Grace in Strange Disguise (Grace, #1)

Grace in Strange Disguise Grace Physiotherapist Esther Macdonald is living the Australian dream and it doesn t surprise her After all her father has always said Follow Jesus and be blessed But at twenty eight her world shatters

  • Title: Grace in Strange Disguise (Grace, #1)
  • Author: Christine Dillon
  • ISBN: 9780648129608
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback
  • Physiotherapist Esther Macdonald is living the Australian dream, and it doesn t surprise her After all, her father has always said, Follow Jesus and be blessed But at twenty eight, her world shatters Everyone assures her God will come through for her, but what happens when he doesn t Has she offended God Is her faith too small So many conflicting explanations WillPhysiotherapist Esther Macdonald is living the Australian dream, and it doesn t surprise her After all, her father has always said, Follow Jesus and be blessed But at twenty eight, her world shatters Everyone assures her God will come through for her, but what happens when he doesn t Has she offended God Is her faith too small So many conflicting explanations Will finding the truth cost her the people closest to her heart

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    1 thought on “Grace in Strange Disguise (Grace, #1)”

    1. Powerful. I didn’t want to stop reading. This is a novel that feeds the soul and is a captivating, enjoyable story. It is evidence of the power of stories told the way Jesus told them. The truths are beautifully portrayed, gently expressed but so profound and challenging they can’t be missed. I connected with Esther and went through every emotion with her. The issues Esther faces are real today and the author’s sensitivity and understanding of them go deep. I wish every Christian could rea [...]

    2. I read a lot of books and don't consider most worth re-reading. I also generally don't choose to read Christian fiction because in my experience it often has cheesy plots and badly written stories. And in the case of this book, I'm out of the target audience by at least a decade.But I fell in love with this book the first time I read it. (I've even re-read it and will continue to re-read it because it's one of those books where you can't get everything the first time.) The book itself was well w [...]

    3. If you like Francine Rivers, you will like this author. For her first fiction novel, Dillon has crafted a wonderful story, with characters you can relate to or know of and believable human responses. I really appreciate that this is not another cheesy Christian love story but about faith and relationships.The five stars are for the emotional impact this book had on me. Esther's faith journey, her doubts, her anger and later her spiritual awakening all connected on a visceral level. The reality o [...]

    4. One of the measures of a ‘good read’ for me, is how easy or difficult it is to put down - in other words, how enticing it is as a read. Another is how much the story burrows in your mind after you have put it down. Grace in Strange Disguise is a novel that enticed me to keep reading. I also found my mind wandering back over sections of the story in the times between reading. So, even though there were times that I would have liked to see more depth in the personalities of some of the charact [...]

    5. I read this in one sitting. An interesting take on faith, and how a character wrestles with understanding God's purpose when her life doesn't seem to work out as she envisages. Set in Sydney, Australia, it is refreshing to read Aussie colloquialisms in a familiar setting, with references to jacarandas, Sydney's Centrepoint tower, etc. It is very evangelistic, with many Bible references, and a clear message to Christians to know their Bible and understand the message of grace for themselves. Ther [...]

    6. It's very rare when I come across a new writer (to me) who makes me wait with bated breath for her next novel, but Christine Dillon, author of Grace in Strange Disguise, has managed to do just that.There are so many facets of this book that appealed to me. Let's start with the primary theme - what happens if you believe in God for healing, but it never happens? The author has taken a doctrinal teaching in many churches that say, if you are sick and God doesn't heal you, then you must have sin in [...]

    7. Finding out you have breast cancer a couple of months before your wedding is enough to throw anyone’s life into a tailspin. But what if your father is also the pastor of the second-biggest church in Sydney; a church that has built its popularity on the belief that a strong faith brings health, wealth, and prosperity? What if your fiancé is your father’s protégé; the man being groomed as his successor? And what if, despite their prayers, God doesn’t heal you?These are the kinds of questi [...]

    8. From the opening chapters you might get the impression that this novel is either a) a really depressing book about dying or b) a really cheesy book about being miraculously healed BUT this book is neither of those things. It isn’t even really about death. What it’s really about is The Question. The Question about what life is about and what is most important – and what really is not.Esther is a twenty-something who seems to have everything – when in actuality she is not only afflicted by [...]

