Fan Mail

Fan Mail On her first day in her new job in Los Angeles FBI profiler Sophie Anderson finds herself investigating the murder of a bestselling crime writer who was strangled with a pair of stockings just like

  • Title: Fan Mail
  • Author: P.D. Martin
  • ISBN: 9781405038263
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Paperback
  • On her first day in her new job in Los Angeles, FBI profiler Sophie Anderson finds herself investigating the murder of a bestselling crime writer who was strangled with a pair of stockings, just like the character in her last book.Before her death, the writer had received letters from A fan that had grown increasingly disturbing.When Sophie discovers a link to the murderOn her first day in her new job in Los Angeles, FBI profiler Sophie Anderson finds herself investigating the murder of a bestselling crime writer who was strangled with a pair of stockings, just like the character in her last book.Before her death, the writer had received letters from A fan that had grown increasingly disturbing.When Sophie discovers a link to the murder of a second crime novelist, and another goes missing, she must get inside the mind of the crazed fan before another writer dies.

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    1. Four months ago, when The Murderers’ Club had been caught and brought to justice, all except for NeverCaught, FBI profiler Sophie Anderson left it to IT expert Special Agent Gerard of the Bureau’s Cyber Crime Division to track him down. When Justin Reid telephoned Sophie with offers of help to track him down, he was passed on to Gerard. Reid owned a company which produced cyber technology’s most amazing creation yet, and the excitement rose when it appeared they were closer to NeverCaught [...]

    2. Bombing along the highway and the navigator says "Merge in 100 feet" Seriously? At speed, that would be about 1 second. The rest is slow and overwritten:I looked at the screen and it read Norton. I picked up the phone, "Hello Norton." "Hello Sophie" "I'm on the highway" "I have a lead" I knew he was going to say that, I know everything that anyone says or does.I may be paraphrasing here but it was sooooooooooooo poorly written that I was mentally editing it as I read - and would have done if onl [...]

    3. The only thing I can say about this book is that it kept me reading until the end but it was not good I even bought a second one by this author for a,quarter so maybe when I'm desperate I'll read it maybe

    4. I loved all the twists and turns. The details and the profile Sophie wrote you think you know who the killer is But are you sure? Do you really have it all figured out?

    5. For a more in depth review, please visit my blog, Chorley Chronicals!I have very quickly come to know and love the Sophie Anderson series! I don't typically read series books back-to-back, but I find myself wanting some Sophie when I haven't read about her after a few days! She is a character that has just taken me over and I must say, one of my favorite fictional characters!I just randomly came across this series, and actually accidentally read book 4 first, but thoroughly enjoyed it! I had boo [...]

    6. Australian FBI profiler Sophie Anderson, on her last day at FBI headquarters at Quantico before transferring to the Los Angeles field office, is given the task of showing crime author Loretta Black around the facilities. She finds Black to be rude and overbearing, and is glad when the tour is over.Within days of Sophie's arrival in Los Angeles, Black is found murdered in bizarre circumstances. She has been killed in exactly the same way as the victim in her latest book. It doesn't take long for [...]

    7. The third book in the Sophie Anderson series and a very different case to the first two books. There's still murder but perhaps not a serial killer this time or is it?Sophie has to be the guide for a crime author around her FBI office (life imitating art perhaps) who she really doesn't take too. It's not long before the author turns up dead and seemingly in an imitation of one of her novels.As Sophie investigates more cases come to light of authors killed in the same manner as their fictional v [...]

    8. This author has a great concept in which she writes her stories. I enjoyed this book. This specific book has a few similarities to a story I'm currently writing, I dunno if that's a good thing or a bad thing But I think this is written awesomely and definitely had interesting ending. Although from the start it was predictable that J. Reid would turn out being 'AmericanPsycho', it was also predictable that Sandra Black wrote the letters to her sister and that "A fan" was not going to end up being [...]

