Lady Mechanika

Lady Mechanika Nejslavn j komiksov hrdinka steampunku se p edstavuje esk m ten m Brit nie nabrala v stolet ve v voji pon kud jin kurz a v da vl dne cel mu spole enstv Vzduch br zd nejpodivn j letouny nejmodern j

  • Title: Lady Mechanika
  • Author: Joe Benítez
  • ISBN: 9788025721414
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Nejslavn j komiksov hrdinka steampunku se p edstavuje esk m ten m Brit nie nabrala v 19 stolet ve v voji pon kud jin kurz a v da vl dne cel mu spole enstv Vzduch br zd nejpodivn j letouny, nejmodern j m sta opl vaj chvatnou hromadnou dopravou a v ichni znaj kr snou a nebezpe nou Lady Mechaniku nap l enu, nap l stroj Jinou takovou h ku v dy a p rNejslavn j komiksov hrdinka steampunku se p edstavuje esk m ten m Brit nie nabrala v 19 stolet ve v voji pon kud jin kurz a v da vl dne cel mu spole enstv Vzduch br zd nejpodivn j letouny, nejmodern j m sta opl vaj chvatnou hromadnou dopravou a v ichni znaj kr snou a nebezpe nou Lady Mechaniku nap l enu, nap l stroj Jinou takovou h ku v dy a p rody sv t nevid l A do chv le, kdy se na n dra objev dal nap l mechanick d vka v naprosto zubo en m stavu Lady Mechanika se okam it pou t do p tr n Jde toti o hodn Krom odhalen nelidsk ch experiment tor hraje Mechanika tak o tajemstv vlastn ho p vodu.

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    1 thought on “Lady Mechanika”

    1. I freaking loved this graphic novel. The art work is amaze balls! I loved the story line. Lady Mechanika is trying to find out what happened to make her what she is today. She's also fights the good fight for any evil out there. This is steampunk awesomeness =) I will leave a few pictures so you can see what I'm talking about. Two of them I took myself from my book and you can tell. Lol, enjoy! Fin

    2. Super Cool Comics!!!!Never read steampunk before and never thought I would like it. When I saw the cover of this comic on NetGalley I said to myself why not give it a try as the cover looks promising. The artist who could draw so good must have an interesting story to tell. And I wasn't disappointed a bit.Oh my God the artwork! I can look at the artwork for hours and hours. The illustration, the detailing, the colors are all just so so amazing. And the story! Too good! The story is full of actio [...]

    3. I can't tell you how awesome it is to finally read a full Lady Mechanika series!! Started in 2010 this series never got a fair publishing shot as it was infrequent and never completed. Kudos to Joe Benitez for never letting this series and character fall into oblivion. To read this review and more please visit my blog at Epic ReadingFor those who are not big comic fans let me assure you while these are comics there is a lot of story here. This set of 6 comics probably has more writing than a ful [...]

    4. This comic has so much stuff that I love in it: steampunk machines, awesome Victorian outfits, a freaking circus!The Lady Mechanika is a famous huntress, who was once the subject of a gruesome experiment that resulted in her arms and legs being replaced by mechanical limbs and that changed her eyes to creepy black and red peepers. In this story, she investigates the death of a young girl with similar mechanical apparatus for arms, in the hopes of also figuring out who grafted her artificial limb [...]

    5. Lady Mechanika The Complete Volume 1: The Mystery of the Mechanical Corpse created, written and drawn by Joe Benitez is super creative! The story is amazing, the plot is great, characters are well developed, and the graphics are stunning! This is a graphic novel and it goes above and beyond most graphic novels. The graphics are large and gorgeous! Wonderful colors, clear, and fonts match the steampunk theme. Text is easy to read also. This is a novel in every sense of the word- long, great plot, [...]

    6. Steampunk, people with mechanical parts, airships Set in the British Empire, presumably in the Victorian Era.Plot:I found the plot pretty confusing at first. Also it felt as if I was missing part of the story from an epilogue or previous volume. I did not find the dialogues interesting and lost interest in the story fairly quickly. But that's on me, it wasn't really my thing.Nice little cliffhanger at the end.Artwork:Nice page-sized panels at the beginning of every chapter. The colour scheme is [...]

