Making a Tinderbox

Making a Tinderbox At first glance the small continent of Arclid may appear similar to Great Britain at the beginning of the industrial revolution However societal rules regarding gender race and sexuality are very d

  • Title: Making a Tinderbox
  • Author: Emma Sterner-Radley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • At first glance, the small continent of Arclid may appear similar to Great Britain at the beginning of the industrial revolution However societal rules regarding gender, race, and sexuality are very different These differences shape the lives of our protagonists, the would be princess Lady Elisandrine Elise Falk and Nessa Clay, a farmer s daughter who s chasing her dreAt first glance, the small continent of Arclid may appear similar to Great Britain at the beginning of the industrial revolution However societal rules regarding gender, race, and sexuality are very different These differences shape the lives of our protagonists, the would be princess Lady Elisandrine Elise Falk and Nessa Clay, a farmer s daughter who s chasing her dreams Having to leave their old lives behind, they decide to travel together They find things that make them different and should keep them apart They also find themselves magnetically drawn to each other, no matter how hard they resist their increasing longing for each other In the modern and dangerous city of Nightport, brimming with exciting innovations in clockwork and steam power, strange events start to surround them Unknown men ask questions regarding their whereabouts and small packages wrapped neatly in midnight blue paper with white ribbon start to arrive With the help of some new friends they meet along the way, Elise and Nessa start to unravel the mysteries and their feelings for one another.

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    • Unlimited [Humor and Comedy Book] Ó Making a Tinderbox - by Emma Sterner-Radley ↠
      480 Emma Sterner-Radley
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    1. I don't even know how to start with this one, but I am going to give it my best shot at articulating just how good this book was. One word summary, Wow. I was wowed, amazed, and totally spellbound by Making a Tinderbox. If I could read books like this one everyday life would be truly grand. This is one of those books you find and just turn to mush because it did everything right. It took a hold of my heart, as sad as I was that the story was over, I was dazzled by its brilliance as well. Lady El [...]

    2. I *really* really really wanted to like this book. Royals, a bit of steam punk, Nessa's a pansexual (cheers really. Nice to see some rep out there), etc. Everything was in line for it to be a lovely book.Instead they just treated each other like crap. The set up was there. Early on. I'm like oh it's going to be one of those. Very early on, and it's not spoilery, one says she's only into casual. The other says she's in it for the long haul. I knew then that it was a set up for disaster later on.Y [...]

    3. This one is amazing! My first from the author.I’m really impressed with her imagination. Now, I want try sugar pumpkins I wish they were real.The book’s setting is from another world name The Orb.Where everything’s the same with earth but also not.Yeah I know, you have to read to find out.Elise came from a noble family and she’s bound to marry the Prince. She’s a big flirt but she’s also sweet and caring. Don’t mess with her because she got a really bad temper.She’s not good on r [...]

    4. This was a beautiful and unique story. Part historical fiction part entirely other world. I loved the flexibility that this gave to let the people of this world be diverse in their sexuality and gender. I loved the world the author created. The characters were all brilliant. I fell in love with all of them. And my god the romance just about killed me. I didn't realize until I wasn't nearly done the book that this was the first book in a series! I can't wait to read the next book because this was [...]

    5. Really enjoyed this. Nice word building but a nicely sweet romance as well. It's a steal on Kindle Unlimited!

    6. Nessa Clay, the farm daughter meets Elisandrine (Elise) Falk, the noblewoman, when the latter asks her to aid in her escape to the big city. Elisandrine wants to escape a pending marriage with the prince and Nessa wants to spread her wings away from parents at the farm, so she agrees to be her travel companion. Nice perk is that Elise has the money to finance their first weeks in the big city while they look for work.Making a Tinderbox is marketed as a Steampunk novel but I personally got a more [...]

