Standing Strong

Standing Strong The Real Housewives of New Jersey star and New York Times bestselling author Teresa Giudice opens up about her tumultuous past year in her emotional new memoir Standing Strong In her second memoir Te

  • Title: Standing Strong
  • Author: Teresa Giudice
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Real Housewives of New Jersey star and New York Times bestselling author Teresa Giudice opens up about her tumultuous past year in her emotional new memoir Standing Strong.In her second memoir, Teresa chronicles her life since her release from prison and what it s been like to weather difficult times as a single mother Though she recounts the happy memories she has exThe Real Housewives of New Jersey star and New York Times bestselling author Teresa Giudice opens up about her tumultuous past year in her emotional new memoir Standing Strong.In her second memoir, Teresa chronicles her life since her release from prison and what it s been like to weather difficult times as a single mother Though she recounts the happy memories she has experienced over the past year, she also touches upon some of the darkest times of her life, including her parents hospitalizations for severe medical issues in late 2016, which led to the tragic passing of her mother in March of 2017 With unparalleled honesty and courage, Teresa opens up in Standing Strong in ways she never has before, showing her fans what it truly means to be a survivor.

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    1 thought on “Standing Strong”

    1. Don’t bother with this one. She says the same things over and over: All of her problems are her husbands fault. She went to prison because of him. She has to raise her kids all by herself because her husband is now in prison. She has to make money. She wants to be the next Martha Stewart.She loves yoga. She loves to cook. A lot. She has money trouble, but wears expensive clothes and takes numerous vacations. She loves, loves, loves her 4 daughters. She misses her mother who recently died. She [...]

    2. Ohh Teresa Teresa TeresaI understand the poor reviews here but I think they're a bit superficial and Teresa deserves more credit than she is getting. I think that she's honest in this book for the first time and I do think she's shown that she's growing a lot as a woman. I think she had an epiphany that the way she was taught to act is clashing with her reality, which then landed her in prison. She was taught that women have their role and that role is to care for children and to trust their hus [...]

    3. This book was actually quite entertaining!!! There were the high moments and the low moments, some annoying, some really sad and tearful. I am definitely a fan of what I would call the psychology of people. I love tuning in to reality TV and trying to figure out the why of how people act - totally fascinating!! Obviously The Giudice situation in unique. And you would only read this book if you actually liked her on the TV showwhy else would one want to read this?? Because then you will just hate [...]

    4. I don’t know what to say or how to dignify this choice of book with a rating. Of course I had to read it, because I am drawn to the Housewives like a fly to shit. This wasn’t very good, even by Bravolebrity standards. I can only hope my money goes to a Giudice girl’s college fund.

    5. This book is terrible. Who the heck condone this to even go to print? She says the same things over and over again. Never takes accountability for her own actions and puts blame on everyone else. Save your money. This book sucks.

    6. ADMISSION TO THE HUMAN ZOO: STANDING STRONG BY TERESA GIUDICEFirst off, I am starting this post off by explaining the plot to a tv show episode that will allow this headline to make sense. Yes, I know, it's a sad day when I have to explain myself, but this will all make sense shortly.Theresa just called Danielle a 'prostitution whore' because Danielle just told her to 'pay attention.' Because that's what you do This is the final episode of series one, shortly after a book is placed on the table [...]

    7. so apparently she's was 'just a housewife' that's why it wasn't her fault. it was a bit boring and repetitive. she's kinda delusional. saying how strong she is but then making it a giant pity party. such a bad book.b

    8. It seems like in this book Teresa has realized the shit has hit the fan now that Joe is locked up and quite frankly she's pissed off at the situation he put her and her children in. She goes IN on him.People like to whine that Teresa hasn't owned up to what she did and blames everyone else - you know what? She did her time in prison and is well within her right to blame Joe - he dug their grave with a backhoe, Teresa helped with a spade. I genuinely feel bad for her. She has four children and an [...]

    9. Save your money, read exerptsUnfortunately, I read the tabloid excerpts before the book came out. They were interesting, so I bought the book. Then learned nothing new. Could have saved the money. Oh well, contributed to the Giudice legal fund

    10. I’ll save you some time. She complains about how it’s all her husbands fault that she went to prison. She tells you how great her kids are to point of making me want to scream I get it Lady! And she tells everyone how awesome her 10,000 square foot home is. Save your money! I wish I would have!!

    11. Huge waste of time. This book said the same thing over and over. She's a "single" mother, and has tyo do everything. Most single women I know can't jet off tyo Italy or vacation much anywhere for that matter. She has it good, whether she knows it or not. Call us when her kids are grown, then you can see if she was a "good" mother or not.

    12. Teresa Giudice takes on a different tone in this second book after her release from prison. She describes the heartache of losing her mother and worrying about her father's health, how she is faring with her husband now serving his prison sentence, what the future holds for her and husband upon his release and how she has had to step up her game in his absence. Teresa finally shows readers that her life is not all perfect as one would believe. She also harbors a lot of anger toward her husband, [...]

    13. I feel like there was a different side of Teresa in this book. For the 1st time ever she was honest about her feelings about everything that went down. She 100% blames her husband for them being in the situation they are in. This is the 1st time she mentions the fact that she is not sure what the future holds for her and her husband. If they will stay married, divorce etc. Its the first time she admitted that her life is not perfect. I do not however believe that she just signed things blindly. [...]

    14. It was just OK. I was getting annoyed with her "poor me" attitude, repeatedly expressing how she does everything on her own and is a "single" mom. She repeated many times how this was all her husband's fault and how she is 100% innocent. Because I don't want to give her any of my money, I didn't buy the book but rather checked it out from the library. I feel bad that she lost her mom so suddenly. Having lost my dad 13 years ago, I understand how devastating it is. She tends to pat herself on the [...]