    7. In the first pages we learn of lady Mechanika, a half human half mechanical woman who remembers nothing of how she came to be this amalgamation of human and machine. She is unique on the world, but soon "replicas" begin to appear, but they don't seem to last very long. She begans to follow their trail, but it runs cold as the last girl appears to be dead from gunshots injuries, and recovering her body only leads to encounters with people from Mechanika's past.Her travels following more informati [...]

    8. Also available on the WondrousBooks blog.*** 3.5, but not enough for 4 ***I enjoyed Lady Mechanika a lot more than I did Wraithborn. Considering my immense disappointment with the latter, I was almost scared to start Lady Mechanika.But as I received both of these, and the 2nd volume of Lady Mechanika, from NetGalley, I had to finish it. I am glad I had this incentive, because ultimately, Lady Mechanika is by far better than Wraithborn.Lady Mechanika is the epitome of steampunk. Everything about [...]

    9. Provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review If I were about 15, I think I'd have enjoyed Lady Mechanika a lot more. It's pretty, and steampunk, and has a badass lady cyborg whole fights crime. But I've read too many amazing graphic novels (just in the past year alone!) to be able to overlook its underwhelmingness. Don't get me wrong, it's not terrible! It's kind of fun, if slight. But.* can we move past Badass ladies with cartoonishly swollen balloon tits? I refuse to use the words br [...]

    10. The art work was absolutely beautiful in this graphic novel. I enjoyed the mystery elements and the steampunk world this story was set in. Am definitely interested in seeing where this story takes us in volume 2. I received a free copy from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

    11. BREATHTAKING!!! The artwork! The characters! The mood! The humor! This one came out of nowhere and propelled itself into my top 5 graphic novel series of all-time. It's right up there with Skullkickers, Bone, and Atomic Robo in terms of how much I loved it. Sign me up for round two!

    12. Excellent graphic works. Witty dialogue. Fast-paced plot. "Lady Mechanica vol. 1" belongs on the top shelf of steampunk graphic novels. I'm looking forward to reading volume 2.

    13. Lady Mechanika, Vol. 1: the Mystery of Mechanical Corpse by Joe Benitez brings back the unique and incredibly well written tale of everyone's favorite Victorian England Steampunk hero. Beautifully illustrated, this collection is sure to create another generation of fans to join the cult following Lady Mechanika already enjoys.She is Lady Mechanika, the lone survivor of a mad scientist's experiments, which left her with mechanical limbs. She has no memory of her former life and finds that she mus [...]

    14. I picked this up at my local comic shop after seeing a video comistorian did on it. It's a steampunk mystery and I really enjoyed the story and will continue with it. It's very well written and the art is amazing. In fact the story is 3.5 stars and the art is 5 stars. The line work and the details in every panel are breath taking. The neutrals and dark colors really lend to the atmosphere of the book, and give it a sooty and gloomy feel. I would definitely recommend this, if only for the art.

    15. oh mye vol. 0 is a 5 star rating, I loved it so much, but the rest of itjust didn't get me. The artwork is the strongest point, there's so many details and they are all so gorgeous.

    16. Esta primer entrega de Lady mecánica me gusto mucho, el dibujo está muy bien hecho, la historia se ve muy interesante, la protagonista tiene presencia. Esto pinta muy bien

    17. I was hoping that I would be able to recommend this book to teens who enjoyed the Levithan series, Blood+, or even readers for steam punk chicklit. Judging only from the first volume in this series, it may miss the mark for some, but if you are interested in steam punk and manga's like blood+ I would certainly give it a shot. I wish that more had been done with the female protagonist. I was really hopeful from the opening pages with the first altercation creature in the beginning, it showed a lo [...]