    9. Grace in Strange Disguise is the story of how cancer reorients the perspective of a young woman living amidst painful family dynamics, leading her to unexpected blessings.This emotionally healing and moving read will be appreciated by many who have felt:- fear of a terminal illness within your family,- pain in your family communication,- judgement for not having enough faith,- confusion about how to follow Christ, or- inadequacy in sharing your faith, especially in Western culture.This story wil [...]

    10. A fantastic book full of grace, forgiveness, and love. Yet it doesn't shy away from the difficult subjects of suffering, pain, and rejection.Christine Dillon has weaved a captivating story that allowed me to easily connect and relate to all the characters in some way, especially with the main protagonist, Esther.I was immediately drawn in to her world and needless to say I couldn't put it down. I can't wait for the next book to be released!Christine's polished skill at storytelling is evident th [...]

    11. What a powerful and instructive story. The subject matter is quite intense - but this is good as it reflects real life and challenges us to go back to the Bible and see what God really says about the struggles we face. The journey of the main character is inspiring and truly displays God's amazing grace.

    12. Wow! God will heal the body on occasion, but He will always heal the heart of those who seek Him diligently. A great journey of faith.

    13. Esther has it all, her dream job, a fiancé that her parents approve of and a certainty that her life is going in the right direction. Surely this is a sign that she is approved of by God and blessed. When Esther is diagnosed with cancer all the security and assurance shatters. Is God punishing her, teaching her a lesson or testing her faith? As the big questions of faith, healing and trust are bandied about by her powerhouse pastor father Esther struggles to come to terms with her own sense of [...]

    14. I read the book in two days - it is an interesting story. I found it very engaging and easy to read. Being from Sydney, it was novel to read a book set in such a familiar setting too. I really enjoyed the book, the main character and the subject. I think the book could appeal to anyone whose life has not worked out quite as they expected.

    15. Grace In Strange Disguise by Christine Dillon is a powerful Christian story. Set in 1995 I would class it as contemporary.Christine Dillon has tackled a brave topic that is often avoided - cancer. Her novel is really powerful. It pulls no punches, telling life as it is - Highs and lows, love and laughter, anger and tears.Grace In Strange Disguise is about a journey of discovery. Only when we reach rock bottom do we discover what (and Who) is really important and what is just stuff.The novel warn [...]

    16. Esther Macdonald is diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer at age 28 – shortly before her wedding. Her fiancé doesn’t know how to handle it, and he’s too busy with his own reactions to take an interest in supporting her.Her father’s even worse. He’s the polished pastor of the second-largest church in Sydney, Australia, and this is not in his script. When prayer doesn’t heal Esther, he blames her for harbouring sin or doubt.Her mother is a more supportive, but having live [...]

    17. I bought this ebook without reading what it was about and found it to be like a high rise apartment - it contains multiple "stories" within the one structure! The novel centres around a young lady (Esther) who has everything in life (family, church, fiancé) going well for her until she's confronted with a serious illness. It's a make-or-break situation that unravels her future, family, and even her faith And it's around her faith that this book takes us on a journey. A journey that involves a w [...]

    18. Christine Dillon’s debut novel, Grace in Strange Disguise, opens with a diagnosis of cancer for main character Esther. As shocking as that is, her novel takes Esther through a journey that tests her not only physically, but spiritually. It is, in fact, the spiritual journey that touches the reader the most. Well written, with a main character that quickly grabs the reader’s imagination, this novel is a blessing in many ways. And it is a highly recommended read!Esther is the only daughter of [...]

    19. “She was only twenty-eight. How could she have cancer? This wasn’t what she’d been promised. Or, what she’d been raised to expect. Hadn’t her father always preached that those who have faith would be protected from the problems that plague other people?”In Christine Dillon’s debut novel, she tackles these questions with grace and grit. Her response goes beyond our sometimes painful present to impact lives for eternity.Synopsis:Esther Macdonald seems to have it all: a fulfilling car [...]

    20. Imagine your dad is a pastor. Not just any pastor, but a mega-church pastor who has his own radio show and whose church is all about victory with Jesus. In fact it's called Victory, and his message is that we can have anything we want with Jesus, and any illness just requires more faith or the repentance of sin. Life is all about blessings and the gifts that we get when we are with God.You are 28, love your work as a physiotherapist and are engaged to the youth pastor. You are living the Austral [...]