    7. Making a Tinderbox was a lovely book with romance, suspense, drama, humor, and friendship. The book is about Elise, a noble woman, trying to escape a marriage to a prince and Nessa, a farmer's daughter, trying to start a life of her own away from home. When these two characters cross paths they end up embarking on a journey to Nightport together. They seem to be very opposite characters, but end up getting along really well. When they end up in Nightport, they rent a room and end up sharing a be [...]

    8. I really loved this story of Elise Falk, a noblewoman, and Nessa Clay, a farmer's daughter who run away to the big city together for a new life . Their relationship is one of friendship and platonic love but there is more, though neither will admit it. They appear to want very different things from a partner. Meeting new people and becoming part of this fascinating city on the brink of greater industrialisation gave depth to the novel. There was a bit of a mystery in the background and the promi [...]

    9. Wow, what a tale!At first, I thought this is a tough one to read because of the use of specific words/language but with each chapter I became more and more comfortable with it and I can truthfully say that I have enjoyed it immensely. I loved their turbulent life, the diversity in the mesmerising characters, the vividly descriptions of the places and people, the little mystery, the intriguing time period, the humour and of course the romance. In one word, splendid! Now I look forward to the next [...]

    10. Making a Tinderbox (The Tinderbox Tales #1 - ooh, there's going to be more? great!) is a fantasy novel set in a land on the brink of the industrial revolution. There are queens, kings and knights, peasants and city-dwellers - but also printing (books, newspapers), small industry and rumours of steam trains.Lady Elisandre, soon to be wed to a prince, wants out of an arranged marriage. Nessa, a farmer's daughter, is in search of a better life and a new profession - not what her parents want. Toget [...]

    11. I must say this, I am always delighted and enchanted by any book I read by this author. She is a superb storyteller and this story was wonderfully written. This story brought up so many important themes of self-acceptance and embracing people who differ from the majority. This story was a lovely blend of historical, fantasy with a healthy dose of contemporary romance thrown in. Nessa Clay spent the majority of her life working on her parents' farm and she seeks safety and consistency but her ent [...]

    12. Making a Tinderbox is a sweet romance set in a steampunk world. Both characters are enjoyable and relatable. I especially loved the growth Nessa accomplishes throughout the book, learning to face her fears and reach for her dreams. The book revels at times in the underbelly of the city, with a most charming guide in the form of Hunter Smith. I really like the depth this adds to the story. Whether you are a romance fan or a fantasy fan, you will enjoy the book.

    13. This was a beautifully written story. Our heroines were irresistible, and I also loved the entire cast of characters and the world. While I am so grateful this book did not end with a cliff-hanger, I am very much looking forward to the next book in the series.

    14. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this historically magical novel. Elise and Nessa are both very different, yet relatable characters. Their journey into the wider world, and revolution of city life is captivating. Thank you Emma for bringing us the wonderful world of Achlid, Suger Pumpkins and all the other magical (and delicious) delacacies of this fictional world. I am very much looking forward to the further Tinderbox Tales you will bring us!

    15. So I offered to read this book as I had the time but I was a bit worried I wouldn't be able to give a good review since I am not a big fan of fantasy. Then I thought “well, you are a sucker for a good romance and you liked last Emma's book so why not?” So yes, why not. And boy, was I ever wrong. The book gets you hooked from the beginning. You get inmersed in the story, you are part of it. You hold your breath through their trip to Nightport, their relationship, their encounter with the quee [...]

    16. had some trouble getting into the story at first. Elise seemed too over the top for me to connect with and Nessa too dull for me to care about. But once they meet, the story really takes off and it didn't take long for the characters to become my friends.Some folks may shy away from this book because of the "fantasy" label. But don't let that freak you out! It may be set in a different world, but that is more for the ability to introduce a new culture than for magic and beasts.This story is all [...]

    17. Love the feel of this novel. Lots of adventure and laughs and boozy goodness. Just what I like. Not ashamed to say I have a crush on Elise either. Very fun read! Oh! I love the cover, too. Can’t always say that so it’s worth a mention.