    15. Being a Bravo/Real Housewives junkie, I had to read Teresa's latest novel. It's always interesting to me to read about Bravolebrities' daily lives, as I feel like we all know them well from the TV shows. It was sad to read about Teresa's mother's health struggles. I did not realize she had so many issues before her death. It has to be hard for her family. It's also nice to hear her speak kindly about the girls and their pitching in when the family has been going through so much. Otherwise, the r [...]

    16. I like Teresa, have read all her books, she is a hard worker and I appreciate her honesty in this book. Tv severely altered her life, let's hope in the end it was worth it, we have been voyeuristic to many changes, I wish her a happy and peaceful life.

    17. Candid thoughts from Teresa on her time after prison, how angry she is at Joe, and what life is like since her mom passed away earlier this year. Great book! I read it in six hours as I had a hard time putting it down.

    18. As with most books I've read by Real Housewives, I have a lot of random feelings about this book.1. This is Teresa at her most honest. There's no reality-show sheen to her thoughts in this book. She's cussing; she's finally talking about the BS her husband helped put her through; and she's just a bit delusional as well, blaming everyone and everything else for her legal problems (Joe, her lawyers, her notoriety) while proclaiming that she owns her mistakes. It's ridiculous, but it at least makes [...]

    19. The definition of an easy read. I also spent a lot of time while reading this wondering what exactly the writing process was like. I don't for a minute believe Teresa wrote one word of this herself. I imagine she told her stories/thoughts to someone and they put it into something comprehensible, but I wonder if the ghost writer was subtly trolling her by being sure to make it clear how bitter Teresa is. There's a weird mix of feeling as though prison has changed her (I'm sure it has) and feeling [...]

    20. Nothing in here worth reading. Zero about her time in prison. Almost nothing about her husband in prison other than that she stopped seeing him for a long time, never really explaining what's going on between the two of them (at one point she actually says the only thing she's interested in with him is sex again due to his new body). Lots of boring details about tiny family events and extremely repetitive stories about how much she wants to run an empire or complaining about how she has to work [...]

    21. After reading (and laughing at) Teresa's last book, I couldn't resist picking this up when I saw it at the library. It was just as bad as I expected, but on the plus side it was actually much better than her other book. Teresa is still a spoiled, rich, and superficial woman with minimal brain cells, but now she is finally being honest. She sugarcoated everything in her first book, but she is finally admitting that she's furious at her husband and fully blames him for everything. It's about time! [...]

    22. Sooo in this book Teresa calls Europe a country, she puts down her husband and his family, she complains about having to be on tv on her birthday, she complains that she’s had to downsize because of their convictions, and whose fault is it? Well sure isn’t hers, nope even though she was in prison she says she is NOT a criminal? She complains because her sister in law dared to get her a birthday cake with zebra stripes on it! Ugh how ugly!!! No gratitude for anything, takes everything for gra [...]

    23. Teresa is very candid in this book. However, it was extremely redundant and extremely difficult to listen to her continuously whine about how hard she has it. She is worried about being a single parent and providing for her family. IMO, if she was so concerned, she wouldn't be living in a 10,000+ square foot home (which she often reminds the reader about), throwing her daughter's expensive parties, and buying expensive clothes. I think she needs to wake up and face reality that she doesn't have [...]

    24. The book is an easy read. I just wish that there was more to this book then repeating over and over again how she blames Joe for what happened. I feelke this book was rushed to get it out and if she has more time to write then this bookuld have been so much more. I love Teresa and give her a lot of credit for all her hard work by keeping her family going with no missteps. She is a hard worker and strong person. Most people would have thrown in towel already. Can't wait to see what happens with t [...]

    25. The summary of this book can be boiled own into four words, "my husband did it". Teresa takes little responsibility for what happened to her and her husband Joe. He is presently in jail and Teresa blames him for her own "vacation" in "camp", as she called it. I am glad I did not purchase this book since it offers no additional information as to what happened to all the money the Giudices supposedly made and how she affords to keep her monstrosity she calls her home. her 15 minutes of fame should [...]

    26. So much complaining. I read her first book Turning The Tables and didn't think it was all that bad, this one however was just so cringeworthy. I get she went to jail because of her husband, do I think she knew what was happening? No. Why? She lived in her own little world. I think she's so spoiled and didn't care what her husband was doing. I don't know what I would do in that situation, but this book shouldn't have been bashing him and your "old" friends, especially when you say you forgive whe [...]

    27. Want to know how Theresa handles her life while her husband is in jail? How she copes with the death of her beloved mother? Then read her book. A glossy look at her life with not much introspection. Basically she is dealing with day to day issuesrviving. Is she taking accountability for her mistakes? Yes and no. Fans of the Real Housewives will enjoy but no exciting revelations to be revealed. She is a devoted mother and puts them first, no matter what.

    28. No matter what haters say, Teresa Guidice is a strong woman. Everything she does in life she does for the sake of the love for her daughters and family. She made a stupid mistake in trusting one person, that shouldn’t define who she is as a person. In this book she got personal and deep, keep on keeping on! 👍🏽

    29. Same old TeresaThis woman will never admit that the life they were living was a lie and they are criminals. I feel for those kids, they have no structure or rules to follow. Teresa pull your head out and admit you know Joe has cheated on you and he knew exactly what he was doing and now they have to pay up

    30. Well, it was MUCH better than the last one. Her ghost writer was much better on this one. She tells it like it is (or how we all pretty much knew even though she denied it). I keep my expectations low and was surprised with this one. It got old that they kept reprinting jnstagram messages and things like that to fill space. They included the words to Ave Maria with a translation for you. 🙄

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