It heavily features sign language, which is not something you often find in books – or elsewhere – and wa [...]

    4. This book was so, so wonderful. I seem to be reading more romances now & it's because I've discovered writers that don't make it awful & awkward to read. Hannah made this book so real that I didn't cringe once It was so much more than just a romance though. I really loved this book because it taught me stuff, & anyone who follows my reviews will know that I love to learn through fiction. It's my thing. I knew a lot less about sign language & deaf life than I thought I did & i [...]

    5. SHIT Y'ALL I LOVE THIS STORY!!!!!Ok now that I've slept on this book I can actually review it lmao. Superficial criticisms:If Jordan grew up in a speaking householdat means English would have been her first language. She had to learn ASL. She wouldn't have to do those little translations she does when she reads Zach's texts. While it helped answer some sad questions, Zach's moment of confusion towards the end of the book was completely unnecessary--it didn't add anything to the ending, I REALLY [...]

    6. The first book I've read in days and I adored it! First of all I love reading and learning about different disabilities, not in a rude weird way, but in this isn't my experience and I could learn so much from it. Jordan is so funny and as a Deaf character something I'm completely new too. This is actually my second book this year reading from the perspective of Deaf characters. This had a lot of the same lessons as You're Welcome, Universe with D, capital letter Deaf, ASL is it's on language, re [...]

    7. Fam. This book. Okay, fine, you want coherenter thoughts. Here you go.WILD was amazing, like holy shit. The characters were so well developed. Every character felt like they could be a legit person. Especially Zack, Jordan, and my smol baby, Gin. The plot flowed so well that I couldn't even like pick out the specific acts and stuff. I legit wish the book never ended. The book was also super duper diverse and had lots of #ownvoices aspects. Both Zack and Jordan are bi and Jordan is also Jewish. B [...]

    8. So fucking good :’) this author really has a way with portraying family relationships. Jordan and Zach are the best couple- no illusions about their struggles as a Deaf/hearing pair OR as a long distance one OR as queer poc (both bisexual, Jordan- jewish + Guatemalan, Zach- Filipino). They’re so real.Cw: parent with alzheimers, brief physical assault

    9. Since it was announced, I was looking forward to reading Wild but I have to say this novel is so much more than I expected.Zack Ramos finally meets Jordan, the girl he has been dating online for three years, and learns she's Deaf. Between taking care of his mom who has early-onset Alzheimer's and training for an ultramarathon, Zack has figure out how to make this still-long-distance-but-now-in-person relationship work.Wild is a character-driven story, so it's the type of story I love. Throughout [...]

    10. Check out my full review on my blog, The Story Salve.Wild follows high school graduate Zack, who’s training for a 100-mile marathon while caring for his 12-year-old sister and their mom as she deteriorates from her early-onset Alzheimers.There’s so much to love about this book, but I’m going to keep this brief (for now). Somethings I loved about this: * natural diversity: Zack is Filipino and his girlfriend Jordan is a Deaf Jewish/Guatemalan* romance about an existing relationship between [...]

    11. This book is from a genre that is not usually my jam, yet somehow it got under my skin and latched onto my brain. It's been days since I finished reading it, and I've still been pondering plot points and fidgeting with the characters like they're a favorite stim toy. I will definitely reread at some point, because right now it's been days and my most coherence response to "Wild" is still mostly "Wow."Of note: I tend to prefer my light reading have at least one (1) or more dragons, Fae, changelin [...]

    12. Another fantastic story from Hannah Moskowitz. I devour her books in a few hours every time I stumble upon a new one and this one was no exception. Her characters are so diverse, so complex, she never uses the same tropes, her dialogue is snappy and fun, and her stories are really engaging. This book deals with a ton of stuff with ease (Deaf-culture, losing a parent, growing up too fast, friendships changing and the struggles of being different), but my absolute favorite part has to be the conne [...]

    13. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was really quirky and fun. It had an unconventional romance pairing, something you don't even get to read about. It featured sign language - also not something you often get to read about. And it was centered around a strange run that I had never, ever heard of.It was light-hearted, well-written, and overall a real joy to read.The only issue I had with it is that I kind of wish it was longer. It felt a little rushed, and I really wanted to see more of Jordan an [...]

    14. i really enjoyed this! hannah writes characters that always seem very real, and while they can sometimes be a little too cynical for me, i really liked them! i really appreciated how diverse this book was, and the complicated relationships between zack and his sister and mom. i also really enjoyed zack learning how to speak to jordan and seeing them get closer.

    15. Hannah escreve muuuito bem, uma construção incrível dos personagens, pela primeira vez na minha vida tô triste que um livro não faz parte de um série. E pra manter o hábito, esse livro contém:- Representatividade bi e lésbica- Lida com Alzheimer de uma forma que me pareceu super realista- Cultura Surda- Pessoas miscigenadas

    16. Yay for Deaf/Hearing relationships! Yay for complicated familial structures!I enjoyed this book, but it took me a while to finish for some reason. Some parts seemed random and I expected it to be brought up again but it never did. The ending was a tad unsatisfying? Anticlimactic? Like, (view spoiler)[he never got the test! (hide spoiler)]But okay. I just really love reading Deaf characters.

    17. Adorable romance story between a cis bisexual guy and a cis bisexual girl. It's so nice to see a relationship between two bisexuals. Interesting exploration of Deaf culture.

    18. A great treat for Moskowitz fans! As with all of Hannah Moskowitz's books, I loved this one. Devoured it in three days, between a busy schedule of STUFF. Loved the deaf culture theme and the running theme. This was classic Hannah. I'd recommend it to anyone.

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