    9. Profiler Agent Sophie Anderson was gifted with powerful premonitions whenever she was involved in fieldwork; her visions were a connection to the inner workings of a killer’s mind. Sophie’s first case in LA was interesting; a serial killer with a penchant for crime writers staged their murders to resemble the storylines of their books. “Fan Mail” was informative with its in-depth forensic details, a comprehensive view of profiling and the value of collaboration to isolate and apprehend p [...]

    10. Loved this book, as PD Martin continues to delve into the mind of a killer, this time centering around "a fan" who seemingly is killing off crime fiction authors in the same manner as those of the victims in their latest books. A page-turner which keeps you guessing to the end - can you figure out the murderer? And another mystery plaguing Sophie?While I missed Sophie being with the BAU, watching her fall into place in the LA Field Office and with the lead detective in this case, I could almost [...]

    11. While it was fairly obvious whodunnit from about a third of the way in, this is still an enjoyable book to read. I really liked the main character, Sophie Anderson, and I found the concept of an FBI agent with clairvoyant tendencies intriguing. I also found the idea that a killer was targeting crime authors and using their books for inspiration to be quite interesting. Despite having guessed who the culprit was, I enjoyed watching the police as they struggled to piece together the evidence and c [...]

    12. In this the third book in the Sophie Anderson series, we find FBI profiler Sophie Anderson moving from Washington DC to LA for her new job in the LA field office. Sophie isn't just any old profiler though she also has visions that help solve crimes.She is on the hunt for a serial killer that is targeting mystery writers. The killer is called "A Fan" in letters that are sent to the writers over a period of time.There is also a continuation of the storyline from the first book - The Murderer's Clu [...]

    13. Unfortunately, I figured out the murderer by page 65. However, I did enjoy all the fascinating forensics information and was completely engrossed by the continuation of the AmericanPshycho storyline. That guy scares the wits out of me! I still have a soft spot for Sophie but really missed the sexual tension of her relationship with Darren Carter. I understand Sophie was a victim and is suffering from PTSD in addition to her visions being horrific, but she really needs a bit more going on in her [...]

    14. I would give this a 3.5. I didn't really get into this one like I did the other one. The plot was believable and as a mystery reader it was creepy. The characters were well developed and I did enjoy reading about them. I guess my problem was it was too much reading of the other books and I got confused. Plus, it may be believable but I wasn't full engaged in the story line.

    15. Third in a series. I'm not sure if I've read any others or not. It feels familiar, but I don't really remember. It didn't seem to matter--the parts referring to previous books were explained well enough.I did enjoy the procedural aspects to the story, though I figured out whodunit fairly early on.

    16. This was a really good suspense novel, I was on edge the whole time I was reading it and couldn't wait to find out what was happening next. I traded sleep for reading last night just so I could finish it. Really a great read

    17. This was a great book, and the first I actually had to pay for full price (the first one was at a sale, the second was free from the publishers, then this one, then I won the 4th from the author on facebook, and the 5 I just bought today, and the 6th was a free e-book) and it was great! Loved it!

    18. I enjoyed reading the third in the Sophie Anderson series. P.D. Martin does a good job of keeping the story flowing and it is an easy read. I found the inserts of the books written by the murdered authors an interesting way of keeping the reader engrossed in the story.

    19. In the beginning I thought I might have to stop reading this book. The dialogue was stilted and they kept referring to a previous book. But thankfully it got better.

    20. this new book by P.D Martin should be as good as the murderers' club! It recently came out in the U.S.A and Austrailia. i hope to read this soon!!

    21. I loved this book. My only regret is that I hadn't already read earlier books in the series as there are spoilers about them in this one. May still go back and read them though.

    22. Very suspenseful - this book intertwined with the last case Sophie worked on plus a new case both lead up to a very surprise ending and a BIG to be continued

    23. Sophie Anderson is still trying to hone her gifts to get ahead of the serial killers she encounters trying to do her job in law enforcement. The story is very entertaining.

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