    21. This was a fascinating book which shows the reader the real healing power of Jesus - for our hearts and lives. I was completely drawn into Esther's world. She is a physio who loves her job, with a fiance who ticks all the boxes. He's also a member and pastor at her dads large Victory church.Her whole world is turned upside down when she is diagnosed with breast cancer several weeks before her wedding. Most of the rest of the book is how she copes with not just the cancer but the reaction of her [...]

    22. Well written! Captivating, inspiring, and uplifting. I am absolutely ecstatic this is book one of several more to come! I just love a story about suffering molded into a testimony. Beautiful! There's nothing like looking at the whole picture Jesus painted for us instead of just the pleasant parts. The big picture help us to capture the deeper meaning.Abundant blessings here on this earth aren't promised to us as Esther discovered. This world is not meant to be our eternal home. Quite frankly jus [...]

    23. Really enjoyable and thought-provoking read. I loved it. I liked the questions it raised: why does God not always physically heal us?, how do i live out my life joyfully trusting God when my future is so uncertain and my present can be so painful? Would have liked to see a bit more character development in the father and grappling with why he thinks like he does ( maybe that's to come??). I found the evangelistic style of "storying" the book introduced and exemplified intriguing, and so have sta [...]

    24. This book was, for me, a pleasant surprise. I must admit it started off a little bit slowly, but I stuck with it and ended up staying up till 3:20 a.m. to finish reading it. It was a great read for me and I believe other Christian women will be blessed by it, as well. It offers a good perspective on the age-old question, "Why do bad things happen to GOD'S people?" It reminded me that God really is the purveyor of Grace in strange disguise. I have known this for a while but like so many of us cau [...]

    25. Such a good book!! I didn’t realize the author was from Down Under until I got into the book. That was a fun discovery, and to see the corresponding grammar, spelling, etc. (as an American myself). Novel (no pun intended). :) The book drew me in and challenged me in my own faith to really know the Bible and study it regularly. I am intrigued by the use of storytelling in the conversion process and look forward to checking that out more as well.I am also looking forward to reading any sequels. [...]

    26. I really enjoyed this compelling story of friendship, suffering, and hope. Esther could be any young, middle-class Sydneysider who has their world turned upside down by cancer. What makes her special is where she finds the strength to endure - a place that acknowledges the physical pain and the broken relationships that are just unavoidable in this life, but a place that still gives what Dave McDonald would call 'hope beyond cure'.Christine's characters are very real, with both infuriating flaws [...]

    27. Esther McDonald, a physiotherapist in Australia, gets breast cancer. Her father is the prominent pastor of Victory Church, who believes that God will heal anyone who has enough faith. When she isn't immediately healed she becomes an embarrassment to her family, fiancee, and church. What will she do when going by her belief could cause her to seem disloyal to her family?This book has a strong Christian message with extended sections that deal with the topic, "Does God always heal? What does God p [...]

    28. A wonderful book set in Australia, so be prepared for some variations in language usage, a great read. Topics such as mega churches, faith healing, family estrangement and cancer are discussed, which were done in a very tasteful way, but at the same time hitting the core of the issue. It addressed so many things that I often have thought, but not said without being anti church, or anti Christian. The writing style is good and I felt like I didn't want to stop reading. I was wishing for longer do [...]

    29. This is a book that was not just hard to put down, but whenever I wasn’t reading it, I was wishing I was and thinking about the characters. A few times I even caught myself thinking ‘I wonder how Esther is going. I should pray for her. Oh wait, she’s a fictional character in a novel!’ It seems to me that this book also fulfils the author’s hope for it to be another means of discipleship, as it challenged me in my own relationship with Jesus and passion for others to know him. I’m gre [...]

    30. No-one ever really believes serious suffering will befall them, but if you’ve ever worried what might happen to your faith if/when challenged (or wondered HOW people with faith deal with this) then this is the book for you. I’m not great at deep theological reading, so the way this book grapples with such issues within a story, and in a context I could easily relate to, made this a compelling read that’s left me feeling better prepared to face the possibility of such things in my own life. [...]

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