    18. This can be a weekend read, but I did not want the story to end (So it became an extended weekend read). Lady Elise and Nessa Clay, two girls from two different classes meet under interesting circumstances and hatch an escape plan to the nearest city. Elise's personality is strong and outspoken which paired well with Nessa's quiet but determined demeanor. The romantic portion of the story is well paced without giving much away. Overall, it was a great starter in what I hope to be a lasting serie [...]

    19. Another absolutely brilliant book by Emma! I couldn't Putnam it down. The adventures Elsie and Nessa go through and the growth both women go through is amazing and keeps you one your toes. Patiently waiting for the second installment (well maybe not so patiently LOL)

    20. Lovely book, this was my first time reading this authors work. I will definitely be checking out her other books. Fast paced and enjoyable characters.

    21. IncredibleThis was a really awesome book. I like the world seeing and the purple in the story. I think Hunter is a great character and of course I love the main ladies. There really aren't enough books in this genre. I can't wait for the next book.

    22. So many great things to say about this book.I didn't want to put it down. I wanted to see where this adventure took these characters.I loved seeing the two main characters grow and form a friendship, and then go to liking each other but both being scared the other does like them, and them finally getting together.All the friendships that are formed. Hunter is a great character.This book has adventure, comedy, romance and a little mystery.Such a good read.Can't wait to purchase my paperback copy [...]

    23. In the introduction, the author states that lesfic readers do not typically read fantasy. I can definitely say I am in the minority then. Good book. Lots of romance in this first book. Light on the fantasy part, but there is some nice world building. I am hoping for a little more adventure or intrigue in the second book.

    24. A Surprising DelightI wasn't sure what to expect from this work of fiction. Sterner-Radley didn't disappoint! Great mix of fantasy and well developed characters. Can't wait for part 2!

    25. My first book of 2018 and its a five 🌟 read!! What an enchanting world, with even more breathtaking and magical characters. I just love Elise and Nessa's progression, their friendship was strong from the beginning which only led to an amazing romance. I loved the pining and the jealousy that Elise was dealing with when she believed her love was unrequited. The friendships that the girls gained was sweet to me, I love supporting characters that aren't just flat. I absolutely wish that sugar pu [...]

    26. What a story, wowFrom a chance meeting to an adventure of a life time. This book is different from most mainstream medium. The characters were drawn to each other through adventure, intrigued and fantasy. There is no magic or out of this world creatures, yet there is a hint of a fantasy for the time and place is totally a make believe one. Their love story was developed through minimum obstacle from outside influence. Their fight was from within. It's even better that the main characters love an [...]

    27. I can't. I really can't. Sterner-Radley has done it again; wrote an amazing book that she probably doesn't even know is as amazing as it is. I need this book to be turned into a movie as soon as possible?So Emma You wrote an amazing book. I'm not saying that because we're friends, but because your words flow off the page and turned into a movie in my head. Your descriptions are so clear, so perfect, I just want to soak it all in and go through it all again. You've created a world to get lost in [...]

    28. When I first bought it I was hesitating on reading it because I'm not used to fantasy type of books when it comes to lesbian romance, I kind of like contemporary romance but I gave it a chance because I like the previous books from the author and on the intro of the book she said to give the book a chance if it wasn't our type of theme of book. I'm so glad I gave this book a chance, it's a little slow burn but OMG from THAT chapter to the end it's amazing! Before THAT chapter it was lovely to se [...]

    29. This is the second book I've read by Emma Sterner-Radley and I really enjoyed it. This tale starts with a noblewoman, Elise, facing a forced unwanted marriage with a prince. She escapes and sets off with Nessa, a farmer's daughter who wants more from her life than farming. They fight their attraction to one another, believing the other isn't interested. There is also mystery and danger in their new city. They receive mysterious packages, cope with unusual people, and deal with various adventures [...]

    30. Love, Love, Love. Sometimes it felt more like a high fantasy and sometimes more steampunk, but the fierce relationship between the two lead women was perfection.

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