    18. Komiksové steampunkové obžerství, kanonický vizuální orgasmus.Ladné aerodynamické křivky Lady Mechaniky jsou ze stejného ranku dokonalosti jako Ferrari s designem od Pininfarina. Nebo pokud neholdujete autům, tak ať nechodíme daleko - stejně sošné (i když odvážnější) linie dokáže vykouzlit Milo Manara (samozřejmě, bavíme se pořád jenom o křivkách - žádný sex zde nečekejte, Mechanika je trochu netýkavka).Dále přidejte rokokovou zdobnost steam-punku a viktori [...]

    19. I picked this one up knowing basically nothing about it - dramatic cover, cool steampunk vibe, plus I heard someone say it was good. I didn't know much more going in.Turns out, it really was good. With vibrant and engaging art as well as a rich and well-developed storyline, "Lady Mechanika" offers a very strong read and (to me) seemed notably developed for a comic. It's funny. It's got adventure. It takes place on a large scale, but doesn't forget the struggles and successes of the characters on [...]

    20. I received this as a gift from a younger family member who reads a ton of graphic novels and I have to admit I really liked it.The artwork is stunning and beautiful, and the story moves along at a quick pace. I've already purchased the second volume. The story line is cool and we even get a trained circus monkey causing some chaos when needed.

    21. So this is a stupid reason to dock a star on a graphic novel but god damn this was wordy. The art is so beautiful but there was so much unnecessary dialogue on each page that I swear it over took the art. Ugh. Otherwise I'm loving the world and I'm super interested to see where the story goes.

    22. I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Very entertaining and engaging, and spectacular artwork. Some might say that this volume is very wordy, and it is, but the wordiness is vital to understanding the plot. At any rate, I'll keep reading this series.

    23. Krásný vhled do steampunkové subkultury skrze komiks. Nicméně jsem čekal o něco větší wow efekt.

    24. Very enjoyable plot, gorgeous art and quite often entertaining dialogue. I'm glad I finally picked up this comic and I'm ready to dig into Vol. 2.

    25. 39/45 books read in 2017Beautiful art, great costumes (meeen I love victorian steampunk), & I love the overarching quest (Lady Mechanika is trying to find her origins). There is however a lot of (unrealistic) boob art & I wish this edition would have been longer (which is my problem with most kick ass comics). I can't wait to read the next volume.

    26. 3.5 stars Read all my reviews on urlphantomhiveoklikes The art is what drew me to Lady Mechanika at first. It's really colorful and nice, for me it adds a lot to the comic. Lady Mechanika herself is also an interesting characters, as she herself is trying to figure out her past as much as the reader, who at the beginning is still completely in the dark. My only complaints would be that the story was sometimes a bit hard to follow, and that I thought some pages were very dense with text for a com [...]

    27. Mozek říká za tři, oči říkají za plný počet hvězd. Těžko odlepit zrak od steampunkové hrdinky, navíc vydané ve velkém formátu. Když se povznesu nad vizuálním projevem. ne, sorry, to nejde. Slova jsou marná, jestli se vám líbí obálka, bude se vám líbit i zbytek ;-)

    28. This was interesting. I haven't read a steampunk graphic novel until now, and I believe this was a rather good one. Engaging storyline, and strong female characters. There were so many details to the drawings, you can go over them again and again and find something newb(and all the cover art is amazing!)At times though, there were so many speech bubbles on the page, it was hard to track which one to read first.

    29. Joe Benitezin käsikirjoittama ja piirtämä "Lady Mechanika: the Mystery of Mechanical Corpse" (Benitez Productions, 2015) tarttui sattumalta mukaan lontoolaisesta sarjakuvakaupasta. En ollut moisesta sarjakuvasta aikaisemmin kuullutkaan, mutta nopea selailu sai tekemään ostopäätöksen. Näyttävää taidetta ja steampunkkia - ei se väärin voi olla!Eikä se ollutkaan. Sarjakuva kertoo salaperäisestä Lady Mechanika -nimellä tunnetusta seikkailijattaresta ja yliluonnollisten tapausten tu [...]

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